Meg Ryan’s Brownstone in “You’ve Got Mail”

You've Got Mail movie Meg Ryan's Brownstone

The 1998 romantic comedy You’ve Got Mail reunited Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan five years after they first found love in Sleepless in Seattle. In it, bookstore owner Kathleen lives in this charming New York City brownstone:

Meg Ryan's brownstone You've Got Mail

Tom Hanks at Meg Ryan's brownstone You've Got Mail

During the opening credits, the camera pans up the brownstone and into Kathleen’s apartment:

Meg Ryan's brownstone in You've Got Mail 1

I kept hoping for a better look into that bathroom she’s stepping out of, but this is pretty much all we see of it:

Meg Ryan's brownstone in You've Got Mail 3

Greg Kinnear plays Kathleen’s boyfriend Frank. She watches him leave through the peephole to be sure he’s really gone before she checks her e-mail:

Meg Ryan's brownstone in You've Got Mail 4

And checking for messages from “NY152,” as Hanks calls himself online (she’s Shopgirl):

I got a kick out of seeing Meg Ryan checking her AOL e-mail. First are all of those noisy dial-up sounds that I had forgotten about. Then the little cartoon guy who looks like he’s running to fetch your messages.

In 1998, all of the e-mail talk and Starbucks visits in this movie probably seemed very modern! :)

Meg Ryan's brownstone in You've Got Mail 6

Greg Kinnear and Meg Ryan You've Got Mail

Meg Ryan's brownstone kitchen You've Got Mail

In this shot you get a glimpse of the great woodwork in the hall, and the trim around the doors:

Meg Ryan's brownstone in You've Got Mail 5

The Shop Around the Corner

Jimmy Stewart in Shop Around the Corner movie

You’ve Got Mail was a modern update of the 1940 comedy The Shop Around the Corner. In a nod to the original, Meg’s independent bookstore was named The Shop Around the Corner:

Meg ryan's Shop Around the Corner

Shop Around the Corner bookstore You've Got Mail

Meg ryan's Shop Around the Corner 4

Tom Hanks plays the owner of a new bookstore that has opened in the neighborhood called Fox Books. It’s one of those superstores that tends to put the independent ones out of business.

Meg ryan's Shop Around the Corner 5

Kathleen doesn’t know that’s who he is when he brings his father’s young children into the store one day. And he doesn’t know that Kathleen is the one he’s been e-mailing back and forth with for weeks.

Meg ryan's Shop Around the Corner 6

She can’t compete with Fox Books and soon goes out of business:

Meg ryan's Shop Around the Corner 1

Meg ryan's Shop Around the Corner 3

It still upsets me every time she has to close her shop. Do you ever secretly hope movies will end differently for once? Like, this time, she’ll find a way to keep it open? :-)


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  1. Kelly says

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I have been SO wanting you to do this movie – my all time favorite. You did a fabulous job showing us all of it. When I visited NYC a few years ago I made it a point to visit all of the locations featured in the movie. Cafe Lalo (sp?)was a fun and yummy place to eat and so was the Boat Basin restaurant on the Hudson River. Thanks again for a terrific job!

  2. says

    One of my favorite movies- my husband and I actually also visited several of the shops/cafes in NYC that were used in the film! And I took a picture standing in front of the brownstone that we thought was hers. Great pictures! I always loved her little home!! And that shop was just the coziest sweetest little place ever!

    Bethany’s last blog post..Didn’t Your Momma Ever Teach You…

  3. Eileen says

    Loved the movie!
    Love, Love, Love Brownstones!
    And especially loved this brownstone!
    And I want that kitchen table!
    This was a great post! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  4. says

    I would love to be a set designer! But first I would need to learn to design such beautiful rooms with so much character. They reflect so much personality. Thanks! Oh and I wish I looked as cute as Meg Ryan with short hair!

    Shannon’s last blog post..Haunted by Lights

  5. says

    Hi Julia,
    I absolutely adore this movie. I have tried many times to figure out how to find the painting of the swans that is over her bed in many scenes. It is a white swan on a black background and everytime I watch the movie I am completely in awe of it. Do you have any idea how to find out??

    Becky @Farmgirl Paints’s last blog post..Guest Retreat

  6. says

    How funny that the furniture moved – you have eagle eyes to spot that! Nonetheless, I could happily move in here, although hopefully not with a dial-up AOL connection!

