My Boring Bedroom Gets a Wake-Up Call

Yawn. My bedroom has been a major bore for years. Last week I ‘fessed up and showed you the pitiful state of things in this room. It was a Plain Jane space that I couldn’t figure out what to do with. Well, I told you my plans for perking things up in here, and now I’ve got most of it pulled together.

Last we talked, I left you with this peek at my new reading corner (above). But let’s start at the beginning–here’s how the room looked before:

It was a boring beige washout. I was inspired by this photo in the Ballard Designs Spring catalog to go bold with the color on the walls:

It was scary, though, because we have vaulted ceilings, so if I didn’t like the color, there would be a lot of it to dislike. On the other hand, when your room looks like this, you don’t have a lot to lose:

I chose something similar to the color in the Ballard’s catalog, but softer–Valspar’s Ocean Voyage–and painted one wall. We liked it, so we kept going. And then the new color inspired us to buy a new bed and some new lamps from Target and here’s how it looks today:

I’m loving the new bed, too.

We still haven’t gotten new nightstands, though–poor Dave is using an old telephone table that was supposed to be temporary in that spot when we set it there years ago…funny how that happens! But if I wait until the room is 100% finished before I show it to you, you might not ever see it.

I kinda hate to do this to your eyeballs, but here’s another before that shows the sitting area on the other side of the room:

Ug. Lee. But things are looking better now!

I really thought I’d have to replace the old dresser, mirror, and cedar chest, too, but once the new wall color went up, I didn’t mind them so much. And since we’re out of money for this project for the time being, we’ll make them work a little longer.

I didn’t want the table and lamp in the corner to take up a lot of “visual space” and block the windows, so I found a small teal table at Target (that matched our paint color pretty perfectly–I put the paint swatch on top and took a pic of it with my iPhone at the store to be sure) and a glass lamp to put on it:

Here it is between the white Ektorp slipcovered chairs I bought at IKEA:

The ceilings in the bedroom are vaulted and open into the master bath, so we had to paint that room, too. I’ll show you how that turned out when we finish it! (I mean, it’s painted, but there’s a lot more to do in there.)

I hesitate to share this part with you because I know it’s kind of controversial to have a TV in the bedroom…but I couldn’t live without mine. There. I said it. I love watching TV in bed or from the armchairs in the corner.

The wall isn’t really what you could call pretty with the TV, DVD player, cable box, and speakers. And we got the white media console and shelves at IKEA so, you know, it’s not high end or anything. But it works for us and didn’t cost an arm and a leg.

These are the only windows in the room, and they’re not that big, so we beefed them up a little by adding trim around them. Here’s how they looked before we added the curtains:

I think trim always works wonders in a room!

We hung the curtains far enough to either side of the windows that they wouldn’t block any of the light coming in (when your yard is wooded like ours, you value every bit of sunshine you can get):

Target has lots of gold and teal decorative stuff this season, so I found most of my pillows there.

For more source info on the stuff we bought for this room, check my original post about redecorating the bedroom.

We still need a few things like an area rug and more artwork, etc. Then, when we get this room done-done, it’ll be the bathroom’s turn. You think this room looked bad to begin with? Wait ’til you see that one! 

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  1. says

    while I am anti-tv in the bedroom, I am also pro-this room!! It looks amazing and the contrasting walls and ceiling really show off the character of this room!

  2. says

    Love the room…well done! I’m slowly adding pops of heritage red in my shades of brown, creme, gray and black living/dining room thanks to the glory of spray paint. I’d love to use a color like this in our bedroom but we are currently suffering with gray paneling (yuck!) and I haven’t figured out what to do about that yet!

    • Kristen Rosner says

      Last spring, I covered up our paneling in the living room. Mr. Handyman joint compound was what I used. I asked for a recommendation at our big box hardware store’s wall department. I applied the compound with a putty knife, filling in all the cracks and crevices in the paneling. I believe I did this twice or three times. A coat of primer and then the paint color. If you stand right next to the wall, you can see some faint lines. But if you are just using the room, it looks like a drywall.

  3. Christie says

    I think your master bedroom looks absolutely beautiful. You took a gamble and it totally paid off. Congrats on your room! :-)

  4. says

    Love love love that wall color! I love your bed and bedding, too. And the pillows…

    Your before photo is very similar to my current MB. Love the bold color, though. I have been wanting to add some color to our house. It’s really neutral and the funny thing is I love color!

  5. Christina from Dallas says

    Julia is’s lovely! I never thought about teal and gold until now and I like it! Where did you get that mirror and the curtains? I have always had a tv in my bedroom. It comes in handy when someone is sick at our house and they take over my bedroom and watch tv all day. Even me!

  6. says

    GORGEOUS!!! i love the color combo you used. i’m not sure i’d have picked that blue for myself, but seeing it on your walls makes me rethink it! LOVE!!! we’ve been working on our dining room the last few weeks (i put a few photos on the much ignored blog yesterday). i’m ready to be finished with house projects for the summer. it’s already too hot around here to do any real work. :o)

  7. Linda says

    I LOVE the colors! Your room is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Julia says

    Love, love the colors! What a transformation! I never find anything I like at Target. Good for you. Love the lamps and that table. You did a great job. I’m almost done with my remodeling (powder room and mud room). I will send pics when done.

  9. says

    The color is fab – it’s looking great Julia! great job on a budget! I love to see stuff that people have done on a realistic budget (how many of us have an extra $50,000 laying around to spend on a room eh?)

