The Reveal: My Master Bathroom is Finally Finished!

So. Last time we talked about my master bathroom, I was feeling just a teensy bit emotional. We had just gotten new tile installed, which I expected to love. But it felt like a total FAIL to me because I hadn’t realized that the black grout we chose would line the edges of the room. And that it would look an awful lot like black mold…

Here’s a snapshot I took of it at the time from the bedroom, and you can see it didn’t look too bad from a safe distance:

But if you looked more closely, you could see that in the process of laying the tile, the black grout had stained the woodwork pretty badly and left a nasty black edge around everything:

I got lots of great advice from you guys about what to do about it.

Most of you suggested that all we needed to do was install quarter-round along the baseboards to cover it up. We got some trim that was a little smaller size than that for $20 bucks, and it only took a couple of hours for us to put it down. It turned out to be an easy and effective fix. Hooray!

Here’s how one corner of the room looked with the black grout lines before:

My neat-freakiness couldn’t handle that “dirty” look in my bathroom. Here’s how it looks now with the edges cleaned up:

When I stepped back and saw the difference it made, I heard angels singing. Ahhhh!

We touched up the baseboard paint while we were at it, which had gotten kind of beat up by all the grout-slinging, and went around the door frames (where there couldn’t be trim) with white silicone.

Let me just back up a bit and show you where this bathroom started. It’s come a long way. Here’s an overhead shot I took of it from a ladder when we started painting it. The wall color was originally something pretty bland, called “Camel.”

And, as you can see, we had old carpet in the vanity area and vinyl in the water closet. It wasn’t pretty.

After we painted our bedroom a teal-blue color called “Ocean Voyage” earlier this year, we had to bring the color into the bathroom because the two rooms are vaulted and open into each other. That’s the first thing we did:

We tried to get that giant plate-glass mirror off the wall, but it wasn’t budging. So we did the next-best thing and framed it with moldings. But it wasn’t easy.

My husband Dave has worked a lot with crown molding and trim, but this turned out to be a new kind of challenge for him. Why? Because you have to glue it to the mirror. You can’t just nail it into place. And the trim was a little warped after sitting in the garage overnight to dry (after we painted it). That normally wouldn’t matter, but look at the (frankly ridiculous) lengths we had to go to to hold it in place until the glue dried:

When it came time to hang the top piece, we were stumped because there would be nothing to hold it up there overnight. Then Dave had the idea to wedge a ladder into it–and it worked!

framing the bathroom plate glass mirror

The mirror looks a little less “naked” now:

bathroom plate glass mirror framed with molding

We also trimmed out the window (which was a much easier job!) and painted the bench black. Here’s that corner of the bathroom before:

And after:

I just hung window treatments I found on sale at Pottery Barn (Elena Palampore Linen Sheer Drapes–don’t you love the fancy names they give them?). From the bathroom you can see the heavier lined Alessandra drapes in our master bedroom, so they had to kind of coordinate.

In case you missed my earlier post about it, the tile I chose was a design that reminded me of something you’d find in an old house like the one I grew up in. It’s called Sausalito.

Our laundry closet is directly to the right behind double doors. There was supposed to be a giant tub there, but I knew I’d rather have my washer and dryer in my bathroom so I would never have to haul baskets of clothes downstairs and through the kitchen. I’m lazy like that.

We put a tub in the water closet instead. That freed up the laundry room off the garage to be a dedicated mudroom, which I honestly don’t know what I’d do without.

In this next photo you can see how the bathroom is open to the bedroom. I don’t know who started that trend, but this is the second house we’ve lived in that had this set-up and I HATE it.

We added the double doors between the bedroom and bathroom, at least. Otherwise it would have been completely open.

Those mirrored doors lead to our walk-in closet, and the laundry is on the left. It’s a pretty efficient set-up. I pull clothes right out of the dryer and hang them up in the closet.

So there you have it–my pretty-much-finished master bathroom. I’m still tinkering with some of it. Since I took these photos I hung some hammered-brass sconces and a few other things.

I feel like our master bedroom and bath makeover took up most of my decorating energy (and budget) for 2012. Now I’m trying to decide what to focus on in 2013. Lots of rooms need new flooring, including our bedroom. I think our finished basement will get some attention, and I’m itching to redecorate my family room. Do you have any “house goals” for the new year?

