“Home Alone:” Kevin’s House in Chicago

Home Alone movie house Winnetka Illinois

When I asked you which movies you watch over and over again because of the houses in them, Tracey commented, “I have to admit to watching Home Alone at least 20 times, strictly for the house. John Hughes always picks a beautiful Chicago suburb house for his films. I realize that the movie was filmed in the ’80s and has outdated decor, but I redecorate in my head each year as I watch. A classic shell of a home never goes out of style!”

Since this is Christmas Movie Week, I watched Home Alone again and took lots of photos of the house for Tracey — and anyone else out there who makes annual viewings a holiday tradition!

The actual home used for the film is located North of Chicago in Winnetka, Illinois. It’s apparently a popular tourist stop because I found a lot of snapshots of it on the Internet taken by people who tracked it down. Here’s one of them (found here):

Here’s how the house looks when the yard is all leafy and green in the summer (found here):

Home Alone real house Winnetka Illinois summertime

 *UPDATE* Kevin’s house is now on the market: The Home Alone House for Sale in Winnetka.

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  1. says

    My absolute favorite Christmas movie!! And oh my, the house! Fabulous house!! Like you said, a bit outdated, but man alive, it’s so beautiful! Oh, and I dream of a back staircase as well!!
    Loved your Christmas week!!! :-)

  2. says

    That house is just stunning! Would have LOVED to design the interior for it! Thank you so much for digging up all these pictures! :) :)

  3. Amanda says

    Can we vote for 2? Love, love, love the “Family Stone” house and of course, how can you not fantasize about the “Home Alone” house? I’d gladly take either! In my perfect world-I’d combine the “Family Stone” exterior with the “Home Alone” interior…back staircase and all!

  4. says

    Loved your week of movie houses! My son laughs out loud at this movie… I mean bust a gut laugh. LOL! We’ll have to watch it this weekend.

  5. Kelly says

    I so enjoyed this week’s posts! I would still love to see the movie “Stepmom” posted if possible. I thought it was a beautiful house and even though the movie has some sad moments, it has a sweet ending.

  6. hookedonhouses says

    Tour of “Stepmom” coming soon. Already took the photos and everything. LOVE that house! -Julia :-)

  7. says

    I knew you were going to do this house, it’s the best one, hand’s down!!!

    My little Robert can quote the gun crazy movie guy in this movie and Home Alone 2 Lost in New York. I am not so sure this is a good thing, but it is funny.

    I love the kitchen in this house and that attic, wow! I could store a boat load of crap up there, haha!


  8. TraceyB says

    Wow!! It’s so nice to know that someone actually pay’s attention to things I say. I’m honored that you dedicated this post to me, thank you!! I really love the summer picture. I’ve always wondered what it looked like during different seasons—that was a nice treat!! you’re so sweet.


  9. Jen says

    This was fun! Thanks for the peeks into the homes. I’m going to rent a few of these this weekend!

  10. Jen says

    Oh and I agree with Amanda. Love the Family Stone exterior and the Home Alone interior. The Home Alone interior though is so outdated…it’s pretty funny. Those tile countertops and the super bright brass everywhere. A few changes and it would be perfect. Now…if only it wasn’t in such a crime filled neighborhood. 😉

  11. says

    Oh, no no no. There is no way I could possibly pick a favorite! I remember being in awe of this house when the movie first came out, even though I was only 14. I guess my addiction had already taken its hold on me. But I am in love with each of these homes (except perhaps Amanda’s CA home–too cold for my tastes) for different reasons. Of course the bungalowphile in me screams for Ralphie’s house, but there is something so warm about the homes in the Family Stone and Home Alone. And oh, Iris’s cottage!! See, I would be at a complete loss!

    I watched Home Alone again just this week and thought, “Boy, Julia could really do a great tour with this place!” As I watched, I noticed a LOT of the hunter green that was so popular back then. I would love to see the interior of this house in its current state! I can just imagine…

    As for suggestions, I would love to see both the parents’ house and the Old Granville House (and Mary’s childhood home, too, now that I think about it) from It’s a Wonderful Life.

