The House From the Movie “Stepmom”

In the 1998 movie Stepmom, Susan Sarandon and Ed Harris played Jackie and Luke, a divorced couple with two children, Anna and Ben. Luke is dating Isabel, a young and successful photographer (Julia Roberts), and the kids don’t like it. Isabel doesn’t much like playing the surrogate-mother role when the kids are staying with them in Luke’s loft, either. But they all have to learn to get along and become a family when Jackie is diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Before we get to the house, let’s start where the movie does, in Luke’s apartment. It couldn’t be more different from Jackie’s place:

According to the film’s production notes, the home’s exterior was filmed in Nyack, New York, but all the interiors were built on a soundstage.

*JANUARY 2011 UPDATE: The house is now on the market. More photos and information here.

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  1. says

    Hi Julia. Thank you so much for showing so many photographs of this beautiful home. The story is so poignant and the setting is just stunning. There are so many rooms and areas of this home to love that I can’t pick a favorite!

    What a great way to wish everyone a Merry Christmas!

  2. says

    I’ve always remembered the house from the movie – I fell in love with it. Another back staircase into the kitchen, too :0)
    Thank you for all the photos. Merry Christmas to you & your family!

  3. says

    I love this house! I always admired it so much when watching the movie. I remember getting a little distracted trying to analyze the house, I think it is so beautiful!

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. says

    Great movie, great actors, GREAT HOUSE (no offense to Julia or Susan of course!). I loved seeing so many of these wonderful pictures without having to pause the dvd player! Thanks for sharing so many great images. Can I ask where you were able to find them all?

    And yes, I too find the multiple cardboard cutouts a little strange… though I think I was too busy focusing on the architectural details in the background to notice them the first time I watched it!

  5. says

    wow! that house is beautiful and looks comfortable. Thank you for sharing it with us. PS: I like that kitchen.

  6. says

    I can tell you are a great fan of the movie…as well as the home. Thanks so much for sharing something that means so much to you. I could all day looking at homes. It is definitely addictive and something I never tire of. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you.

  7. says

    I love it! It’s all so beautiful. I love how it’s a HUGE house, but looks cozy. Actually, I really like Luke’s loft too. If I had a loft in the city (that city being Chicago) I’d want a loft like that.

  8. hookedonhouses says

    Alice–I couldn’t find photos of the house anywhere, so I rented the movie and took the pictures myself. I may have taken a few too many pictures of the kitchen, but I just loved it! -Julia :-)

  9. says

    I loved this movie, but it depressed me horribly. I am happy to get another glimpse inside the house without having to watch it again. Thanks Julia!!

    Have a wonderful Christmas with your family!!

  10. says

    That house is AMAZING! The movie is so sad I almost started crying just reading the blog! LOL. Yikes. But, Oh, that house! LUV IT!

  11. says

    My eyes are teary as I write. I heart this house. The details, the balcony upstairs, the nooks & crannies, the kitchen….all of it.
    Thanks for putting yourself through that just to show us the pictures. Have a wonderful Christmas.

  12. says

    Oh…I remember how sad that movie was! I also remember the house, 10 years ago we had just moved to FL from NY and our house was soo similar (the inside and the yard…tire swing…)I rember watching the movie and crying because of the plot, but ALSO because i sooo missed our old home!

    Have a WONDERFUL Christmas Julia…You and all of your beautiful homes have brought me such eye candy and JOY! Thank you!

  13. says

    Love these pics, Julia! It has been that long since I’ve seen this movie too & it was a tear-jerker. but, oh…that house! Gorgeous, it truly has stood the test of 10 years time. Classic for sure. I’m amazed that you took all these pics while watching, LOL!

  14. says

    The clarity of your pictures amazes me. When I have taken pictures of my tv in the past it’s always so fuzzy in the picture. You must have a nice tv! I need to look at the “stepmom” house and the “family stone” house next to each other. They look so similar to me!