P.S. I used the same tile but with white grout in my daughter’s bathroom:

Kid's bathroom makeover-Hooked on Houses

 And you can see the post about my bedroom makeover here:

(Visit my “My House” page to see more!)

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  1. says

    The tile! The blue! I love it!

    From a very envious owner of a master bath currently covered in ’80’s wallpaper…

  2. Beth says

    See! All is well that ends well! What an improvement the little trim makes to the grout! Congratulations, it looks marvelous!

      • Beth says

        I went through something kinda similar when I picked out my granite for the retirement house we recently built. We were long distance and a lovely neighbor would periodically send picture updates. When she sent one of the kitchen granite my heart sank. I HATED it!!! I moaned and groaned and then just decided what is done is done. Then when I actually saw it in person, I loved it!! My husband thinks I’m a wee bit crazy!

  3. says

    Oh my gosh, so amazing! I’m with you…the quarter-round makes all the difference in the world. You must be thrilled!

  4. says

    LOVE the pops of yellow in your bedroom. 😀

    Your bathroom is so pretty. I like the black grout, and that quarter round made a huge difference. I know you must be enjoying your new bath.

  5. Jane says

    Excellent job Julia — a wonderful transformation! I love that wrote about how you moved the laundry room up to make way for a mud room. And adding doors was certainly an excellent idea. Congratulations on master bedroom/bath perfection in 2012!

  6. says

    WOW!!!! can I come over and take a shower. Now I have to go up to my vanilla bathroom and try to be inspired!

  7. says

    I’m so glad for you, Julia! That bit of toe molding surely made a difference, didn’t it? Your black and white floors look smashing now, and everything in your bathroom coordinates beautifully with your bedroom. I’m so glad you went for a bolder look–it’s lovely but still serene. Well done!

  8. says

    Your bathroom is so big! I love the window and bench area with your new curtains. :-) Great job on the whole redo!

  9. says

    Julia – what beautiful results. I’m so glad you figured out a solution so that you could enjoy your beautiful bathroom. ~Sally

  10. Laura says

    Very nice! I love the colors, and the trim on the mirror and baseboards made all the difference. We recently had a screen porch added to the back of the house, which I love. Still want to add a bathroom downstairs (we only have one upstairs), and fix up one bedroom to be an office and art studio. We refinanced so we have the money, just have to get it all done! I absolutely love decorating new spaces, especially with things we’ve collected over time and flea market and auction finds.

  11. says

    Julia, your bathroom looks wonderful. What a lovely sanctuary. I don’t blame you for hating the open ceiling. What were they thinking? ha

    I just have to add one thing. That little spot to the right of the black bench is just screaming out for a tall plant in a lovely pot. And with the humidity from your bath, and the window, I bet it would be death proof. That is if you are a plant killer like me. ha.

  12. Jen says

    I love it beautful and classy well done
    Loving the bench and the colour

  13. Judy MacDonald says

    It looks wonderful, Julia. Adding that tiny trim along the tile floor made all the diffference in the world.

  14. says

    Wow! I can’t believe the trim made that big of a difference on the floor but it really did, I didn’t think it looked horrible w/the black line but then when I saw the trim installed holy cow looks so much nicer! The whole room looks fantastic, the trim on the mirror made a huge difference and the bench in black looks awesome!

  15. says

    I just love the colors of teal and gold together and once the bench was painted black it defined itself with the tile grout. It is a great Happy space.

  16. CentsationalGirl says

    Great solution!!! I love your bathroom AND your bedroom, such a fresh color medley, bravo my friend!

  17. WonderingWoman says

    It turned out really nice……. I love the frame around the mirror, made all the difference in the world.

    • Leanna Comer says

      I agree, Wondering Woman. The framed mirror totally changed the look and feel of the room. Having one of those “naked,” giant mirrors myself, I was thrilled (and inspired) to see what it *could* be!

  18. says

    Turned out beautiful! We are embarking on our (only) bathroom renovation this spring. You are so lucky to have all that space to work with. My bathroom measures just barely 6′ by 6 1/2′! The good thing is it keeps cost low when installing flooring, paint and trim!!

