All About Candice Olson & Her Divine Designs

Candice Olson-Divine Design

One of the most popular TV designers today is Candice Olson of HGTV’s “Divine Design.” Hundreds of her fans visit my blog each week in search of more information about her. They ask questions like, “Who is she married to? Where does she live? How many kids does she have?” So for those Candice fans out there who want to know more about her, this post is for you!

Olson is married to–and works with–custom home builder Jurij Sennecke. Their business is aptly called Divine Homes. They design and build several houses together a year, and she says that working together can be tough. “We share an office. He’s German and stubborn, so we duke it out.”

Jurij Sennecke-Candice Olson's husband

Candice and Jurij have a home in Toronto with their two young children, Piper and Beck. She told Ocala Style last year, “Beck is 2 years old and is a Tasmanian devil—everything below three feet in the house is his. Right now, my daughter, Piper, who is 4 years old, is channeling Paris Hilton because she’s all about the shimmer and sparkle, so I’m thinking we may do a princess room for her.”

Even though she’s a designer and married to a builder, she admits they don’t live in a perfect house. In fact, it often ends up last on their to-do list. She says all she wanted for Christmas one year was a simple baseboard molding in the dining room–but still didn’t get it!

Candice Olson on Design book cover

As a college student at the University of Calgary, Candice toured the world with the Canadian national volleyball team. In her book Candice Olson On Design (2006), she wrote:

“Volleyball taught me how to work hard–really, really hard. To this day, I’ve never thought that I’m any more talented than the next designer–I just work harder, and hard work pays off!”

After graduation, she moved to Toronto to attend the School of Design at Ryerson University, and then got a job as a commercial designer. That’s where she says she learned the importance of good lighting.

Eclectic Great Room-Candice Olson

In the early 1990s, she was invited to appear on a local morning show in Toronto to talk about decorating. She was such a hit that she became a regular for the next 9 years.

According to the San Diego Union-Tribune,  Olson worked at several firms before starting her own in 1994. Then in 2003, HGTV came knocking–but she wasn’t exactly enthusiastic about the opportunity to host her own show:

“I went into TV kicking and screaming,” she says, adding that dressing up and working in front of a camera is the part she likes least about the gig. “If I could do the show in a pair of cutoffs and a T-shirt, I probably would.”

She was determined to keep the show “real:”

“What puts ours in a different niche from a lot of the other shows is that they say things like, ‘We’ve got 24 hours to renovate, and we’re doing it for $50!’ I mean, think about it: If you’re going to do a renovation, or just attempt to fix up an area in your house, you don’t give yourself 24 hours.”

This Bedroom Was Stuck in the ’80s Before Candice Got to It:

'80s bedroom before

After the “Divine Design” Reveal:

'80s bedroom after

She answered some questions for the St. Petersburg Times, including:

Q: What should people get rid of?

A: Fussy draperies. They’re like a showgirl sitting in the middle of the room. They can really date a room. Windows should be clean and simple. A big monstrosity of a TV cabinet with the television concealed behind doors. Get over it, Honey, TV is here to stay.

Q: What are the biggest design mistakes people make?

A: People used to be so concerned about their style: traditional, modern. In the ’80s and ’90s people pigeonholed themselves. Now they’re exposed to what’s going on in the design world, and they want a mix. There’s a trend toward more eclectic rooms.

Designer Candice Olson on HGTV

Q: What’s your favorite countertop surface?

A: Seventy-five percent of what I do is quartz.I love the practicality: the consistency of color, no seaming, no staining.

Q: What is your house like?

A: It’s a very simple 1950s modern house in Toronto, about 4,000 square feet. Our kids ride tricycles inside the house. It’s on a golf course (we don’t belong to the club) with a great view. The back of the house is glass. I’m bombarded with design and color day after day and I design every single day. I wanted someone else, Mother Nature, to design this house. The house is all about what’s outside.

I never get to bed before 2 a.m., the kids get up at 6 a.m., I’m a working mom, and we’re a typical family, trying to juggle the kids, being a good wife. Our house is lived-in and comfortable.

You can see the rest of her questions and answers here.

Candice Olson-White Kitchen

They only shoot 26 shows a year for “Divine Design,” and they only work in the Toronto area. Kitchens are the most-requested room–and the most challenging. She says, “Every one of these bloody kitchens ages me 10 years.”

The clients pay Olson for their makeovers, and some have cost over $100,000. She believes it’s important to take their time with a remodeling project and to do it right. (Source: Tampa Tribune.)

Candice Olson dining room

Candice joined the judging panel of HGTV’s “Design Star” reality competition last year alongside Vern Yip and Genevieve Gorder. *2012 Update: “Design Star” Returns Without Candice.

Design Star panel on HGTV

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  1. says

    Love her! I have her book and think she is just so funny! I’d love to meet her. My mom and I have been huge fans of hers since we first saw her on HGTV years ago. My mom is really picky about her house – she says of all the designers she has seen, Candice is the only one who could work on her house and she could have free reign to overhaul everything. That says a lot!
    .-= Sarah @ Dream In Domestic´s last blog ..Creating a Home Through Garage Saling =-.

  2. says

    Yes, as a fellow Canadian, have always admired her work and remember her from her Cityline days (daily talk show that still runs here.) Her rooms are layered with lots of detail, colour and textures. I love how she always shows her renderings too. I’m a big Sarah Richardson fan though and just did a post on her antique finds.
    .-= Vanessa´s last blog ..Meg Ryan’s Home in Elle Decor =-.

  3. says

    Always love her choices. She is a great decorator. Thanks so much for posting about her and I have some satisfaction knowing she played volleyball for the Canadian Nat’l team – (I sometimes worry she is about to bump her head on low ceilings and doorways!)
    .-= Trish @TheOldPostRoad´s last blog ..Can You Even Imagine? =-.

  4. says

    Candice is a bit of all right herself too, isn’t she? But she always is practical, in with the talent. I think she should allow herself a little more sleep though!

    Julia, I love your investigative pieces! I bet you could find out ANYTHING if you set your mind to it.
    .-= Tricia Rose´s last blog ..Role Model =-.

  5. Kristina says

    I love Candice! She and Sarah Richardson are my favorite Canadian designers. I’m glad to see Candice getting some success in the US :)

  6. Kim says

    I love Candace Olsen, she is a great designer. The other designers on HGTV, I don’t care for that much because most of them don’t have good taste.