    Struggler’s last blog post..Fruity Finds Under $100

  7. says

    Great tour! Love her house, it feels feminine without being frilly. And the couch looks sooo comfortable.

    I know what you mean about hoping that a movie will end differently this time. I think that every time I watch Gone With the Wind – maybe just for once Scarlett will figure out it all out in time!

    Rebecca’s last blog post..California, knocking on the golden door

  8. says

    Thanks Julia!
    The main reason I will watch this movie EVERY TIME I run into it, is for the interiors. Kathleen and Joe’s apartments, her shop, his store (beautiful even tho it is the “enemy”)… even the boat and Joe’s father’s office (styled by Jillian who studied decorating at
    Caesar’s Palace!) Of course I know the story backward and forward, but I never tire of looking at all the great details the filmmakers built into the interiors. And I love how the things that keep changing in Kathleen’s apartment are a reflection of how unsettled her life becomes during the course of the movie.
    So glad I’m not the only one looking at the wallpaper BEHIND the characters!!

    Tracy’s last blog post..In my mailbox

  9. says

    THANK YOU! I love this Monday spot as I’m totally hooked on film houses. It makes my husband smile when he sees me trying to bite my tongue to stop from gushing about the sets while we’re watching films! I also annoy him by mentioning when I see they’ve moved the furniture, or the same cushion appears in two different rooms. 😉 This film ‘home’ is one of my absolute favourites. The small kitchen layout reminds me of the one in Sleepless in Seattle.

    This is one film I’ve always wanted to re-write the ending for so that the shop can stay open. Another is Wonderful Life; during the credits, I’d like Potter’s assistant to rebel and sneakily take the missing envelope of money to the Building and Loan so that the uncle doesn’t feel so bad.

    PS I don’t know if you already have – I’ve missed a few – but can you feature the gorgeous doors from Nicole Kidman’s Interpreter sometime.

    janice | Sharing the Journey’s last blog post..Take Time to Treasure What’s Important

  10. says

    Julia–Thanks so much for showcasing this one. I love that this interior looks like it just happened–when I am sure every detail was well thought out! For my southern roots this brownstone seemed so hip and bohemian–a dream for another life. It looks as if Meg beat us all to the distressed look for furniture. I love that you found Dr Torres in her first role! I look forward to this every Monday—Movies and decorating, two of my favorites!

    susan’s last blog post..Metamorphosis Monday….Wedding Day

  11. says

    Thanks again Julie I love that movie, I am such a romantic, I love all the detail of all the wood edging, such a cosy apartment you are going to so inspire me for when I start building my house, I am already taking notes of things to remember to add to the detail, just cannot wait to get started.

    Elaine’s last blog post..Building Project

  12. says

    I loved Meg’s apartment in that movie! Interesting that ten years later her apartment decor is still beautiful and fresh.

    Why is it called Brownstone?

    Astrid’s last blog post..Random Bits

  13. says

    I LOVE this movie! I could and have watched it a million times! Thank you so much for the history behind the movie. Wouldn’t you just love to live in an apartment just like that! And to own a shop like that would be absolutely wonderful! I never knew it was a “remake” of sorts of an older movie. Would love to see that too! Again, Thank you!

  14. laney says

    …oh i did love the apartment…but what i really coveted was the book shop….

  15. Melanie says

    I want the bookstore (and it not close) and her house and her haircut…wow, I am full of envy this monday.;)

  16. says

    Thanks Julia for posting one of my favorite movies too. I could watch it over & over again until the cows come home. I was more infatuated with her bookstore than her brownstone. Loved Greg K. in this movie too!! Sniffle..sniffle..sneeze..aaachooooo

    Deborah Milne’s last blog post..Summer Day Dreams

  17. says

    Thank you, thank you for posting this movie, AND for looking up who the clerk at Zabar’s was. I watched this movie for the first time in a few years the other day and thought, “who IS that?” I meant to go to imdb and look it up but just kept forgetting.

    Love your posts!

    Bonnie’s last blog post..June is already coming to an end

  18. says

    Thanks for sharing! Technically Meg starred with Tom in Joe Vs The Volcano before they did Sleepless in Seattle … but they really make a great team. :)

    MissCaron’s last blog post..RIP Michael Jackson

  19. says

    It’s my favorite movie and as many times as I have watched it, I never seem to get tired of it. I noticed “Callie” too. And don’t you just love Jean Stapleton’s role!

