The Real “This Is 40” and “Knocked Up” House in Brentwood

Knocked Up and This is 40 movie house

Almost the minute the movie This Is 40, a “sort-of sequel to Knocked Up,” hit theaters, the emails started pouring in from readers wanting to know more about the house in it. Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann’s Pete and Debbie live in the same great house in Brentwood, California, that they did in the first movie.

This is 40 movie poster Judd Apatow

This Is 40 focuses on Pete and Debbie, Katherine Heigl’s sister and brother-in-law in Knocked Up. I re-watched Knocked Up again yesterday to get some screenshots of the house and then went to see This Is 40 today as further “research” for this post. (Oh, the things I do for you!)

Knocked Up movie house front gate

My readers aren’t the only ones who thought the house was one of the best things about these movies. Oscar-nominated set decorator Leslie Pope told The Hollywood Reporter, “It’s gotten quite a response.”

Paul Rudd in Knocked Up

According to the mag, “Director Judd Apatow shot a good portion of the movie in a Brentwood house owned by producer Bryan Zuriff and his wife Monica. Apatow lives just up the street (‘Our kids are friends,’ says Zuriff), and the director had used their pad as the home of Rudd and Mann’s characters in 2007’s Knocked Up.”

Knocked Up house-kitchen table

Zuriff explains how they found his house in the first place: “My sister-in-law is Giuliana Rancic, and in Knocked Up, Katherine Heigl played a character like her, and they went to E! to scout. The producers couldn’t find a house, and Giuliana was like, ‘You should call my brother-in-law.’”

Bill & Giuliana Rancic's house in CA

(BTW, Did you see Giuliana’s charming 1940s rental on their reality show?)

Leslie Mann Knocked Up kitchen sink

They took over the house for 6 weeks to film the movie: “Pope and production designer Jefferson Sage redecorated to suit the fictional family, which has two daughters. They decided on a palette of greens, corals and melons. ‘You want it to be fun and vibrant,’ says Pope. ‘That’s shorthand that this is a family with a lot of life.'”

Seth Rogen Katherine Heigle Knocked Up kitchen

Grabbed this screenshot of the kitchen from the trailer for the new movie:

This is 40 house kitchen balloons

A reader named Kelly just gave me a heads-up that designer James Radin worked on this house and has photos of it in his portfolio. It’s a lot better than any I was able to get from the movie:

James Radin portfolio photo This Is 40 kitchen

Visit Radin’s website and check his portfolio under “Brentwood” to see more. He worked on some of my favorite “house movies,” like Something’s Gotta Give, The Holiday, and It’s Complicated.

This is 40 kitchen Paul Rudd

Knocked Up house-shelves in family room

Knocked Up-Pete and Debbie's family room

Here’s how that wall with the fireplace and built-in bookshelves looks in This Is 40:

This is 40 house bookshelves

The Hollywood Reporter article features this photo of how the kitchen and family room look in real life, with the actual homeowners’ belongings in it:

real house used for This Is 40 movie

And here’s how the family room looks on Radin’s website (love the blue and white):

James Radin portfolio photo This Is 40 family room

They ditched the drab window treatments in the kitchen and family room that were there in the first movie. All of the decorating was punched up a bit between the first and second and just looked fresher and more current.

This Is 40 movie house-kitchen

The living room in Knocked Up, for instance, looked like this:

Knocked Up house-living room

The living room in This Is 40 looked more like a young family lives in it:

This is 40 real living room Hollywood Reporter

We get a glimpse of the upstairs hallway and landing in Knocked Up:

Knocked Up house-upstairs landing

Here’s how it looks in This Is 40:

This is 40 house upstairs hallway

Pete and Debbie’s bedroom in the first film was kind of muted and blah:

Knocked Up-Pete and Debbie's bedroom

Knocked Up-Pete and Debbie's bedroom 2

In the sequel, they have orange window treatments that brighten things up:

This is 40 house bedroom

Knocked Up-Pete and Debbie's bathroom 2

Knocked Up house-playroom Iris Apatow

Knocked Up-Debbie's home office

We see her home office again in This Is 40, but it’s a little more “decorated:”

This Is 40 movie house-home office

This is 40 house home office artwork

Another set photo featured in THR shows the sitting room off Pete and Debbie’s master bedroom. They weren’t allowed to film upstairs in the house, so the bedrooms and baths were re-created on the Sony lot:

This is 40 movie sets upstairs

The house has 6 bedrooms and 6,500 square feet. Houses on the street sell for between $8 and $20 million. Check out The Hollywood Reporter article to see more photos of the house and sets. It’s a good one.

John Lithgow and Albert Brooks in This Is 40 2

John Lithgow and Albert Brooks play Debbie and Pete’s dads.

Knocked Up movie house-back exterior

Oddly enough, in the new movie there was no sign of Katherine Heigl, who played Debbie’s sister and best friend in the first one. In Knocked Up she lived in their backyard pool house:

Allison's pool house-guest house in Knocked Up

I was hoping we’d get some clue about how Alison and Ben were doing all these years later. We see a photo of Alison hanging in the upstairs hallway in one scene, and Pete mentions that he got a “pot cookie” from Ben in another, but that’s about it. Seemed odd that they never explained their absence.

Seth Rogen Katherine Heigl Knocked Up pool house

No sign of the pool house in the sequel, either. Would have been nice to see how they’re using it now!