  7. says

    She has always been one of my favorites and her renderings are to die for. (At least I always assumed she did them—can you confirm that it is her work?) Coming up fast as a favorite design team is Sixx Design, featured on Bravo on Tuesday nights at 10:00. That show is called 9 by Design because the husband and wife design team have 7 kids! (And they manage to house them all in Manhattan!). Lynn

  8. says

    I absolutely adore Candice Olsen. My other fav by far is David Bromsted. His Color Splash was awesome. I love all the custom paintings he did for his clients.

    Great post Julia…very informative. I did wonder all about her. Now I can put those burning questions to rest:) Have a great weekend.
    .-= Becky @ Farmgirl Paints´s last blog ..Create your own Sunshine! =-.

  9. says

    HGTV better keep her around…whatever it takes. I’m not certain, but it seems like trained designers, professional designers, are becoming more and more rare on that channel. They seem to have replaced designers with TV personalities…a big mistake. If someone can’t draw or do a rendering, they belong on the DIY network, not on HGTV.

    Maybe I’m being too harsh.

    I love her, though. She is refreshingly normal in her interviews, isn’t she?
    .-= Jeannine @ Small and Chic´s last blog ..Cville Design House shuttle logistics =-.

    • Karen says

      I agree! I use to be glued to HGTV because of “so many” design shows. Now? I DVR the “few” design shows I can find (far and few between). It appears HGTV has turned their decorating show into a “real estate” show … very disappointing especially in an economy where houses aren’t selling! What gives HGTV???

      FYI ~ Many former viewers share the same thoughts.

      • Terri W says

        I totally agree. What’s up with so many real estate shows? Let’s get back to design!

  10. Amy says

    Candice, Sarah Richardson and my new Canadian favorite Mike Holmes from Holmes on Holmes. What is with all the Canadians, I love you all!!!!!! You must check out Mike he is soooooo… HOT!!!! I love a man that is smart and sensitive. They are all so talented.

  11. Kat in Texas says

    While I can appreciate Candice’s work, I wouldn’t call myself a fan. My two favorite designers aren’t on TV: Bunny Williams and Michael S. Smith

  12. says

    I love Candice Olsen’s work. I would have no trouble turning my house over to her and letting her have free reign to make it over.

  13. says

    How nice to read her interview. I like most of her designs, sometimes it gets a little to modern for me, but over all, she is terriffic. That gal can wear a necklace a tank top and a pair of jeans and look like a model!
    It seems that HGTV features a lot of Canadian talent, is it based in Canada?
    .-= Pat´s last blog ..Goodnight, John-Boy & Other Large Families =-.

  14. Kara says

    GREAT article! I have always loved and have been intrigued by Candice. Three Christmases ago, I asked for only for the baseboard and crown moulding to be done in 2 rooms. I didn’t get it. I don’t feel so bad now! :-)

  15. says

    I love Divine Design. If I had to pick a style I’d say it would be ‘Candice style’. Her rooms are gorgeous! I kinda figured that people were paying for their remodels.
    .-= Rachel´s last blog ..Faces Need =-.

  16. Lili says

    OOOHHH yes! I LOVE her stuff… I mean, her designs are me (if I had that kind of money) 100%. I could just sit and drool at the rooms she produces, and I tell you, if I lived in Toronto, I would sell everything I had just to pay for a design by her, lol.

  17. says

    I’m definitely a fan…thank you so much for all the inside information! She seems very down-to-earth. Seh has really grown on me over the years. Definitely not a “budget” designer, which is more my field of specialty, but she’s always inspiring and I always like the end results. Thanks so much Julia!!
    .-= Courtney @ Nesting Instincts´s last blog ..Friday’s Fabulous Finds: pretty things =-.

  18. Claire says

    It’s very rare that I don’t love something Candice does! The one major thing I’ve learned from her is how important lighting is!! When they show the before and transform into the after, the lighting is always the thing that catches my eye.

    My Idea Folder has a lot of Candice’s work in it, and she’d probably be VERY happy to know that I don’t have a single kitchen idea!

  19. says

    I would like to live in that sleek white kitchen! Because the look of my bloody kitchen is aging me 10 years. Wait, the dishwasher broke last week, make that 15 years.
    .-= hip hip gin gin´s last blog ..Tulle Time =-.

  20. says

    Thanks for a great post! Candice Olson is a favorite of mine. I like her because she unifies style, form and function with a bit of bling. Sarah Richardson is a favorite of mine as well, and hope you post about her one day.

    Susan and Bentley
    .-= Susan´s last blog ..Shopping Trip =-.

  21. says

    Isn’t that always the case . . . you’re in the biz, and your home comes up last on the list. Enjoyed the “interview.” A lady came into my shop yesterday; she talked about how she loves watching movies for room and general design inspiration. I jotted down your blog address. Hope she stops by, ’cause she’s gonna love you. Cheers, -susan
    .-= LOVE WHERE YOU LIVE´s last blog ..Fabulous GiveAway!! In Celebration of My New Blog Design & Spring. =-.

  22. Susan S says

    Thank you, Julia. Although I’m a huge fan of Candice, I never knew anything about her. The only thing I was aware of was her two children because of her pregnancies on the show. I can see why her kitchen designs age her as they are “uber” designed! She’s obviously a perfectionist because she consistently hits it out of the ball park every time!

    This was an enlightening post. Thanks again!

  23. says

    I adore Candice not only for her spot on designs, but for her humor on the show. Nobody does lighting and wall treatments like Candice ! I didn’t realize she worked only in the Toronto area, but that makes perfect sense since she’s a busy and talented mom ! Although I’m not sure I’d call a 4,000 square foot home ‘simple’ LOL.
    .-= Kate at Centsational Girl´s last blog ..Going for Gold =-.

  24. says

    Thank you, Julia! Candice is my absolute favorite and I too,would let her loose in my house and not question a thing! While I love her work, I have always wondered why she doesn’t mix a few antiques in more often; it seems most of her furniture choices are new. As an avid collector of Japanese antiques, especially tansus, which can be used very effectively with modern interiors, I was shocked one time to see her take a step tansu out of a house! It disappeared without a trace! But maybe I am too focused on keeping treasures and working around them since the ultimate result, was, as usual, gorgeous!

