What Happened to Suzanne Whang on HGTV’s “House Hunters”?


Last year I wrote a post about HGTV’s top-rated show House Hunters and its host Suzanne Whang, an actress who has had small roles in movies like Housesitter. Soon after, she sort of . . . disappeared. She was replaced on the show by a bodiless voice that sort of sounds like her, but actually belongs to a voice-over artist named Colette Whitaker.


So many people have written to ask me where Whang went that I thought I’d tell you what I know. A reader sent me a note saying that she e-mailed the actress herself to ask her where she went and received a personal response. Here it is:

i left the show almost a year ago, after hosting it for almost a decade. they’ll still show my reruns for eternity, i imagine. feel free to post your comments or send an email to hgtv.com.

i am now headlining at stand-up comedy clubs, i’m guest hosting on the Game Show Network, writing my 2nd book, developing several television series to star in, doing professional keynote speaking, guest sermons, political activism, and charity work. life is good!


HGTV hasn’t made a big deal of her departure and continues to use her image on the House Hunters page of their site. Maybe they’re hoping nobody notices that she’s been replaced.

Viewers did notice, however. If the amount of mail I’ve gotten about it is any indication, then I’m sure HGTV has also gotten an earful from upset fans. One man wrote and urged me–and everyone else–to boycott HH altogether until she is reinstated. Another told me she immediately turns off the show if it’s an episode without Whang in it. Someone else wants to start a petition to get her back.

Have you missed her?


The first episode aired in 2000 and within a couple of years it was HGTV’s hottest show.

Until recently they didn’t tell viewers how much the featured houses cost. Viewers were only given a vague idea of the buyer’s price range. As soon as “House Hunters” started revealing the prices of the homes in 2005, the ratings soared. Turns out people like knowing the numbers (I know I do!).

Producers took note and began creating entire shows built around the concept of house prices, such as National Open House and What You Get for the Money.


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  1. says

    I love The Stagers and If Walls Could Talk. They used to have Dream Drives which was a great show. I love HGTV. They did an online interview with me last year and it is my favorite channel to watch.

    Love your Blog!
    Visit mine if you get a chance!

    .-= Aimee ´s last blog ..A Day of Shopping… =-.

  2. Tara says

    My husband and I had really wondered where she had gone! We thought she was on maternity leave or something. I had no idea HH had been going for so long.

    My fave house show is Property Ladder on TLC but am very addicted to HH and HH International as well. I’m also liking Bang for your Buck. And Property Virgins. And many others.

  3. says

    I think HGTV also has Serena Soto (I think that’s her name) “hosting” now.

    I guess they aren’t really in the business of announcing the coming and going of shows and hosts. We usually figure that stuff out on our own. Recently, Angelo Sumelis announced on his blog and Twitter that Rate My Space is over. I don’t think HGTV has mentioned that yet.

    Remember when one of the contestants on Design Star was kicked off for having done a racey video or photos? I can’t remember exactly what it was, but *poof* he was gone and the only mention was when one of the other contestants alluded to it in the finale. Funny that on their version of a reality show, they didn’t go for the drama.

    Anyway, I don’t fault them for not making these announcements…so much of their schedule is built on re-runs that it would date them if they made it public that Kim has been gone for a year.

    I have to admit that my favorite HGTV shows are always the ones that were imported from HGTV Canada. If you haven’t caught Holmes on Homes, it’s worth it to haul yourself out of bed early on Saturday mornings to see it. :)
    .-= Jeannine @ Small and Chic´s last blog ..Bathroom pre-model: Tile Shopping =-.

  4. says

    I miss her terribly – it’s just not the same without Suzanne.
    House Hunters is defintely one of my top favs – I’m such a snooper and I’m always amazed at how much people actually spend on homes.
    .-= duchess´s last blog ..We’re Back =-.

  5. says

    Oh I’m so glad to know this – I have really missed her – she was the best part of the show! I would LOVE for her to return. And this is my absolute favorite show on tv – so it’s quite a disappointment for me. I would love to let HGTV know how I feel! I actually looked on their web site for a contact us link but didn’t see it…I guess I’ll go back and try again!
    .-= christy´s last blog ..To Spanx or not to Spanx, that is the question. =-.

  6. Eileen says

    YES! I miss her!
    Why would they get rid of a well-liked host? No business sense.

  7. says

    I had noticed that Whang wasn’t on the newer episodes. I liked her alot but don’t understand why one would boycott the show now that she has left, assuming that she made the decision to leave. And yes! The show became SO much better once they included the sale price of each home. I loved seeing the difference in home prices from city to city. I’m sure that I’m not alone due to the creation of “What You Get for Your Money”. Interesting show but “House Hunters” is still my favorite HGTV show.
    .-= Jamie´s last blog ..Inspiring laundry rooms and A’s for your Q’s =-.

  8. Joslyn says

    I thought my husband and I were the only ones who loved Suzanne on this show! We miss her too and it seems it’s not a true episode with out her! At least her response to the e-mail makes me feel better about her departure.

  9. sally says

    I guess I’m in the minority here. I am pretty happy I don’t have to be subjected to her repeating herself a thousand times anymore. And the little shoulder wag/shake thing that she did drove me CRAZY. Show me more of the house, not her saying the same things about the houses over and over and over again. I think we only see the houses for about 10 minutes out of the 30 minute show. I’m sure she’s a great actress and charity worker, though.

    • Tina says

      amen. Suzanne drove me batty–had to be seen before every scene telling us what we already knew, like we were idiots.