  10. Bree says

    Looks gorgeous! I love that wall colour, matches my nails at the moment haha, but seriously looks stunning – and just a suggestion, for cheap artwork (if you are looking for modern/abstract art) make it a weekend project, find some abstract art you enjoy, get some canvases and paint and let loose haha 😀

  11. Kelli says

    This is just beautiful! I love the color, too. It’s more calming than the Ballard Designs example, but still very fun. As wonderful a transformation as this is, I can’t wait to see the bathroom!

  12. says

    Gorgeous! Love it! Really this turned out so well, you must just love your new room! I want to come watch tv there or maybe read. Not in a creepy way, just I love your room and it looks fabulous kind of way!

  13. Rae says

    I rarely leave comments, but I HAD to tell you what a great job you did! The room looks great, and I’m inspired to tackle my own blah bedroom now!

  14. Mayra says

    It looks cozy and inviting. I like your choice of color palatte.

  15. Elizabeth says

    I think it looks great! And if you don’t like the tables, just paint them white (or you could always borrow a couple of the jillion-and-a-half doilies my mother left me when she died). Although I think that dresser is gorgeous just as it is.

  16. says

    Wow, Julia, it looks great! So beautiful! I love the bold color! And I don’t think I would have chosen the gold with it, but oh my goodness it looks wonderful. That is why I read blogs…I would never be able to put something like this together on my own! Can I ask where you got your bedding…might want to try that in my space!

    • says

      I got the comforter at Target, but it wrinkles like crazy, so I’m not sure I can wholeheartedly recommend it. I’m already kind of regretting it–I hate high-maintenance stuff! Looks okay from a distance, though. :-)

      • shabbychick says

        I get you on the wrinkly comforter issue, Julia! Mine, too! Good thing I’m a Shabby Chic gal, it works!! 😉

      • Christy says

        Ah! My heart just broke. I specifically came to the comments to get your opinion on the bedding. I’ve been eyeying it at Target (after originally falling in love with the Antropologie bedding that it mimics, but alas, is waaay over what I would ever spend on bedding) for about a year now. But I’ve never pulled the trigger because I heard it’s hard to keep it looking neat. But I’m glad to get some input from someone I “know”.

  17. Kendra says

    The t.v would look so much better mounted on the wall. If you’re going to put it in the room, make it on purpose.
    The room looks beautiful and i love the blue table. Great ideas!

    • says

      Good point about the TV. We did actually mount it on the wall, but then it was too high to watch it comfortably from the chairs (had to crane our necks). Plus, we wanted to be able to turn it to the side when we’re sitting there. So we put it back down on the mount. It doesn’t look as good but it functions better like that.

  18. says

    I adore your room makeover! Love the bold colors and everything you have done. It’s beautiful!

  19. says

    Congrats Julia! This room looks fabulous now!
    May I suggest you painting the dark wood dresser with white paint to match the media furniture? You can also change those pulls. I’m thinking of something like this:—Assemble-Double-Dresser/dp/B0051GJ8QK/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1339597615&sr=8-4&keywords=white+dresser
    As for the art… your room is so vibrant and colorful now that I think you can go with some typography wall art. (I guess you can choose one over the internet and have it printed it in glossy paper, and perhaps framing it yourself with some target frames?).

    Just my 2 cents. My bedroom is still a mess :S

    • says

      Thanks for the ideas! I couldn’t paint over the dresser, though–it doesn’t look like it, but it’s actually a kind of valuable antique from Germany that came over on the boat 100+ years ago. The plan was to move it to my daughter’s room and get a new one in here eventually. Have to keep saving our money for that to happen, though! :-)

        • Laura says

          I love the dresser, too. Don’t paint it! The wood looks great with the blue wall color, it’s one of my favorite things about the room, as well as the curtains and color choices. Very nice job!

        • Laura says

          Don’t paint it! The wood looks great with the blue wall color, it’s one of my favorite things about the room, as well as the curtains and color choices. Very nice job!

      • Laura says

        Don’t paint it! I love how the dresser and the blue wall color go together, like in your inspiration room. I also love the chairs and curtains. Good job!

  20. Laura says

    i LOVE the wall color! the cream and pops of gold are fantastic too – great job!! it looks beautiful :)

  21. says

    Love this room! The simple addition of the lamp and stacked books with the clock on your chest of drawers freshens up your look. Thanks, Julie, for the great ideas!

  22. says

    Girl, you ROCKED that re-do!!!!!

    very very nice- congratulations on the new should be very satisfied sleeping and living in that gorgeous sanctuary..

  23. says

    I love the room! And I was pretty sure that I had fallen in love with those same curtains. Yup, I had. They look fabulous in your room and with the teal. Great job!

  24. says

    It looks fantastic, Julia! Thank you for sharing it with us! I bet you smile every time you walk into that room…. I know I would!

  25. says

    THIS LOOKS WONDERFUL! Such an improvement! And the color– it’s awesome! So bold, yet so subtle. Yeah for an oasis in the bedroom.

  26. Spring says

    Love the room! It looks like a great place for you to relax in.

  27. says

    Looks great Julia! And I’m quite certain your bathroom isn’t as bad as you think. And we’re a TV in the bedroom couple too. My awesome husband asks for so little and contributes so much, that how could I not relent?

    Thanks for sharing,

  28. says


    That room looks fantastic! I LOVE the headboard. I’ve been on the fence about that style of headboard for a while. I thought it looked a little ‘stuffy’. Not in a room like that! Great job!

  29. says

    The room looks beautiful! The color is so rich and bold. What a huge change. It’s wonderful. The gold accents are perfect. I love the new draperies and the window changes all together! Enjoy your fabulous new space =)

  30. Margaret says

    Love your bedroom makeover. LOL. – TV. That’s the only place I watch. In bed. At night.

