Goodbye, Patio Table. Hello, Screened Porch?

IMG_2838If you follow me on Facebook, then you’ve already heard my tale of Easter-weekend woe. For the rest of you, let me set the scene. It was a beautiful, sunny Saturday, not a cloud in the sky. I had just cleaned the deck furniture, opened the umbrella, and stirred up a pitcher of lemonade so I could sit outside and enjoy the day.

Before I could get there, though, a gust of wind came out of nowhere and blew all of the trees sideways. I heard a crash and thought one of the trees had landed on the deck. But when I looked outside, this is what I saw. The wind had sucked the umbrella right out of its weighted base, shattering the glass table.

The first thing I said to my husband was, “I just cleaned that!” As if the worst part of the whole thing was that all my scrub work was for nothing. (He looked at me like I was crazy and said, “Well, we’ll be sweeping up CLEAN glass, then.”)

The second thing I said was, “Don’t touch anything. I have to take a picture for my blog!”

Later that day I found this note from my 7-year old taped to my computer screen:

Lily's note

It says, “Sorry about the table. But you still have the chairs. Right? Love you! xox Lily.” So sweet.

I already miss my table. I miss the umbrella’s shade. But now I have a dilemma. Do I go out and replace them? I like this fresh-looking Atrium set at Crate & Barrel:

atrium patio furniture-Crate Barrel

But I’m torn.

See, I’ve got this “Dream Board” in my office (Inspiration Board? Things I Want So Bad It Hurts Board? Whatever you want to call it.) And there’s a definite theme to the rooms that are pinned to it right now:

Screened porches-bulletin board

I can’t get my mind off pretty screened porches and sunrooms.

What I really want to do is screen our deck in and forget about getting another table and umbrella altogether. I’ve had the porch furniture from our last house sitting in storage since we moved here and it would be nice to bring it back out again.

Maybe that gust of wind was a sign that I’m supposed to finally get that porch I want? Okay, so it’s sort of a pie-in-the-sky fantasy I’m having at the moment, but I feel like dreaming big. Why not?

Is there anything big that you dream of having for your house?

*11/10 UPDATE: We’re building a sunroom. Click here to see our plans!*

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  1. says

    Awww, so sorry about your table Julia!! This happened at my parents home too! They actually got some insurance money to help cover a new table since it was due to weather. I LOVE your inspiration board, thanks for sharing it. I too dream about a covered outdoor space so that you could have amazing furniture that is well protected from the elements!!
    .-= Nancy@marcusdesign´s last blog ..{curves in all the right places} =-.

  2. Billy says

    Is moving the neighbors house, with them in it, too big? (Who has a party on a Tuesday?)

    I’d go with the center pic done in the colors on top left for a porch.

  3. Cindy says

    Wow that was some gust of wind, but you saying “I just cleaned that” really cracked me up. It’s midnight here so it took me a minute to catch on to what Billy was saying but he / or she gave me the inspiration to say I wanna move MY house outta here to somewhere else.

  4. Kim says

    Sorry to hear about your patio furniture, but hey, if it means getting new furniture then that’s great.

    I too have a bulletin board of things I would to love to have someday. One thing on it that I would love to have, is a good sized flower garden. I would fill it with all sorts of different types of flower bushes and regular flowers, that I could bring inside. I also would put a spot in the garden where I could sit down and relax when it’s a beautiful day.

    Out of the four pictures you have on your bulletin board, of a screened porch, I like the one in the middle. I don’t like the furniture though.

  5. E. George says

    Hi Julia I like your sense of humour. I was going to say go to Crate and Barrel but when I looked further and saw your Dream Board I say go for the porch but at the end of the day its what you can afford and that is a tragic story for most of us. My dream is for my house to be painted properly. All my books are everywhere I would like a book cabinet it has to be low in height cause our ceilings are low oh by the way I received An Affair With A House this morning its beautiful now I like her porch theres a few of them. I agree with Kim the middle picture on your board looks great. Till next time Regards Esther from Sydney.. Sorry about your outdoor furniture . You can dream big …..

  6. says

    I love your little boy’s perspective. Does he always look on the bright side of things? You should DEFINITELY go for the screened porch. They are so much more versatile than a deck especially when those biting bugs come around. I bet your son would say that it’s a sign that you should build one! Love your blog.
    .-= Debbie Bailey´s last blog ..A New Day Begins =-.

