5 Things to Avoid When Staging Your House to Sell

dining room-fake greenery-Jess

1. Silk plants that defy gravity.

green dining room-Jess

2. Paint colors that defy sanity.


3. Furniture that blocks doorways.

sofa in front of shower

4. Furniture that blocks shower stalls.

condo-view from the upstairs

5. Gargoyles.

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window at night
When I see a real estate listing with photos like these, from a $475,000 house in Massachusetts, I'm amazed that the agents who took them…
Is it me, or does it look like the furniture was moving around until someone stepped into the room? That bookshelf looks like it was…

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  1. says

    I can’t believe these are real! Kinda sad…kinda funny. Furniture in front of the shower, really???
    .-= Staci´s last blog ..Knives… =-.

  2. says

    These staging sisters see this stuff all the time. It’s a great belly laugh. Many homeowners have a difficult time preparing their home to sell and they often think most people will like how they decorate. What a great entry!

  3. says

    I see it all the time–like today. Some of the hardest ones to photograph are the ones with renters who don’t care if they sell or not. The owner or realtor can’t make them clean up–so you’re kinda stuck. I find that most people really do try and take advice pretty well about staging/clearing the clutter to make their home look it’s best.
    .-= desiree´s last blog ..Just Listed: Palo Alto Craftsman =-.

  4. says

    Mmmm…that dining room looks like they emptied a year’s worth of wilted rotting green veggies from the fridge and smeared them on the wall! I wonder which room the new owners will paint first.

    : )

    Julie M.
    .-= The Little Red Shop´s last blog ..La Bonne Vie… =-.

  5. Kim says

    Wow these pictures are simply horrible. How could some people find some of these decorations nice? One of the biggest mistakes homeowners do when selling their house, is leave up all of their decorations, because people have different tastes and won’t like them. That’s why they need to take them down. It’s not that hard to do.

    In that last picture, the gargoyle is not the only thing that creeps me out, it’s the whole room it’self.

    It amazes me the houses I come across that have horrible looking rooms. You would think homeowners could stage their houses a little bit better. Even I could do a better job.

  6. says

    The sad part is they usually post the “best” photos in real estate listings. I feel bad for these people–remember, they actually like how their rooms look.
    .-= Loribeth´s last blog ..Success! =-.

  7. melissa says

    You just made my morning! I’m typing this as I wipe the coffee off my computer screen. : )

  8. says

    This totally cracks me up! Sorry I don’t comment very often but I follow your blog in my reader and on facebook. I am still your biggest fan and think you rock the casbah…


    PS. Do you ever think about bringing back the McKlinky party? Yours was my fav :)
    .-= BeachBrights´s last blog ..Before and After Pergola =-.

  9. Bonnie Morscher says

    The dining room chairs would look lovely out in a cottage garden, but inside that room with the putrid green walls? No, no, no. I just helped stage a house last week and even with my limited experience I could do oh-so-much better. I know you can’t change the way people live, but what about moving that blocking furniture out of the way just for the pictures? Couldn’t you do that, realtor? If not, I don’t think your powers of persuasion are good enough to sell a house.

  10. @MaisonDecor8 says

    Good for a laugh and to make us all feel better about our own digs. Thanks.

  11. Mary says

    YIKES!! My eyes! and here I thought that the picture of the telephone booth with the baskets on top located in the kitchen that I sent you a couple of weeks ago was the worst, HA! You have out done yourself with these!

    From Virginia

  12. says

    It amazes me that with all the media out there to give instruction, you still come across this stuff. Silk plants above the kitchen cabinets are a personal pet peeve. I can’t even tell what the last room is suppose to be. Oy vey!

  13. says

    Wow, those are all pretty bad! The big entertainment center is so crazy, the TV would actually fit in that corner if they took the rest away.
    .-= Michelle´s last blog ..Powder Room ~ After =-.

  14. says

    Love it! Hate it! Fun posts. I’d also add to the list of no-nos a sleeping person. When we lived in Kansas City, we looked at a nice-sized turn-of-the-century house with amazing woodwork, lovely wood floors and a guy sleeping in one of the upstairs bedrooms. No lie.
    .-= Sheila´s last blog ..I can’t hear you: mic vs. mike =-.