    EXCELLENT week of posts…I’ve found it humorous (and comforting!) that there are so many like me who sometimes pay more attention to movie sets than the storyline! :-)

  12. mercedes says

    Excellent,thanks Julia, I enjoy a lot.
    Please bring us a house tour of Stepmom
    I think that it is a Chris Columbus movie too.

  13. says

    This is for sure my favorite house. Some update need to be done but what great bones. I think this is my dream house now.

  14. diana says

    Julia I remember a film with a amazing art&craft house, it isn´t a Christmas movie, but is a great house too.If sometimes you can find it for us, it would be great.The film es Story of Us with Bruce Willis and Michelle Pfeiffer.
    Thank you

  15. says

    This is one of my favorite TV/movie homes. Father of the Bride’s house is the other.
    Thanks for doing this – we love it.

  16. says

    I love the home alone house and yes I would love to have two separate stair cases too! One for the front area and one that leads into the kitchen. I love the attic space…that would have been so fun to have as a kid. I want something like that for my kids…Overall, I love the cottage in england the best. I just love stone cottages!

  17. says

    The movie “As Good As It Gets” Diane Keaton’s character lived in that fab house by the beach. Excellent blog ! I enjoy and appreciate all the hard work you put into it. And yes, I’m hooked on houses !

  18. says

    Oops – I messed up, sorry !
    Wrong movie – meant to say “Something’s Gotta Give” Loved the beach house in that movie !

  19. says

    I saw this movie when it came out in the theater and loved it. My 7 year old just watched it for the first time a couple of weeks ago and loved it too.

    This house is my idea of the perfect family home. I’d change the decor now, but in 1990 it made me swoon. I love that staircase into the kitchen and who wouldn’t love a house that’s big enough to foil two bungling burglars!

  20. says

    I love the house from Home Alone. It is my idea of a perfect house. The decor in the movie is a litte too flower heavy for me, but I am in love with the house and I do especially like the back staircase.

  21. Karol says

    “Something’s Gotta Give” is one of my favorites. Have you ever seen the remake of “Desperate Hours” with Anthony Hopkins and Mimi Rogers. I watch it just to see the house.

  22. says

    We just watched that movie again. Hard to gear up for Christmas without the first two Home Alone movies. While we watch it for entertainment, I enjoy seeing the house.

  23. says

    I am so glad I am not the only one paying more attention to the homes and their decor instead of the plots in many movies! I love to watch some of the British comedies just to see the architecture!

  24. says

    This has been such fun to see all of these Julia. Thank you so much. I am still going with Iris’ cottage. : )

    But i do love the McCallister’s home in Chicago!!


  25. says

    My favorite house is one shown in Housesitter that stars Goldie Hawn and Steven Martin. It’s a little house that supposedly architect Steve Martin (can’t think of his name in the show) designed, but it’s super neat with a wrap around porch. It’s also a hilarious show.

  26. Aunt Toni says

    I seem to remember reading somewhere that the movie company absolutely trashed this house while filming “Home Alone” and left it in really bad shape. Any info on that?
    See you soon, Aunt Toni

  27. Maggie says

    Thank you!!! I’m one of the nuts who’s watched Home Alone more than once just for the house. It’s so good to know I”m not alone.

  28. says

    I never noticed all the details in this house before – but when I think of this movie, I *always* think of the house. :0)
    I really like the staircase going down into the kitchen, too – very homey! It reminds of the one they had on the Cosby show~

  29. says

    Thanks Julia for all these photos! I’ve always loved the house in “Home Alone” and it was fun to get a chance to look at the rooms a little longer than the seconds they fly by on the screen. Except for the wallpaper and ceramic tile counter top in the kitchen (which I still have in my late 1980’s renovated kitchen –whoops! –lol), I think the house decor is pretty timeless. I always liked how the producer used reds and greens in the decor to make the whole house say “Christmas.”

    I know someone here in Brooklyn who rents out her house for commercials and TV show shoots. Her home was often seen in “Law & Order” It’s pretty lucrative, but it’s also very invasive…there is so much equipment and people tromping through, and neighbors are never happy about the noise and lights, and trucks outside. They do repair and return things to the way they were when finished — an important thing to stress in the contract.