  7. Melinda says

    Julia, I can relate to the crazy wind on Saturday. Our loss was much more tragic (ha!)…. we lost 10 dozen beautifully iced Easter cookies to the crazy wind right before the big egg hunt! Thank goodness the wine was saved!

    I’m going to go with your screened porch thought. Dream big!

  8. says

    Your 7 year old is an absolute sweetheart! Hold onto that note and date it.

    The same thing happened to my parents and us. Glass everywhere. I was picking it out of the dirt below the deck for days in hopes the dogs wouldn’t end up with it in their paws!

    What I wouldn’t give for a 3 season/covered porch!!! If there’s any way you can afford it I say go for it! The photos you’ve saved are definitely inspirational.

  9. says

    Oh dear! Losing your table is to bad, but your husband’s comment made me smile.

    Your daughter’s sensitivity is so sweet.
    Love that note!

    I would love to have a dedicated workspace for making candles.
    Ahhh…that would be my dream come true.

    Becky K.
    Hospitality Lane
    .-= Becky K´s last blog ..Outdoor Wednesday – Longwood Gardens =-.

  10. says

    I have a file folder on my computer full of pictures of kitchens. We have a tiny little house, and the kitchen just isn’t laid out well. It also has these ugly oak cabinets. I would love a nice fresh white kitchen!

    I think you should go for the screened in porch. I love the pictures on your dream board!
    .-= Loribeth´s last blog ..Congratulations from a friend! =-.

  11. says

    I love how your daughter thinks, and somehow I think she got that sunny perspective from her mom :)

    Big… thinking big… we have so many little projects in progress that it’s hard to think big, but my big idea for my little twin house would be some kind of shade/privacy/outdoor creation. We have a nice patio in our postage stamp yard, but we don’t have any shade or privacy. I would love to sit out in the evening and not feel like I am sitting in everyone else’s yard.

    I think the broken table is a sign that you should have a screened porch!
    .-= rosie at 3 rosebuds´s last blog ..the joy (and horror) of picking paint =-.

  12. says

    Go for the porch!! We had screened-in porches on our last two houses, and I miss them every day now that I don’t have one here. There’s just something about having a roof, and the perception of walls, that makes sitting outside so much more enjoyable.

    My best suggestion for designing your porch … use a 2-foot kneewall with a deep top shelf instead of a railing if you can. It’s a great place to sit your coffee cup, and perfect for sun-bathing cats. Standard railing height is exactly at eye level when you’re seated, which seriously blocks your view.

    Love your blog!
    .-= Connie @ Hartwood Roses´s last blog ..Monday Musings … on Tuesday. =-.

  13. says

    Your husband is funny =) Screening is the way to go. It’s the best indoor experience you can have outside.

    We designed and built our house two years ago. I love it, but we haven’t gotten to finish out a lot of the details we wanted–mostly stenciling, finer details like that. I suppose if there is a single room I want to spruce up, it would be our master bedroom. I want a nice suite, but not the traditional stodgy nightstands and such. I’m a furniture minimalist, and I like creative bed frames, like these:
    Tripoli Designs
    Shawn Lovell

    Alas, none for me! best of luck with your patio dreams!

  14. says

    Julia, the SAME exact thing happened to us-on the day of my daughter’s First Communion. When the entire back yard was set with tables covered in vintage linens, flower vases, and china for the party after Mass. Just AFTER we all got dressed and were ready to step outside for some quick photos. There we were, all dressed up (me in heels), picking shards of glass out of the grooves in the deck. Nothing else was even blown over. We have no idea where that gust came from. I vote for the screen porch. Though right now in NC, all screen porches are a slimy yellow green from the horrid pine pollen :(
    .-= pattie and allie´s last blog ..Carolina Blue?? Not today… =-.

  15. decoralora says

    Julia, There is a beautiful bohemianish turquoise umbrella on with tassels ….I am in love with it. I think your umbrella should be punished for busting up the table and you should get a new fun one if you can’t have your screen porch!

  16. says

    Your daughter’s note is adorable:)

    Sorry about your table..We have a glass one outside.. and I hate cleaning it:) I regret not having bought a wrought iron top..I know I would still clean it..but the glass shows everything every day outside..dew drying..pollen.. etc.

    WE have big trees and lots of wind too..I worry about those pretty Crate and Barrel colors in my province..~ They are pretty though.
    .-= Monique´s last blog ..Request~ A Very Different and Delicious Carrot Cake~ =-.

