For Sale: A Small Stone House in New Hope, PA

I have a thing for old stone houses, so when I saw this one for sale in New Hope, Pennsylvania, my heart skipped a beat. It was built in 1718, which makes it one of the oldest houses in the area. I’d love to see the right person buy it and do this historic home justice.

It’s listed at $595,000.

The living room has beamed ceilings, a stone fireplace, and a spiral staircase.

The homeowners seem to really like this color and have it throughout the house, starting with the front door:

There’s a (kind of regrettable) frame addition stuck onto the back that needs an overhaul–especially the dated kitchen (unlike the original part of the house, it’s dated in the wrong way):

But I love the original house and details like this door leading to the hidden staircase:

And the bedroom, which has its own stone fireplace:

The house is only about 1,600 square feet, but it sits on over 2 acres and includes a separate building that can be used as a studio or office. It also has a creek with a little bridge that leads to a gazebo.

If you bought this nearly 300-year old house, what would you do with it?

For more information and photos, check the listing. Seen a beautiful or interesting house for sale that I should feature on Sunday Open House? Send it to me!

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  1. melissa says

    Wow, darling! Yes, I would live there…how sweet and comforting it looks! The only change I would make is to possibly make the kitchen a bit more charming to match the rest of the house. Maybe change the cupboard doors, not sure if I like that tile on the floor, new appliances (perhaps this type?) etc. Thanks for sharing this with us, it’s so fun to see!

  2. says

    Where do you find all these awesome homes??? I need you to be my real estate agent. No matter how specific I am in my criteria, he always sends me listings that look nothing like what I’ve described!!
    This house is just too cute! Very nice! I agree with Melissa that the kitchen could use a re-do, but the rest is adorable.
    Great find, Julia!

  3. Phyllis Briner says

    Love it! I want it! That would be a fun kitchen restoration and it has enough of a yard to work with.

  4. says

    I want it! I wanna move right in and do it all sorts of good!!! Would LOVE to live there… I might even have given up Vinnord (my own cottage)… lol

  5. says

    It looks well-maintained, so even though it doesn’t really look like the sort of ‘before’ brave buyers revel in, it could be updated so easily! (if any update is ‘easy’). Lovely, lovely place, hope you can do a follow-up!

  6. says

    What would I do with this house? For starters, I wouldn’t furnish it with a faux Tiffany lamp and craftsman-style chairs! I would repaint the house in colors appropriate to the era in which it was built. I would either tear down or renovate the frame addition, particularly that horrid sliding glass door. I would abandon that new kitchen, locate the original kitchen space of the house and create an unfitted kitchen/keeping room. I’m thinking free-standing cabinets, farmhouse sink, antique farmhouse table. Also, that little pediment over the front door, on the exterior is all wrong. Off with it!

  7. says

    First I would hug that beautiful stone exterior! Be still my heart!
    I do not care for the color of the door and any where else it’s used in the house. The kitchen could use some love too.
    Truly, I’d be so thrilled with land and stone, it would take me a while to stop doing the happy dance! LOL!

  8. says

    I live in PA and love stone houses too! We tour many of the historical homes during the Christmas season which is so much fun. Many of the historical homes are owned by people with money…lots of it. This home is adorable. I don’t think the kitchen is that bad…I have the same cupboards in my home (15 years old)…LOL! But I love farmhouse sinks and that would look so appropriate here.

  9. Amy W. says

    Simply put…….If I bought this home…I’d just LOVE it!!!

  10. Nita says

    We lived near there for a year and a half and those types of homes are all over the place. New Hope is a shopping mecca with a bridge you can walk over to Lambertville in NJ. There is one historic road that you travel down for miles and nothing on it has changed since the late 1700s, and all the houses are that old. That is where I first saw black and white banded cows. The houses are all gorgeous.

  11. says

    Boy it wouldn’t take much to make this house perfect. A bit of paint, some TLC in the kitchen/rear reno area and voila!

    The outside, both front and back are heart stoppingly gorgeous!