  10. hookedonhouses says

    Jeannine–I hadn’t seen Serena Soto on “House Hunters” yet–I guess I haven’t watched much this summer, and when I have seen the show, it’s always a rerun I’ve caught before. That’s interesting.

    I also missed Angelo’s announcement on Twitter, even though I follow him. Sorry to hear that–I thought “Rate My Space” was a pretty good show.

    I do remember when Mikey V just disappeared from “Design Star.” It was kind of bizarre that they didn’t address it. I got tons of mail from people asking me to tell them where he went. I’m not sure why people think I have all the answers, but I think it’s because they search for HGTV shows and land on my blog.

    When you read the HGTV message boards, people go nuts when the channel doesn’t explain things like this. The speculation gets crazy. But I do understand why HGTV might not make such announcements. As you said, we’ll still see the shows and hosts in reruns forever! :-)

    Jamie and Sally–I don’t understand the need to boycott the show, either. Most people assumed HGTV fired Suzanne and were angry, I think. But for me, the appeal of the show is seeing the houses, whether there’s a host or not! -Julia

    • Terry Burch says

      Whether they fired her or not, they should have the courtesy not to imitate her voice. If they want her voice, then bring back Suzanne Wong.

  11. rachel says

    i agree with sally- i don’t mind that suzanne is gone! she didn’t bug me, per se, but i think the show is better now!

  12. Dianne says

    How can we get HGTV to do shows with good designers and not all this DIY? Remember Chriss Madden’s show and Joe Ruggiero and Kitty Bartholomew…where are these people or others like them? Older home owners who have money to spend are being skipped over for young viewers with little cash. I don’t get it. Do you know a way to bring back these type shows? Even thrifty DIY’ers can learn from looking at the best!

  13. says

    Stand up comedy? Wow! I never would have guessed. She was great on the show…but I think it’s still great. I just think it’s weird when shows don’t acknowledge a hosts departure.

    Has anyone seen “Clean House” on Style network? My husband & I are addicted. Each week they have a yard sale & use the proceeds +$1000 to redesign 3 rooms. Awesome. Great cast too.
    .-= Melissa´s last blog ..Vacation Photos- Sag Harbor =-.

  14. says

    I wondered what happened to her as well but honestly, I assumed she had left and not that HGTV fired her. I’m not on the message boards so I guess it never occurred to me to put that much thought into it. I really did like her on the show and miss her hosting! Interesting too on Mikey V. I really liked him and did wonder what went on there! Design Star is going to be starting again, I’m so excited! Will you do a post on the contestants? That would be fun. :)
    .-= Michelle´s last blog ..Spray Painting and Carpal Tunnel =-.

  15. says

    No, I suppose I don’t really miss her – no offense. It’s the SHOW I tune in for, not necessarily for the HOST and the show is still on, plus she didn’t have a big role in the show, really. I see reruns of Suzanne frequently, so there’s been no reason to miss her.

    Thanks for the info on what she’s up to. Sounds like she has a full life. Good for her!!

  16. says

    I love “House Hunters”!! I do miss her. Seeing the prices is very interesting. Sometimes I wonder what people are thinking paying so much for so little. I get a laugh at every episode because inevitably someone says, “The rooms are so small.”, while standing in a 20 x 20 room. :) I’ve also become a fan of the international version as well.
    .-= Christine´s last blog ..Random Thoughts =-.

  17. says

    Well, I did realize she was gone, but I didn’t really lose any sleep over it. I like the show, but sometimes I just want to slap these people saying they can’t buy a house because they would have to paint or worse they have to get upgrade perfectly good working appliances. Money to burn???But as a Realtor for 15 years I have seen it all, lol. I like ( liked, I am not sure there are new episodes) “My House is Worth What? and sometimes “What you Get for the Money”. Unfortunately I am never sure when these shows are on, certainly not in Prime Time. The new Real Estate Intervention is interesting and so very true of what sellers think and say to their Realtors. Their homes are always the best 😉
    Sorry for the ramble.
    .-= Janet´s last blog ..VILLEFRANCHE ( a mostly silent post) =-.

  18. says

    They have only started showing House Hunters here in the last few months and I am watching reruns from 3 years ago. It was always one of my favorite shows. She was a very good host for the show. She has a very serene and pleasant demeanor, I would think it would be very difficult to find a suitable replacement. Too bad that she is gone I really like her.
    .-= Charlie´s last blog ..Giveaway from All Modern =-.

  19. says

    My favorite HGTV show is “Hidden Potential”, can you get the inside scoop on this show? I’d like to know what software they use to “design” the homes, are they ever going to show an “after” and what kind of credentials do the designers have (e.g. are they engineers, architects, interior designers or just computer geeks)?

    See you at your party!!
    .-= Beachbrights´s last blog ..The Desk That Would Not Quit… =-.

  20. greenie says

    I was wondering what was going on with all this and you’ve answered it! She was a staple on that show, then briefly was replaced by a blonde (for about 3 or 4 episodes) that I didn’t like at all, and now it’s a mixture of Whang and the “bodiless voice”. I wasn’t aware she was gone, because I haven’t seen every episode of House Hunters or House Hunters International, so I thought she was still active. I really like her! Sorry to see that she’s no longer connected to the show.

    I as well, like House Hunters and Designed to Sell and my all-time-favorite “designer” show is Divine Design with Candice Olson. She RULES!

  21. says

    Yes I miss her…I was wondering, thanks Julia for letting us know. HGTV desperately needs some new shows, I have seen every show 2 or 3 times…apparently the economy has hit HGTV too!! I love Monica Pederson on Designed to Sell. She is my absolute favorite designer and now they aren’t even showing new episodes of DTS anymore!!