    Janet’s last blog post..THE ETERNAL CITY

  20. says

    Hurrah! I think I asked you to do this movie a long time ago. I’m so glad you did. I love the movie and pause it so I can look around at the sets. Dh loves the movie too, so it’s one of our go to romantic comedies when there’s nothing else to watch. I love the brownstone. You should do the other interiors. Cause I know you just have loads of time on your hands. 😉 Oh, the kitchen for some reason reminds me of the kitchen in Meg Ryan’s apt in Sleepless in Seattle, minus the cupboard she hides in. Joe vs the Volcano aside, Ryan and Hanks make great movies together. They should do another one.

    Mom in High Heels’s last blog post..P.S.

  21. says

    I loved this movie, and it was so much fun to see all these photos! How do you do it???
    I really think I should have lived in that apartment during my NYC days!

    Heather’s last blog post..A Garden Painting

  22. says

    Great post, Julia! :) Strange how well that house suits Meg! It looks like she should live there 😉

    You know, back in 2006 I saw this movie the Groomsmen (I think that was the title) with Brittany Murphy. I remember thinking the house she and her husband (in the movie) were living in was so cute. The decor was also great. Ever seen it? :)

    Dagny @ Beautiful Living’s last blog post..Oversized Inspiration! / Gigantisk inspirasjon!

  23. says

    That was such a lovely movie! I had not noticed all of those details in her brownstone and good catch on the moving furniture! I love all of the woodwork in that brownstone, it sure seems awfully big to be a NYC brownstone though (but what do I know, I live in Texas! lol)

    Nancy’s last blog post..What a weekend!

  24. says

    Thanks for that information….You’ve Got Mail is one of my all time favorite movies….I have often wondered where the Brownstone was…now when I visit my daughter in the city, I will go have a look for myself.

  25. says

    Oh my gosh, I loved this movie so much when it came out I cut my hair like Meg Ryan’s character….too bad it didn’t look this cute on me. LOL. I still love the movie (I’ve seen it a million times) but I’ll never have short hair again.

    melissa’s last blog post..I Always Thought I Lived in Mayberry…

  26. says

    One of my favorite movies AND movie interiors! Julia your Movie Mondays just keep getting better and better. And I also wish each time I watch it that the ending would be different and she would be able to keep such a sweet little store open.

    Oh, and for your reader Astrid who asked why the building is called a “Brownstone”, it is named for the stone it is clad in. Most of the brownstone used to build turn of the century houses in NYC, Chicago, etc came from a small town in PA and beautiful Portland CT.

    Robin’s last blog post..White-Trash, Trailer-Park, Ghetto Fabulous… Toffee

  27. says

    This movie was somewhat based on a darling little musical called “She Loves Me!” – I had the chance to see it when I lived in London what seems another lifetime ago and was thrilled to see that it’s been made into movie versions twice with SATC and then YGM. Her apartment is gorgeous and I loved her bookstore too!

    Kristen @ More Than Mulberries’s last blog post..Well SHOOT!

  28. Kellye says

    There was also a musical remake of “The Shop Around the Corner” (I just adored the guy that played the owner); it was “In the Good Old Summertime” with Judy Garland and Van Johnson.

    I love the apt, but I can’t see it actually having a dining room. It just seems like a smaller brownstone apt…who knows? They’re all so different. That’s what I love about them.

  29. Marie says

    I felt the ending of the movie “bombed” because she lost her shop. What a sad ending to a romantic comedy! I fast-forward over the part where she closes her shop, cos I always cry and end up hating Joe. I would have rewritten the story like this: Joe would have helped “shopgirl” keep her shop, and she sells quirky one-of-a-kind books that his megastore wouldn’t carry on it’s bookshelves.

  30. Mike says

    I admit I never noticed the interiors much in this movie, save for the interior of her shop. Especially when it’s closing and the shelves are empty. The interior shots of the empty store are fantastic visuals, because it leaves an impression of such a warm and welcoming place, which I’m sure Nora Ephron did on purpose.