  15. says

    Was this not just the BEST HOUSE! Oh my gosh. I still drool thinking about it. Not to mention I loved the movie.

    I may have to watch it again for some decorating ideas. hrmmmmm

    U’z a smaht one, Miss Julie.

    Merry Christmas girlfriend!

  16. hookedonhouses says

    Dave got me some software that lets me take photos from DVDs when I watch them on my computer, which is why these are so clear. Isn’t that cool? Now I can get pics of all the movie-houses I’ve loved over the years that I haven’t been able to find anywhere else online. That’s why I’ve been able to do all these movie posts lately. -Julia :-)

  17. says

    That is some neat software you have! I hated the movie because it was so sad, but love the house.

  18. Melanie says

    How do you find pictures of all these houses? I love your site! I want to see the apt from Kate and Leopold and the apt from No Reservations with Catherine Zeta-Jones

  19. says

    Another beauty!! Love this house and the film..

    Merry Christmas dear Julia…I send love and many warm hugs to you and your family.


  20. says

    I love, love, love the kitchen. I will have a house one day with a staircase from the second floor down to the kitchen.

  21. mercedes says

    Thank you Julia, excelent pictures, I love these interiors, specially kitchen and master bedroom
    Please keep on this way, movie interiors, are an incredible source of pleasure.
    Merry Christmas, Can you believe that with my family,we will spend tomorrow night at the pool, now we have the hottest days of the year-
    Greetings from Argentina
    Happy Holidays for everybody

  22. says

    Oh my goodness that house is just gorgeous!! I haven’t actually seen the movie and didn’t know it had a teary ending… so now I have to know what happens at the end!!! Because I probably won’t see it. Anyway, I just stopped by to say Merry Christmas! Hope you have a great holiday.
    ~Angela :-)

  23. says

    Oh Julia, such a wonderful movie… I cry every time I watch it – the scene where they slip away for a horse ride gets me every time too. Thank you so much for sharing these photos – one of my favorite movie houses too.
    I hope you have a beautiful Christmas and I look forward to your inspiration and wonderful blog in 2009. Thank you for everything that you share and do!

  24. says

    Julia, I love, love, love that house. It’s gorgeous yet homey. I especially love those staircase spindles.

    I hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas and safe travels. It’s been fun getting to know you this year. Thanks for all you do through your blog. Happy wishes for lots of fun house tours in 2009!

  25. Amy says

    I would love to see a tour of the house from “Something’s Gotta Give”…that beach house is so beautiful. I’ve watched that movie many times just to enjoy the interiors of the house. Talk about a DREAM kitchen!

  26. says

    I am tearing up just looking at this post…I loved the house when I saw the movie, and seeing it again here in all its freeze-framed glory…Ohhhhh….Joy to the world, indeed! :-)

    Hope you had a merry…And thanks for always making my days bright!

  27. says

    That house is impeccable. All of it. Kudos to the designers for sure. I’m having a nook craving.

    Hope you’re having a great holiday season,


  28. says

    Okay. I started crying just looking at the PHOTOS from the movie!! This movie always makes me cry like a crazy person. LOVE that house too!

  29. says

    For someone like me who is relatively new to the blogging world, this is a fantastic post.
    It is wonderful to see all of the things I missed in 2008 before 2009 rolls around.
    Have a wonderful New Years Julia!
    I look forward to not missing your top 10 in 2009.


  30. says

    Hi Julia,
    I never saw this movie, but the house is amazing. I wonder if the reason it seems to have stood the test of time, despite being an older home interior (supposedly) is because everything is done in neutrals, as opposed to all the reds and greens in Home Alone. Even the wallpaper in this home is pretty neutral in color…where in Home Alone, it’s pretty bright. Thanks for another fantastic house tour. I never thought about playing a movie and taking pics of the movie…you are a genius! :-) Love your blog! Susan

  31. Matthew says

    What is the address of the House anyone know ? I heard it was in Nyack , NY

  32. Karen says

    Honestly! Is there ANY other website out there like this one? What a delight!!! Your efforts to provide us still pictures is SO appreciated – I have one as wallpaper already:)

    The house in “Practical Magic” is great too! They did an article in an old “Victoria” Magazine on how they built the exterior of the house on a lot located in the San Juan Islands (Washington State) and tore it down afterwards (!). The interiors were pure Hollywood magic. The kitchen and greenhouse in this picture are truly wonderful.

