This Bainbridge Island Home Comes With Indoor Treehouse

treehouse listing 4

This sprawling, $1.5 million home on Bainbridge Island (in Washington) sits on over 6 acres overlooking a large pasture with “great equestrian potential and territorial view.” It’s a house built with family and real life in mind–nothing formal or stuffy here.

treehouse listing 1

It has over 6,000 square feet with 4 bedrooms and 4 baths.

treehouse listing 2

Interesting how it looks almost like a desk on one side of the island with chairs pulled up to it instead of stools:

treehouse listing 3

My favorite part of the house has to be this “very special indoor maple tree complete with treehouse:”

Indoor Treehouse

How fun is that? My kids would love it. You can see all of the photos and information in the listing. (Thanks to Kim for the link!)

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  1. Mike says

    Would you all please excuse me while I mop up this drool?

    (Okay, sorry if that was gross.)

    I <3 <3 <3 this house! And I don't think the price tag is bad either. Not that I can afford it or anything; I'm just sayin'.

  2. Terena says

    Although it’s no where near as spectacular as this, my dh put a room under the stairs in the basement. He also put a wall of cupboards to disguise the opening. The visiting kids are always shocked when our kids open the cupboard and climb in. We also let them write all over the walls inside (with a minor reminder to keep to keep the writing free of anything inappropriate). I love to read what they write. How cool that the folks that built this house kept the kids in mind with the treehouse. Love it!

  3. Lisa says

    Dream house for Mom and Dad, dream tree house for Kiddos…its a win-win situation! What a beautiful home.

  4. says

    Wow – is that tree alive? Or is it, like, a stump or something that’s been brought in and set up? The novelty of having a real tree growing up in the centre of your home seems really cool, but then I start to think about shedding leaves (although there aren’t any in the picture), sap, structural changes… still, can’t beat it for the novelty factor!
    .-= Lori-Anne´s last blog ..A Legacy of Lavender =-.

  5. says

    Yes, that tree in the middle of the house is such a WOW factor! Also that price (though I can’t afford it) sounds reasonable for that beautiful house and 6 acres of land.
    .-= Marie´s last blog ..Rewards from My Garden =-.

  6. Janet says

    Love the house! It seems so warm and inviting inside.
    Ummm can you now give me 1.5 million to buy this?
    Better make that 1.7 as the property taxes are high too.

  7. says

    That house is beautiful! Is it really just $1.5 million? Washington’s property prices must be a lot more reasonable than California’s. I’ve assumed that all West Coast properties were ridiculously over-priced, but this seems fairly reasonable for such a large property.
    .-= Richella at Imparting Grace´s last blog ..Love grows =-.

  8. Kim says

    Your Welcome! This house is really amazing! I love how it has a functional houseplan, it’s nice, but not luxurious, there’s places to go be by yourself, tons of property to run on, they kept kids in mind, and it’s just perfect. I could really see myself living here. Too bad I’m not rich.

  9. Nathan says

    I think the fireplace was a mistake. I don’t think it goes with the rest of the house.

  10. Jano says

    Have you ever looked at a high-end home and indulged in some judgemental cattiness, extrapolating that the owners would be people you just could not stand? I admit to this unlovely behavior. Well, when it comes to this house, it’s the same game, different reaction. While there’s clearly a boatload of money involved here, I am making the unqualified judgement that this family would be a blast to hang out with any day of the week.

    On the design side, this is like a handbook on how to do exposed beams and built-ins. Fantastic.

  11. says

    Goodness, that house is HUGE. We have four bedrooms and three bathrooms and our house is 2300 square feet and I think it’s too big. I can’t even imagine how you would spend 6,000 square feet and still only have four bedrooms and four baths! But maybe that’s my limited thinking, LOL. I know my son would love the treehouse. He’s already told me that he wants an indoor slide in our next home so he doesn’t have to walk down the stairs (he’s decided we’re going to have stairs).
    ~Angela :-)
    .-= Angela (Cottage Magpie)´s last blog ..Baby Girls Room- Details =-.

  12. says

    Hey, that’s in our neck of the woods…I’ve always wanted a little get away place on Bainbridge, and my nephews would flip over that tree! xo J~
    .-= Jessica´s last blog ..Jungle Fever =-.

  13. says

    *sigh* I’ve been getting your blog updates via RSS, so I’ve seen a lot of houses. But until now, I haven’t truly fallen in love. Until I saw this house. Now I’m head over heels. I could really LIVE in this house. With my husband and 5 kids. It would be a perfect fit.

  14. Shona Lyttel says

    I visited Bainbridge Island in October 2008 and pretty much fell in love with it. I’m certain it’s my favourite place on the planet. This house reminded me what an enchanting place it is.

  15. says

    ♥ this!!! Been to Bainbridge Island (oh so lovely) and can just dream of myself living in this home on that island with my family visiting often!!!

    Thanks for posting!
    .-= Leslee´s last blog ..MY 1-2 marathon – Part II =-.

  16. Cher says

    Oh my gosh — this is an awesome, awesome house. My kids would love the tree!
    (I, of course, would be freaked about bugs of various sorts, but hey — here in PDX, we’re already overrun by spiders and whatnot, so probably not as big a deal as all that.)