Harrison Ford’s Waterfront Home in “Firewall”

Contemporary House from Harrison Ford Movie "Firewall"

The 2006 Harrison Ford thriller Firewall isn’t the kind of movie I’d typically sit down and watch. I like Harrison Ford, but when I heard this one was about a security expert whose wife and children are held for ransom, it didn’t make me race to the theater. When I caught glimpses of his house in the trailers for the movie, though, I was intrigued.

The story takes place in Seattle, but the house scenes were actually filmed in British Columbia, Canada. It was designed by architect Brian Hemingway, and there are photos in his portfolio of the house, dubbed “Tidewater.”

It describes the house this way:

With the ocean as its pedestal, this 8000 sq. ft. post, beam and glass home sits nestled into the landscape’s edge. Unobstructed views in every direction allow the residents to intimately relate to the beauty of their natural surroundings.

Hemingway attempted to create a visual symphony of parts that flow from the guiding principles of the plan, and extend to the structure, flooring materials, built-in furnishings, cabinets, doors, window frames and light fixtures.

The views of the water are pretty amazing.

In the movie, Virginia Madsen plays Harrison Ford’s wife, an architect who designed the house herself.

The bedroom has a fireplace surrounded by windows:

Here’s how that fireplace wall looked in the movie, with Harrison Ford standing in front of it:

Harrison Ford-Firewall movie-bedroom fireplace

The kitchen is where most of the action takes place. And what a kitchen it is!

The thugs set up office in the kitchen with all of their surveillance equipment:

house from movie Firewall kitchen

This view of the other kitchen wall shows that the glass not only goes two stories high–but across part of the ceiling, as well:

In the movie, the camera follows the actors so closely that we rarely get a shot wide enough to show how impressive the rooms are:

house from movie Firewall kitchen 2I wish Paul Bettany would stop playing the baddie all the time. In real life he’s funny and charming (on talk shows, at least!), and I love him in more light-hearted movies like the romantic comedy Wimbledon.

You can see photos of the gorgeous Park Slope brownstone that Paul and his wife Jennifer Connelly lived in here.

Here are the kids–and the dog–hanging out in the family room before the bad guys arrive:

house from movie Firewall living room

This view up the hall to the back door shows how many levels there are in the house. It seems like you have to go up or down stairs to get from one room to another:

house from movie Firewall back stairs

A close-up of the windows from outside:

Firewall movie house closeup of windows

My daughter just walked in and said, “That’s a house? It looks like an office building!” Kinda does from this angle.

back of Firewall movie house on the water

You can see more photos of the house in architect Brian Hemingway’s portfolio, along with more gorgeous homes he has designed. Thanks to Southgate Residential for help with the research.

This one’s for Renato, a reader who sent me Downton Abbey on DVD (love it!) and said he hoped I’d consider doing a post about this, which is one of his favorites. You got it, Renato! :-)

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  1. says

    Wow! What an amazing architecture! Honestly, this is not the kind of house of my dreams, but I love the natural beauty surrounding this place (this our Beautiful British Columbia_ my favorite place in this world) and all the glass and beautiful wood of this house. It’s truly stunning.

    Loving this post, Julia. Thank you!

    Wishing you a very blessed week!


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  2. says

    I have to rent that film now just to see more of that house. The B.C. scenery looks pretty amazing too!

    I just watched Paul Bettany (naked!) in A Knight’s Tale last night. Mmmmm……

    Did you know that he was originally offered the lead role in The King’s Speech but turned it down as he had just finished his film on Darwin? So he does get offered good guy roles! And yes Julia he is pretty charming!

    • says

      I immediately thought of A Knight’s Tale too! Love that movie. And he was great in Master and Commander.

  3. says

    I’m not a big fan of modern architecture (and I agree that it looks like an office building), but I like how it kind of works with the scenery. It would have looked silly to have some typical McMansion-type house in that location instead.

  4. kelly in georgia says

    Wow! That is a neat house – but too modern for my traditional tastes. It sort of reminds me of the smaller house in the film The Lake House with Sandra Bullock. Thanks for researching and sharing!

  5. Matt Rogers says

    This looks like exactly the same house that was used extensively in the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica series, including the miniseries pilot movie (2003). I loved it whenever they had scenes there. It too was shot in BC; I’m pretty sure it’s the same house.

  6. says

    Very impressive house. I love how it blends with the surroundings even though it’s ultra modern.

  7. Kathy :) says

    Julia have not seen that movie, think I will look it up on Netflix. Not a fan of Modern usually, but I LOVE that house…..wow

    Have a great week,

    Kathy :)

    ps Lily is spot on it does look like an office building :)

  8. says

    Not my style, but awesome!!! It makes me want to go to British Columbia, from everything I’ve seen it sure looks beautiful.