  31. yvonne says

    LOVE the wall color! I am currently redoing my boring master bedroom too, in a chocolate/teal scheme. Doesn’t it feel wonderful to emerge into the new millenium??

  32. Linda says

    I love the teal and gold colours in your bedroom. Beautiful! I’m thinking my bedroom is in need of a makeover and this might be my inspiration room :)

  33. Eileen says

    Wow, what a transformation….its looks great! Love the teal/yellow combo, its so fresh looking. I also have a bedroom that needs a makeover….so thanks for the inspiration!

  34. Margaret says

    Very nice. It looks comfortable and inviting. I would not have thought of those colors, but it is very beautiful and pulled together. Not too masculine or feminine. Have you thought of gold paper or paint on the inside bak of the Ikea shelves?

  35. Sue says

    Looks like a lovely room to wake up in. Nice balance of colors — plenty of neutrals on the floor, bedding, and chairs to contrast the bold walls, with pops of the gold here and there. Not too crazy about the bookcases on either side of the TV. Somehow I think it would look better without them. I really like the small chest you’re using for the coffee table in the nook.

    Good to know I’m not the only one that drools over each new Ballard catalogue!

    • says

      I agree about the bookcases. We didn’t have them at first and it did look better, but I didn’t have anywhere to put all my stuff! So we brought them in. Would love to get a nicer console table and shelves eventually, and then these will go in the playroom. That’s the long-term plan, anyway. I’ll keep you posted!

  36. Lynn says

    The wall color is a bit strong for me..but if you like it that is all that matters. What I felt would have been a better choice for me as I prefer a more demur and soft color for the bedroom would have been to refresh the color that originally was on the walls and used the money for new bedding, furniture and lamps as they seem to make the most impact overall.

    • michelle says

      Paint is the most impactful change one can make to a room for the least amount of money. I think what you have done looks fabulous! I would only suggest that you not the forget the 5th wall–the ceiling. I find the white to be a bit too stark a contrast for that deep color. Either use the same paint at only a 25% tint or go with something just a touch off of white. Check the Benjamin Moore “whites” fan deck and/or ask for input at the paint shop for the best coordinate. Great job!!

  37. Linda W. in Ontario, Canada says

    I had to look through your pictures a couple of times…the transformation is incredible and utterly gorgeous! I LOVE the wall colour…just stunning! And the gold looks so rich against it. I really love the old dresser and flowered mirror above it…I wouldn’t get rid of it if I were you…it looks fabulous in the space! I have to decorate on a budget just like you do, and I love IKEA and Target and any place that helps me stretch my dollars! Spending money on key pieces like your bed and reading chairs, counterbalanced with less expensive items is practical and still gives the room a very polished look. If it was my room, I would add a colourful print above the bed for another pop…something wide but not high…but that’s just me. I love art! Congrats on a job well done! Now I’m going to go look at the pictures again :)

  38. Christine says

    My favorite is the PB curtains against the blue wall and the whole reading corner is just adorable.
    I have those same Target gold pillows on my sofa and the same PB curtains only in red. You have good taste =)

  39. says

    It looks so good! So cheerful and pulled together. I went with a similar though slightly darker shade for my office, and it was definitely terrifying to think about going THAT bold, but I love it now. Hope you are feeling the same way!

  40. Susan Mills says

    It must be wonderful to wake up in this room! So refreshing! Just love it! :)

  41. Tiffany S. says

    Julia – This room looks amazing! Good for you for going bold. It certainly paid off. It looks fantastic and if you ever tire of it (though how could you?) you can always repaint. Fantastic!

  42. says

    Oh, snap, Julia! It’s lovely, truly. Love the white chairs and the bedding and the color and the little Target table and the blinds. I can see why you’d love the new space!

  43. says

    Love the color! I saw those lamps at Target too and thought they were so cute. Congrats on such a pretty space!

  44. says

    You were brave to try the blue – but it looks fantastic!!! Love the texture of the bedspread and the yellow fabric on the curtains, pillows, and lamps. Looks great!


  45. Laura says

    The room looks great! Don’t apologize for the TV in the bedroom…..most of us out here have one….couldn’t live without mine either! Nothing wrong with that! Love your blog and look forward to it all the time.

  46. P Brookins says

    Lovely, lovely room. I’m sure you must sleep so well at night. A little note about the TV in the room; love mine, too. I work all day. My favorite room in the house is my bedroom. That’s where I do most of my relaxing. Love me some TV, too!!

  47. says

    Congratulations on getting it done! You are inspiring me, and I am so gratified to hear of another person who pays-as-she-goes rather than go into decorating debt. I was totally going to tell you to go for flooring next, so I love that you’re already on it!

  48. says

    Simply stunning!! That color on the walls is cheerful yet relaxing. You achieved a perfect balance, not too blue, not too white, not too gold. Love it!