  17. Teresa says

    Beware! If you roof & screen the deck area, you’ll eventually find yourself thinking about glassing it in to keep out the pesky wind (or, in our case, pollen). Then you’ll want to extend the HVAC. And new flooring to blend with the rest of the house…. It’s a slippery slope.

  18. says

    Hi Julia-

    That’s insane how some crazy out-of-nowhere wind could crash your table! The nerve! LOL! I’m sure being newly cleaned would have been my first thought as well.

    I have been wanted to add a front portch onto our house. Complete with the metal roof, only on that part. Love a metal roof and I LOVE rain. They go hand-in-hand, right? Hope you find the inspiration you need to replace or redo.

    .-= Misti England´s last blog ..Pottery Barn: Pillow Love =-.

  19. says

    That note from your daughter is a keeper. I wouldn’t do a screened porch unless you really have a problem with mosquitoes and/or biting flies. We have the former down here and it’s a DRAG…..Keep us updated on what you decide!

  20. says

    Wow that totally stinks about your table, I can’t believe that happened! But seriously that note from your daughter is about the sweetest thing ever! How sweet is she!

    My wish item for my house has been the same for years two Jonathan Adler x-benches for the end of my bed. Sigh!!!
    .-= Laurie Jones´s last blog ..Houndstooth =-.

  21. Rick S. says

    So sorry your table was broken. My up side is that at least nobody was outside when this happened. I love sceened porches and if you build them right, in the future they can be more enclosed as a sunroom. It might be easier to sell your husband on the screened porch now, and the upgrade later.
    My wish list most wanted, is the upstairs hall closet removed (2’x8′) . The added space would make the hall very open and big enough to put my gramma’s curio cabinet/secretary and a pressed back chair. My wife thinks that it would be a great place to store paper and greeting cards & make sending cards and letters more enjoyable. It also means she can replace the not so pretty 70’s blue carpet in the hall and down the stairs.

  22. says

    Great pic, unfortunate subject. And yes, such a sweet letter! Those kinds of comments, such as from your husband and little girl, are what make these yucky events seem not so bad. I’m not one to believe in things happening for a reason; I tend to think that things happen on their own and aren’t necessarily connected to other events (people create those connections), but now that the table’s toast, you have more reason to make that change, if the money’s there. If you don’t do it, you’ll probably keep thinking about it, so do it if you can. What about a covered porch (but not screened in)? That way, you can still experience the outdoor entertainment aspect, but the shade will make things more comfortable in the summer and will hopefully add protection from the wind. And maybe forgo a glass tabletop for some sort of metal or white table (what are those Pottery Barn/Crate & Barrel tables made out of, anyway???). Have a great day (planning your new backyard area!).
    .-= Sheila´s last blog ..A lie is a lie is a lie: barefaced vs. bald-faced vs. bold-faced =-.

  23. says

    If money was no object, I would do the covered porch/veranda. A budget friendly option, is to do a retractable awning with a fabulous Sunbrella (or other weather resistant fabric). They have come a long way and would eliminate the need for an umbrella. On my wish list is a leafy backyard (see my last post) which is not going to happen unless we move.
    .-= Vanessa´s last blog ..Patio Lanterns =-.

  24. Kat in Texas says

    Julia, so sorry to hear about your table. And little Lily’s note is so sweet and thoughtful. What a love! Your dream board says it all, so I say go for the screened porch.

    As for me, I’m dreaming of the day when I get to replace my old double ovens. I’ve actually thought about finding a way to get them to break down to move the process along!

    Good day to all!

  25. says

    Yes! There are gazillions of big things I want for my home… But instead of that, I just want to say that little not from your daughter is the cutest thing ever!! Love that optimism!! Bless her little heart!
    .-= Katie´s last blog ..6 Things =-.

  26. says

    If something happens and we don’t blog about it, did it really happen? I laughed hysterically about you running to get your camera. Sort of the modern-day equivalent to “If a tree falls in the forest and nobody hears it, did it make a sound?”

    I, too, am dreaming about a screened porch. Some day…
    .-= the 7msn ranch´s last blog ..Doin’ the loco-motion =-.

  27. Susan S says

    Same thing happened to my cousin’s table! She had the glass replaced by a glass store (actually, an auto glass store!). BUT, if I were you, I would screen the patio as you will get more enjoyment from it.