  19. Kelli says

    It is just beautiful! Thanks for sharing how the bedroom transitions into the bathroom. With the carpet in front of the vanities, I was confused at first. Great job!

    • says

      Yeah, all the houses in our neighborhood were built with these open bathrooms and the builder carried the carpet in from the bedrooms. It’s one of those things I’ve hated since we moved in but it took me 8 years to get around to changing!

      • Lisa says

        It looks fab!

        I’m with you on the open bathrooms. We’re renting a house right now due to relocating recently and the bedroom wall connecting the master bath has a gap at the top, carpeting all the way through (hate that!) and no door whatsoever leading into the bathroom (just an opening). I put up a tension rod and hung a curtain for a little privacy when I’m showering. The master closet is the same – the walls stop about 18″ from the ceiling so it’s all “connected”.

        We live in Colorado where it’s very arid and I theorized that perhaps the open ceiling tops in the Master bed and bath were to allow the moisture from the bathroom to humidify the home. But if other homes around the US also have this design then that theory is shot! :)

        I’m thankful for this home and I’m all for a Master suite, but would never buy a home like this.

        Oh and I second the plant idea by bench and window!

  20. Michele says

    Beautiful, Julia! I never would have thought to paint he bench black, but what a difference! Great update on the cheap. I agree on the washer/dryer, smart move. My house has them upstairs too and I would never, ever change that. It’s shamelessly my favorite feature of the house. Really comes in handy when the kids are sick, too…ha!

  21. Kingsmom says

    We just bought a house that was built back in the 1960’s and is all redwood paneling in the living room. It’s a beautiful house with Pacific Ocean views but I’m totally stumped with how to maneuver around the paneling. It’s so dark! My husband won’t let me lighten it or remove it cause it’s worth so much. So I basically will be redecorating the rest of the house first. So many projects!! I finally picked out a color to paint the front door. Baby steps…. (but I’d love anyone’s feedback on the paneling….and can send photos)

    • Charlotte Des Fleurs says

      Hi Kingsmom,

      Wow! I feel for you. Not only is redwood dark, but it is dated. I am trying to undestand what makes it so valuable. Is it rare? Does it make the house itself more valuable? Does it go with the architecure or with the outside landscaping? If you removed it, could you sell the paneling for a good price? If it were MY home, I would either paint it or have it removed.

      My parents had a home with redwood siding which they painted and repainted yellow about every 4 years. It is my impression that redwood doesn’t hold onto paint very well (at least on the outside of a house). No one should have to live with an architectural feature or with ANYTHING that they don’t like just because it is “valuable”. If your hubby really loves, the redwood, have it taken down and installed in his “mancave”. You should not have to live with it..

  22. says

    Julia, it’s just perfect! I love the blue, love the bench, and the floor turned out gorgeous.

  23. says

    Well done! Love the tile, and don’t those two frames on the mirror and window make all the difference? Happy new year, Julia!

  24. Christina from Dallas says

    Wow your bathroom looks great. I love the idea of framing those giant builders mirrors with wood. When I saw your pictures I immediately showed my husband who was sitting beside me. ” Honey we need to do this”! I love the framing for the windows but I think our curtains would hide it. I’ve never had a mudroom so I wouldn’t know what to do with one. I’m not sure if that is more for up north where people need to unload their heavy coats and boots from the snow. Down south here it’s not that cold often.

    • says

      My mudroom is currently piled full of snowboots and winter coats so I do think it probably makes a difference where you live. I really don’t know what I’d do without mine. We didn’t have a mudroom at our last house, and the door from the garage came directly into the kitchen. My kitchen became the mudroom because few people would walk all the way across the house to put their stuff in the front closet. Drove me crazy, which was why I was determined to have one here!

  25. says

    Your bathroom came out beautifully! Just a hint – I do those molding/frames for clients often when the builder has glued those huge glass mirrors to the wall – as simple as picking out pretty chairrail moldings at Home Depot! However, forget the glue!- they just go on with 1/2″ double-sided sticky tape from Scotch/3M (one strip on the inner edge, and one on the outer edge of the flat back of the molding frame you make). It’s strong enough to hold up the light-weight frame you’ve made, and no mess! Takes a very short time too!