    I never understood the ‘no TV in the bedroom’ controversy. We have only one TV, and it’s in our bedroom too, and only hooked up to our DVD player, that’s it, no cable, no local stations. Needless to say we don’t spend too much time in front of it, and having it in the bedroom helps us keep busy doing other things, like my watercolor painting, my husbands photography, and cooking together without the TV going on in the background. :)

  49. shabbychick says

    This room is fantastic, Julia! O how I love the pops of gold against the turquoise! May I offer a couple of suggestions? When you do invest in larger nightstands get square for his side and round for yours, to add contrast and femininity and avoid matchy-matchy. Try to keep the wood pieces in the room the same tone as the blinds for continuity. And I’m not sure if your blinds and curtains will work with this suggestion for PERFECT windows from Cote De Texas blog. You simply raise the curtain rods up to ceiling level (from your pics it looks like 6 inches or so?) Mount the blinds just under the rod so that no wall is showing above the window….we are talking instant HUGE windows that look so finished and custom….very luxe!! If it will work with your room you may want to give it a try for even more WOW in your corner!! Looking forward to seeing it 100%! 😉

    • says

      I know what you mean with the curtains! I wish I had had the blinds mounted above the window instead of inside them back when we got them. I wonder if I could re-do them? I think they were made for an inside mount, though. Oh, and I just realized, they’d be too short if I did that anyway. Guess I’d just have to get new ones.

      When we tried hanging the curtains that much higher than the windows (and blinds), they just didn’t look right. Plus, since I got “off-the-rack” window treatments, they would’ve been short. I considered doing it anyway because they’re kind of behind the chairs, but I knew the short lengths would bug me. I love that look, though!

      • shabbychick says

        It usually requires custom blinds and curtains to get the right length….
        maybe if the blinds weren’t too much $ you could get wall-mounted ones in the correct length, and then just add a band of solid coordinating fabric to the bottom of your curtains – VOILA!!! Very chic 😉

  50. MustLoveBlogs says

    This is absolutely beautiful, Julia! Were you a decorator in a former life? Anyway, you’ve spurred me on to do something about my own bedroom, and I love the way you always find the prettiest things that are affordable.

    Just lovely ~

  51. rj says

    Love the changes to your room. My master bedroom is next on my list (after carpet, tiles and windows!) I also have a TV (in an armoire) in my master bedroom ~ Keeps my marriage sane! I can watch my HGTV while hubby watches racing shows in the den. I was wondering if you’ve ever thought to put wrought iron wall decor over the top of your TV to connect the two bookcases? Or a skinny rectangular photo (maybe in golds?) to hang above it? Just a thought that it may tie the TV console pieces together.

  52. says

    Julia, I LOVE IT! Great job. :) It’s always fun to get a glimpse of your own home here. The blue is so dramatic, but the room isn’t overwhelmed by it. I think all the white definitely helps.

  53. says

    You did a beautiful job with this re-do! I really love it, and think the room became so soothing to the eye, and that’s what a bedroom should be. The old dresser is so lovely, too.

  54. says

    I like your color a lot better than the color of the room in the Ballards catalog. Good job! :-)
    We don’t have a TV in our room, but I like your arrangement, and it especially makes sense to have one since you have that nice sitting area.
    Love the view of your backyard! Ours is very similar, but the trees aren’t close to the house, so we get tons of sunlight. Sometimes too much. Ha

  55. Tricia says

    Looks great… love the color combo. I agree that painting or wallpapering the backs of the Ikea shelves would make a huge difference. Something in a gold/white bold geometric would look awesome. You could also pick up another curtain panel, cut to size, and use spray adhesive to attach it to the backs before tacking them back on. Just a thought. I’m totally in favor of the TV in the bedroom. How else can you keep up with fake House Hunters episodes? BTW, check it out:

      • shabbychick says

        I love the idea of backing the shelving with fabric or a cool wallpaper! Just don’t duct tape it on – “a’la Designed to Sell style”!! 😉

  56. Cathy says

    Wow, Julia, kudos to you, your bedroom looks fantastic! Your color scheme of teal, gold, and white looks very rich yet relaxing. Do you make housecalls? 😉 I’m mulling over ideas for my master bedroom, too. Perhaps I will have the courage to go bolder with my colors than I otherwise would have. Can’t wait to see the bathroom!

    • Cathy says

      …and personally, I prefer the tv as you have it, so that you can angle it if needed, and at a more comfortable viewing level. Think it looks just fine.

  57. Jane says

    Wow — lovely!! There was nothing wrong with your before, but your after is simply beautiful!!

  58. brenda barnum says

    Looks pretty good to me. Your older funiture really looks nice with the new wall color. I am refering to the dresser with mirror above it. Looks lovely. I would keep it. Also, don’t put yourself down for shopping at IKEA. I would rather pay cash for decent acceptable funiture at IKEA than Crate & Barrel or Potterty Barn which are supposed to be for people in our income bracket. HA! I am thankful to get IKEA. Anyway your room looks great!!
    . PS: My name I was using was: “Autumn” Yahoo and I got a divorce.

  59. says

    First of all…a bedroom isn’t complete WITHOUT a TV!! :) That is this mama’s time for relaxation and don’t have to watch anything Disney or PBS :) A sanctuary has to be what is comforting to that person…and LOVE you color combo.
    Also, I actually like the mismatched side tables, that is a more collected look and looks “on purpose” to me.
    I bet your new space is alot more inviting now, huh? And as you add the other missing elements, it will all seem new again!

  60. Jane says

    I keep getting. A fatal error when I try to see the House Hunters. Article. Is there an overload?

  61. Nathan says

    I absolutely love the colours used. I want a colour very similar to this on my walls.

  62. Rebecca C. says

    It looks great as is. I didn’t even know the flooring wasn’t done yet. It’s amazing that just painting can help a room. Don’t you just love Target and IKEA? I think we still have some IKEA furniture we bought twenty years ago. I know what you mean by running out of money for a project. I want to put in central A/C, but the heater was the priority. I guess when it’s 100 degrees outside, I’ll be wishing for it.

  63. Kim says

    What an amazing transformation! Everything ties together well. I love the gold patterned curtains and lampshades. They go great with the teal.