    .-= LeAnn´s last blog ..Open cabinets =-.

  22. hookedonhouses says

    Beachbrights–I can’t stand “Hidden Potential” because they don’t show how the houses turn out. Drives me crazy! I’d love to hear from some of those homeowners and find out if they were really able to pull off some of those ambitious plans. If I can find out any information about it, I’ll let you know. -Julia

  23. says

    I must watch the reruns b/c I see her all the time, or I think I do….Because she wasn’t replaced with other online talent maybe I just assume it’s still her…..
    .-= Marie Cole´s last blog ..An Award For Me? =-.

  24. laney says

    …i too love house hunters…and though i adore lisa la porter…i do not like the show…i always skip the first part and go back to see the end…i think it’s the sarcastic person who comes in with her very scripted critique(as the owners wait in the closet or someplace to hear how dreadful their home and taste is )…the woman grates on my very last nerve…homes across america would be my all time favorite hgtv show..i miss it…

  25. says

    I love House Hunters. I am always surprised when the people complain about the sizes of the houses and I think they are really big. And everyone on the show needs “lots of room to entertain”. Makes me think American’s are having parties all the time.
    .-= Carrie´s last blog ..Price My Space =-.

  26. laney says

    ps….i am talking about designed to sell of course that i do not like…mental lapse there!

  27. says

    Thank you so much for posting this. We’ve been without cable since last summer so I’ve only watched episodes online. While we were on vacation I sneaked an episode (I really love HH) and was bugged by the lack of Suzanne Whang and the voiceover lady that maybe, sort of sounded like her but maybe not. It does seem that HGTV could have done some sort of farewell or something at least on their website since it’s such a popular show and she’s been on it since the beginning. I’d still watch the show but it definitely isn’t the same.
    .-= Amy´s last blog ..Energy Efficient Stuff… =-.

  28. says

    Ok, I’m not doing myself any favor by saying this but… I work at home and use the tv sometimes to keep me company. I’ve noticed Suzanne Whang several times on reruns of the show “Las Vegas” (never watched it in prime time, but it makes for pleasant background noise) She plays a cosmetician or massage therapist or something like that who works in the casino… and she’s super funny!
    What is up with HGTV these days anyway? Or maybe it’s just me, but I can’t get into any of their programming right now. Joe Ruggiero’s show was a fave… I could listen to him talk about design details all day.
    .-= Tracy´s last blog ..A Whole New Deux =-.

  29. Christine says

    I love House Hunters! I can’t believe they use a voice over. I would totally send a comment to HGTV. Suzanne is awesome!

  30. says

    I’m sorry to say I wasn’t a huge fan of Suzanne. Having said that, I’ll always stop what I’m doing and watch the show. I have a producer friend who gave me some inside scoop on HH a couple years back and even though it disappointed me immensely, I still love watching.

    But I’m with ya on Hidden Potential! So lame to not know the end result!
    .-= the BLAH BLAH BLAHger´s last blog ..CONDO2CASTLE: Don’t Forget Your Garage!!! =-.

  31. Liz says

    It’s funny, I’ve always liked House Hunters and now my 21-yr-old is hooked. We laugh that everyone that’s house hunting always includes ‘it’s great for entertaining.’

    My favorite HGTV show of all times is Homes Across America. I was able to TiVo some of my favorite episodes before it went off air and frequently refer back to them. I also liked Dream Drives.

    I now like Bought and Sold and The Property Shop.

  32. says

    In fact, I did wonder where she went. It’s so funny…knowing her as the House Hunters host, then reading that she does stand-up comedy…I would have never pictured! I knew someone who was on House Hunters…let’s just say that the living rooms weren’t the only thing that was staged. 😉

    I think my favorite home design show du jour is Dear Genevieve, partially because it’s new so me and Genni are still in a honeymoon period. :-) But I’ll always love This Old House. TOH is to home improvement TV what Julia Child was to food TV. Classics.
    .-= laura @ the shorehouse´s last blog ..Mantle love. =-.

  33. says

    HH is def my fav. I also like, What you get for your $ and Bang for your Buck. Clearly, I’m a Nosey Nellie and like knowing the price. Hidden Potential drives me nuts too. I want to see the flipping potential. I have a feeling very little of the “potential” ever happens. I want to see them do the projects for the estimated cost.
    .-= Kristin´s last blog ..Retail Therapy- Nordstrom Semi Annual Sale =-.

  34. says

    Hidden Potential makes me crazy… I want to see the house after they move in!!! LOL
    My hubby and I are defintely hooked on HH…. we are always betting on the house they take… you get a few mintues of bragging rights if you pick correctly!

    I really like the show Bought and Sold… not a big fan of The Stagers… I can’t stand the rushing around of it… makes me feel like I need to get up and do something! 😉
    .-= Amy´s last blog ..Floral Arrangement from the Kitchen =-.

  35. says

    I used to love Divine Design, but I kind of got tired of it, as the format was never changed. Candace Olsen still does incredible work, but the same old schtick gets boring. I LOVE Design Star and reality shows like that. Some of the contestants are SO bad, that it makes me want to apply! I also think the Superstar Challenge (is that what it’s called?) with the HGTV Hosts squaring off against each other is kinda fun.
    Great post!
    .-= Rebecca´s last blog ..Imaginary Faces and Spaces =-.

  36. Kellye says

    I do miss Suzanne, although I’ve gotten used to the “bodiless voice.” My favorite show is Property Virgins because I love Sandra.