      • Lisa says

        I’ve heard of using velcro to adhere molding to a mirror, too. Looks easy enough for even me to do.

  26. Peggy says

    I’m glad to see another master bath without a bathtub! I recently remodeled our master bath and removed a giant (dust catcher) tub to make room for a walk-in closet. I just hope whenever we decide to sell that it won’t be a problem.
    Is the wall between your bedroom and bathroom only partial height? That’s what it looks like in the pictures. If so, that wouldn’t be hard to fix, although now that you’re finished painting, you probably don’t want to start another project!

    • says

      That’s funny–my mom always calls her big tub a “giant dust catcher,” too. I’m hoping when it comes to selling the house down the road another practical girl like me who prefers laundry and mudroom convenience to long soaks in a tub will want to buy it! :-)

      Yes, that wall is only 8′ tall–it doesn’t go up to the peak in the vaulted ceiling. We have talked about taking it all the way up but never acted on it. Maybe someday!

      • Lisa says

        Hi Julia!
        It looks beautiful! You did a fantastic job! Really love that tile and the trim to hide the black edges looks terrific. (You already know how much I love black and white!) The blue is fabulous and I love how everything pops against it. I was studying the space that holds the pretty bench and thought it LOOKS as if a freestanding tub would fit the space beautifully if you ever wanted one down the road OR to tell prospective buyers some day. They come in all sizes, with and without feet these days. Hopefully it wouldn’t be too complicated or expensive to do with all the water and drainage pipes you already have in the space. I wouldn’t want to lose that washer and dryer either….and I really love a place to sit in a bathroom. You are so lucky to have such a nice space to add that cute bench! Well done!

  27. Amanda says

    So beautiful! I love the bathroom remodel! Now I am inspired to finally remodel our 70’s bathroom, with the vinyl floor and the sparkly gold sink. :)

  28. Emma says

    Beautiful work on the bathroom, it never ceases to amaze me what a can of paint can do. I love the color of the walls and the bench looks so much more “expensive” painted black, thanks for sharing.

  29. Nino says

    Hi Julia,

    You two did a great job!!!!!
    It looks lovely.

    best regards from the Netherlands,

  30. says

    It looks awesome! I love the wall color and the curtains pull it all together. Great job and fix for the black grout. love it.

  31. says

    It’s gorgeous! I love the tile and the wall color is so pretty! Happy New Year!!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  32. MelanieL says

    Beautiful bath Julia! Love your curtains, they are so pretty in that space!

  33. says

    You truly did an outstanding job! I would love to wake up to that bathroom every day!

  34. Rosemarie says

    It’s beautiful! Well done!

    I love the color and the tile came out beautifully.

  35. says

    Love it! I also love that the builder seemed to give you some flexibility with the floor plan. Our subdivisions in our area don’t for things like moving a laundry room! I have always said that if we are ever able to build a custom home, the laundry room will be off my master closet (and on the bedroom side of the house), NOT next to the kitchen or worse, in a small hall between the garage and the kitchen. Why do builders still do that? I have paid extra in our last two homes to have a door framed between the master bed and bath, but a mudroom would be a dream, even in the hot southwest where we don’t have snow gear. I would love a “drop zone” for backpacks, shoes, sports gear, brief cases, etc… I think your swap-out is brilliant and the room is gorgeous! Glad the tile trim worked!

  36. MsJulie says

    Crisp and clean. Amazing how just a little molding can make such a difference.

    Can’t wait to see your next project.

  37. Victoria says

    I must say that I love the window area with the bench and curtains. In fact, I love your whole house. I couldn’t find a tour of the kitchen, is there one? Also, I do not like the lights above the sink at all, maybe different ones? (When money allows, of course). I love the rest and how you added the washer and dryer to the bathroom, near the closet!

    • says

      I can’t say the lights are my favorite thing, either. We spent the money for them and had a heck of a time getting them up there, so then I just didn’t have the heart to tell Dave I wasn’t digging them once they were installed. I guess I can live with them, though. :-)

  38. says

    What a transformation! Looks wonderful, and I love the print in your drapes and on the pillows on your bench. Very cheerful! Your husband was mighty clever to rig the ladder up there to hold that frame in place. How convenient to have your laundry room right there. Gosh why doesn’t everyone do that??? And you’ve got all the plumbing in that area too…makes SO much sense,

  39. Nita says

    My sink cabinet, double but with only one sink, is actually at one end of the bedroom with the shower and toilet in a small room off it. It started in the 70s, this idea of the sink in the bedroom.