    “One True Thing”, with Meryl Streep (NEAT house in another Streep movie, “Before and After” too) and Renee Zellweger has a wonderful family home featured. I could move into this house tomorrow!

    “Sleeping with the Enemy” w/Julia Roberts shows her house she rents after she flees her previous life. I read this old house was found in South Carolina. Love the house!

    And one of my favorite films, “Baby Boom”, has the farm she buys to escape New York, located in Vermont. And speaking of Vermont, another film, “Funny Farm” (another fav) features a country home on a pond (sigh).

    And finally – near the end of an old film, “Hope and Glory”, the riverside cottage of the grandparents . . magical.

    Just a few of my movie houses . .

    “Hooked on Houses” is just so inspirational. How Julia does this all, without assistants, I’ll never know. But a HUGE THANK YOU from all of us.

  33. Moi says

    I loved seeing these pictures and remember drooling over the house while sobbing during the movie.

    I’ve seen the movie a few times and it still gets to me and makes me cry.

    The house (set) is wonderful – a true dream home.

  34. Jodi from New Jersey says

    I just enjoyed the Stepmom house.Wow, that is my ultimate dream house, I wouldn’t change one thing.It makes my heart ache, but in a good way. Thank you Julia, for this wonderful website. It really brings me joy.

  35. Melissa says

    Oh, thank you, thank you! I have been looking for pics of this house everywhere… it’s my favorite!

    I also love the house on One True Thing.

    Thanks for your creative website… I just learned about it from a friend, and I will definitely be reading it often!

  36. Jodi from New Jersey says

    Jodi again.I love the townhouse in San Francisco in the movie Mrs Doubtfire with Robin Wiliams. Sally Field’s character is a designer,its really traditional, but that’s my fave for fantasy/dreamhouse types of houses. It has a beautiful entry and staircase. The exterior is pretty, too. Thanks again for this fun place to visit……..

  37. Anna says

    Wondering what type of house this is? Victorian is my guess?

  38. Sarah says

    Hi! Loved the movie, and I love that you took so much time and effort to make these pictures available! This really is a beautiful house! I was wondering if anyone knew where I could find floorplans or other indications of the real house? I really want my future home to be like this! :)
    Great job!!

  39. Ryan says

    To Matthew (who asked about this home’s address at least a year ago), I don’t know the exact address, but the house is on the east side of North Broadway in NYack. It’s located not too far north of Pretty Penny, the old Helen Hayes (and later Rosie O’Donell) house. I think the diector Jonathan Demme still lives in that same neighborhood too.

  40. Aram says

    Hello! I’m from menorca, Spain. I wanted to tell you so I LOVE this house since I was 16 years old, when I saw the film. I have seen “Stepmom” so many times just for see the house. I would like to know where is it. And I have to give congratulations for the decorator, I would like to know him or her. Good job!
    Excuse me for my english and thanks for the images I have all in my mind.

  41. toby glasgow says

    I have drawn a fairly close floorplan to the stepmom house but I cant find a way to submitt it, Please tell me how !!!

  42. Henry says

    I have seen this movie at least 30 times. Every time I watch it, I try to figure out if the interior shots were really done on a soundstage. To me it seems to match the exterior of the house (when they enter in and etc.). Me and my wife are thinking about visiting the New England area for a Fall Vacation and I would love to see this house in person. Anyone else other than Ryan have more details on where this house is?