  25. says

    Oh, yeah! She’s my favorite. Thanks for the lowdown, Julia. One of the things I really like about her work is the layers of design — she doesn’t just set the stage, she completely furnishes a room in detail. I’m not surprised that she’s never had an unhappy client and I’m not surprised at the costs because, as I said, her designs are multi-layered, full-throaty works that really work for me.

  26. Julie says

    I love Candice’s work, and agree that it’s some of the best design on tv. I have always wished that there was some mention of the cost involved, because what Candice does is not cheap, and it would be nice for HGTV viewers to see that sometimes great design can’t be achieved for $1,000. Just providing correct lighting for one room can cost significantly more than that! I think people have a skewed idea of what good design costs because of all the ‘cheap’ shows out there…which makes my job more difficult. BTW, there is a website covering the show with more pictures:

  27. Elizabeth says

    Just found your site today through another local website in NC! I love it and I am hooked already!

  28. says

    Hi Julia :)

    She’s such a funny lady. My mom adores her and although I can’t say I love everything she does, I did watch the show because of the comedy aspect.

    My favorite designer? I don’t watch hgtv much anymore, so I’m not sure, but I do love a non-tv designer… Bunny Williams :)

    .-= rue´s last blog ..What I’ve learned =-.

  29. says

    I’m not that familiar with her, but judging by the pics here, her rooms look very designed. A more casual elegance appeals to me.
    .-= Lori-Anne´s last blog ..We’ve Moved =-.

  30. Sheila says

    I like Candice’s designs, but if I had to choose between her and Sarah Richardson’s designs in my home, I would definitely choose Sarah as she seems to respect vintage pieces and that’s what I like.

    But if I had my choice of any designer, it would be Miles Redd.

  31. Ruth says

    Shw is my favorite! I would absolutely be happy, happy if I could EVER afford her! Her rooms are brilliant!

  32. Shar says

    Love, love, love Candace. I used to think her aesthetic was too contemporary for me but lately it seems like her work is more transitional or eclectic. I like all the luxurious textiles she uses too. Still, my very favorite designer is Sarah Richardson, from Design Inc. and Sarah’s House, who’s also a Canadian designer. Her work is impecable and she is a stellar problem solver who can meet any design challenge. Both of these designers have great personality and T.V. presense which is what makes their shows so interesting.
    Thanks for this great post.

  33. says

    I would describe Candace’s style as “feminine” contemporary. It’s clean and simple, but it’s still cozy and warm.

  34. Nita says

    She is the only designer I have seen who I would trust to take my house and do with it what she wished. I love everything she does.

  35. Felisha says

    I also love every room Candice has done. She was my favorite until I got “hooked” on Sarah Richardson of Sarah’s House-please do a post on her someday as well. Canada must be full of great design!

  36. says

    I LOVED this post!!! She’s like the Godmother for most of us. ; ) The images you selected were from some of my favorite episodes. I have the book and wish she would have included some instructions on where to find some of the pieces. Ha!
    .-= the Blah Blah Blahger´s last blog ..TAP TAP TAP, IS THIS THING ON? =-.

  37. Kellye says

    Thanks, Julia! I’ve always wondered who paid for the room makeovers. I wonder if some of the other shows work the same way.

  38. says

    Thank you so much for the article. I love her and she answered a lot of questions that I had. I have her tivoed and have about 6 shows to watch. She is fabulous.
    .-= Melanie´s last blog ..Wrinkled Ladies =-.

  39. says

    Well, all I want to know is – where did she get that fantastic jewelry she is wearing in the first photograph?! I want one! (I also want that formerly-80s bedroom, too, but that’s a given.) :)
    .-= Kate (Little Beach Bum)´s last blog ..Quote of the Day =-.

  40. Kay says

    Enjoyed reading about Candace. How about doing something on Sarah Richardson? Thanks.

  41. Kathy :) says

    Yes Julia Candice is my fave….she has honestly never done a room I didn’t like…she is such a doll too….and I LOVE Chico… you know what happened to the original carpenter…..he was such a hunk, loved him !!! I also LOVE David Bromstead(sp) maybe someday you could do a post on him ??? Love Sarah too and her sidekick is a hoot…., Whatever happened to Myles of Style ??? I have to admit I didn’t care for her…. Remember Room by Room they were cute miss them….Lynnette Jennings miss her too….I’ve loved HGTV for a long time…..

    Thanks for the tip off about House Hunters….that fake Suzanne Wong voice makes me crazy !!!

    GREAT post as always….

    Kathy :)

  42. Kathy :) says

    PS Another show on HGTV that I LOVED…..and until recently I watched but can’t find now,,,,,is My House is Worth What ????

    Kathy :)

  43. Mary Ann says

    I second that motion…I like most of what Candice does, but sometimes it doesn’t seem attainable…Sarah Richardson on the other hand…LOVE, LOVE, LOVE.

  44. Paula says

    Great post!! I love Candice! I think I’ve learned more from her show than any other design show. I like that she doesn’t just tell you what she’s choosing: she also explains why she chose it & why it works.

    I also love Sarah Richardson: I’ve enjoyed each of her shows since Room by Room. The new show where she’s redoing the farmhouse is my favorite – I love to see how she transforms all those vintage finds!!

  45. says

    You answered my burning Candice Olsen question: do the people have to pay for it?? Loved this feature on her~she is one of my all time favs…she’s not called Queen Candice for nothin’ :)
    .-= melissa*320 sycamore´s last blog ..caught my eye 5/28 =-.

  46. Ellen says

    Does anyone know where to find pictures of all/most of Candice’s Divine Design rooms other than at her own website or at hgtv? I find those are too small, plus it takes SO LONG to look through every room. I found a site approx. 2 years ago where you could click through pictures very quickly (like you have them on display above, which is awesome!!) and see all of them in a flash. Anyone know????? Thanks!

  47. Carol says

    I love your website! I found it in my Candice Olson search and I’m very excited to go home tonight and explore the interesting links I see.

    Do you know where Candice Olson gets her media furniture from? I’m looking for the media center / bookcases that she uses to flank a fireplace (focal point). It looks like these cabinets are custom made, but I notice they arrive in boxes unassembled. I’ve checked the TV episode product listings and the source of these furniture pieces aren’t mentioned (at least on the episodes I’ve checked). I’d appreciate any resources or links you can refer me to.
    Thanks, ~Carol

    • Nellie says

      I’ve been trying to figure that out myself, and can’t find anything! I loved the cabinetry for the episode, “Mom and Dad master bedroom.” Hope someone can find out.