  37. laney says

    …julia i read in early spring that kittly bartholomew’s home was for sale…could you use your mgic and track that down for us…would love and inside peek…

  38. says

    I remember watching countless House Hunters episodes while on bedrest with my daughter. Honestly, it doesn’t bother me at all that she was gone. I don’t think the show really needed a host.
    .-= Jenny´s last blog ..Picnic Table Talk: Imagination =-.

  39. says

    My roommates and I used to always say how pointless of a host she was… she was almost awkward, I don’t know she just sort of irked me! But the funny thing is, is that we watch the show all of the time and we haven’t noticed that she’s gone!! I guess we got so used to fast-forwarding thru her parts that we completely missed her departure from the show!!
    .-= Daly Essentials´s last blog ..Hotel Missoni =-.

  40. says

    Thanks for this post Julia, it was fun to follow-up on Suzanne. I do think that HGTV has taken a turn for the realty shows. I miss all of the great designers like Joe and Kitty and Chris Madden. I could almost blame HGTV for some of the foreclosure problems in this country. All they show is people buying homes with no money down – 100% financed loans, or a loan for the down payment and the actual mortgage. On Property Virgins Sandra always pushes the clients to a home over their comfort range, and the same for My First House. What’s wrong with buying within your means? ~ Robyn
    .-= Robyn´s last blog ..Fertilizer Friday! (Foodie Friday to Follow this Afternoon) =-.

  41. says

    Hi Friends, My two cents on these:
    Suzanne Whang did a pleasant intro, but she was always walking along a sidewalk next to a fence, she was never on-site, which was odd. I love HH International.
    Hidden Potential is ridiculous, many of the homes they’ve done are in my New Jersey area and the estimated costs “we’ll spend xxx dollars on this” are so impossibly unrealistic.
    I’m a Realtor, so I love Sandra’s frank talk with buyers on “Property Virgins”.
    I miss Joe Ruggiero on Homes Across America, too! Those were houses to aspire to, classy and elegant without being over the top.

  42. TraceyB says

    Huh. I didn’t even notice. I guess because I too am a fast forwarder. Are there really people out there who are that upset over her leaving?
    I also love Sandra’s frank talk on “Property Virgins.”
    Yes, “Hidden Potential” Is a really big waste of time.
    Have to agree with Janet regarding the House Hunters who can’t buy a house because the bedroom is green. Drives me crazy!! I wonder if real estate agents actually hear that often??

  43. says

    I’m a little late to this post, but I just had to say that I love House Hunters and I still watch it even though the cousin of a friend of mine was on the show a few years ago and in his case (I don’t know if this is how it works for every episode) the house they “chose” was actually already in escrow (by them) and the other 2 houses were chosen by the show. They weren’t making a choice at all.
    Anyway, my faves right now are My House is Worth What and Bang for Your Buck because I love seeing (and critiquing, natch) what people do in their homes.
    .-= ashley morgan´s last blog ..Movin’ on up =-.

  44. jIMMY says

    My daughter called home from college in 2000 and told us to watch this show We have been faithful viewers since. Yes we noticed Suzanne was gone and are not pleased. You do not mess with success..

  45. Mary says

    I like Suzanne so much better than any other of the shows with the pushy real estate women. The mother daughter tag team are so pushy and rude. The other woman I don’t even know her name that does Property Virgins I can’t stand her either. My friends and I loved the episode from Hyde Park (Cincinnati) where the twins wore the shirts pretty much telling her she didn’t know what she was trying to fool them into they did know their neighborhood.

  46. Sara Lee says

    I just watched an episode of House Hunters and Suzanne was not hosting, I just today found out she is not on the show anymore. Instead the people hosting were the Mom/Daughter real estate team that are SO annoying.

    I understand if Suzanne moved on to other things and wish her all the luck, but how hard is it to find a replacement who was as warm and sweet as her? If that mom/daughter team continue to host I might just stop watching.

    Oh well, at least I have Property Virgins.

  47. says

    I would like to know what happened to Jennifer Bertrand, design star that was picked for 2008? I have not seen one show of hers. Does she indeed have a show and when does it air? this is very strange. The new star for 2009 has been chosen and his show will air on this Sunday September 20, 2009. But I have not seen anything for Jennifer Bertrand, what is the problem? I did not know Suzanne Whang was gone, but if she is it is HGTV”s lost, she was so sweet and such a wonderful host, but I did not miss her. Property Virginis host is Sandra Riganomo rude, but I like the show. It irks me to her asking them to guess the price of the house all the time, and the mother and daughter team, but I have not seen them lately, have you taken their show off the air?

  48. Joy says

    I’m very unhappy that Suzanne Whang is not with House Hunters any more. If HGTV reads any of these comments I hope they know how much we miss her. Does anyone know what ever happened to Hunky Carpenter Paul from Divine Design. I really miss him. Divine Design is one of my favorite shows and he was great to look at – plus he was talented as well.

  49. BrianB says

    We too have been big fans of House Hunters for years. Suzanne Whang was an excellent host for HH, and even though these comments are directed towards the departure of Suzanne, I’d like to make a comment about House Hunters in general.

    Did House Hunters also change Producers/Directors/Creators this season? (2009)

    This season of House Hunters has been the most bland season we have ever seen. The RE Agents have been unbearable with their low toned blah monologues. The prospective home buyers have not been as upbeat as they have been in years. The quality of homes prospective buyers has gone to the wayside of bland and boring homes. The show is not the same. Same as a lot of HGTV’s new shows this season, boring hosts covering boring renovations. The Young Guy who does the Basement Remodelings for investment properties needs to be teaching arithmetic to JR High students and not hosting a TV show.