  31. says

    I love this movie so much. I watch it everytime it comes on, which isn’t a lot lately. The characters remind me of me and Rich. I cry everytime I see her mom twirling with her and at the end when she learns that it’s him and he says “Don’t cry Shopgirl, don’t cry” (sigh)

    Have a great 4th of July Julia!!

    rue’s last blog post..Scenes from a quiet Sunday

  32. says

    I am so glad you showed us pictures of this charming apartment! I always adored it, and enjoyed looking at it again. When this came out, I had opened a preschool and lovingly decorated every part of the school to be magical, much like the character in this movie. I lost my lease, was unable to really make much of a profit, and was brokenhearted when I had to close it. Needless to say I identified with this movie! I ended up going back to school, becoming a pediatric nurse and have used my preschool skills to brighten many a medically fragile child’s day. For me, the ending was just right, it gave me hope in a new future building upon the strengths of the past. It is still my favorite movie!

    Mountain Moma’s last blog post..Special K Cookies

  33. says

    I was so glad to see this post. I love this movie and her house. Sometimes I watch it and just focus on the apartment. I cry every time they show the store empty and she is remembering her mother. My mother and I had a little store once….

  34. KellyB says

    Julia thanks so much for this post. I love the brownstone, but I have to say the store touched me more! I would love a book store just like that! How about a write up of the house in Practical Magic?!?

  35. says

    Julia, I loved your post on one of my favorite films!
    It inspired me to write about the shop interiors on my own blog. I’m a retail designer and share lots of tips on visual impact in stores. I have shared the shop photos and credited/linked to both your blog and Warner Bro’s, hope that’s ok. Check it out at

    Great stuff here!


    Deb K’s last blog post..Virtual Review: Shop Around the Corner

  36. says

    Thank you sooo much! This is one of my favorite movies,it was so exciting to read your post. I never knew it was an update of an old movie, thank you! Now one of my top priorities would be to watch it!
    What I love the most about this film is the language, it’s so elegant and witty, you want to remember every word. The movie is perfect!

    Thank you, Julia!

  37. Julianne says

    This is so funny you did a post on this and also Father of the Bride II recently — I just flipped through both of them (DVDs — they’re great!) yesterday to get ideas for updating my living room. The trends in both of them that I’m following are the slip-covered couch look, the many amounts of throw pillows that add lots of color to the room, and the “cottage”-style furniture that isn’t in perfect condition and yet fits in perfectly. I love both of these movies soo much, they’re my favorites. Thanks for the post!

  38. says

    Yay! I have been looking for these photos for so long, with no luck. I’m so grateful for this post, as I just love her place as well as her shop. Thanks!

    Candi’s last blog post..Happy Independence Day!

  39. says

    Funny/sad story – My mother and I had a coffeehouse for 4 years that we loved beyond love. We had to close the shop Nov of 1998 due to too much competition & other factors of course. This movie came out around that time. To say we cried buckets of tears when we saw this movie is an understatement. It still brings up feelings of our coffeehouse and how much we loved it and the people and how much we hated to have to close. I still love the movie though – I’ve seen it several dozen times I’m sure.

    Kristin’s last blog post..Road trip food

  40. Flávia Maria Betti says

    I loved your site…Iám from Brazil, and don´t speak english so well. |Thanks for share this amazing houses with us. Congrats, Flávia

  41. Karen Sayers says

    Thank you for this post. I am creating a bookstore atmosphere in my reading corner in my 3rd grade classroom and I have looked all over the internet for pictures to get ideas. I didn’t find anything very helpful until I came across this website. I have some great ideas now to entice my little readers! Thank you!!

  42. says

    Love that movie…this makes me want to go downstairs and watch it all over again. One of my favorite things is how she has the desk right out in the center of the room…love that! It is kind of weird that they moved the bed.
    .-= Susan´s last blog ..Welcome to the 28th Metamorphosis Monday! =-.

  43. says

    This is one of my all time Favorite Movies I can watch it over and over again, I absolutely adored her Apartment and would live there in the blink of an eye also loved her cute little Shop.
    Thank you
    .-= Jacki´s last blog ..Something to look forward to =-.

  44. HopeB says

    I love the set decor in this movie! So cheerful & pretty!
    Has anyone else noticed the stained glass window/door that links the bathroom to the living room? It’s at the opposite end of the bookshelf that lines the hallway, to the right of the front door. It’s a yellow/golden color–you can see it in the first scene, when Meg’s character looks out the peephole to watch Greg Kinnear leave. I can’t figure out if its meant to be a door to the apartment’s single bathroom (practical, so guests don’t need to go through the bedroom) or just a beautiful way to let in light! Can anyone guess?