  48. Marilyn says

    Candace Olson’s designs are all starting to look the same. Elegant and beige. Does she do anything else? Elegant and beige is getting to be boring. All of her designs are looking identical!

  49. Choully says

    I don’t want to miss any of her show. If someday I could buy my own house, definitely I will hire her. Candice Olson is the best!!!

  50. Patricia says

    I have watched Candice Olson for several years now and really enjoy her “sense of style”. I have noticed lately how refreshed her appearance looks she compared to earlier shows. I would appreciate any information on cosmetic surgery she has obtained. She looks fabulous.

    • hookedonhouses says

      I hadn’t noticed that! Has anyone else? I’ll have to pay more attention when she’s on “Design Star” tonight to see if she looks any different! -Julia :-)

      • JP says

        YES! I almost didn’t realize that it was her in one of the shots on Design Star! In comparing some online photos, it looks like she had some Juvederm/fill in the “parentheses” around her mouth and perhaps a slight “lift” of some sort.

  51. Sonia Schlanger says

    My whole house is a big mess i need lots of helpe please somebady from hgtv help me please!

    sonia schlanger

  52. Noemi says

    Her talent it’s admirable. I can only dream about her spectacular designs because, we can’t afford her. Thank you HGTV for asking her to host her own show and share with us her diving designs.

  53. says

    she is on our pay TV here in Aus atm too, I just love her work, her style, her personality, def a contender for Sarah Richardson no? hehe

    thanks for a great post on her, really interesting stuff mate!
    .-= Annie@ A view on design´s last blog ..Hamilton Island- QLD =-.

  54. says

    John and I both agree, we would love love LOVE for her to come decorate not just one, but our entire home. I truly can say honestly that I have never seen a room she has remodeled that I wouldn’t love to live in and with. Thanks for bringing this post back. Somehow I missed it when I was reading your back posts!! BTW, I am such an avid follower of yours, girl!!!!
    .-= Nancy Hood´s last blog ..What Kind of Nut Are You! =-.

  55. Kim Bruening says

    I love Candice. She is my hero so to speak, I have always been a want to be designer, but never had the confidence to persue my passion for Interior Design. I have been a huge fan of HGTV, Discovery Channel, and TLC design programs I would say for over the last 16 years. The first time that I had seen Candice’s show she did over a kitchen where the house was once lived in by college students, and wow did she change that kitchen, I was so impressed and hooked to her shows ever since. I love how she can take a room that looks hopeless and turns it into a dream room. She just is amazing to me. I also like how well she uses the spaces that she designs. If I ever due persue design it would be my dream to have her as my teacher.

  56. says

    Hi Julia, Hope you are enjoying your vacation. I am just catching up. I have always liked Candice Olsens rooms. There is one thing that makes me nuts about her designs though. She almost always incorporates a hanging chandelier in the middle of a room…either it is over the coffee table or the side tables. This gives the owner no option to rearrange! My family would be knocking into that thing left and right. Of course if we all had 20 ft ceilings…then that could work. I’m just adding my 2 cents today.
    .-= Black Eyed Susans Kitchen´s last blog ..NOSTALGIC INSPIRATION FOUND IN THE GARDEN =-.

  57. David Bibee says

    How do we contact Ms. Olsen about designing a room in our new home?

    • hookedonhouses says

      If you live in Toronto, you might have a shot at getting your room done for her show. Go to her official show website for more information. -Julia

  58. Jonny says

    Candace looks 1000% times better since she had all that filler put in her face. There’s just one spot near her inner right eye that was not filled in properly leaving a “shelf”

    Anyway, she looks fantastic!

  59. says

    We are about an hour from Toronto and would love to get Candice’s over to our place one day.
    Love the show, her entire team is so much fun. Glad she is so popular in the US.

    .-= Kinga´s last blog ..Simple storage – laundry room =-.

  60. shis says

    Hellooo I am from Colombia – Bogota, and I`m a Huge fan of Candice and from Divine Desing!!!. I watch it every thursday here in Colombia and it`s incredible…I would like to contact Candice because on December 2010, I will be premiering new apartment with my husband, I`m just newlywed.
    I will love to recieve some advice from Candice on how to decorate my new & 1st apartment.
    So If by any chance I could contact candice by email or by posting a letter, please Let me now, I will be glad!

    Sincerly yours, shsi

    • hookedonhouses says

      I’m sorry, I don’t know how to contact Candice. I would try her official website, or maybe -Julia

  61. Sandy Knowles says

    I have been trying to find the glass stones tiles Candice used as a fireplace surround.Although I can find single stones, they all are coloured and not as subtle as the ones used in her make over which were light as seemed to be see through…If possible, could some one send me a link? I would be very greatful…Many thanks, Sandy Knowles

    • hookedonhouses says

      Sorry, but I don’t know anything about her resources. -Julia

  62. says

    Love, love,love Candice’s show. You are my favorite designer of all time. Just really miss the first crew you had on your shows. The interchange between all of you was so great, enjoyed them very much. Great work, wonderful redos, keep coming to HGTV.

  63. Jason says

    As a high-browed gay man with an eclectic, yet classic palette living on 89th and Central Park West, I normally gawk at some of the “designers” on HGTV, especially those who use the gay card in attempts of making the straight world believe their talent (or lack there of) is any more prevalent.

    Candice is the ONLY designer who I consistently agree with (95% of the time) and can still surprise and put a smile to my face.

  64. Sarah Cytryn says

    Dear Candice.

    We watch your show all the time on HGTV. My son and daughter- in -law were married on November 15, 2010, almost one year ago. They stay with us over the summer (we live near the Jersey Shore).

    They just announced that they’re expecting a baby in June 2011. we are so excited and are looking forward to it. However, there is not much room to accomodate them. We have a fully furnished basement with one small bedroom and a very old bathroom. We were so hoping that you can come with your fabulous crew and help to make my daughter-in-law (Sarah) and son (Benjamin) (the cutest couple – she’s an artist) a very comfortable space for them and my new grandchild. It would mean so much to all of us and I think you would love working with us too. My husband will try to help (he breaks everything he touches), and my son doesn’t know anything about building. I will try to help and my daughter-in-law Sarah is a wiz, she can practically do anything and is a very willing student.

    So, please , come and visit us soon. Would love to meet you.

