10 Readers Tell Us What They Love About Their Kitchens

Kitchen Week at Hooked on Houses

One of the best things about this Kitchen Contest I’m hosting has been hearing readers’ stories about what they love about theirs. I’m hereby declaring this “Kitchen Week” at Hooked on Houses and will be featuring as many of your entries as possible. Today I’m kicking it off with 10 of them–take a look!

1. Elisicia’s Kitchen:

Elisicia's kitchen bowler hat pendants

Elisicia writes, “We bought our house under repossession, needing total renovation. However, we saw past the filth and dated fixtures and started renovations anyway.

“We tore down a wall that separated the kitchen from the living space and we made it into one large room. We tried to stay within a reasonable budget and renovated the kitchen for approximately £12k.

“The Jeeves and Wooster pendant lights are from Innermost. We have yet to install the Wooster but it’s in the box just biding its time!”

Elisicia's kitchen bowler hat pendants 2

“We love the warmth that the work tops, brass backsplash and under-cabinet lighting offers and have had many a night gathered under our Bowler hats with friends, food and wine aplenty!”


2. Marta’s Kitchen:

Marta's kitchen 1

Marta writes, “I love my very feminine kitchen. It’s so different from the industrial look that’s popular right now. My husband actually did all the work, gutting the old kitchen and starting fresh with all new cupboards, flooring, counters and appliances. We’re happy having one that’s more up-to-date now!”

Marta's kitchen 2


3. Amber’s Kitchen:

Amber's white and wood kitchen

Amber writes, “I love my kitchen because it turned better than I had even dreamed! I wanted a space large enough for our whole family to feel comfortable and I didn’t want to put the kids at the dreaded ‘kids table.’ We set up a buffet on the island, put all of the leaves in the dining room table, add a bench for more seating, and everyone helps themselves.”

Amber's range in her kitchen

“My husband and I, our designer/builder team and a local Mennonite builder designed and built the custom kitchen. We are extremely lucky to have such master carpenters in our area of upstate New York.”

orange-line4. Barbara Ann’s Kitchen:

Barbara Ann's kitchen cherry cabinets penny backsplash

Barbara Ann writes, “I love our kitchen because it tells our story–from art we love, to our baseball diamond-shaped island, to our penny-backsplash. Each component has a story that adds warmth & character to our space.”

copper penny backsplash in Barbara Ann's kitchen

For more photos and information about her kitchen, visit her blog.

orange-line5. Jacqueline’s Kitchen:

Jacqueline's real kitchen pm

Jac writes, “I love my kitchen because I got rid of the dining room and made one big kitchen that is constantly in use. Our table is always in demand. Feeding the Cross Country team or crafting for Halloween.”

Jacqueline's real kitchen 7 pm

“I love the chalkboards I picked up with my hubby in Utica, NY. Only my husband would go along for a ride to pick up vintage slate chalkboards 3 hours from our house.”

Jacqueline's real kitchen 4 pm

“I love our kitchen because it’s real.”


6. Annette’s Kitchen:

Annette's kitchen

“I love my kitchen because of my range hood!”


7. Tanja’s Kitchen:

Tanja's kitchen in Germany

Tanja writes, “My hometown is Landstuhl, a small city in Germany close to the airbase in Ramstein. I’m also hooked on houses, especially New England or Hamptons houses and interiors. That’s the reason why our interior was originally built in the States and shipped to Germany. Only the kitchen is made by IKEA but it looks a little bit like Diane Keaton’s kitchen in Something’s Gotta Give.”


8. Jacqui’s Kitchen:

Jacqui's kitchen 1

Jacqui writes, “My kitchen presented a special design challenge. The space has 5 doorways and a chimney that juts out. Not only that, but it was really dark. We added a greenhouse window, new French doors, a pea stone patio that extends from the kitchen, tall pantry cabinets, rain-glass doors, white paint on the floors, and a kiss of pink on the walls to bring lots of light into the room.”

Jacqui's kitchen 2

“Every time I walk into my kitchen a piece of me smiles at what a happy space it now is!”

orange-line9. Lisa’s Kitchen:

Lisa's kitchen with blue tile 2

Lisa writes, “I live in California. About 2 years ago we were finally able to convert our 1979 original kitchen into the kitchen of my dreams. I really love my new kitchen. I wanted to be able to sit on the sofa in the family room and envision the sand, the sea, and the sky, and now I can.”