    That sweet not from your daughter is precious.

  28. says


    I think everyone should have one … but being in Florida there really is no way to enjoy the outdoors without a screen so I’m sure I’m a bit partial…
    .-= MissCaron´s last blog ..All this for a King =-.

  29. says

    Love the Pottery Barn table!
    Screened porches are very big here in Louisiana! They help to keep the “skeeters” out!

    I am sure whatever you pick will be perfect!
    .-= Melissa Martin´s last blog ..Easter Weekend! =-.

  30. says

    Hi Julia! So sorry to hear about your table. We had strong winds that day, too. Thought they were going to rip my flags right off the flag pole! I say, go for the porch. In my humble opinion, you just can’t go wrong with a screened in porch!

    My big wish is for new windows and floors for my porch…it’s 35′ long x 10′ wide and I practically live out there in the Spring, Summer, and Fall. Plus, as the kitchen opens directly onto the porch, I want to knock out the wall and put in french doors…the estimates we got for all of this was a little over $30,000, so it’s going to have to wait! :o( But I’m definitely keeping that dream alive!!



    P.S. I have an “Inspiration Folder” with all the pictures that I clip from magazines and I have the exact same picture as you – the one on the bottom left of your “Dream Board”. Love that!
    .-= Cyndi´s last blog ..A Give Away at Bee Tree Designs =-.

  31. says

    What a sweet note!

    I have a screened porch and I really enjoy it. The door handle is broken right now and I can’t get to it, but maybe by next December???

    I am dreaming of tearing down a big wall in my kitchen (load bearing, of course) and making my kitch/l.r. one room. No one else in my house is on board.
    .-= anna see´s last blog ..1 Item, 2 Uses? =-.

  32. says

    You have a great mood board, but I wonder if it is cheaper to just replace the glass with tempered glass at a glass place. They should be able to fit one on there, and even put a hole in the middle for the umbrella. Just a thought!
    .-= Rosa´s last blog ..The Goodbye . . . =-.

  33. says

    Julia, You have to look at this as a nudge to fulfill your dream! Build your screened porch, if not for the pure aesthetic, then for the romance. Candle lit dinners (without the bugs) on a screened porch are magic…you will never regret it.
    For me, my dream is to knock down the wall between the kitchen and the master bedroom and turn it into a family room or great room. Either of the rooms upstairs could stand in for a master, and I would finally have a big kitchen centered great room….do you know anyone with a sledge hammer who might want to help??
    .-= Black Eyed Susans Kitchen´s last blog ..WHEN YOU WALK…WHERE DO YOU LOOK? =-.

  34. says

    First of all both your husband and your daughter are adorable!! What a sweet and funny family you have!
    And YES!!! It absolutely was a sign that you should transform your patio into a screened porch. DO IT!! Seriously. Make those inspiration boards a reality, you will love it. Especially while you are out there having a nice lemonade, enjoying the weather, shaded from the sun and sheltered from the bugs.

    Can you tell what my big dream for our house is? To screen in our deck. It is right off our living room and if I could screen it I could literally have an indoor/outdoor living room all spring/summer/fall long. We might even be able to have meals out there without batting away bugs every two seconds. Because bugs will ruin the mood even when the weather is gorgeous, the food delicious, and you’ve got enough candles burning to put a cathedral to shame. And as a little bonus the squirrels would no longer have access to the deck thereby eliminating my dog’s need to hurl herself at the deck doors trying to get to them. Win win.

    So screen that patio and enjoy it, and all the rest of us can live vicariously through you!!

  35. says

    I love Lily’s note…that’s a keeper!
    I would like a total kitchen re-do, and a bigger piece of property. I know…You said one thing and I ran with it!
    We have one of those electric fabric awnings over our patio. I wouldn’t recommend them. They are great if there is not a hint of wind, but you have to close them when the breeze picks up. The become like a sail on a ship and want to rip off the wall! I wish we had gone for a stationary patio cover, but the ultimate would be a screen room…I love those!
    .-= Pat´s last blog ..OWIE! =-.