    I’ve grown to love blue painted rooms ever since I’ve seen a lot on pinterest.

  64. Carol says

    Julia, you did a great job on that room! I just painted an accent wall in my den the exact color and I love it. It’s amazing how it sort of acts like a neutral and lets everything near it just pop! I read the comment above about the dresser being an antique, I can see it is, but it would look so cool to have some kind of console or dresser painted in a gold/yellow lacquer. And then maybe put a couple ottomans under it. Just my two cents worth too! Like you need it?! you don’t, you have great taste!
    Good job

  65. says

    Great post as always Julia! I’m with Casey and not a fan of having a TV in the bedroom. That said, I think your new room looks terrific! Enjoy!

  66. Beth says

    Looks amazing. Glad you ignored my consult on the color–I would have steered you straight to Yawn City. The reading corner has always been a cozy favorite and now it’s even cozier. Yay!

  67. Natalie says

    Julia, i LOVE it! it looks so cozy and warm, even i want to go to sleep in there.
    and i love my tv in the bedroom to, i couldn’t think of anything better then sitting in bed with the electric blanket on watching tv. :) looks great!!

  68. says

    Lovely! The colors are gorgeous, and while we no longer have a t.v. in the bedroom (not due to some we-have-sex-more-than-we-watch-t.v.-romantic-ideal — because we don’t — but because we decided to save money by getting rid of cable all together), I love the way you have the “library”/entertainment center set up. Making a home is all about finding looks that make you feel warm and comfortable also what functions for your family.

    Looks like you did just that!

  69. says

    It looks wonderful! I love watching tv in my room – my husband works late some nights and it keeps me company until he gets home! Love your colors – everything looks so nice! I’ll bet it feels great to walk into your spruced up space!

  70. says

    I said it after your first post and I’ll say it again: I love the change. I adore the colour combo! And, for the record, I love the telephone table come night stand. It has a vintage, character appeal and the wood of that table and your dresser add warmth to the look. Just my two cents. Anyway, there you go 😉

  71. Kathleen August says

    Gorgeous! Looks like HGTV came in and did it for you!

    A TV in the room is not the issue – it’s how/when you use it that matters. Sure comes in handy when you’re down with the flu!

  72. Screendoorgirl 3 says

    I love your bedroom, Julia ! I liked your “before” bed, though , too. It looked garden inspired. As far as the TV goes, it’s your room and your business. I like to watch TV in bed, too, although I usually fall asleep. You’re lucky to have such a large bedroom. It reminds me of a hotel suite! Is Maizie allowed on that nice white comforter? Hmm-I wonder.—Jodi

  73. says

    Looking great! I love the wall color with the yellowy golds of the accessories. And the trim was genius around the windows. Great job!

    • says

      Dave is sitting next to me at the computer and he’s happy that someone thinks the trim around the windows that he worked so hard on is “genius.” You made his day, Debbie. :-)

      • shabbychick says

        Trim is not easy to do! Dave – it looks fantastic – you rock!! 😉

  74. kasey says

    Your room looks wonderful! So very cozy. I love that wall color & really wish I could paint my bedroom but alas, I rent. I think I might have to get that color and paint either my tall lingerie chest (big lots purchase in ’01, very sturdy, but i’m over the pale green. would have gotten the dresser too but my car was too small) or the little bedside table I use. that table at target would be awesome but I need the drawer. My other bedside table is actually being used as a spot for my alarm clock and a little 9″ old TV. Needless to say I think the bedroom should have a TV. Personally I like to listen to either the weather channel or GMA when I get ready in the morning.

    That dresser is gorgeous. It looks like a true antique.

    I really like that media console–do you happen to remember the style name? The TV stand I’ve been using since 97 is the perfect height even for my newish flatscreen–I like my stands higher. But the shelf area isn’t deep enough for my components, I had to take the door off.

  75. says

    I was questioning that wall color when you blogged about it before and can’t believe you went through with it. But now that it’s done…..I LOVE IT! It is gorgeous…just what the room needed.

  76. says

    Nice use of Target for sure. I was anti TV in the bedroom for my whole life, until we installed a 55″ one a few weeks ago. TV in bed is rather fun.

  77. Jane says

    Guess what? I have found the exact same framed prints shown on many of the walls in the Ballards catalog for much, much less at Stein Mart!

  78. says


    Just saw your blog on NBC’s Today Show regarding the House Hunters story. Last evening I was just telling my daughter about the House Hunters Post. She was aghast. Even though you know there has to be some production value the total manipulation was unexpected.

    Have a great day……

      • says

        We had them custom ordered from Budget Blinds because one window is half an inch smaller around than the other. I also needed them to be lined. They did a nice job and installed them for us and everything, but despite having “budget” in their name, they weren’t inexpensive!

  79. says

    Julia. It’s gorgeous! Congratulations on getting this project done–or at least done enough. It looks so good right now that I think anything else you do will just be “gravy.”

    For years I’ve wondered about the whole TV in the bedroom thing. We haven’t had one in our bedroom for many years, but then when we go away for a romantic weekend, we end up enjoying having one!

  80. Edward says

    What a beautiful makeover! Everything really pops now. I can’t wait ’till Target moves up to Canada, because they seem to have some interesting and inexpensive things. My favourite tv watching spot is in the bedroom too. All those people against it don’t know what they are missing.

    • says

      I didn’t realize Target wasn’t in Canada! Wow. I don’t know what I’d do without it. Can you order from them online, I wonder? They have much more on their website than in the actual stores.