    Hoping to hear from you soon,

    Sarah Cytryn

    • hookedonhouses says

      I very much doubt that Candice reads my blog, but I’ll cross my fingers for you! -Julia :-)

  65. martha says

    I realle would like to know her, I am from mexico and I never lose any episody of her even thursday, I reyally love her progam and I would some day know her on person and lern as much as possible from her about design shes the best

  66. ann mc crea says

    I want to invite Candice to Australia, I love her style and would love her to help me style our new house to make it a home. If she wants I can send her a picture of our house. PLEASE PLEASE Candice come down under we need your help.


  67. Greg Little says

    Hi Chelsey,
    I want to build the headboard from the, the minimalist bedroom with three panels. I can handle the tight grain ash and fabric panels, but is the shelving on the sides a kit from a hardware store? My borther lives in Toranto and his business is Steve and sons painting, I will have him pick up the kids and bring them home at christmas. Thanks for your help.

    Greg Little

    • hookedonhouses says

      I’m not sure what you’re talking about, Greg, or who Chelsey is, but okay!

  68. Jo says

    I am from Malta , an island in the Mediterranean sea. I really love Candice show. She is really an amazing and full of great ideas.

  69. Debby says

    Thanks for the article–Candace is fantastic–talented, beautiful and funny. I’d love to see her do a log house…..I miss some of the original cast–Edmund, Hunky Paul (who I thought she was married to…) Do you now where they are now? I like some of the other designers on HGTV, but Candace is in a class by herself…..

    • hookedonhouses says

      I don’t know where they went. Does anyone else?

  70. Gladys King says

    Hi, Candice yes you are one of my favorite designers. We have a lot in common. I coach volleyball at my former high school and my daughter and I watch your show all the time. My family often ask me do I ever get tired of watching HGTV. My answer is No. I enjoy Divine Designs and Design Stars as well. If you are ever in the Atlanta area and would like to stop by and help me with a homemaker feel free. Again, your talents and keep up the great work!

    Your Fans,
    The King Family

  71. Christine Mclellan says

    I just want to say I have watched Candice Olson since she was on City Line. Candice has been such a influence for me that now that my children are grown I have gone back to school (Sheridan College) to take interior decorating. I am loving it and getting ready to graduate in April 2011.
    My dream is to have a room done by Candice one day.
    Thank you for all of your insperation, I love her elevations and floor plans!!!!
    I hope one day to meet you Candice Olson.
    Your biggest fan, Christine Mclellan

  72. Cherida Burkhalter says

    Candice is the ULTIMATE designer. There is no one that can touch her. I simply love the way she sees color, and gets into her client’s head. My friends and I joke that after she does a room for them, she has to do the rest of the house. I know I couldn’t stand the idea that the rest of my house looked like crap. I wish her centuries of success because her design are timeless!!!

  73. Helene Gyselinck says

    I need help with the designing of a new maybe eclectic kitchen for my 1950 home.
    The old pine cabinets are now painted yellow as the stain was so worn out that it wasn’t a pretty site. The white countertop has a few dents in it and never really fit flush against the wall. I wonder if a quartz counter top could accommodate my old but still loved double stainless steel sinks. I would love some input as to what kind of cabinets I should consider in this small kitchen with a straight line design. If you are still looking for someone that wants to be on your show to redesign a small kitchen please consider me. I also in Toronto in a small house only 900 sq.ft. Thank you.

  74. says

    I too wonder about the old team!!! With the new show–are the team of Chico longer part of the show. The Canadian design are my favorites. Candice is the best==our U.S. shows do not fare as well. I like David Bromstads -old show =however his new show in Miami is onlydesigned for that area. It certainly doesn’t fit in MN where I live!

  75. says

    Some women cry @ love stories. I always cry with your show. Your designes are over the top. Class A! I look around my house and cry. To afford one of your designes would be my dream. I watch your show alone because I don’t want my family to see me cry. I have a great husband and would not want to hurt him. He is a hard worker. But I do think it would hurt his feeling knowing how much I love your style and that we can not afford your designes. Your show means so much to me. Every time you make a reveal I pretend it’s my house. Writting this letter here at work I’m holding back the tears. People would think I’m crazy. LOL I just wanted to share with you how much you touch my heart and soul. Keep designing. Thanks for the cry.

  76. says

    Dear Hooked on Houses,

    I’ve been trying to get this letter to Candice. I’ve asked on her fan club facebook page, I’ve asked Canadian Television and HGTV where her fan mail is sent. No one seems able to help. Maybe you can. Here’s the letter…

    Dear Candice,

    I am one of your many fans. While I could spend this letter sharing my
    admiration of specific rooms you have designed, of your helpful books and
    inspiring TV shows, instead I’d like to share a story with you – a story in
    which you play a significant part.

    When I became an avid viewer of HGTV a few years ago and discovered your
    program, I was able, vicariously, to feed the passion I have harbored since I
    was 10, to be an interior designer. With the inspiration of shows like yours
    and my own vision, I have been very fortunate to assist a few homeowners in
    bringing new energy, beauty, cohesion, and functionality to their spaces. But
    no project has been more important than the one I am tackling now.

    In June of 2010, my little sister (also an amateur designer, who chose
    instead to become an inner-city school counselor for 5-9 year olds) moved into
    her dream home – a little bungalow in the up-and-coming neighborhood of East
    Nashville, Tennessee. Having depleted their savings, my sister Andrea and her
    husband Kenny opted to wait to furnish their living room, with the result that
    the front door opened on to a 13’X22′ room that was essentially, well, empty. Still,
    Andrea couldn’t help but start to collect little accessories here and there – a
    rug on sale, pictures, lamps, knick-knacks. The color scheme was already
    determined by the custom curtains left behind by a previous owner – in warm blue
    and chocolate tones (a favorite combination of yours, and way before its time, I
    seem to remember). Anyway the room waited while my sister dreamed, and
    window-shopped, and bided her time. She could never know that her time was
    running out.

    Late this past summer, Andrea began to experience a lot of pain and exhaustion.
    She had a few health complications previously, but this seemed different. After
    a brief stay in the hospital she was pronounced fit enough to go home. She and
    Kenny vowed to get her started on a more aggressive treatment program as soon as
    possible. 24 hours later, she lay down for a nap and passed away quietly in her
    sleep. She was 37 years old.

    So now you know my project: to furnish that living room in a way that honors my
    sister’s style and tastes, but takes into account that this is now the home of a
    single man with 3 large rescue dogs and a lot of bittersweet memories.