  30. says

    My sister-in-law and her family live around the corner from this house in Winnetka. Last year we walked around the neighborhood in a beautiful snow storm and I made sure to take pictures of everyone in front of the house. The neighborhood is quintessential American Christmas. We will be visiting again between Christmas and New Years. I will send you some pics after our visit. Pam

  31. says

    What a wonderful post! I forgot how amazing this house was in the movie!!! Thank you for sharing it with us :)

  32. says

    First time I have seen your blog! Good stuff and I loved the Home Alone House. Our family had a tradition with our kids that we would watch Home Alone to begin the Christmas season!! While watching it I would always study the house and I loved every inch of it. Thanks for sharing it!

  33. seb says

    I would love to see the floor plan for the home alone house… i have been watching this movie for years and love every inch of that house!!

  34. says

    I just can’t stand the counter tile in the kitchen of the Home Alone house, or the gold fixtures… I liked the architecture and the wallpaper, though. The exterior with the greenery can’t be beat!

  35. Art Trevino says

    Does anyone have a real floor plan drawing of the Home Alone house? Please send it to me…that’s the house I want to live in! Thanks

  36. says

    My mom & I have been loving this house for years. She even painted her dining room the deep teal green of the upstairs hallway because of this movie. Teal green on top and creamy white chair rail and bottom of the wall. Unfortunately that color is still there. She’s getting ready to change it to a robin’s egg blue.

    Another house I love is from What Lies Beneath. My husband teases me and asks me if I’m even paying attention to the plot when I mention the molding or wainscoting. Love your blog.

  37. Norma says

    Hi Julia, thanks for posting all the pictures of this beautiful home. Father of the bride was another one of my favorites.

  38. rob walker says

    First, i would like to thank you for posting these beautiful pictures.This house must be awsome. Our family will be in town next CHRISTMAS ,do you know of any tours of this house and when they meet? thanks

  39. hookedonhouses says

    Sorry, I don’t know of any tours. I think people are just driving by the house on their own. It’s privately owned. -Julia

  40. Lisa in Australia says

    Hi… I love this house. American houses are so different to Australian designs. I would love to build one like this…

  41. Rick says

    I loved the house when the movie came out. At the ime I noticed that a lot of the plant stands (with pointsetas upstairs hall), hall table (top of front stair landing) and other tables by (christmas tree) were Bombay company pieces. They were fairly common at the time and not expensive.

    I did notice in the pictures on your site that the bath faucet with Kevin in the picture is by Kohler and it’s model name is “Antique”. I have the same shiny brass as well as 2 chrome ones in my 1978 house. They are still made and are over $1,150 in the brass.

    Love the site

  42. Beth Webb says

    I love this house! Another fave of mine is the house from “Zathura”.I can’t stop watching it either. I just love that Craftsman style. And all that real wood.Does anyone have real floor plan drawings of either of these? Thanks!

  43. says

    I adore this house! Some years back, I came across an article that did a few shots of the “real” interior. (Which was hopelessly bland an “undecorated”)I feel certain there was mention of how the house was redecorated for the film (and possibly mentioned the “trashing” someone noted above)…but alas, I cant find that article online.

    One house Ive always loved…and wished they’d shown more of the “after” is the one from “Money Pit” the few glimpses we got once the house was actually finished were gorgeous.

    TheVinylVillager’s last blog post..Monday Morning Mish Mash

  44. Carole says

    Hello…. I stumbled onto your blog looking for decorating ideas and was thrilled to see my favorite movie houses! I absolutely love the Home Alone house and saw the owners interviewed years ago. They said the movie company completely redecorated and made everything red and green for Christmas. They personally would never do the whole house like that, but it looked good. Did not hear that the place was trashed, but movie equip. is rough on houses. They drag heavy stuff all over the place with lots of cables etc.

    I’m not sure, but I think Chris Columbus used this same house for “Planes, Trains and Automobiles” (Steve Martin’s house at the end of the movie) or at least the same neighborhood. Columbus seems to love Winnetka and especially Lincoln Street.

    Sorry this message is so long!

  45. Nita H. says

    I read that when the movie makers got the house, which had all painted walls, they wallpapered all those rooms for the first movie, then took out the wallpaper when they finished. Then, they had to go back in and wallpaper again for the second movie, and once again, take it all out when done.