Lisa's beach-inspired kitchen blue tile


10. Kelly’s Kitchen:

Kelly's kitchen subway tile

Kelly writes, “My husband and built our dream home ten years ago and designed every inch! We live across the street from Lake Michigan and wanted a home that reflects a comfortable lakeside style, a home that you can actually LIVE in. I love it because it’s so comfortable and the heart of our home.”

Thanks to all of the readers who sent me their photos and shared their kitchen stories with us! And thanks, as always, for keeping the comments about them positive and polite. I’ll be showing as many as possible of them this week, so stay tuned. :-)

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  1. Spring says

    Those bowler hat pendants are the best things I’ve seen in ages!

  2. says

    I love Barbara’s kitchen, so happy to see oak cabinets, because it seems they are so hated throughout blogland!

  3. Lili says

    I love the pretty teal half moon table at the end of Kelly’s island. It just fits there perfectly, and adds a touch of comforting curve… I’m so going to try to cop this look!

  4. Tracie says

    Lovely post! I enjoy them all cause they work for each family.

    Personally, Jaqualine number one made the biggest impact….all the family taken into account….way to go!

  5. says

    Wow these are all beautiful, my favorites are Amber in NY (those glass cabinets are awesome) and Kelly on the lake!

  6. Abbie says

    I love Jacqui’s kitchen! I am curious about her corner sink. How is that working out? I think it might be a solution for my kitchen remodel.

  7. Christina from Dallas says

    I could say something nice about each one they all look so good. I love the beadboard on Marta’s cabinets love the fixture over the table. That penny backsplash is so unusual and cool! I wonder how they though of that? I love the glass cabinets in Jaqui’s Tanjas and Kelly’s kitchens.I love the vintage chalkboard and chairs in Jacqueline’s kitchen. I could go on but anyway these are a great set of kitchens.

  8. G says

    They are all beautiful but my favs are Amber, Jacqueline, and Kelly’s because I like the contrast in materials that make them warm and interesting.

  9. says

    I am in love with Jacqueline and Kelly’s kitchens. I wish the pictures were better and there were more of them so I could absorb every detail.

  10. Amanda S. says

    Ten more great kitchens. I love this contest! My two favorites are such a contrast in style: Elisicia’s simple/modern kitchen and Jacqueline’s thrown-together/lived in kitchen. The bowler hats in Elisicia’s and the retro chairs and chalkboards in Jacqueline’s are so quirky . . . I’m thinkin my kitchen needs some quirky!

  11. says

    wow – wow – some great stuff here! Derby hat pendants, rugs with writing, penny backsplash (I wonder how much money they used in pennies?) – so much to admire and love. So many people out there obviously care deeply for their homes – very inspiring!

  12. Melinda says

    Kelly’s kitchen does it for me. Any chance we could get more pictures?

  13. Zahid says

    I love the penny backsplash in Barbara Ann’s kitchen. So unique! And the hood in Tanja’s kitchen.

  14. says

    Marta, where did you get the stenciled rays? My grandmother used to stencil trays, and she made many of her stencils, too. I love your kitchen. Those trays give it a warm nostalgic feeling.

  15. Esther George says

    Well sitting here to have my coffee turned on the IPad and I see all these great kitchens but I must say I love the first kitchen with the bowler hat and brass splash back and it’s a size I can cope with …. I just think it’s absolutely beautiful. Julia thank you for sharing I think I’m sort of awake now had a late night watching Castle. Have a great evening and stay warm. Regards Esther from Sydney. PS do you have a lot of bulbs planted under those beautiful trees?

  16. Dawn says

    I really like #4 Barbara Anns, has such a nice welcoming feel to it…

  17. Angela Oleson says

    These are all wonderful because they’re special to each owner! Love these.

  18. says

    Oh yay! It was so exciting to see my kitchen on your blog! I love *hookedonhouses* & have been enjoying seeing all the entries sent in!
    Thank you for the kind words everyone!
    FYI – my kitchen has about 6,000 pennies ($60). It is affordable, but time consuming. :)

  19. Kim says

    These are all nice kitchens, but my favorite is Amber’s. I love how she made enough space for her whole family and I love the overall design.

  20. Belinda says

    These are all beautiful kitchens. I enjoy your site very much each day. I wonder if you’ve ever thought of doing a series or at least one post on small kitchens or even small homes? Thanks for your site!