  9. Jackie W. - Kanasas says

    Heard him in an interview years ago where he considers himself the inexpensive Jude Law. Today I would say who is Jude Law ???

  10. says

    It’s an amazing house – but it looks very like a movie house – not very homey!

  11. Mercedes says

    Thanks Julia for share. This is an incredibly house, but in the same line of homes you can find the house in the movie ” When a Stranger calls”.
    It is amazing and modern house, with water and glass everywhere.
    Sorry my English

  12. says

    As soon as I saw that first picture, I knew it was home (I live on Vancouver Island, BC). We are about to move to the prairies and I am sure going to miss this beautiful place! Thanks for sharing that story/house!

  13. says

    I’m in doubt about this one. I love the fact that the house has lots of windows but it doesn’t feel warm or cozy to my. Just a bit plain and boring. What a beautiful place though, next to that lake 😀

  14. says

    Oh Julia
    I knew you would make an incredible post about this house. I don’t like ultra modern too but I would love to have this house as a “lake house” or a “holiday house”. What I like is that from all rooms you can see the exterior. If anyone didn’t see the movie I sugest to rent it because the takes inside and out of the house is really something else. Thanks for dedicating the post! I loved it! And I hope you enjoyed your english version of Dontown Abbey with no cuts! I bought the original on Amazon because I just love this show and in the first place, I got to know it because you talked about it!
    Thank you very much!!

  15. Kim says

    I saw this movie years ago when it first came out. It was good, but not great or awesome. Harrison Ford has been in much better movies like “Indiana Jones” and “Star Wars”.

    As for the house, I have never been a fan of modern architecture and that’s why I couldn’t live here. I wouldn’t mind spending a night in it, though.

  16. says

    I don’t even remember that film…isn’t that awful? That is a really spacious kitchen! I am so envious that you have Downtown Abbey on DVD! Maybe I’ll see if I can get that for my mom for Christmas. :) I also really enjoyed “Upstairs Downstairs.” :)

  17. says

    You are too sweet to thank me! When I saw this movie, I just had write about…it made a much bigger impression on me than the actors! Do you know the house from the beginning scenes of the movie Electra? It’s similar to this one, in fact a friend and I have debated whether it is the same house or not. At any rate, if they aren’t the same, I bet Hemingway designed the Electra house too.

  18. cécile delouvrier says

    wonderful!!!!!! Even if I don’t really like modern!
    But don’t deny it, we would all die to live in it!!!

  19. cbean says

    Your daughter is right…it does look like a museum. Not saying that that’s a bad thing.

  20. Amelie says

    You should write a piece on the gingerbread houses in Oak Bluffs, Martha’s Vineyard. I have always loved them, and I think you would too!!

  21. says

    That’s kind of glassy (does the word exist?). In real life I wonder who does all the window panes washing and cleaning. It looks nice but I can’t say I find it very welcoming or cozy. The setting, landscape and scenery are wonderful.

  22. says

    I couldn’t really call this house ‘modern’. I can definitely see the influences of Frank Lloyd Wright’s prairie style and Greene and Greene, both around 1900. They took their influences from even earlier Japanese design. I believe the purpose here is to make the scenery the star and the home as a minimal shelter within nature. Minimal as far as very wealthy people that can afford vacation homes minimal.

  23. says

    Wow! This house is fantastic. It’s so cool, I love all the windows and unobstructed views. How amazing would that be? Normally this wouldn’t be my cup of tea but I really like it. I think all the stairs would definitely have to count as a (mini) workout. I have never seen this movie before but I remember seeing previews for it. What is it about Harrison Ford and great movie houses? Great post Julia!

  24. says

    I love it, but I would only want it for a vacation home. Of course, it is bigger than my actual home (isn’t a vacation home supposed to be smaller?)

  25. Hoyt Clagwell says

    Wow. Who’s responsible for that inappropriate four-poster with the hideously patterned polyester cover on it in the master bedroom?

  26. says

    To be able to live in a home with such spectacular views would be heaven. I applaud the architect for taking full advantage of the surroundings by designing those magnificent windows.

  27. Liz says

    A little late now but I was just watching “Another Stakeout” with Richard Dreyfuss and Emilio Estevez and another of Brian Hemingway’s houses is used as the house they are staking out. I noticed the ‘sawtooth’ windows that appear to be a feature of his and checked the website portfolio – I believe it is Island Retreat that they used in Bowen Island, Vancouver to film.