    There was a time, I confess, that I was growing a little tired of the blue and
    brown projects that seemed to come up again and again on decorating shows. But
    I am grateful now to have that bank of images stored up to call upon as I embark
    on this design journey. Thanks to the lessons I’ve learned from you, I know
    that recessed lighting is a must in a color-saturate room. Kenny’s budget can’t
    quite reach that far, but at least I know that it is a top priority on the
    “someday” list. What I wouldn’t give for a team of tradespeople right about
    now! My Mom and Dad are my paint crew and on-site consultants, as I am doing
    most of the concept work from my home in Asheville, NC. The project gives my
    parents and me something to do right now, as we work through our grief, and a
    way to spend time with Andrea’s husband. I am experimenting with an accent wall
    and also a combination of gloss and eggshell paint finishes. We are creating
    two seating areas (I know that it is good to have two or more areas in a big
    room, one for larger groups and one more intimate). I am making a
    primitive/industrial console table from found wood and an old aquarium stand,
    the sort of task I can picture you completing. I’ll be making some of the throw
    pillows from Andrea’s old sweaters, so that when Kenny sits on his sectional, he
    will be able, in a way, to hold her and lean on her for strength. I’m not sure if
    I picked up that idea from you or if somehow it was my own.

    Anyway, thank you for your enthusiasm and charisma and humor, which have always made for a fun viewing experience. Thanks for your creativity and the way you teach as well as design, explaining your choices and the methods for executing
    them as the project unfolds. Thanks for your color schemes and your permission
    to mix elements from all different styles to create texture, interest, energy,
    and a ‘story’ for rooms. And thank you for reading this letter. If you would
    be at all interested, I’d be happy to send you pictures and a brief concept
    statement of the project when it is complete.

    Yours in Creativity and Courage,
    Wendy Morrison

  77. ShabbyChick says

    I am also an Interior Designer, and I love Candice’s work. HGTV and TLC typically showcase entry-level to mediocre (at best), “designers”…(remember Trading Spaces?)…UGH. Candice is a true professional, she knows her stuff and I have learned a lot from watching her rooms come together. She also has great interaction with her clients, doesn’t have cookie cutter, one-trick-pony design sense and she is perfect on TV, which also can’t be said for most of the designing shows these days. Wish I was in the Toronto area, I’d love to join their team!

  78. Tyree Riggs says

    I would like to know where I can find that great wooden wall organizer with the hidden fold out hooks and shelves seen on several Divine Design episodes including “Boxed In”.
    Thank you!

  79. Karen T. says

    I love both Candace and Sarah Richardson’s shows very much! Candace has never done a room I didn’t like. Sarah’s style is more to my liking, however, since I love antiques & vintage style decorating.

  80. says

    Dear Candice : I hope you get to read this .
    You are just amazing.Your talent is incredable. On top of all that your personality is one to be proud of.I will watch your show forever just to maybe pickup on some of your ideas to add to my home.By the way if you and Chico want to tackle my unfinished basement I would be honoured.

    Good Work

  81. Carolyn Block says

    I am trying to find the traditional dining table used in one of Candice’s elegant dining room makeovers. The table has extensions on the ends of the table. I have searched and cannot find the episode that featured this table.

  82. says

    Can anyone direct me to where I might be able to purhcase the wooden wall organiser with the hidden hooks featured in the ‘Cozy Gathering Spot’ episode making over a narrow space with a lounge and dining area. I’ve hunted everywhere and can’t even find an email address for the show to ask. So any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank goodness for this site or I would have hit a dead end!!!


    Spinosa of Hoddle, Gippsland Australia

  83. Melissa Minter says

    Candice Olson is the most talented interior decorator I have ever seen on HGTV. If I ever get to make enough money to afford her decorating services, and if she was still decorating by that time, I would be absolutely “wow-ed” to have her artistry in my house! You are so talented Candice, you are truly a genius!

  84. Janice says

    I’M IN LOVE w/ Candice’s designs – I’ve seen every single episode she’s in. Too bad I live in Los Angeles. I love her style – sophisticated, timeless, extremely practical, durable, and tasteful, all the while making the room look like a place where someone actually lives in, as opposed to a fancy showroom.

    Candice, if you ever come across this post (nearly impossible), I just want you to know that I’m seriously considering leaving sunny California for Toronto JUST to get you to design my home. Better yet, perhaps you should consider coming to LA!

  85. shirley pearson says

    Candice has lost her sense of humor – she’s not as funny as she used to be. Where is her old crew? Her new show is taking some getting used to. I Miss the quirky energy … I was actually bored with her last show and didn’t stick around to see the final production.

    I love her and want “the old (though totally glamours) Candice back…

  86. ligia moro (from brazil) says

    she’s amazing… really divine…
    very talent designer
    i dream, someday, have something like her design

  87. Linda Splawski says

    What happened to Chico?!!!! I loved Divine Design, even though Paul (the carpenter) and Edmond (the sewer) weren’y on it anymore, but to get rid of Chico, Candice, what is wrong with you??!! Divine Design was a better show and Chico rocked. Get him back!!!!

  88. Cheryl Corwin says

    I can’t express how much I’ve enjoyed being a part of Candice Olson’s journey through the years. And I am sure my kids are unable to count the times they have heard me say “when I grow up I am going to be just like Candice”. Did I mention I am 43?

    One thing is for sure, I have enjoyed every moment of Devine Design an their crew.
    You are a very bright light Candice, I hope you will continue to teach an intertain us for years to come.

    Thank you for all of your hard work an inspiration Candice

  89. Gail says

    Candice Olsen is the best designer eva! her designs are Devine!!! I wish I could get a room designed by her, but since that is a wish, I just love to watch her show.

  90. Paula Jonker says

    Candice Olsen is fabulous, I have a small design stylist company and I have never seen anything she has done be anything but gorgous and always so creative!
    She truly is my hero.

  91. Melanie says

    Does anyone know how to find a source list for items used in her designs? I fell in love with a canvas print that was in the last show she did for Candice Tells All and have no clue how to find it. It was the show with the small living/dining room combo and aired on 3/19/11 I think. Love her and love your site!!

  92. Karen Snow says

    Today program April 27, 2011 Basement: Cozy Gathering Space / Comedian Jerry
    How to find a source list for fabrics and manufacturer sofa. I loved the fabric on the pillow and drapery “theatrical” curtain.

