A Peek Inside the Historic Craftsman from “Monster-in-Law”

Craftsman featured in the movie "Monster-in-Law" with Jane Fonda and Jennifer Lopez | hookedonhouses.net

Earlier this year I wrote a post about all the gorgeous sets used in the Jane Fonda-Jennifer Lopez comedy Monster-in-Law. My personal favorite was this Craftsman that Kevin (Michael Vartan) lived in.

Lindsay of Iamnotastalker, who is the Nancy Drew of movie houses, found the actual house that they used in Pasadena. She reported that it’s known as the Ross House and was built in 1911 for $8,000. The house features Craftsman, Asian, and Neo-Classical design elements and is on the National Register of Historic Places.

IAMNOTASTALKER-Monster in Law porch

The movie interiors were all built on a soundstage, and we never got to see inside the actual house. So I was thrilled when the owner of the house sent me some personal photos of his home.

Here’s what the house looked like when he bought it, and how it looks now that it’s all cleaned up and looking pretty again:

Monster-in-Law Craftsman real before 1

Two more before & after shots, from another angle:

Monster-in-Law Craftsman real after 2

Frank writes: “When I removed wallpaper from the living room, I found original carpenters/builders notes written on the plaster about not forgetting to add some molding in the orangerie.  I thought that was so awesome to find those.”

Monster-in-Law Craftsman real interiors 3

The house features Batchelder tile, 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, and over 4,600 square feet of living space.

Frank says, “I also discovered an original plein air painting on canvas approximately 16″ high x 13′ long that was recessed into the stud wall above the fireplace in the inglenook.  The homeowner before me had covered up the wall and painting with cheap 1960’s paneling.  When I removed the paneling and found this treasure behind it, needless to say I was excited!”

Monster-in-Law Craftsman real interiors 1

I can’t thank Frank enough for giving us a peek inside his beautiful historic home. To see how they recreated the interiors for the movie, check out my original post about Monster-in-Law.


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  1. karin/lifeinsmallchunks@blogspot.com says

    That house is stunning. Thankfully it fell into the hands of someone who appreciates it.
    Happy Labor Day! Karin

  2. says

    My Mum brought this Dvd when over visiting, not realising that it wouldn’t play in the UK… anyways, she gave it me and I have watched it a zillion times… just to see this house. It doesn’t lookanything like I imagined inside. Although the owner has done great job renovating it! So nice of him to send you the pictures too. If it were my place though, it would definitely have a little more furniture in there! Lx
    .-= Laura´s last blog ..Run for the hills =-.

  3. says

    What a great house! Such detail and built to perfection.
    I love how removing all the over grown greenery allows you to see the beauty of the architecture, all the over-growth really hid the beauty.
    Thank you for the english lesson, I loved clicking on highlighted words and learning what they represented!
    Have a great day!!
    .-= Pat´s last blog ..Labor Day 2010 =-.

  4. says

    This looks like the same house used in, Zathura, but I’m not sure. I don’t readily have the movie but I remember loving the interior!
    .-= Bethany´s last blog ..Drove her mad! =-.

  5. says

    Wow!! It looks as if the house was trying to escape from the jungle. So glad the current owner could save it. 😉 How cool is it that people are willing to send you photos??! Awesome!
    .-= Amanda @ Serenity Now´s last blog ..A Real Labor Day =-.

  6. Kim says

    What a wonderful house! I love that Frank restored it instead of modernizing the house to today’s style.

  7. Destiny says

    This home has been beautifully and lovingly restored and it shows. Thanks so much to Frank from the up close and personal views. Proud he must be!

  8. Michelle says

    Thank you for posting this home. I clicked on the Batchelder tile link out of curiosity and then I looked up at my fireplace sitting directly across from me. Back to the computer. Up to the fireplace. My 1920’s tudor has a Batchelder fireplace!!! The fireplace was one of the things that sold me on our home. I had no idea it was special; I just thought it was pretty. I love the internet! 😎

  9. says

    I love this house! Such drastic and amazing before and after shots. The difference that landscaping makes is staggering! I love arched doors and the dark glossy wood is just gorgeous. Great post!
    .-= Bre´s last blog ..Clean House =-.

  10. stacey says

    So sad they don’t make them like this anymore. It makes the careful restoration done here even more special.
    I watched A Single Man last weekend…his house would make a good post…also Julianne Moore’s Ikat headboard was divine!

  11. says

    Hi Julia, I remember that house from the film — it was terrific. The other one I love is in the TV show numbers. Those homes are American treasures.

    Did you hear about our $100 value Roxy girls’ bedding giveaway? Hope so (it ends tomorrow). Jane F.
    .-= Jane F @ Atticmag´s last blog ..Diva Closets =-.

  12. cinderella says

    hello, ik am cin, and i have a question,

    me and my man, we live in france, and comme from holland.
    and we like to bild our home,*
    this home is soooo beautiful, that we like to see the plans to bild something like that house, we have a program on our computer to paint 3 d architecture houses,

    do you can help me to find the plan of this home???
    thanx to anser me.
    cin vd wiel