    Thanks for the daydream. Now back to my dog hair covered rug….the vacuum awaits!

  12. CeCe says

    I love this cottage! It reminds me of Kate Winslet’s house in “The Holiday”. I might change some of the colors, but I sort of like them. The kitchen isn’t too bad either, maybe change the appliances our for stainless?

  13. Jane says

    I love stone houses. I’d tear out the ugly kitchen and put in a nice slate or flagstone floor, a big copper farmhouse sink, and a big trestle table. Get rid of the cupboards and use unfitted pieces. Probably paint the mustard colored walls. Furnish it with all my Hitchcock and Windsor chairs that I’ve collected for the last three decades. Along with the braided rugs. Make it very Christmas in Connecticut-y! I often do a bit of armchair traveling through Bucks County and the Berkshires via B&B websites and the real estate listings. Glad to see that I’m not the only one!

  14. says

    I agree with CeCE and I would turn this house into my own version of Kate Winslett’s cottage in The Holiday!

  15. Mary says

    Picture number 5, that cut out bar between the kitchen and the family room, has to go. Really violates period.
    That said, I do recognize that it’s truly hard to live in house this old if it’s kept strictly true to period. That would probably involve a kitchen separated from the house (which is why the kitchen here is in the addition) and an out-house bathroom. (wonder what the bath does look like)
    When I was selling real estate in Connecticut I got to see a house that had been lived in by an elderly gentleman, but hadn’t been significantly touched. It was fascinating, but rough. Some bedrooms merely had wooden shelves with thin matresses. There was a mound that turned out to be the cold storage, cooled by a spring. The shower was a metal cube that looked out of place in the little room used as bath. I can understand why these folks put an addition on and I’d say they were right to do it, just needs some interior remodeling. I’m wondering what kind of heating they are using, how many baths they have (my guess would be one)
    None of that would stop me from living there!

  16. says

    Julia, I would like to know how this house looked like in the original condition. The modern windows and door are totally wrong and out of place. That’s a shame because otherwise this house would look wonderfully old English. A doll house. I love small houses especially when they come with a huge ground! And the interior – I think it does not fit into this house at all and I don’t like it. The old beams, the hidden staircase (how charming) and original amenities must stay of course – but everything else would have to go. It is awful. Colours and the whole furniture – no way. I would take everything out! The ground that comes with the house is breathtaking – you could make a jewel out of the whole ensemble.

  17. says

    A really adorable house. The first thing to go would be all of that pinky red paint, at least on the inside. Probably on the outside as well.

  18. Diane says

    How darling! I absolutely love that staircase. I think a bit of a ‘rustic country kitchen’ update, complete with a farm sink, would be great.

  19. Kim says

    What a nice and charming cottage. The only thing I would do, is redo that kitchen. The cabinets look nice, but they just don’t fit in with the style of the house. I would update the cabinets with something antique.

  20. says

    That house is fantastic and built in 1700s and even still more economical that some of the houses they make today.

  21. Su says

    If I were able to change my community, and move over to PA, then I’d be able to buy my dream home…which this is close too. But a few changes would have to be in order: (including flush, deep pockets to complete this daydream)
    First thou, the entire place would get a paint-over. More gardens too please, English.
    2nd, replace all the appliances in the kitchen to AGA (
    because the beauty would match the era perfectly and give this heirloom its deserved jewels. Match the dishwasher as well.
    3rdly, replace the cupboard hardware.
    4th, clean the fireplaces and plant 6 flowering trees.
    5th, hire a stain glass artist to custom make a piece for one of the windows, in the style of 1720’s
    6, have a dinner party, with the dinner menu of a typical family of 1720’s, complete with meringue pie for desert. link below:

  22. Stephanie says

    This is such a wonderful house. I would definenitly remodel the kitchen to fit the rest of the house. A gte rid of that pink quickly!!

  23. Stephanie says

    This is such a wonderful house. I would definenitly remodel the kitchen to fit the rest of the house. A get rid of that pink quickly!!