      • Edward says

        Oddly, it hadn’t occurred to me to look online. (Thanks for that!)…Is the quality good? We recently got crate and barrel here and I thought their stuff was …how do you say…blaaah.

        • says

          Well, it is Target, so it’s not high-end or anything. And I’m happy with my Crate & Barrel stuff, so if you’re not, you might not want to chance it! :-)

  81. Gail says

    Woot woot !!! You were just sited on a report on CNN!! There it was at the bottom of a quote from the “House Hunters International” blog info “”!!

  82. says

    You were brave with the new paint color and it paid off! I love the color and the new headboard! Oh, and those Target lamps are so perfect, I will be lamp shopping next time I’m there. And I could go on and on about the little sitting area you created, just gorgeous Julia!!

  83. Kelly in Memphis says

    I love how you use touches of yellow in your rooms! What I really like abut your decorating style is that you do not follow the online trends that a lot of other bloggers do when they decorate their homes.

  84. Karin says

    It looks fabulous and I just love seeing real people doing real things (especially real pretty things!) in their homes. Thanks for sharing!

  85. Bonnie says

    After loving the clear Plum Jar Lamp that you purchased for this room.. I purchased it at Target.. with the same shade.. and boo :(.. it’s too small for my round table and my room. I LOVE the lamp.. but’s it’s a Medium (on the Target tag). I need it in Large.. which they don’t make. Well, I tried.. now back to Target to return.
    Your room turned out beautiful! The perfect Sanctuary!

  86. Cindy Jones says

    I love your bedroom makeover. Where did you get the curtains?

  87. Teresa says

    I’m a huge fan of dark wall colors, and I think your choice is awesome! I love the gold accents! We’re on the fourth wall color in our master, and it’s finally the right color: BM Etruscan (affinity), which blends beautifully with the cork floors and dark wood blinds. I’m stuck with regard to bedding, but here’s more proof that I should go with a light colored comforter. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • says

      Ooh, sounds pretty! I know what it’s like to go through multiple paint colors until you find something you like. It’s a pain but it’s worth it when you finally get it right!

  88. says

    It’s beautiful! Love the color, the bed and all pretty accessories.
    Thank you for sharing! Enjoy!

  89. says

    Julia, your bedroom looks great! I love the cozy reading area. I know you are so enjoying that space! Love the cute table you found for between the chairs. It perfect for the spot! I know it’s hard to decorate slowly…that’s how I always end up doing it. Good thing about that is it gives you some time to think about it, too…at least that’s how it worked out when I created my home office. That took a full year! lol I don’t think anyone decorates as slowly as I do.. 😉

  90. Jennifer Nealy says

    I just found your blog when I googled “House Hunters” – and I LOVE this bedroom! I am not bold enough to go with a color like that, but boy, I love it. Also I have that exact same floral mirror!! I got mine about eight or nine years ago – I don’t remember where exactly but it was Marshalls or Ross or some place like that. I’ve always thought about replacing it, but I never can seem to part with it. I love it on that color wall. Great post!

  91. says

    That came out beautiful. I love the blues and yellows together. Colorful yet soothing at the same time!

  92. says

    How inspiring!!!! Oh my gooooodness. I LOVE IT!!! You must love it, too. Do you spend time anywhere else? I don’t think I would!! :)

  93. maggie says

    Looks much more bedroomy. The black metal was a liability, I think. I notice you opted for only a head board on the bed. Did you find that you bruised your hands making the bed with the foot rail, and hurt your toes on the legs?

  94. Donna says

    Don’t need much words than those. 😉

  95. says

    Love your room! Wish I had some inspiration for my room. :)

    PS just saw HH mentioned on Inside Edition during a House Hunters story!

  96. says

    Love, love, love it!! Beautiful! And I can’t live without my TV in my bedroom, either. Actually, it is my favorite part of the day – lay in bed, watch a little TV, and pour over decorating magazines. Heaven!


  97. Cindy Costello says

    Hi Julia –
    I am so sorry it took me so long to come to your blog. I am not only
    hooked on houses but hooked on your blog as well. I have only been to a few blogs
    in my life so far but I am going to frequent yours all the time, especially since I am
    going to have a new house to decorate in a month or so. I like that you got so much of your accessories at Target. I love that store. I just don’t have the vision to see where and how something would go but I admire people so much who can do that.
    Just went to HomeArama in town this weekend because I like to see the decorating but it ends up making me envious because I wish I could do it so well!
    I love the color you picked for your bedroom. Let me ask how long has it taken you so far to get where you are right now? Just curious. I am very impatient when I do projects, I want to get it done yesterday. I know – patience is a virtue!!!
    I also would like to know HOW you keep your sunroom couch clean? I like the look of cream on a couch or covering like in your bedroom but it terrifies me because I feel like as soon as I put it in the room it will be dirty!
    I am definitely going to keep in touch with you so you can help me with my new townhouse. If you’d like to see it, it is MLS #2945042. It should still be listed because the sale isn’t final yet.

    P.S. Ballards is one of my favorite catalogs. Do you know there is an outlet store in West Chester?

    • says

      Hi Cindy! I went to Homearama this week, too, and took some photos I’ll be posting soon.

      We spent a few weeks working on our bedroom once we figured out the direction we were going. It took awhile to get all the stuff we needed though–had to do a lot of shopping, painting, putting it all together. And it’s still not done, obviously, but we’ll have to save up for the rest.

      The sunroom couch attracts hair and lint like you would not believe. I have to go over it with one of those sticky roller brushes once a week or so to clean it up. When we get a stain on it, though, I can wash the slipcovers, which is nice. I’ve only had to do that once since I bought it last summer, though.