  36. says

    I really want my pool area that I can see from each window in my home to look like a “Spanish Courtyard.” It’s slowly coming along day by day but it’s a design process as I find great deals and “thrift” shop for great big Spanish pots and misc. treasures. We are building a gazebo right now that you can see on my blog and I’m dying for it to be finished so I can get the furniture underneath it and make it look like home. Spring is in the air and I’m all inspired! Sorry about your table. One things leads to another and I’m sure you will find something that will look fabulous! You are just like me with your cork board of ideas and inspirations. Fun to have something to look forward to!

  37. laney says

    …porch …porch…porch…and don’t forget to frame that precious note (in a rather fabulous frame)… and put it somewhere IMPORTANT!

  38. Donna says

    That same thing happened to us years ago. I will never by a glass table again for outdoors!!

    My big dream is for a Christopher Peacock kitchen. We are waiting now to hear back on the pricing!!

  39. Evelyn says

    Hi Julia, That’s just the same scene I saw when it happened to me….I was heartbroken. But I think you should get a screened porch….umbrellas have a way of inviting disaster…they’re just not worth it. We had a custom patio awning made that we have taken down and stored every winter and it’s worked out so great and it looks so festive. We had our youngest daughter’s wedding in our back yard 10 years ago and between the tent for the wedding and the patio looking so great it looked like a country club out back. It was so beautiful and memorable…she loved it. We all loved it. A happy memory.

  40. says

    This happened to my mom and dad several years back. So maddening and of course it is Murphy’s Law that it happens after you have cleaned them. I don’t know. We are lucky enough to have a vacation home with a screened in porch. I absolutely love it. I wish we had one here at home but there really isn’t the right place for it here so we have to be happy with a patio. Our problem is we have a 100 year old oak next to it that has provided beautiful shade but its days are seriously numbered. I haven’t needed an umbrella but I’m sure I will be in the market for one before this summer has passed.
    Love you 7 year old. Out of the mouths of babes. Hugs, Pam
    .-= Pamela Rosenberg´s last blog ..Ooh La La Green Dinnerware =-.

  41. Dawn says

    Sorry about your table. : (

    I’ve been dreaming of a screened porch (or a sunroom that can be screened) ever since I was about 10 and used to hang out a friend’s house who had one. I’ve been jealous ever since.

    The house that we moved to doesn’t have one – “just” a deck, but some day I want demolish the deck and build a pretty sunroom (which would add square footage to the house) that can be screened or not in colder weather with a little deck extending from it for the grill and for those times that we want to sit outside.

  42. says

    I definitely want a screened in porch! My husband and I were just discussing this the other day. I think it’s a great compromise. All the nice stuff about being outside minus the bugs! :)
    .-= Christine´s last blog ..Searchin’ for the Lost River =-.

  43. says

    Thank goodness nobody was sitting at the table when that happened! What a mess though.

    I also have dreams of a sunroom. However, my husband would rather use the money to travel. The good thing is, we don’t have the money for either, so no fights about it yet. LOL!
    .-= Jenny´s last blog ..Happy Easter =-.

  44. says

    So sorry about your table. Go for the porch, if at all possible. It’s clearly what you have envisioned for the space. I do love the Crate and Barrel furniture, though. Except for the umbrella, it could all be used on a screened in porch. I say get the new furniture now before your husband can come up with a way to “make do”. Then start plotting and planning for the new porch. :)
    .-= Nichole´s last blog ..Before And After: The Green Guest Room =-.

  45. says

    Actually, our dream of having a yard perfect for entertaining is coming to fruition. My dream of a perfect mid-century modern house will have to wait. Love that set from C&B, I am on the hunt for furniture too. Love the idea of a screened porch too.
    .-= Laurie @ My Domicile Style´s last blog ..Sweet Spot =-.

  46. Bridget says

    We had a screened porch on our last house and it is the only thing I miss even though we downsized and are renting now. Being able to enjoy outside without the bugs or using bugspray is so very worth it! And much less wind. Sitting outside on the screened porch during a summer rain is almost heaven on earth.

    Go for it! It will more than pay for itself considering the amount of time you will use it.

  47. Mary says

    I vote for the screened porch with the type of flooring that Susan from Between Naps on the Porch has. It looks like in-door hardwood.

    As far as what I have in mind for my house is I would LOVE to have a screened in porch. I dream of adding a higher pitched roof and updating the front with a larger porch, and I would love to enlarge the flower/shrub beds. The main dream I have that is the closest to actually happening is gutting both bathrooms, new tile, tubs and sinks. The other dreams will be on the back burner for a while.