  24. says

    I love it when you post interesting homes from my neck of the woods! It’s our dream to someday own an historic home like this one. Feel lucky that they are all over the place here. Great find!

  25. says

    Uhm…wow – that is all I can say. My Mom is from PA and has many fond stories of New Hope, and I can totally see myself if this house. I mean, goodness…who couldn’t? Beautiful and so charming. Thank you for sharing this! I loved it.

  26. says

    Good Monday, Julia! :-)

    How are you doing?

    Oh.. what an adorable place! I love the outdoors! Love it! The indoors need some work, but it full of charm and has a huge potential. Huge! That backyard is just amazing!

    Have a Blessed week!


    Luciane at

  27. Nadege says

    I just love love love the house and the colors. Definitely my kind of house.

  28. says

    I love the wood beams in the bedroom! And the tile in the kitchen. I would
    1. repaint every room
    2. repaint front doors and shutters to RED perhaps :)
    3. Add some beautiful flowers in the front

    love the stone – thanks Julia!

  29. Kelly says

    I love old stone house too! My aunt and uncle lived in one in Cincinnati. Visiting that stone home when I was a child started my love of houses.

  30. says

    The ceilings…the fireplaces…the staircases…the doors…I’m in love! I still haven’t gone to New Hope for a visit, I’ve been told it’s such a idyllic little tourist trap. With beautiful old stone houses like this how could it not be? It definitely needs some work (paint and the kitchen needs an overhaul) but it has so much character. It reminds me of the stone house in The Holiday actually.

  31. Mary says

    Did anyone notice the stained glass in the front door? It looks like a picture of the house.

  32. says

    I just love it – even the wine-coloured walls. The secret staircase, the beautiful yard, the baby grand piano – this place looks like it’s been loved!

  33. Parisii says

    Hello America! I’m a French girl newly visiting this site. I’d like to compliment its author for its historical/architectural interest and originality. Makes me travel oversea and discover places for me quite new and different, from grandest mansions to more modest homes, always full of charm and interest and all part of History. For me, 20th Century in Europe and -halas- in France has been horrid regarding destruction/alteration of ancient buildings; beginning of 21th makes me fear it becomes even worse… I’m glad to see people taking interest on old things in a sensible way. History may be history, but understanding the past and trying to respect its memory always help building a beautiful future. (Sorry for being so long, maybe pompuous and boring!)

  34. Loblolly says

    WOW! I’ve searched all over for stone cottages. I was lucky enough to grow up in England & stone cottages are everywhere. I’ve long wondered why there aren’t more in New England. Either way, this one is perfect and like many others here, I’m just thrilled to see one exists! I’d take it as is – my only REAL issue is the spiral staircase – looks dangerous!

  35. Jon Howard says

    I’m about to sell a 1735 old stone home in Morris county nj. Anyone interested in listing it or buying it outright?

  36. Avi says

    For that price I would have nothing to do with that house..charming as it is.

  37. says

    What a beautiful little home. The stone fireplace in the bedroom is incredible. You do find such great homes!!

  38. Yvette says

    It’s a really lovely home. The house looks lovely inside but I would rip up those tiles in the kitchen and lay down timber floor boards. I would also rip out the kitchen and put in a Shaker style white kitchen with timber counter tops and big old fashioned gas stove. I think the colours on walls need to be changed and I would change these to a soft magnolia colour and just use accessories to bring colour into the rooms. By using soft neutral colours on the wall it would make the small rooms look bigger. It’s a shame you can’t see the bathroom but I can imagine a lovely big old claw foot tub to soak in. Beautiful !!!!!

  39. Marcia Weber says

    Having lived in a 1783 PA farmhouse my whole life, I must say it does require really deep pockets. Many contractors don’t know what or how to do renos in something this old. Although I still miss my house, after 75 years in my family, I could no longer afford the upkeep and had to sell. I know this house well and it is a real charmer.

    • says

      I’m sure that’s true. My husband and I really wanted to live in the historic section of our town when we first moved here but when we ran the numbers we just couldn’t afford it. Maybe someday!