  46. Kim says

    I have always loved this house! I know a few have asked, but are there any house plans to rebuild this masterpiece? Surely someone should try to re-create this! Love your site, thanks!! :)

  47. hookedonhouses says

    If there are any house plans, I don’t know about them. If anyone else does, let us know! -Julia

  48. Nathan says

    I’ve loved this house from the very first time I saw this movie. It was the house “on tv/movies” that I wished I could live in. The three stories and that fabulous staircase with the landing mid-way. Absolutely beautiful!

  49. Nathan says

    And is it just me, or from that view, wouldn’t he have slammed into that wall while sledding down the stairs? haha, I know, it’s just a movie.
    And also, they seem to live in an affluent neighbourhood and in a very nice house, but drive, well, not the nicest vehicles. I was very young when this movie was filmed/set, so were these vehicles nice/average for that time, or are they on the junkier side?

  50. Eric says

    Actually I have some devastating news. Ive been obsessed with this movie/house since I was 4. I did some research, and since I am very familiar with architecture, this makes sense. I found out that the interiors of the house are completely fake. The film makers used the house at 671 Lincoln Ave for exterior shots only. The interior shots were filmed in a high school gym. They built a fake 3 story Georgian home inside a gym! (the basement was built separate). The family who owned the real house at the time was renovating, and rented out the house to Hughes. The film makers felt the house was definitely large enough but did not have high enough ceilings (something that obviously cannot be altered). They wanted Kevin to appear even smaller and more alone in the house. Im assuming since the real house was built over 40 years ago it has 8 foot ceilings. More affluent houses of the 90’s and today have 9′ ceilings (generally on the 1st floor only and standard 8 foot ceilings on the 2nd floor), which the interior of the house in the movie has. In the movie, look closely at the distance between the top of doors or doorways and the ceiling on the first floor and second floor of the movie. It is clear there is a greater distance on the first than second, because the first floor is higher. Now look at pictures of the outside of the real house, notice the distance between windows doesnt allow for their to be 9 foot ceilings on the first floor. Also, is there any part in the movie that shows a sequence of going in and out of the house in one scene? There isnt! The scene where Kevin sleds out the front door is two different shots, as is the scene where Harry goes in the kitchen and has a run in with the blow torch. Also, in order to make the flooded basement scene at the Murphy’s house at the end of the movie, the film makers built a separate set under the pool of the school. Water was released from the pool into the set to flood the basement. Completely useless information but for me, who is obsessed with this house and has recreated it a dozen times on my architecture software, this was VERY INTERESTING!

  51. richard says

    Okay you’ve probably done heard this request but here goes, The Walton’s house. Loved the big porch and the dormers, and the screen doors.

  52. Lindsay says

    i love how the whole set is red & green! (well… maroon & teal). for such a popular color scheme of the 90’s, it really worked to make the perfect festive backdrop for almost every scene! best christmas movie ever.

  53. Mrs. Crompton says

    Have you considered doing the National Lampoons Christmas Vacation house as a special holiday home? Clark Griswald over does the lights but it still looks adorable and you get some great shots because almost the entire movie takes place at the house. I love that movie, its so heart warming and all about loving your family no matter how crazy they are. I’m sure it’d be a big hit for you! Keep ’em coming!

  54. Tom says

    Hi. I found a site with pictures of the house’s real interiors next to stills from the movie and thought you guys might be interested…


    You can tell the ceilings are lower in the actual house like Eric said a few posts ahead of mine.

    Nice site by the way. :-)

  55. Joe C says

    Its very cool to see that I am not the only one who just LOVES this house!!!

  56. Gavin says

    I live near this house, and I can’t help but mention that the garage is not all brick, as shown in the movie. It’s actually a gray-colored siding. Hughes must have had a facade put over the original garage.

    The house from Risky Business is also not too far from the Home Alone house — and Cameron’s house from Ferris Bueller is just a block from the Risky Business house as well.