    I hate to make these comments on a Suzanne Whang article, but maybe someone at HGTV might read this and make the much needed changes with their programming to bring back the great shows they once had. Our viewing preferences are now geared towards DIY and TLC when it comes to “Home” type of shows because HGTV home shows have taken a turn for the worse.

    Hope my comment makes it to someone that understands and also sees what has been changed at HGTV and will see to it that HGTV reinvents itself to glorious channel it once was. Until then, my remote will continue taking me to DIY and TLC who currently have the best “Home” type of shows TV has to offer today.

  50. barbara says

    I Love HGTV. I never miss house hunters or property virgins. House hunter international I l ove. I feel like I am traveling. When there is nothing on t.v. I can depend on watching and enjoying anything on HGTV.

  51. suzie says

    So are you telling me all those houses we see on House Hunters with Suzanne Whang have been sold years ago.
    Where is Designed to Sell. I miss that show, it is
    my favorite. I think I have seen all the episodes, most more than once.
    How about the new show Rental Property. Another winner. HGTV ROCKS!!!!!

  52. Linda says

    I miss Suzanne Whang also, the show isn’t the same with just a ghostly voice in the background. I’d like to see her back.

    • Sandra says

      I really miss Suzanne Whang.I don’t watch the show that much.becouse it is not the same without her.

  53. Rebeva says

    Glad I wasn’t crazy! I thought the voice was off for awhile, and weird how the show didn’t start with, “Hi, I’m Suzanne Whang!” I wouldn’t boycott the show because of it, but I really did like Ms. Whang. Hope she does great in whatever she’s doing now :)

    HH and HHI used to be my favorite shows, but now… after I found out how it really works, it just changed the show. Like how finding out in the original Willy Wonka the river of chocolate was anything but. The show lost the magic after that – but I still watch from time to time.

    I like Candice Olsen’s show, Bang for your Buck (It’s like “My House is Worth What?” without the annoying Kendra), and the underplayed Landscapers/Designers Challenge. O hgtv is sort of going downhill though…

  54. j says

    I love Property Virgins because they film here in Cincinnati. :-) And House Hunters International – man, I get wanderlust every time I see an ep. However, wondering what Rebeva means by “how it really works.”

  55. hookedonhouses says

    I have been told by several people that “House Hunters” is sometimes staged. They have already bought a house and pretend to still be looking for one by touring two other houses. That’s probably what Rebeva is referring to. -Julia

  56. Lala123 says

    I miss Suzanne very much. I’m sitting here watching Star Jones’ turn at hosting and I have to say that I just don’t care for her very much. First of all, she’s wearing a horrible flowered dress and her face looks bad since her weight loss. Suzanne’s voice is soothing, whereas Star’s voice is grating and hoarse,

    Please bring Suzanne back!

  57. LPBear says

    Kenneth Brown appeared at a home show here in Houston a couple of years ago, and some of the questions he was asked had to do with how the shows on HGTV were produced. He said, “Oh, y’all don’t really want to know the truth about House Hunters, do you?” He said that yes, sometimes the “house hunters” have already bought their house and pretend to look at others, but I think that mainly has to do with the show’s shooting schedule–they want to make sure there’s actually a sale to follow up on. I think I’ve only seen one episode of House Hunters where a sale was not made, and that was before the format was changed to the current “which one of the three will they pick?”

  58. shelley wilson says

    I love House Hunters but I have a question about how they chose couples. Do they always look for a couple who both likes to cook and prepare food. It just does not seem real. And I do miss Suzanne Whang

  59. IloveHG says

    My husband and I are hooked on House Hunters, but we miss Suzanne Very much. It’s just not the same without her. It is part of our HGTV nightly ritual. We love My First Place and Property Virgins too. Cannot stand host lady from The Unsellables, makes it unwatchable.

  60. PDADoc says

    My wife and I had noticed that Suzanne Whang was gone. We are both loyal House Hunters watchers, both domestic and international versions, with a preference for the latter.

    While I have nothing against Ms. Whang, I do have to say that her departure hasn’t affected our watching of the show one bit. I don’t understand how people can get upset over someone who spent a sum total of perhaps two minutes on each show. The new disembodied voice works just fine for us.

    We don’t miss her, and the show is still a success. If we were watching for her presence, we certainly would have chosen a show that gave her more face time!

  61. says

    I enjoyed Suzanne’s sense of humor and resent the fact that HGTV tried to fool us with someone who sounded so much like Ms Whang.

  62. SuzanneFan says

    We miss Suzanne and cannot believe she has been replaced. Bring her back! I can’t imagine the reason for replacing her, but do not that her absence is noted (prompting us to google her whereabouts!). Do not underestimate the power and importance of great “human capital.” Suzanne’s voice is soothing (her replacment is a depressing substitute) and seeing her on screen was always reassuring – she absolutely adds value to the show. Again, do what’s right and bring her back!

  63. Mark says

    My wife and I are big fans of househunters and hgtv in general. We were also wondering what happened to Suzanne. We are saddened to here of her departure from hgtv. Good luck in all your future endeavors suzanne.

  64. Rosetta James says

    I recently saw an episode of On the Case with Paula Zahn on the Discovery Channel and the show dealt with a man, Johnathan Nyce, a scientist, father of 3 young children and married to a woman from the Phillipines. I remember once seeing a couple that matched this description exactly on House Hunters chossing between 3 houses as they moved from one end of the country to another. Does anyone remember seeing a House Hunters show with the above described person. If so, please let me know because as soon as I started watching the Paula Zahn show, I thought “I have seen this couple before and I think it was on House Hunters. Please let me know if you have any information on this as I cannot seem to find any information on this elsewhere.