  48. says

    What a cute note! And I *adore* screen porches and/or sunrooms. I want one! I have a covered patio and I dream of screening it in (or partially glassing it in) so that it’s slightly more weather protected and I can have cute porch furniture. Sigh!
    ~Angela :-)
    .-= Angela (Cottage Magpie)´s last blog ..Little Floral Prints =-.

  49. says

    Hi Julia,
    I’m in favour of the screened porch option. It would probably extend the outside dining to three seasons, plus you wouldn’t have the wind blowing down your umbrella anymore or bugs in June and wasps in August.
    Could you get a new piece of glass to cover the table? You wouldn’t have to buy a whole new set and the money saved could be used towards the screened porch.
    .-= Cathy Rust´s last blog ..Hey, Prime Minister Harper! What do you mean you cancelled the Eco Energy Retrofit Grant??? =-.

  50. MaryBeth says

    My dream for this house would be an attached conservatory. I priced one and it was somewhere in the neighborhood of $300 … thousand!

  51. Bonnie Morscher says

    Julia, definitely go for the screened porch. My friends Christopher and Gary use theirs year round, even here in Wisconsin. At Christmas time, they string lights all around and set a bowl full of shiny ornaments on the table. And it houses their gas grill which is used year-round. I’m sure you will love it.

    P.S. If Lily were any sweeter, she would be a cookie!

  52. says

    The same thing happened to us a couple years ago. Sadly, we have not replaced the table yet but my wish is to have a screened-in deck and a patio. And in this setting, I’d LOVE to have the new Klismos line of outdoor furniture from Restoration Hardware.

    Your 7 yr old certainly has a positive attitude. When things get tough, focus on the positive. I love it!
    .-= Jeanette {A Passion for Home}´s last blog ..Inspiration today… =-.

  53. says

    Julia! I’m so glad that your family wasn’t sitting around the table! Whew! Not a good spring for patio furniture…a couple of weeks ago, one of my bff’s was in her great room…(which has a cathedral wall of windows)…she was playing a game with her wee kids and heard a CRASH!!! A big ol’ tree branch landed smack dab on their patio table which was, and now is, quite similar to yours… The branch just brushed the french doors.

    In answer to you screened porch question. I vote “YES”…less bugs! Especially, the flying umbrella variety.

    : )

    Julie M.
    .-= Julie M ~ The Little Red Shop´s last blog ..He is Risen! =-.

  54. Nadia Mahanor says

    Julia, was your table a Martha Stewart table? I guess there was a problem with the glass” exploding’ for lack of a better description. It happened to two of my neighbors.

  55. says

    We have a screened in porch, and guess what? I don’t like it. Well, I do, but I’d much rather just have an open porch like everyone else on our block. It’s not original to the house and it looks kind of funny. That being said, it is QUITE wonderful to sit out on the porch and read a good book or sip some tea. We eat dinner there often in the summer. Eventually we’ll have patio furniture as well for the back…I guess we’re blessed with options. Please don’t hate me!
    .-= Jen´s last blog ..A Memorable Evening =-.

  56. says

    I love love love the note from your daughter. And then you saying that about just cleaning the table:) THAT is the SAME thing I would have said. We woman are all the same:)

    I say go for the screen porch. I grew up with one and I have very found memories of it. I want one so bad.
    .-= Melanie´s last blog ..A girl, a camera, a class, & Karen Russell. =-.

  57. says

    It was worth it to lose the glass on the table top just to receive that sweet note!! What a sweetie pie!! I would suggest you build a screened in porch. That way when it rains you can sit on the porch and enjoy the sound of the rain on the roof. Now I am off to create my own “Want it So Bad it Hurts” board.

    Susan and Bentley
    .-= Susan´s last blog ..The Red Hotline =-.

  58. Nita says

    The one thing I’d want for my house if we are staying long enough to make it worth it is to bump out my bathroom, which has a shower and toilet in this particular room. Bump it out with a slanted ceiling and wrap around windows for a tub, a big soaking tub. I would love that! I miss a tub sooooo much.

  59. Jennifer says

    I say go for the screened in porch! A screen porch has so much more opportunity for personality than a deck, as shown in your pics. Just make sure you have an outside ceiling fan for those “dog days of summer” when there is lots of sun and no breeze.

    And your daughter is adorable! I’ll bet she grows up with the two of you being great friends.