  57. hookedonhouses says

    Thanks for the additional info on the house! I did a post about Cameron’s house from Ferris Beuller, but I didn’t realize how close it was to this one. -Julia

  58. Phil says

    Hi. Do you know where the ice skating scene in Home Alone was filmed. It was a brief scene, where Kevin is being chased by a police officer and he slides across the ice. This is my girlfriend’s favorite movie and I would like to take her there on Valentine’s Day.

    • hookedonhouses says

      I’m sorry, I don’t! What a nice idea, though. You could try watching the movie with the commentary to see if they mention where they filmed it. Good luck! -Julia

  59. grewUPnextdoor says


    I am from Winnetka, my parents live three blocks away from the house they filmed it in the summer (all that snow is fake). I love watching that movie it makes me feel like I AM HOME LOL.

    But in answer to you question. they filmed that scene in hubbard woods (an area of winnetka Illinois) right across from the hubbard woods post office on greenbay road.

  60. Amy says

    I dream of the Home Alone house its fab, I was guttedwhe I found out the house from What lies beneith was not a real house

  61. Jamie p says

    Will Macaulay Culkin be the
    Father ( AKA Kevin McCallister Again) in “HOME ALONe” 5 Kevin Takes A Bride!

    Has 30-year-old Macaulay Culkin flexed his considerable muscle with 20th Century many of whom would open to debate, represented 20th Century Fox star in the 1990 Hit “Home Alone”. Will Macaulay be the Father in “Home Alone” Five, 20th Century Fox said that he came to Fame in the 1990 Holiday hit “Home alone?, Fox hopes the sequel will come out by next Christmas, The will it be another gold mine? “Home Alone” Five is scheduled to start filming in Chicago\Winnetka this November, the Director, “Chris Columbus” and some of the other cast and crew were already in place. Now, filming has been abruptly delayed for at least nine months, possibly longer, to accommodate Macaulay’s schedule. Director Chris Columbus, & the head of Fox, said in an interview that they where casting Macaulay for the Fifth sequel of “Home Alone” Macaulay Was given the script nine months before the Director Chris Columbus said, referring to “HOME ALONe” One. “We had a signed contract with him to do “Home Alone” 5 about four months ago. Culkin was the first respond to us about the script.” Fox proceeded on the assumption that he didn’t want the choice role. Then, Chris Columbus said that Macaulay Would “Do It Again”!!
    (The Screen Play Was Written in memory of the late
    Writer & Producer John Hughes who Passed away in 2009)
    1950 – 2009

  62. Rhiannyn says

    I too watch this movie a lot just for the house, it’s absolutely beautiful? Another house I love is the house in Jingle All the Way (must be Xmas decor that draws me in). Any chances of seeing anything on that house?

    • hookedonhouses says

      Haven’t seen that one. I’ll have to look for it! -Julia

  63. Antonius from Romania :D says

    it’s a very beautiful place i wan’t to go there when i finish te high school 😀

  64. jamie p says

    I grew up In the North Shore Suburbs of Chicago, In fact my mom and aunt went to high school in the same building that the “Breakfast Club” was filmed at, and I went to Pre-K afternoon classes at New Tier during the filming of “HOME ALONe” ,and I saw Mack & director Chris Columbus on the scooters going to the sets, I thought that was really cool. in 1991 when I was in kendgerden at my school in Morten Grove A north suburb og Chicago, there was a lot of camotion in the main addminstration loby in the front office security was every where
    then I found out that for three years since 1989 Mack’s younger sister Qunn
    was in my class, and they were trying to get her out of public school, her last name was so famous because mack just made “HOME ALONe” a million dollor box office hit. Until that day I didn’t know that she was famous! My aunt lives 2.6 miles from the house in Winnetka where “HOME ALONe” was filmed at, & 2.4 miles from United Trinity Methodist Church which was also used in the filming of “HOME ALONe” she also lives 2 blocks North East from the
    “Sixteen Candles” house where Molly Ring Wald fell out of the three.
    I also a few of John Hughes locations in Chicago,
    inculding; Cameron’s house from Ferris Beuller, and the Uncle buck house too

    and yes
    “Home Alone” Five will be opening Christmas 2012

  65. rikki says

    have you seen the house is up for Sale?

    http://www.homealonehouse.com the floor plans are up but I think they have removed the seccond stair case or it leads to nothing – check the plans see why you think x