  65. faith says

    I too have been upset with her not hosting House Hunters. It’s just not the same! Love it when there is a rerun, but really do not like the format of the new episodes without Ms. Whang. And, please, the faceless voice is so obviously NOT Suzanne Whang! Disgusting they would even try to fool their audience.

  66. connie taylor says

    The new voice is very soothing and I believe it to be that of voiceover artist Yvette Lowenthal, who bought an apartment in Midtown, New York City, last year’s show. Her voice is really nice and I guess since she was a voice-over artist why not hire her to do House Hunts since she had been on the show as a buyer.

  67. Virginia Provost says

    Please DEMAND that Cablevision keep HGTV on its line-up!!!

  68. Virginia Provost says

    HGTV is a favorite with many Cablevision viewers. Keep it where it is, or is Cablevision going to put it on another pay-for-view package. That would be robbery and outrageous!

  69. says

    I miss Suzanne very much. She made the show. I am pleased to see Sarah Richardson of “Sarah’s House” (FLN) is coming to HGTV. I too would like to know what happened to Jennifer the winner last year. I think there are way too many reruns on HGTV. Please make new episodes.

  70. Miss Irene says

    They have a new voice on house hunters more annoying then the first . Not surprised that it’s a setup AT ALL. On Jennifer her shoe was most likely canceled. Saw the first one and was not impressed.Most of the shows are changed due to the changing times. Color splash is one of the few that I still watch…

  71. Snickers says

    I miss Suzanne Whang on House Hunters. The new episodes are not that interesting..please bring Suzanne back.

  72. Bernice says

    I love and miss Suzanne on House Hunters (but will continue to watch). Thankfully enough, I follow her on twitter (@suzannewhang), so now it’s just a matter of getting her to tweet more often.

  73. Kate D'Angelo says

    We have enjoyed House Hunters and House Hunters International over the years. Please bring back Suzanne Whang. We miss beautiful delivery.

  74. pamela reitsma says

    House Hunters has lost all its personality with this ‘bodiless’ hostess.

  75. gerri says

    I am very unhappy that suzanne Whang is not on HH anymore, I will not watch it anymore.
    It is now boring and there are too many reruns. Where are the old shows and why were they taken off HGTV. Bring back Suaznne and better shows.

  76. carol says

    I thought something was off on HH’s. In particular, when Suzanne stopped appearing when the show opened. I can’t believe the studio would go to such lengths the deceive the public by bringing in a voice over. Obviously, they knew the audience appeal that Suzanne had. I’ve watched the show since it began and when the voice started sounding different — I would deliberately change the station. No matter, in my opinion the show tries hard and fails miserably.

  77. Zarida Young says

    Just watched a rerun with Suzanne…I miss her so much…she made the show. The sound-alike voice didn’t do it. The show just isn’t the same without her; however, keep it on the air!

  78. Mike says

    The show is not the same without Suzanne’s soothing voice. We have watched the show faithfully in Canada on HGTV, and there is the same feeling of loss up here. I hope Suzanne reads every one of these posted comments, and knows just how much of an impact she has had on such a diverse crowd of dedicated followers. We love you Suzanne, and we miss you dearly.

  79. Andy says

    I miss Suzanne’s sweet voice, she was the perfect host.
    The new voice in the current House Hunters (Sabrina Soto?) tries to sound like Suzzane with no success. And the one in HH International sounds depressive. It’s like a drama documentary.
    I want Decorating Cents back too, I enjoyed that show very much. I’m tired of Design to Sell and those new shows that HGTV has. It’s no longer my fav TV channel.

  80. Pat Austin says

    I miss Suzanne Whang on House Hunters. It’s one thing if she is too busy and doesn’t want to do HH anymore, but if she was let go, I would like to say….Please bring her back!

  81. Melvin Gaines says

    I may be a lone voice in the wind on this post, but I honestly do not see why Suzanne Whang’s presence on the show is such a deal breaker for actually watching House Hunters. This is no disrespect to her, but the focus of the show is actually the individual or the couple looking at the homes and making a choice. She hardly had any significant dialogue on the show. In addition, ten years is a long time to host a show. I think that she wants to do stand-up comedy and further her career…makes sense to me.

  82. ml says

    Not a fan of the new voice. I hate how it sounds like it’s forced to be upbeat. The cadence is the same for every sentence and it gets annoying. I miss Suzanne!

  83. Jason says

    House Hunters with Suzanne Whang was my favorite show. Now, not so much. Without Suzanne the show is lifeless and dull. We miss her so much. I will watch the reruns just to see her. She was great on F/X too. We wish her continued success.

  84. Tammy says

    I miss Suzanne Whang too & think that it’s wrong that they still list her as hostess in the credits of the 2010 episodes. But the one thing that really annoyed me about many episodes over the past year is that many of the couples seemed to be there just to showcase their own “talents”… like the salsa dancers that had to dance in every house they viewed, the garage band family where the dad felt the need to bang out a tune on the piano in one house, or the a cappella group that had to sing in every house. Really annoying & detracted from the show, in my opinion.