  93. says

    I’ve enjoyed Divine Design since its debut on HGTV. It’s strange that HGTV doesn’t seem to be interested in releasing it’s shows on DVD, like Divine Design. I ask them about it only to get no response. Not good ! I know that there is the Candice Olson Kitchen and Bath DVD, but that has only about 4 episodes on it. That’s all, folks ! Does anybody out there know of the availability of the show on DVD ? Maybe through Candice herself (hint, hint …….). It’s a bummer to invest your time watching a series only for the network to stubbornly refuse to release it on DVD. They could even consider the DVD on Demand concept, where the product is made WHEN orders come in, avoiding mass production and distribution costs. Or make the seasons available via download. C’mon HGTV ! You need to be considerate of your fans. Candice, maybe you should put some fire under them !

  94. Sandra Lindley says

    I am a huge fan of Candice Olsen’s designs. My favorite designer and I’ve watched every show I can. Her designs really speak to me. I’m getting ready to move in the next year and I scour her designs that I may recreate as close as possible a living room and bedroom to die for. I love the show where she designed her Mom’s kitchen. I actually shed a tear to see the intimacy of their relationship.
    Wish I could afford her services!! Candice you are the best.
    Sandra Lindley

  95. Franki Parde says

    Candice has reached “icon” status. She has NOT “DUMMIED DOWN” her series and remains the BEST thing HGTV has going for it anymore. My friends and many “bloggers” adore her. Sarah R. and David B. should emulate her as they are the best “up and coming.” franki

  96. Cindy says

    Candice Olson is by far the best designer, I have an obsession for designing and I began watching HGTV shows. Until I discovered Candice show on W network, I fell in love with every single one of her designs. I ensured that I watched all her episcopes and I was able to get my husband to watch Devine Design with me. My living room is not very functional, I am not sure how to design it and for the most part as a family we don’t utilize this space. After I graduated from University, get a job and save some money I would definitely hire Candice to design my living room so we can sit and watch television as a family.

  97. Nita says

    Her hubby is a doll. She is the ONLY designer I would hand my house keys to and say have at it! I would trust her with all.

  98. Vanessa says

    She is great…I just wished she started using other colors!

  99. Norma says

    Hi Julia,Thankyou for posting this article about Candice.I’ve watch her for a long time now.And yes I did notice a difference in her looks this time on her new show.We do have some wonderful designers here in Canada.Candice is one of my favorites.

  100. says

    Legendary ! That’s one fair word I can used to describe my “Role model” ,Candice. Two years ago, on my first trip in the United States ,I had the remote control in my hands scrolling the chanels . I found something that warrants my attention on chanel 30, (Candice Olsen , Devine Design) .Ever since I’m in love with her show. I even think of having a tatoo of her . meeting her someday would be like meeting Jesus Christ in person. loooooooooooooooooooooooove her to death for inspiring me and helping me keep my eyes on my goal, which is of course become a home stager.

  101. says

    please , let me know that there’s no other Candice’s biggest fan but me in the whole Universe. Si j’etais une fille lors de ma reincarnation , je serais CANDICE
    OLSEN !

  102. Stacey says

    Candice is really my favourite designer of all time. Following closely behind are Genevieve Gorder and Scott McGillivray. Even though I am all the way from Trinidad, I really enjoy looking at her on HGTV. Candice’s designs really are divine and inspiring. I love ALL her work. I am yet to see something from her that I don’t love.

  103. Madi Bennett says

    I have been dying to know what that black tablet looking this Candice Olson designs stuff on is. Do you know where I could find one? I’m wanting to go to college to become an Interior Decorator and I thought if I purchase this device I could design room really easily. So do you know where I could order one?

    • hookedonhouses says

      Good question! I don’t know, but you might be able to get an answer from Good luck!

  104. Sinaia O. Simoes says

    I wish she could come to Brazil… Lots of new ideas here!
    Best wishes,


  105. Rosane Nascimento says

    Candice, parabéns, você é a melhor design do mundo. Não perco um programa seu, além de ser a melhor, impecável e espetacular, só utiliza material de primeira linha. Um dia quem sabe, quando eu ganhar na loteria te contrato para vir ao Brasil decorar minha mansão. beijos e parabéns. Rosane Nascimento

  106. Denise Jayme says

    Moro no Brasil e adoro o trabalho da Candice, sempre que posso assisto Design Divino.
    Adoro os detalhes como ela mistura os objetos, as cores e graças ao seu trabalho percebi o quanto eu gosto de design de interiores e pretendo fazer um curso, não tenho pretensão de ser como a Candice . Gostaria muito de um dia conhece-la pessoalmente , beijos a todos de sua equipe maravilhosa e um grande beijo para voce.

  107. Donna says

    I just love her & her designs…but why always blue/brown & white..maybe I just miss those” other” shows….there was the one black/red/white and one other w/black and…. has her new season started,!…what are the date (s) it begins…the schedule, I guess…sorry to bother…

    Also, when I win the lottery and I mean “WHEN”….and I am planning to, before I announce it to anyone…including my husband, lawyer and the lottery officials….I will call HGTV and have their designers handle my first million(s) designing my dream home (s)….and so on…thanks for letting me have my dreams….

  108. says

    If I had the opportunity to pick a designer come and design my house, I would most likely only choose candice! I love her, she is so very talented… I have seen all her shows over and over again and now she has Candice Tells All Show, another great show!

  109. Cecelia Mattingly says

    I think it was so sweet of Candice to re-do her Mother’s home before she moved into it! If ever I where lucky enough to win a lottery and buy a house, Candice would be the person to design every room in it! Not only does she make a room look simple and comfortable, but very Classy- looking, too! I dearly Love her funny personality, that is why watching her programs keeps you honed in on every detail of her designs!

  110. Regina Celia says

    Olá Candice.
    Sou brasileira e tenho acompanhado o programa Design Divine. Acho-0 maravilhoso.Você é demais!
    Gosto do seu estilo.Fino e aconchegante.Você e os membros de sua equipe são muito engraçados.Divirto-me bastante.
    Parabéns e como a Rosane disse:quem sabe um dia!
    Regina Celia

  111. Deb says

    I am searching for the retrofitted led light to insert into an existing 6″ socketed can light. I have searched every store and no one knows what I am talking about. This past weekend, Candice was demonstrating this product again on her show. It not only converts the old “yellowey” incandescent light to a bright, clean light, but also has a collar that surrounds the small led light, giving it a finished look. Candice has taught us the importance of good lighting…. help me find my solution! I don’t want to have to rip out my old fixtures !