  43. Henry says

    I was just searching around on Google Maps and from the street view and satellite view, I think you can see where the house is. Type in 424 Broadway North Broadway Avenue and that should be the house on the right. Match up the driveway and the top view from the house using the satellite view and then the street view for the entrance to the house form the street. The white fence isn’t there, but that may have very well been something they put in just for the movie. Thoughts on the possibility?

  44. Kim says

    That was a really good guess, but actually the stepmom house is located near: 503 N Broadway, Nyack, NY 10960. You can see a birdseye view of it here: I came upon the house one day while searching for it.

    The house you were refering to, you can see a birdseye view of it here:

  45. Kim says

    I got all mixed up and you were right. I was looking at the address in birdseye so it took me to a totally different house, the wrong one across the street from the stepmom house. If you would like to see the stepmom house in birdseye, you can try the new link here: Since the others didn’t work. If that doesn’t work, go to and search for the house with this address: 425 N Broadway, Nyack, NY 10960. Under aerial, click birdseye and look at the house in the East direction.

    I love this house. This would be one of the houses I would live in, if it were real and I had lots of money.

  46. Henry says

    I had found it with bing maps, too, but didn’t think to rotate the angle to where it was facing east. That for sure is the house then. I wish I could just stop by and ring the doorbell and asked for a tour!!! :)

  47. Barbara says

    Just caught the last half hour of this movie (I remember going to the movies to see it), and I’m always transfixed by it, not only by the actors, who are favorites, but the house!! Makes me want to be a stay-at-home mom like Jackie! We can dream. This is my dream house, especially the cozy nook near the stairway, as well as Jackie’s bedroom. It’s decorated exactly the same way I’m trying to do with my much smaller house. Plus, I love the autumn and winter, and it all looks so cozy and wonderful in this movie. I may have to buy it!! Thanks for the fabulous pictures.

  48. Henry says

    I have booked our airline tickets for a New England trip in October. Me and my wife are flying into Newark Airport and then driving a rental car up to Vermont and New Hampshire for a few days and then driving back down to NY to spend a few days seeing the Big Apple. I told my wife I’d like to stop by to see the Stepmom house on the way up to VT & NH since it’s on the way and the address is now confirmed. Would it be criminal to pull into the driveway, ring the doorbell, and ask to see the house inside and out?

  49. Kelley says

    Did anyone else notice this house was the Inn in the Jennifer Aniston movie “The Bounty Hunter”?

    • Kelley says

      What I don’t get is the production notes said the interiors were all built on a sound stage but the living room in the Jennifer Aniston movie looks suspiciously similar to the living room in Step Mom.

      That’s amazing you found that link about the painting selected to be in the movie along with the house photo.

      • Henry says

        Really? I haven’t gotten around to seeing the movie yet, but will definitely pay attention to that when I get around to seeing it.

        I guess there’s a chance the production notes were incorrect? Hopefully I can find out for myself in a month and a half!!!

  50. Alanna says

    I could have died when I saw this blog, bc I’ve been obsessed with this house for years and years. I’ve always told my friends how much I love it, and I couldn’t believe someone else noticed it. Thanks for putting this together.

  51. Trent says

    I saw this house in the movie bounty hunter
    and was so excited until I saw the inside sets
    very dissapointing!

    • Chris says

      Completely agree, then everyone else in the room looked at me like I was crazy when I yelled out “that’s the house from Stepmom!”

  52. says

    The movie “Bounty Hunter” was shot at he Stepmom House. The house was redecorated to look like a corny B&B. Visit the site and see the real thing!

  53. Nita says

    They just don’t make them like this anymore. Just gorgeous.

  54. Shanna says

    Loooooove this house! And this site! Now if only someone would do a set decorators site where I can look up things like paint colors, etc….

  55. Erica Alexander says

    I love this house!! I am currently trying to put together a floor plan of my dream home, does anyone have a floor plan they have drawn out of this house or know where I can find one??

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