  85. Emma Gray says

    I love HH’s & HHI but it is not the same w/out Suzanne Whang. Personally I think HGTV is junk now, I used to watch it all the time and then they let all the good shows go, i.e. Decorating Cents, Gardening by the Yard, Designing for the Sexes, etc…, I hate Property Virgins, Designed to Sell, Unsellables (very annoying host, and I’m from England too), I really miss the gardening show’s, don’t watch HGTV much at all anymore, hubby watches “Holmes on Home’s” best how on there for a while. Bring back Suzanne :0)…

  86. HGTV watcher says

    I also have to let you know that House Hunters is a setup.
    My daughter’s co-worker and his wife had already bought their house and on the show they were shown 2 others as well as their own.

    I don’t know why they do this and why more people don’t know about it.

    • hookedonhouses says

      HGTV watcher–a couple of other people have written to tell me the same thing. I wondered if they always do it that way or if those were unusual circumstances? Sounds like it might always be set up that way. Kind of takes the fun out of it, doesn’t it? -Julia

  87. Karen says

    HGTV has so many silly shows – I have lost count . . . .but Suzanne Whang was a bright spot. I do enjoy “Property Virgins” because they offer real honest to life advice. And House Hunters? The couples looking for homes are SO irritating I change channels . . .

  88. Karen says

    I still enjoy watching House Hunters and HH International. Bring back Suzanne

  89. Valerie Jackson says

    The show is not the same without S.W. If you can HGTV, bring her back. The new shows are a bit corny. Still love this network though!!

  90. Andrea B. says

    HGTV, please bring back Suzanne Whang. She actually made the show for me. I loved seeing her presence at the beginning telling the stories about the families buying the houses. This show has not been the same for me since then. If I see a House Hunters that has her in it, I watch. If she is not in the show, I don’t. Why would you change one of the hottest shows you had going?

  91. hojjoij says


  92. CiCi says

    We miss Suzanne as a host also. The new woman’s voice is horrible – bland and monotone. Its as if she is being forced to read the script and just wants to leave (we wish she would). We’ve given up on many of the HGTV shows. They are basically 15 minutes or less of video which is repeated constantly to fill the 1/2 hour. Unsellables is the worst offender. I doubt there is actually 10 minutes of film per show. And the host has no talent. We do love watching her intro where she walks so fake it cracks us up. Ha ha ha

  93. Liz says

    This new woman is waaay to serious, plain and b-o-r-i-n-g. It’s bad enough they have home buyers that are whiney and complain about every little detail, but then to add this woman, YIKES. I’ve got to the point where I only watch the last few mins where you see all 3 houses, which one they picked and how they might re-do the house.

  94. Peggy says

    The “voice” on House Hunters International has been bugging me for months now and even though it says the host is Suzanne Whang – I knew it wasn’t her voice. She has a nice, cheery voice and this new voice is dull and low and BORING. It is misleading to list her name as host when she isn’t. I really thought something happened to her physically to make her voice change !! It was really driving me crazy until I decided to google her and found out what really happened.

  95. Uzay says

    I am stunned to hear that people miss this person. She is completely useless and her “host” role is utterly unnecessary. Her “stories” about the families are hackneyed and annoying. I cannot stand her. I have to fast-forward if she is on.


  96. judy norwood says

    I miss suzanne the show is not the same. Loved seeing her face on the screen when the show started. Where is suzanne now?

  97. Breanne says

    I think it’s totally creepy that the voiceover artist sounds VERY similar to her. Like HGTV was trying to pretend she was still around, just not in person hosting the show. That always seemed very shady to me.

  98. Jan says

    I miss Suzanne Whang on HGTV House Hunters. I started watching the network because of the House Hunter show. I like the guest host but I really Suzanne I guess she is sort of an icon that made the show. Hopefully, she will return.

  99. Sheila says

    HGTV changes their show so often. I use to enjoyed the Stagers, also the real estate blond in Canada, Ken Brown but they are gone, I guess. I am really tired of Holmes on Homes. Sometimes he is on for hours! What is wrong with this station? It use to be one of my favorites. Selling New York and Sarah Richardson are right how two of my favorite shows currently airing.

  100. marianne says

    HGTV has turned into a real estate channel and I therefore seldom watch it anymore. The design shows are mostly re-runs. I do enjoy Candice Olson whenever I can catch the show, and am looking forwad the Design Star competition, but usually watch foodnetwork or foodchannel, simply don’t care for the real estate shows.

  101. marylois says

    I too have really missed Suzanne Wang. Please get her back. She is so beautiful and so easy to listen to. I enjoyed House Hunters so much more when she was host.

  102. Pam Rapp says

    I do enjoy the shows, except when people are looking for gigantic pieces of property for a family of four! It’s interesting to see prices in various parts of the country in House Hunters! I agree that it always seems that they are looking for a place to “entertain’ – who really does THAT much.
    I enjoy all the shows for the most part – get tired of reruns however.
    I have had an idea for a show – go back and see how some of the earlier families that bought in House Hunters – are they still in their homes? – did they move to other homes, and why? – did they make improvements? – are the couples still together?
    I would love to see an “update” show such as this! -How many of the host of HGTV are married?

    • hookedonhouses says

      Great idea! I’d love to see some update shows. -Julia

  103. Rhonda says

    Mystery solved! The entire family misses Suzanne! The episodes without her definitely seem to be lacking. It sounds like she left the show on her own accord and that it would be unlikely that she would be able to come back with all of those projects. They really need a new hostess for House Hunters. It seems a little hallow right now.