Katherine Heigl Knocked Up pool house

Anyone else see This Is 40? It had its funny moments, but it went on way too long for me. And I got really tired of watching Pete and Debbie fight. It was kind of fun to see how the house had changed from the first movie to the second, though.

Allison and Ben in Knocked Up pool house

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  1. Alie B says

    This is a beautiful home. It reminds me a bit of the Brentwood home that Ted Danson and Mary Steenburger own(ed?). I am looking forward to seeing “This is 40”. It looks very funny, from the pre-views I’ve seen.

  2. Beth says

    After Knocked Up, Katherine Heigl did some interviews where she said some not-very-nice things about the movie. She said it was “hard to love” because it was “a little sexist.” No way Judd Apatow was going to use her again.

      • ladyofargonne says

        I would have liked to know what happened to Alison and Ben too. Living in the pool house in a great neighborhood would have been more promising than moving back to his place.

  3. Kelly says

    I love this house! I recognized it from designer James Radin’s website, he worked on Something’s Gotta Give and It’s Complicated. It’s under his portfolio under Brentwood.

  4. ShabbyChick says

    I’m not much of a new movie watcher. I love old movies, but I did watch bits and pieces of ‘Knocked Up’ on cable, mostly because I like Katherine Heigl. I don’t know the name of that actor she played with (her one night stand/boyfriend), but the idea of her being with someone like him was so absurd and ridiculous to me that I didn’t enjoy the movie at all. I don’t remember the house. These pictures are very nice! Still….I think I’ll pass on the sequel. 😉

    • says

      I have to agree–it was hard to believe she’d really fall for a guy like that. Really had to suspend my disbelief to get through that movie! Ha.

  5. Jen says

    I have been waiting for you to do this house everytime I watch this flim I keep thinking what fab house this is
    I am tv & House crazy

  6. Laura says

    Nice house, but there’s no way these characters could afford to own it, which is typical of the movies! I liked Knocked Up. This is 40 was disappointing. Not enough laughs and too much arguing!

  7. Melinda says

    I loved this house in This is 40 !!! My friends kept saying they could see me living in it. I thought the movie on the most part was hilarious. I was laughing so hard in some parts that I was crying !! Melissa McCarhty was great at the end.

  8. Screendoorgirl 3 says

    Oh, I love this house! More and more, I’ m realizing I love neutral wall colors. Of course that house has many expensive details, but sometimes I feel that with strong wall colors, it’s all I notice. All in all, it’s just a gorgeous, “only in the movies” type of home. Great job! Thanks , Julia.

  9. Carolyn says

    Even though this is a Hollywood house (well, Brentwood, actually, but you know what I mean) and two to three times the size of most average houses, it is decorated in ways accessible to many. Lots of good ideas here. I love the kitchen (though marble countertops are out of my range). My favorite look is the real house with the blue and white, and though I love the look of those pitchers on the shelves, it’s a little too decorated. More real, I think, is as shown in the movie houses with the mix of books and accessories. And I, for one, would definitely need room for books! I usually don’t like the look of a TV over the fireplace, but it looks nice and symmetrical here, and I like the painted paneling on the walls and the painted plank ceiling. I, too, am usually looking at the houses and decorating details in the movies as much as following the story itself, but, though I saw Knocked Up years ago, I didn’t remember this one. Thanks for the tour!

  10. Christina from Dallas says

    Julia, you just keep watching movies for us so you can take pictures and research about them. We give you permission! Really though, you really do your research so well such as the above post.You do the work so we don’t have to. Thank you!

  11. Anne C. says

    Oh my goodness, this made my day!!! I have been asking you to do this house since I first diescovered your blog— thank you!!!! :)
    I have loved this house since “Knocked Up”. It is truly my dream house– everything about it. I want to model every home project I do after it!!
    When I saw a commercial for “This is 40” the first time I actually was excited to see that they were in the same house and that I would get to see more shots of it!

  12. says

    Your site is wonderful, Julia! I recognized this lovely house right away when I saw the film’s trailer–it was on the Rancic reality show when GR visited her sister + also in House Beautiful. Such a sunny + welcoming family home. I always look forward to your posts–the sets are the best part of any movie for me + you have covered many of my favorite films. Have you written about Gosford Park? I watched that film again yesterday just to see the wallpaper in the bedrooms–if this is a sickness, I never want to be cured! Thanks for all of your hard work. -KKM

  13. lisa says

    Does anybody know what the bedding is in the movie this is 40?
    I love the turquoise and gold combination and would love to have this bedding in my house! Thank you

    • Tanya says

      Did you ever find the bedding? I want it too! I’ve been searching the internet, but can’t find it.

  14. Francesca says

    Thank you for featuring this house! Didn’t see “This Is Forty” yet, but have loved it ever since “Knocked Up”. Wish my house had all those gorgeous huge windows!

    Another great post Julia!

  15. Debbie says

    Hi there,

    Love this house! Do you have a floor plan? We are having a house built and would love to get my hands on the floor plans.


  16. Victoria says

    Does anyone know what “architectural style” this house is? California cottage? Two-story Contemporary Colonial? When googling for similar house plans, I can’t seem to find the right style…..

  17. Katie says

    just saw the movie “This is 40” and although the movie was very funny, I couldn’t take my eyes off that beautiful house. OMG! Mr. Radin really knows how to pull things together.

  18. Jo says

    Hi, does anybody knows the artist GM that have done some of the prints on the wall? There is a black one with a man clapping, and a red one with a face on.