  15. says

    Hilarious!! Honestly the silk flowers in the first photo remind me of a funeral home which would instantly ruin it for me no matter what the rest of that room/house looked like. And did you notice the crazy green sponge treatment people hung up a wreath the exact same shade of green on that hideous wall! Why even bother? Although the green wall does distract the eye from those chairs. Oy.
    .-= hip hip gin gin´s last blog ..Typewriters and Teacups =-.

  16. Susan S says

    Yikes! Good thing my lunch had digested!! Truly leaves me speechless!

  17. says

    Makes you wonder what in the world people are thinking, doesn’t it??!! haha Just plain weird, I tell you. 😀
    .-= Carmen´s last blog ..$2 Well Spent =-.

  18. says

    Oooh—dear. I can’t believe the furniture in the bathroom. I wonder if some of these were listings where the agent TRIED to convince the homeowner of their error and maybe didn’t get through. :s My mom’s not trying to sell her hours, but I always bug her about having a big, heavy oak 80s TV cabinet IN FRONT of of one of her built-ins. It drives me insane!
    .-= Amanda @ Serenity Now´s last blog ..My Totally Rad 80s Birthday Party =-.

  19. says

    Oh my gosh, too funny!! I could have found five in each photo!!
    My personal favourite, and I know it is one you have commented on before, is when realtors don’t put the toilet seat down before taking the photo.
    So annoying…and DUMB!!!

    I love this kind of post. More, more!!

    .-= Linda@ Restyled Home´s last blog ..Get Your Crazy On… =-.

  20. says

    Hi again Julia :-)
    I had to come back to take another look at those hilarious MLS listing photos AND to thank you for pointing out the error in my blog post. It’s so nuts but I ALWAYS seem to do that! Geesh. I totally know where both you and Susan belong, but for some reason when I’m writing it out I struggle!! You should see me – fingers over the keyboard and thinking “Julia or Susan”? Usually I catch myself and type the correct name in… but not this time I guess! No explanation… well… except for old age?! Only, at 46 I hope I’m not THAT old!!

  21. says

    Am I the only one truly confused about what on EARTH is happening there in the Gargoyle photo?? I can’t figure it out for the life of me, and I’m *still* creeped out.

    Awesome post Julia – it’s why we all love your blog so much. 😉
    .-= Kirsten´s last blog ..The 3/50 Project =-.

  22. Jan says

    I can’t comment on the silk plants — I do have them in my house (gasp! horrors!) — but I do wonder about the sconces that are hung SO high on the wall in that dining room? The pea-soup-green walls are a tad overdone — no doubt about that one! Had to laugh over the chaise placed carefully in front of the shower stall! I can’t imagine draping myself on that one — hair dripping with dye — and trying to shave my legs! LOL! The last photo does bring up an excellent design question — just what the heck do homeowners do with those high-on-the-wall decor ledges? Honestly — I think those ledges prove to be a difficult decor issue — maybe a question for a future posting?


  23. MIGUEL says

    Hilarious!!!!!! I’ve known bathrooms like that before. Eeek!

  24. says

    It always makes you wonder how people end up with neon walls or other putrid mixtures, such as the green room you listed! Probably because some of us see it one way in our minds, and once it’s done, it isn’t quite what we had in mind. And the apparently, it was too much hassle to fix it! lol
    I think that green room may have been done by a teenager-the chairs are about the same, in different colors! I’m all for fun decorating, but, um, this is NOT the kind of fun I want plastered on my walls!
    .-= Josanne´s last blog ..Simon, Once Again! =-.

  25. says

    You made some excellent points in that last post. I find that all (5) are great but furniture that blocks doorways is crucial… I have witnessed that a lot myself and I think it speaks volumes.
    .-= Dexter L. Scott´s last blog ..What Is The Value of My Home =-.

  26. Cheryl says

    Tip #6 – Put the lid down on the toilet when taking photos for the listing or when conducting an open house!