  60. says

    My mom and I have big thing for screened in porches. Just beautiful. I am sorry about your table but you have such a sweet daughter!
    .-= Chic Coles´s last blog ..White on White =-.

  61. says

    I love the screen porch idea – great for when all those mosquitoes are lookingfor a snack!

    My BIG dream is to add on a three-car garage so I can turn our present garage into a mudroom/storage area on one side and a craft room on the other! I would so price our 1965 house out of the market, but a girl’s gotta dream!
    .-= Karen´s last blog ..Opening the Door =-.

  62. says

    Screened porch a must! It s the only thing missing from my house. We have a deck and bugs. But we resurfaced the deck and have a nice awning. The winter snow took out our 42 in. round glass table top which I’ve replaced.
    .-= Pat’s Addition´s last blog ..Easter Flowers =-.

  63. says

    Screen porch! Screen porch! Screen porch!

    I miss my old one so much. There is nothing like sitting “outside” on real furniture in a bug-free environment. Get me a glass of wine, a book and I am all set.

    You can always put a table and chairs anywhere in your yard. But you can’t always build a screen porch off the back of the house.
    .-= Robin´s last blog ..Happy Easter to all my peeps =-.

  64. Cori heffernan says

    I would like to get a screened in porch too! I bought a pretty chid sized hammock for 20 bucks. It looks like it is not meant for outdoors but it was $20.00. I want to be like the Moen commercial and say “design a room around this” Alas that would be project 30 behind bathrooms and a kitchen that need redoing so I think that hammock will sit in the closet for a bit.

  65. says

    Yes, I believe that may have been a sign to go ahead and fulfill that dream. Cute post. I have been reading and admiring your blog from afar. I love looking out houses so of course your blog is the perfect spot to sit and enjoy the ones you share with us day to day. I don’t have a screened porch, but we did add a sunroom in place of half the deck and that is my favorite room. Come by sometime for a visit.

    .-= Kim´s last blog ..My Favorite Room =-.

  66. says

    R.I.P. patio table! Sometimes it takes an accident for you to really get what you want! I just madeover my whole master bedroom and it was an accident. Well, I knew I would paint the walls, but the rest…well…

    In the end I got what I have dreamed of for a long time, but probably wouldn’t have been motivated to do it had there not been a few outside factors at work. This might be the case for you, too, Julia! You should go for it!!
    .-= Courtney @ Nesting Instincts´s last blog {extreme} master bedroom makeover =-.

  67. says

    Oh, Julia! I feel your pain. I too have the exact same dream and I have the furniture already too for my screened porch. I’m really hoping we will be able to do one this year sometime. I was going to find some sort of gazebo for our deck, but we have wind gusts too & I’m afraid it would be money down the drain! A screened porch is the best solution. Hope you get yours too!
    .-= Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality´s last blog ..Feature Friday: Mollie’s Coastal Cottage =-.

  68. Chrissy says

    Oh dear, such a dilemna isn’t it! If you can afford it, go ahead and build in your porch. Otherwise, maybe you could get a lovely white-painted wooden table instead or buy a timber one and paint it white…

  69. says

    Okay Julia, you daughter Lily is beyond adorable. Was that precious note sweet or what? There is nothing like a child to put us in the bubble of love.

    Sorry to hear about the table top getting broke. I’ve had the wind take an umbrella up also like that. I hate the wind. Sometimes it would be great weather if the wind would just not be so crazy. Okay, sorry, off topic, on the tangent about the wind. It just brings back memories…

    Love the screened in porch photos! I love the whole screened in porches thing. Reminds me of the great screened in porches in the south and great summer living on them. It evokes such a mix of two worlds; the comforts of home with being able to still be outdoors.

    Your gift of your blog to all of us just makes me wish we could all make the porch of your dreams come true for you.

  70. says

    A new house! No, not really, but the house I’m in now needs a total re haul. The last one it had was in the early 70s and let’s just say, it’s showing it’s age.

    I recognize a couple of those screened porches on your inspiration board from my inspiration board. Great minds…

  71. Kristi says

    We had a table just like that & I shattered the glass putting in the umbrella. Sears actually replaced the entire table for free! They asked me for a picture, and a couple of weeks later they called me & told me my table was in. I couldn’t believe it — and I had just called to see if we could replace the glass!

    Screened in porches are great! The house we bought has a beautiful one that was bought and installed off a slider in the family room. Just need to put some furniture in there!