  112. claudia lewin says

    Dear Candice
    I love your tv show and your simple great designer…. unfortunatelly you’re not in Chile…from where I can take some ideas?

  113. Bidde Hetherington says

    My husband and I are recent empty nesters but we are caring for 3 parents. Our daughter lives nearby and we enjoy spending time with them, so moving to another city is not an option. My husband works out of town 3 to 4 days a week so his time home is important to us. There is always a lot to do and we try to grab a little time for us and time to keep up with friendships. Half of our house is upstairs which was the childrens’ rooms and game room. This leaves a rather small area downstairs for us and not so great for entertaining. We don’t want to move because we love our neighborhood. We live in Texas where trees are a premium and no new areas have trees and it is hot, hot , hot hear. We would like to make this house more to our liking but I am afraid of making a mistake and spending a lot of money and ending up with a mess. Frankly, it makes my head hurt to think about it. Candice Please help!!!!!!! Sincerely, a Texas girl with a Texas size Problem.

  114. Ramón Alves says

    dear Candice
    I am Brazilian and not lose their divine design, I learned a lot and still learning to design.
    on account of their work plan to pursue a career in architecture or design may
    Ramon a big hug if possible thanks re’ponder

  115. says


  116. HELENA CASTAÑO says

    Soy una gran admiradora de Candice OLson me encanta su programa Diseño Divino vivo en Colombia-Bogota y mi sueño seria poderla conocer me encantan todos los temas de decoracion y que pudiera ir a mi apartamento

  117. says

    Hi Candice! I´m from Brazil and I just love your work!!! I´m building a house and I would love if I could have some advices from you. If I was rich enought I would bring you to my place in the south of Brazil.
    Thanks for sharing with us, simple mortals, your genius !

  118. Faith Dahl says

    I have never enjoyed watching a designer as much as I do Candice. She makes rooms look beautiful and I wish my house could look so good. She has a real gift for putting it all together and I am proud to know she is an Alberta girl like me. All the best –come out west, Candice, Vancouver and the Fraser Valley are amazing! Faith

  119. Aracely M says

    Candice me fascinan tus diseños y me gusta ver tus programas me gustaria saber donde conseguir en mexico o e.u. donde venden las plantillas para poner cuadros de fotografias en la pared, gracias.


    I have been looking high and low, for some sort of email address to ask about a specific necklace and bracelet worn on Design Star, by Candice, well today must be my lucky day. I kind of fell into this site and there is a wonderful picture of Candice wearing the mentioned necklace and bracelet. Please tell all. Is it available in some sort of retail or collection form. I think it is gorgeous and would like to own it. Info. asap, please


  121. Jazmin says

    I absolutely LOVE Candice Olson, she is the best designer ever. Her style of decorating is to die for. I would love her to come and decorate my entire house. Hopefully my dream will come true one day and I will never leave my home again because I know she will make it so pretty that I will feel as I am on vacation all the time. LoVe Her!!!!

  122. Edna Portela alves says

    Hello Candice,
    My name is Edna , and I live in Brazil. I love your program. Me and my husband are building a new home, and sometimes I think how could be good if you can help us.
    Becouse sometimes we feel lost. Sorry about my english.

    Kisses Edna Portela Alves

  123. DARIO ALVITES says

    hola, he visto el programa DISEÑO DIVINO, los diseños que proyectas son espectaculares, el color, los materiales, la iluminacion, son muy buenos, soy arquitecto y aprendo mucha mas acerca del diseño de interiores gracias a ti. muchos saludos de Lima – Peru

  124. gisele bittencourt says

    Hello, Candice! I live in southern Brazil (Rio Grande do Sul) and simply love your work and your team. Congratulations!



  126. Damaris says

    Candice your designs are just amazing!!! You are the best.

    Damaris from Costa Rica

  127. says

    Candice: mi saludo cordial y afectuoso para usted y su equipo de creadores. Muy gustosa estoy de contactarme con usted, admiro lo profesional que es, la sensibilidad que muestra con su trabajo y el estilo extraordinario que impregna tanto en su manera de ser cuanto al mirar el interior de un departamento. Qué debo hacer para que me honre con su presencia en casa para hacer arreglos, entrego obras de arte como canje para este objetivo. Espero su respuesta, el mail es

  128. olga morales says

    Hola veo el programa siempre, me encanta como cada detalle es perfecto al finalizar, el diseño.

  129. JUDY says


    • says

      Judy, I’m afraid this is not Candice Olson’s website and the odds of her seeing your note are slim to none. There’s a link in the post above to hers if you want to try reaching her there!


    Hola .
    Soy fan numero 1 de CANDICE OLSON, me encantan sus diseños que son realmente divinos,remodele mi apartamento con sus ideas, ojalá ella pudiera venir a Colombia.pero………… Cndice I love you work. It´s greaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat.

  131. Stefany Colares says

    Admiro muitíssimo seu trabalho! A cada programa que assisto fico mais encantada. Parabéns!!!

  132. says

    candice, I am in design cuiaba-Brazil, love your program and he would love to show some my services and if possible to have further contact with you to exchange ideas and work together in exchange, I am awaiting

  133. Lizete A. da silva says

    Sou apaixonada pelo programa Divine Designs, e grande admiradora de Candice e sua equipe.
    Assisto a todos os programas atraves do canal a cabo aqui em Porto Alegre,Brasil.
    Meus parabéns a candice e sua equipe.

  134. Nilda says

    I am going to disagree with some of you guys. Candice is not one of the best designer there is. SHE IS THE BEST OF ALL ! Lov u Candice !

  135. Idalina says

    Candice, firstly congratulations on the excellent job. I would ask that if one day you come to do some work in Brazil do in my house (hihihhi), please. I love your work!Kisses

  136. judith says

    lamento mucho no saber ni leer ni escribir en ingles para poder utilizar las palabras correctas… admiro enormemente tu trabajo, eres una diseñadora increible y espero que permanezcas en la television por muchos años mas porque vivo en Venezuela y estando tan lejos de Toronto seria imposible admirar tu trabajo… muchas muchas muchas felicitaciones por tu trabajo… que dios te bendiga a ti y a toda tu familia… te deseo de todo corazon que sigan los exitos…