  40. Nita says

    My bedroom was painted Quietude by Sherwin Williams two years ago. I fear I am tiring of it already.

  41. Renita says

    Hi Julia,

    Happy New Year to you and your family! Your master bathroom is stunning! The blue walls are absolutely beautiful and the whole room is just lovely. I love how the white trim and floor pops against the blue. Love the drapes and the bench also. We moved our laundry room upstairs near the bedrooms a couple of years ago. Best idea ever. Clothes have been getting cleaned much quicker since the move! :)

    Enjoy it!

  42. Destiny says

    Oh, it’s lovely! It turned out so bright, neat and clean. I love it!

  43. Signe says

    Very nice, Julia. I love the color, the tile, the fabric choices… Bravo!!!

  44. says

    That turned out really nice and you threw elbow grease into it. I was worried when you said you were gluing molding to the mirror but it looks pretty sturdy/stable? Yes? Please???! :) Okay, I am going to start planning a kitchen remodel this year… working out all the details, shopping for the details, saving my little pennies. Hope to kick it off in 2014. How is that for long term dreaming? Your kitchen posts were so well timed. Thanks for that!

  45. Rebecca C. says

    You were so right about the grout and how it turned out. I would have freaked too when noticing the black. Perfect idea! We had a mirror in our dining room like that. Aren’t contractors wonderful? I would not touch it. They somehow got it down, without breaking the mirror.

    Bathrooms are on the horizon for me too. Two, I’m hoping. They are in dire need to gutting. It’s really sad to see them as they are right now. I cannot wait.

  46. Kim says

    Gorgeous bathroom! I love how the simplest changes made such a big difference. Everything looks fantastic especially the tile. Your bathroom looks so much better without that carpet. I have never liked carpet in a bathroom. It gets dirty easily and it’s hard to clean.

  47. Kimberly says

    I think I heard the same angels singing! :) It looks great! Love the blue and gold together!

  48. Lori Sellers says

    What a nice bathroom! The black grout against the white tile looks sharp and the molding around the mirror looks good, too. You could even add two mirrors over top above the sinks. Venetian mirrors would look amazing. Do share pictures of your mudroom, please. Many of us can only dream of such a space

  49. says

    AMAZING Julia!! I could live in this bathroom!!! :-)
    Really… you did grate darling!

  50. Teresa says

    Looks beautiful Julia! Not a difficult fix and it really looks so much cleaner and finished now. I love your colors and the PB drapes. We recently painted our master bathroom in Sherwin-Wiliams “Sea Salt” and I just love this color.

    We have only one big house project planned for this year….. A new roof! Yeah, sounds boring (and expensive).

  51. Alie B says

    Yay! After all the tile stress, it turned out fabulous! :-) Love the bench painted black and the linens add a touch of the exotic. Very, very nice! You must be so pleased!

  52. Norma says

    Wow Julia, I just love the way everything turned out for you in the Bedroom and Bathroom.I love the colors on the wall.The builders here have done the same thing with having no doors between the bedroom and bathrooms,I really don’t like how they look.I’ve been wanting to do the same on the mirror,we have the same BIG mirror at our vanity,I love the way it looks when it is framed up. The 2 rooms look soo good together.Great job Julia.I’m looking forward to your next project.

  53. Mary says

    My one and only decorating goal is to get my living room curtains up. I’ve had them for months, but cannot find a 13 foot pole!!!!! Of course two 6 1/2 ‘ poles with a center connector would work, if I could find that, but so far, no luck. Dare to dream, right?

    • Screendoorgirl 3 says

      Hi, Mary. I couldn’t help but notice your comment. I have a 10 1/2 foot pole across my window. At Home Depot they cut a long pole any length for you, then you can paint or stain it. Mine’s been white, gold , now it’s sprayed oil rubbed bronze with pineapple finials. You may need a center support. It’s pretty cheap, too.