  45. Jamie Longfellow says

    Could you please ad Tom Hanks apartment too? I love the whole New York feel of the rooms!

  46. Paulette Franchi says

    Becky and Jennifer, I have come to this site late, but I believe the swan picture you both refer to is from the book, Swan Lake, by Mark Helprin illustrated by Chris Van Allsburg. It is right in character that she would have a children’s book illustration on her wall. In fact, quite a few of the items that were in the book shop end up in her apartment once she closes it. As you can tell, this movie is one of my favorites as well. I would really like to see something done on another fabulous and charming apartment, the one in Green Card.

  47. Paulette Franchi says

    I am so sorry! I spoke too fast and was wrong about the swan painting. I must have been thinking of another movie because when I went back and looked once more, that was not picture I was thinking of. Not even the one by her front door. The painting over the bed is not shown very much; and I guess will have to remain a mystery, at least from this end. I will look before I leap next time!

  48. Shannon says

    You mentioned that her bed moved, that’s because she moved, didn’t she? It seemed like after her store closed she moved to a smaller apartment.

    Thanks for all the stills! I use her apartment for inspiration in decorating my own. :)

  49. hookedonhouses says

    No, she didn’t move as far as I know. I’m pretty sure it’s the same apartment. In that final photo I posted, you can see the same kitchen behind them that we saw earlier in the movie. -Julia

  50. AMN says

    I am looking for the swan painting or print as well! I caught a few glimpses in the movie and it has stayed with me. I am still looking to see if I can find it online.. if anyone knows, please advise. Thanks!

  51. says

    I love love love the shabby chic look of this home. You’ve Got Mail is one of my favorite movies and just seeing these pics makes me want to watch the movie again…for the hundredth time!
    .-= Traci´s last blog ..The Esperanza Plan =-.

  52. says

    I’m not much a chick-flick kind of gal but, “You’ve Got Mail” is one of my few favs. I want everything in that movie, the Brownstone, the book shop, and Tom Hanks! LOL

  53. Northerngirl says

    The absolute favorite movie of mine…Tom Hanks and Meg in movies together are the best. Meg’s apartment, is so cozy, inviting & cheerful. I love that daisy’s are her favorite flower and you see them on the window coverings as she peeks out to watch frank leave the apartment building. The Bookstore, just adorable…..I wish we had more like them. Just a wonderful movie, my daughter and I watch it together every winter along with a few other favorites when we have our mother daughter getaway weekend. I love Meg’s characters upbeat spirit even when the shop closes and she has to face the reality of that chapter ending in her life…..but still believes “it will all work out”. “Go to the Mattresses!”

  54. Pat says

    Would you please let me know the name of the Swan painting and/or the artist’s name shown in Kathleen Kelly’s bedroom. I would love to buy a print of this painting. Thanks, in advance, for your help!!

  55. says

    I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen this film. If I wake up one Saturday morning and the weather is gloomy, I’m almost excited to have a reason to stay in bed a little while longer and watch You’ve Got Mail. I love, love, love her apartment! When the film came out I was 17 and wanted nothing more than to move to NYC and live in Kathleen Kelly’s apartment! (I also secretly wanted to be Meg Ryan -but, who didn’t?!) I noticed the bedroom furniture moving around too, and I think that it’s another reason why I think that Nora Ephron is a GOD. The furniture moves around after Kathleen breaks up with your boyfriend, and her bookstore closes. So, I like to think that she gets a little bored and antsy one day and decides to freshen up things a bit. Nora Ephron is so good at delicately making a film seem so real. I’m hooked on Hooked on Houses!!!
    .-= Scott Fazzini´s last blog ..Tuxedo Park, N.Y. =-.

  56. Sarah R. says

    “You’ve Got Mail” is such a great, cheerful movie and Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks chemistry is AMAZING.
    Thanks for posting this, I’ve been wanting to decorate a place like this forever and was looking for some good photos obut couldn’t find any.
    Also, the furniture in her room is moved so that she could make room for all the furniture from The Shop Around the Corner. You know she had to bring some furniture back from the closing of the store because a few scenes in you see her walking past an armoir/dresser/display thing that says “Shop Around the Corner” stenciled on it.
    Thanks again!

  57. Cindy says

    Do you know the artist/name of the swan painting in Kathleen Kelly’s bedroom?
    Thank you.

    • Carrie says

      I actually paused the movie and painted a very close replica of that painting!!!!
      You can do it too, if you try! 😉 Otherwise, I can try to see about making you a print of my painting….