  98. says

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i JUST saw your blog on national tv!!!!! about the story about house hunters!! they had a screen shot of your opening page with the picture of your bedroom. i HOPE you saw it!!!!!!!!!!!! i’m sure you did. omg I am soooooooooooooo excited! iwas jumping up and down.


  99. says

    oh my!!!!! your room is beautiful! i love it.. I love the idea of not going crazy with spending too much.. I am doing that also. I bought all my stuff for my sewing room at Ikea and everyone that comes in my room loves it. I am going to go and check out the TV consoles for my living room..

  100. Kimberley says

    Your bedroom looks beautiful! You did a fantastic job. I love your dresser the way it is. It blends nicely with the rest of your furniture. I am with you on the TV. Couldn’t live without mine in the bedroom. :) Were those Gilmore Girls DVDs on the shelves near your TV? :) Love that show!

    A friend introduced me to your blog about a year ago. She then sent me the link to the post you did about Avondale, OH. It made me feel a kinship with you. We moved from NW Arkansas to Cincinnati last summer. :)

    • says

      Thanks, Kimberley! Those are indeed “Gilmore Girls” DVDs on the shelves. I like to keep them handy–it’s one of my all-time favorite series! I watch them over and over again in a loop. Right now I’m on Season 4 again… :-)

      Hope you’re liking Cincinnati–it’s a great town!

  101. Maggy says

    Julia, I have to admit .. I did not think that I was going to like the color you picked for your bedroom … “too dark”, I thought, until I saw all the bedroom photos! WOW — it pops! Love that you kept all the accent colors light; that makes a huge difference! Love the window treatments, including the add’l molding — great idea!

    One more thing .. if you should *ever* decide to part with that lovely dresser, let me know!

    Maybe you should change the name of your blog to “Hooked on Houses & Design”, because you obviously know a thing or two about both! :- )

    Great job!

  102. Maggy says

    PS .. I just read the other comments, and have to say that I agree w/ the others who don’t mind the Ikea shelving/TV and console .. re: the looks — it all has clean lines, and that’s what you’ve kept in the bedroom, and as for TVs in the bedroom, yep, count me in.

    Thumbs UP on your bedroom makeover!

  103. says

    WOW! What a difference – I love your new colors! I bet if feels wonderful to relax in this room in the evenings now…enjoy your lovely new space!!!

  104. AB says

    Looks great!

    And this is silly, but I really love your floral mirror.
    When it goes, let me know. I’ve been looking for something like that!?

  105. says

    A fantastic makeover Julia…. what a difference… and I love that you were brave and went with that colour… it looks perfect…xv

  106. Esther George says

    Good Morning Julia my goodness so many comments for you to go through I was not going to add to it but I just want a quick word BEAUTIFUL you have given me courage to go for these amazing colours that are out there. Thank you for sharing. Regards Esther from Sydney (I am so cold have to go and sit on the heater).. PS have a great weekend.

  107. Suzanne from Vancouver, BC says

    Julia, you picked an terrific color for the walls….brave girl for breaking out of beige-ville. Your bedroom looks fresh and happy and pretty. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!

  108. says

    Bravo! What a success! It’s beautiful and I love that you used items from Target, JCP and Ikea. (Isn’t it amazing what you can do on a budget?)
    I would never think to add that trim around the windows – and it looks amazing.
    And I love that you showed your TV. To each his own, right?

  109. says

    Hi! I read your posts daily. Love them. Sorry about all the HGTV hassles and poor Clive. Never would I have chosen those colors in your room…but…it is gorgeous! And those are the PB drapes I have chosen for my living room! Thanks for being my ‘guinea pig’! Keep up the great work…on and off ‘camera’!

  110. says

    So pretty, Julia! I love that you went for it and took the bold paint plunge.

    I can’t believe the “little” adventure you’ve been on lately! :) WOW!

    So excited that I finally get to meet you this week in ATL!

  111. Karen says

    The window trim really looks nice and I see nothing wrong with having Ikea and a TV in the bedroom. I don’t have a TV there myself, but thought it would be nice when I was recuperating from a health issue.

    I think you did a nice job and your bedroom looks lovely. I also prefer the shade of teal blue you chose over the one in the catalogue–I have a much more faded version of that color in my bedroom. I also like your old dresser and mirror too. I think they look nice in the space and still work, but I tend to favor an eclectic look as it makes it more interesting. If they were mine, I don’t know if I would part with them. I thought of a similar headboard as I like the look, but I have severe allergies and decided against it. Very pretty space.

  112. Tiffany says

    You have done a great job! Also you inspired me with my never decorated master bedroom. We have been in our house for 4 years now and it is the least finished room in terms of decor and I hate it. So last week after seeing your progress I got paint and fabric is coming in today! I also bought a chest for my side of the bed because I have been putting my phone and reading materials on the floor (FOR 4 YEARS!). Hopefully it will turn out as good as yours has:)

  113. says

    Oh my, absolutely beautiful. Ditto the comments on the colors. Bold, yet calming and Cottage like. furniture arrangement is perfect for a open feeling. TV in my bedroom too.

  114. says

    Well, I hope you’re ready for company, because I’m moving into your bedroom! I LOVE the color combination, and I’ve been crushing on the lamp shades and pillows at Target for months now. Great job! Must feel awesome to settle in there every night. :-)


  115. Christy says

    This room is amazing. My only thought is…why replace the dresser and tables? If you really don’t like them, a nice coat of paint would change the entire look. If you do get rid of them, I’ll buy them! Just my two cents’ worth…

  116. rachel says

    Oh HELL NO on replacing that dresser and mirror! I LOVEEEEEE the look of these pieces! It adds a bit of vintage charm. Congratulations on the new room!