  54. Dee says

    Our daughter is getting married on February 2, and then we will begin our total kitchen makeover!

  55. Tracie says

    I love it, Julia! Our entire house was “camel” when we bought it and we are slowly painting rooms. Tooooo much camel is NOT a good thing.

    We also have the no door issue here and it’s my biggest pet peeve in this house! My ten your old boys have walked in one to many times and my husband has startled me way too many times to count while I’m showering! I HATE it! I’ve begged for a door for 5 years now and it hasn’t happened. :( so….I am going to make our master bedroom paint and a door to the shower area our goal for 2013. I’d love a hanging antique barn door!

    I did a google search of “master bedroom bathroom no door”. And found that this IS, in fact new trend that most women hate…. It’s funny to read, but now I’m in a VERY bad mood!


  56. Dean says

    Beautiful re-do Julia! You’ve got great taste. Love the tile.

  57. Sue says

    It looks great! I actually like the big mirrors…and we did the same thing, however instead of mitering the corners we used square “rosettes” so we didn’t have to worry about all the angle cuts, which for us was a nightmare! I do agree tho that gluing the trim to the mirror is difficult, even with Liquid Nails!

  58. ShabbyChick says

    Looking pretty fabulous! It all goes so well with your bedroom makeover! As for me and my house in 2013, we are getting set to start our garden in Feb-March (we can do that here in Mississippi). If that is successful it will be a miracle. After that, maybe some new window coverings and paint touch ups. Seems like there is always something that needs to be done. 😉

  59. Cindy says

    Beautifully done Julia. I am usually not a fan of newer homes, but when they get customized with personality like you have done and turn out great I am reconsidering.

  60. Screendoorgirl 3 says

    Thanks for sharing, Julia! I love the way your master bath turned out. When I first clicked onto your blog I thought the bench shot was from a magazine shoot or something! I love the bench black and the pillow fabric. Also, Dave gets a big hug for his molding efforts.Great job! I have many dream projects for 2013, but we are putting our second son through college, God willing. One down , two to go. Six more years. Save now, people.. I do satisfy my urges with small, creative seasonal changes here and there. A bunch of tulips goes a long way . Happy New Year!!

  61. Mrs. Pear Tree says

    Absolutely stunning revisioning, Julia, and with such small, (mostly) simple changes, too! Respect.

  62. Wendy says

    So much of what you created was simply about the trim. The floor trim and the mirrror trim transformed it. That gives me ideas. Beautiful color on the walls too.

  63. says

    Julia, I can’t remember if I commented on your bath remodel when it was on FB. If memory serves me correctly, I got distracted and never did. Wanted to tell you that I particularly love the curtains and the bench. I never would have thought to put floor length curtains in a bath like that, but they are perfect! Makes that entire end of the room look so inviting. And the rest is gorgeous too, especially the tile. Great job and great remedy for the grout issue. Joanne Vs

  64. Katherine says

    It’s absolutely beautiful, Julia. Congratulations on your beautiful new room. I am just catching up with your blog…have missed it! As for my own plans for doing the new house in 2013? Everything! But a lottery win would be necessary…:-)

  65. says

    You did a great job on the bathroom! Regarding the tile, I’m surprised the tile guy didn’t take the baseboard off before installing it. That’s what the person who did our bathroom floor did and then re-installed the baseboard after the new tile went in. Great solution with the quarter round and all of the other trim. It really makes the bathroom!

  66. says

    Julia, it turned out beautifully! Love it and love that you have a bench in your bath. Perfect place to dry off and put on your slippers. The trim really looks great with your baseboard and tile. So glad there was an easy fix for the grout problem you were having. Love your new bath!

  67. Sam says

    Nice! Is just completes your beautiful family friendly home :)

  68. says

    OM Goodness! I saw the tile FAIL before I saw the fix. I was all paranoid because I had recently settled on this exact tile with black/dark gray grout for our bath and when I saw the blunder around the edges I had a minor heart attack followed by sadness. I can’t tell you how excited I was to see the finished product! It looks beautiful! What a good quick thinking hubby you have. LOVE it!