  104. Stacy says

    Thanks for the information. I have watched multiple epidoses of House Hunters every day for years and have recently missed the continuity Suzanne’s sweet and friendly face has brought to the show….enough to have googled several times to figure out where she has gone and why. Funny how a tv personality that you are never going to meet in real life can become such a comforting fixture to one’s daily existence! It is certainly undertandable, with Suzanne’s appealing personality, she could and would want to move onto something else after a decade! Best of luck to you, Suzanne, in all your future endeavors!

  105. Tracy Evans says

    I loved Suzanne Whang. I was so upset that HGTV replaced her without making a statement. I loved her cheery voice. The other voices are just disconnected beings, I do not like at all. Bring back Suzanne

  106. Susan W. says

    I only watch HH when there’s nothing else on, and many times not then because the
    people who look at the apts are so picky, picky. Tonight there was a stunning kitchen which the hunter didn’t acknowledge at all. This overly critical aspect, probably scripted, is not fun to watch.

  107. Emily LaPier says

    I still enjoy watching House Hunters, but more so when Suzanne was the host. It really isn’t the same without her, she did such a great job! It seems so different now, even the format seems to have changed. Seems she is doing well & is involved in so many different avenue’s now, a very busy woman indeed. But I still say, bring Suzanne back to House Hunters! I miss her! Best of Luck to you Suzanne, no matter what!

  108. Mo Duncan says

    I do not understand ANYONE missing Suzanne Whang’s voice! My boyfriend can’t even stand watching even one minute of the episodes she narrates, her sing-songy voice is horrible. Like nails on a chalboard. The thing that is STILL annoying about this show is the ridiculous expectations of the buyers. Have no money, but want granite this & that, huge yards. They act like a nice kitchen is a dump because it doesn’t have stainless steel appliances. It makes us look like a stupid & self-entitled society to see all these greedy people with their nitpicking. It wasn’t so bad at first but now – particularly with the horrible economy – I found it too irritating & stopped watching altogether.

  109. ShabbyChick says

    What’s the big deal about her? She was on for MAYBE 3 minutes every episode. Do you like the show or just the host???

  110. Lateley says

    I really miss Suzanne Whang. The dull voiced person that is the host now turnes me off and now I turn the show off. I have been one onf HGTV’s biggest fans and have always tryed to watch it at home and away from home. The show has become DULL, DULL, DULL!

  111. I'm sad says

    One of my favorite shows on tv is House Hunters and always looked forward to Suzanne Whang as the host. Her voice is so beautiful. I also learned from the evening news that she is fighting breast cancer. This saddens me. My heart goes out to her and will keep her in my prayers.

  112. carole templin says


  113. carole templin says

    clivey–come back–you are the best: cute, personable, fun, etc.

  114. Stenar says

    Suzanne was super annoying. She’d stand there speaking, her torso perfectly still, but her arms would hang limply from her shoulders and oddly sway back and forth as she talked. It was very creepy.

  115. Renee says

    My family and I have also wondered what became of Suzanne. She was a familiar voice and face to the show and we miss her : (

  116. Lynne says

    I miss Suzanne Whang, too! Though the “new voice” is fine, it just isn’t the same without Suzanne. The one they need to get rid of is that Sofie on “Unsellables”. I cannot stand her voice…..though she’s British, she seems to actually put on more of a pronounced British accent, which is extremely annoying. I watched that show one time and her voice and exaggerated accent got on my nerves so bad, I won’t watch it again. When it comes on, I can’t get to the remote fast enough!! I’d rather hear fingernails on a chalkboard. Honestly.

  117. Anne says

    The problem I have with House Hunters is that the people looking for homes seem to be going by a script. EVERYONE always talks about needing “space for entertaining”; they love the “flow” of the house, or they “love this space”. I’ve been a real estate agent for more than three decades and never once has any of my clients used any of those terms. They’ll say, ” this is a nice bedroom, or den or living room”. No one says, “this is a nice space”. If a room is small they’ll say it’s small, not “this is a tight space”. No one says that!! A large percentage of the episodes has somebody climbing into someone else’s bathtub, or the wife shutting the husband up the closet, or the “classic” when they see a huge walk-in closet: “well here’s my closet….where are you goiing to put YOUR stuff?” Oh, hahaha, tee-hee. Never had any clients to do any of those things. I hate “reality” shows that aren’t real.

  118. Brittany says

    I love hgtv, even though im only 13…. I happened to stumble upon this website when looking online to find how to post something on hgtv’s facebook wall about design star, I HATE the fact that they kicked Kellie off!! I was just wondering, could you possibly do a segment on that?? Not necessarily about her, but the show in general. I don’t think they should kick off the person that most people voted for on their website, that makes me wonder if they are doing it for some type of drama, or something, because I so not be watching the end to design star, not after that crap they pulled!
    P.S. Many people seem to be mad about the acting in the shows, honestly, now that I think of it, my parents have never said, ” This is a old style bathroom.” They would say, this needs some major updating! How much is this going to cost?” Now when I’m watching House Hunters, I always think of this website, and how terrible the acting is!!

    • says

      Interesting that she had more votes on the HGTV website than any other contestant. They wouldn’t have known how everyone would vote back when they filmed the season, though.

      I’ve been enjoying Design Star more this year than last, for sure. I wrote one post about it at the beginning of the season, but no one seemed interested in it. Whenever I mention the show on Facebook or Twitter, I hear crickets. I was starting to think I was the only one watching!

  119. lisbeth says

    What was the name of the female Hostess who was an ex-Vegas Dancer/entertainer? She was so funny and quirky. She was not really a designer as much as a project leader. Some of her shows involved neighbors “switching” 1 room in each others home and revealing the results at the end of the show – thus the earliest “suprised Oh-My-God” expression. What was her name?