  117. says

    I agree with Rachel above me! The new paint color is fab in a room as spacious as yours … and you’ve inspired me to investigate trimming the awkward little windows in my own bedroom, now!

  118. Shay says

    Wow. Gorgeous! So bold and daring and still it works beautifully. Where is the bed frame/headboard from? My bedroom needs a makeover, now I really feel like bolds… Not even sure how to start.

  119. Sam says

    Wow! You are soo lucky to have this bedroom, and, your house! I am so jealous (even though I am 15! Ha!)
    I am amazed at the colour choices you have put together! That was brave!
    I love how the colour goes up the ceiling line, it really adds so etching to the room, it would almost be a different room with a straight ceiling, wouldn’t have the same feel,

    Julia, your home is amazing! It not big and 1 million dollars but that is what is great, it has real personality and charm!

    • Sam says

      It really adds character to the room, * (sorry, I typed this on my iPad so i miss spelled it and it auto corrected!)

  120. TBrwngrl says

    Your room looks great! Love the colors. Amazing what paint does. And love the tv set up… I couldn’t survive without a tv in my bedroom.

  121. Bobbi says

    Very well put together with tons of charm. All the details are perfect. The bold colours gives the space more intimacy – perfect for a bedroom. Well done!

  122. Joan says

    Love it! We have TVs in all our bedrooms, including the guest bedroooms – and I’m not apologizing for them. Decorators don’t sleep my master bedroom, my husband & I do. We love it – watching old movies w/popcorn in there is one of our favorite things to do.

    Just a stray thought – had you considered putting a white board (that spans the space under it) across those 2 white bookcases that flank the TV? It would be a nice touch – with some ceramic pieces on the shelf?

  123. Cindy says

    Oh my goodness! I wish I had an eye for color and how to put together a room like you do. It truly is a talent! I become completely frozen when it comes to picking any color paint except beige. Love your website.

  124. says

    What a beautiful transformation, I LOVE the colors you used, I have always kept it safe using neutrals, your room is such an inspiration!!

  125. says

    It looks lovely. The chest looks amazing with the dark paint. It grounds that wall. Don’t feel bad about the TV. Ours is front and center at the foot of the bed. If you like it now, you will really like it during menopause – when you lay awake for hours on end in the middle of the night!

  126. Norma says

    Hi Julia,I just had to look at your new bedroom again.I just love the way it turned out.I was wondering,are you going to be keeping the carpeting ,or are you going hardwood in the future? I’ve been wanting to get rid of our carpets in the bedrooms and put down hardwood,as I want to go with hardwood in the rest of the house.

    • says

      Hi Norma! I would love to get hardwoods eventually. But my husband is worried it might be too “cold” in a bedroom, so we’re still discussing it. The carpet is in bad shape so we need to replace it with something.

  127. says

    Hey Julia! I think your bedroom is gorgeous. I love the colors you chose, the pops of yellow and the blue wall. I featured your bedroom on my blog today, I love it all and think you did a beautiful job. Your bathroom looks awesome too! You have been busy. :) Thanks for the great inspiration and have a great day!

  128. says

    Clicked over from Favorite Paint Colors and I just want to say I looooove the color! I’ve been wanting something similar but have been afraid to go for it. You’ve inspired me to take the plunge!

    • says

      Thanks, Susanne! I have to say I was worried I’d get tired of so much bold color because I’m usually more of a “neutral” gal, but I still love it. It’s one of those room colors that just feels good to spend time in. :-)

  129. says

    What a complete turn around! what makes your room a stand-out is your wall color. Its a risk you took in using a bold color in your room. But to tell you, it really worked!!

  130. Jan says

    I love your site!!!!! I thought I was weird because I love decorating so much, now I see I’m not the only one! Your room looks great! My favorite piece is your dresser! Don’t you dare paint it! Thanks for all your hard work!

  131. Kristina says

    Amazing change! Love the new bedroom!!! The paint, the lamps and the blue & yellow combo! My bedroom is blue/gray but I like your idea! And your night stands are fine as they are! Similar to those I’ve seen on Ballarddesign (love that site too!).

    PS. I discovered your site after I googled if house hunters were fake… Just read ALL posts to that blog but can’t comment anymore. While the news were a bit disappointing, I was asking for them myself 😉 thanks for sharing!

  132. Romina says

    Hello, your house is beautiful, but i must say, and with all the love because i like your site, that your house is really nice but not cozy at all it looks like an inpersonal hotel. But i like your detail eye.

  133. says

    I really do love your curtain fixture! I didn’t expect that it would work with a green wall! The with chairs are also good addition to your room. When everything around you is vibrant, it is good to have a simple furniture around!

  134. Sam says

    Wow, you’re bedroom looks like a really comfortable, friendly place now!
    Love it.
    Have you ever been on the houzz website or app?
    It is amazing, so many ideas for homes and how to do things, it is just great.

      • Sam says

        Oh, ok. :)
        Well I hope that one day you are featured!
        Great too hear.
        The only main reasons I use my iPad for is looking at your website, and looking through Houzz.

  135. Norma says

    Hi Julia,Hope your having a great Summer with the family.I forgot to ask you in January when I posted my comment on your Beautiful bedroom.Where did you get that Beautiful Bed Spread.Just wondering if I can get it here in Canada.Thanks.

    • says

      Thanks, Norma! I found the bedspread at Target, but to be honest it’s so wrinkly all the time it kind of drives me nuts. :-)