  69. lilkunta says

    why would anyone put full carpet in a bathroom? an area rug is
    all that is warranted IMO. I dont know how you stood carpet for 8yrs.
    Id be fearful it were full of feces and urine .

    wait, so you moved the laundry upstairs to your master, how big is that closet?
    plus in the other pic you put the bathub in the toiler room/water closet..what are your bathroom measurement bc it looks HUGE…and you have a bench to sit down on! bedroom? I WANT YOUR BATHROOM.

    is there hallway access or kids would have walk through your bedroom to washer/dryer ?

    • says

      Well, to clarify, the carpet was just in the vanity area with the sinks. That’s actually a common setup for master baths in houses in our area. Every newer house we looked at had an open room with sinks (no door from the bedroom to the bath) and then a separate toilet/shower room with tile or vinyl flooring. Even model homes. Pretty much all the houses in our neighborhood were built that way. I’m sure it saves the builders $$. I just talked to my neighbor who still has the carpet in her vanity area and says she won’t ever change it, but I was thrilled to get rid of it in mine.

      The kids do have to walk through the bedroom to get to our bath (and laundry). The washer/dryer are just in a closet behind those doors. Not very big. But so much better than lugging the baskets all the way downstairs and through the family room, kitchen, back hall, to the mud room.

  70. Meg says

    Hey! Great remodel! I know this is a very late post but I had to comment. I have the same exact tiles in my master bath and did a white grout— big mistake! It is impossible to clean perfectly. We are selling the house and I’ve been on my hands and knees for hours with one of those bleach pens lol. Black grout is a GREAT idea!

    • says

      I used white grout in the guest bath and it’s already getting stained. You’re so right! Urgh. I’ll have to give the bleach pen a try!

  71. e says

    Loved your redo—- Imade the mistake of using white grout (UGH!!!!) I would like to know where you got your white bathroom carpets? I have been all over looking for that sze and shape—Thanks

    • says

      I got the rugs from Target.

      I made the mistake of using white grout in the kids’ bath and it’s already giving me grief. Ugh is right!

  72. Holly F. says

    I’m so relieved you got the black grout problem fixed! I missed this post and have actually thought about your bathroom off and on since you had it tiled and wondered if you got it resolved. We have had a few remodeling projects that haven’t gone well, so I am dreading redoing our kitchen that is very dated from the early 90s. It was a home show house (we bought it 3 years ago) and has bright teal, speckled Corian with a white racing stripe. The whole kitchen needs a re-do because it is very inefficient but I honestly don’t think I have it in me. I may just opt for a new countertop and call it good for about 5 years.

  73. Jeannine F. says

    I’m in love with your bathroom re-do! Magazine worthy! While personally I am a little leary of bathroom tile floors for myself, I love the look of yours. I use to have a pair of glasses that one lens didn’t stay in well, and would fall out occasionally. Always landed safely and I would pop it back in. Then one day I was in a tiled bathroom, I looked down and the bugger fell out. Like in slow motion, I saw it fall, getting smaller, til it connected with the floor. Smash! BUT your floor is so gorgeous, I’m going to have get over that long ago issue, and re-think a tile floor. The black vs. white grout was a smart move. The installer should of raised the issue of possibly removing the molding and re-installing over the tile. My thought would’ve been to paint white around the edges to make it less noticeable. But your hubby’s fix was perfect.
    While I love the look of the natural wood bench, the black is so right! Excellent idea.
    I think I’ve just been inspired enough to tackle my 50’s bathroom. Gray plastic tiles lower half, and pink painted upper half. Yeah, depressing. But it could’ve been worse. At least the fixtures are white and not pink like some I’ve seen from that era!

  74. says

    How funny…my bathroom fitter has just left looking like he had been working down the mine due to the black grout we are having in our main bathroom. We have white beveled metro tile with black grout and it is a messy yucky substance. Your floor looks amazing though. Our floor tiles are black, and we are having tiled skirting for extra waterproofness….I’m loving how its looking…

  75. says

    Wayyyy late to the party…but I wanted to say, it came out great! The curtains made a huge difference, too!

    WHY did people think it was a good idea to make master bedrooms and bathrooms open to each other??! (Even if it IS just the sink area.) I don’t like that at all.

    Great job covering up the grout on the edges. That did the trick!