    • hookedonhouses says

      I planned to cover his apartment, too, but couldn’t get any decent photos of it to post. I might try it again sometime, though. I do like that one! -Julia

  58. Maggy says

    Love your blog; got caught up w/ your latest posts today, and seeing Meg Ryan’s home (and your link to “You’ve Got Mail”) inspired me to go back and look at the pics of her wonderful brownstone (my kind of home!). I saw the movie oh-so-many years ago and really liked it (maybe b/c of the wonderful set designs? or the “happily-ever-after” part for the characters :- ); think I may have to rent it again, just so I can drool over the sets.

    But …! While perusing your pics from the movie, I realized that the bedroom furniture wasn’t the only thing that moved around ..

    For instance: The living room area .. in the first pic, there’s a more formal chair w/ a carved wooden back and an upholstered seat; later, it’s been transformed into a more casual, upholstered chair (which looks suspiciously like the one in her bedroom, once her bed is slanted).

    I also noticed that she’s on a wireless laptop .. did they even have wireless when the movie was made (or in the 90s, when it was supposed to be taking place)?

    Also .. the wonderful chair at her desk has a twin .. again, once her bedroom is transformed. There’s an identical chair at her bedroom desk. (That’s plausible, b/c I have the same thing ..)

    And then there’s the wonderful vine/twig ceramic lamp, on the round table .. we first see it in her dining room, on the wall to the left of the kitchen. It later shows up next to her sofa (or couch), in the living area. As do the flowers .. first they’re on the coffee table in her living room; later, they’re on the dining room table.

    The last tidbit of change is in the kitchen .. a small thing, especially if the old tin under her table (under the window) is for trash. It moved.

    DISCLAIMER: I have an old house that needs some work, both cosmetically and aesthetically (as in decorating), so I’m trying to “process” what I’m drawn to, and why. I’m relieved to report that I went to “The Devine Home” website, and fortunately, I’ve already done 99% of what she suggested (“Happy Accidents”, Bob Ross would have called them!).

    Once I reread your post, I couldn’t help but look for things … !


  59. Dawn says

    Agh! I just found your blog and I LOVE IT! I don’t suppose you know anything about the large clock in Tom Hank’s aka Joe Fox’s apartment that was in this film do you?

    • hookedonhouses says

      Sorry, I don’t know anything about it. I think movies should come with resource lists for things like that–would be really helpful! -Julia

  60. Susan says

    Love this Brownstone –Would also love to see some photo’s of the apartment Tom Hanks lives in with Patricia in “You’ve Got Mail” !

  61. Jane says

    I absolutely love your site. I have watched “You’ve Got Mail” and many of the other movies you have posted not just for the story but for the decor. Glad I’m not alone.

  62. says

    I really love the sets in this movie. I live outside of NYC and have absolutely NO desire to live in the city, but I always secretly loved her apartment. It was feminine, had its own sense of flair and was cute. It seemed like a good fit for Ryan’s character, but the bookstore? That little book shop just seems magical to me, especially in the winter with the lights and holiday decorations. Being that I too have an affinity for children’s books and art, I really wish that place was open!

  63. Gina says

    I want to live in Kathleen Kelly’s apartment, just as it is, fully furnished and decorated!

    Looking at the empty bookstore (again) reminds me a little of the one in Funny Face, with (my most favorite) actress, Audrey Hepburn.

  64. Carolyn says

    I have always loved the clock that is in Joe’s apartment (the tall standing floor clock). It’s sort of pendulum or pear shaped and gorgeous. Does anyone know where I can find one? Thanks!

  65. Donna Johnson says

    Did anyone else notice the swan painting in Joe’s apartment?? It’s in the hall, right before he enters his study. It must be destiny that they end up together! :)

  66. mimi says

    i just adore this movie! i cry every time without fail when she closes her shop and thinks of her mother, i find it so heartbreaking!

  67. sarah udall says

    i love this movie. almost know the lines before they say them now!! also love her taste in decor -esp her duvet cover with the daisies on it -any idea where i can get one just like it?

  68. PW2000 says

    I’m pretty sure the reason her apartment is “transformed” halfway through the movie is because her shop has closed and she’s moved several pieces from the bookshop to her apartment. You’ll notice that the sign that hung over the door at the shop is now sitting on her upright piano. Love that apartment!