Candice Olson’s Designs are Divine

One of my favorite shows on HGTV is Candice Olson’s Divine Design. She never disappoints. I love how she manages to make traditional style look modern and light.

Look at this basement that Candice remodeled. I need her to come and help me with mine! If I could have anyone come and give my house a makeover, she’s the one I’d beg and plead for. I think I’d love anything she did.

5/10 UPDATE: I’ve written an in-depth post about Candice that you might be interested in here: All About Candice Olson & Her Divine Designs.

This week's episode of "Top Design" is the one I've been looking forward to the most because they promised "Project Runway" alums. As I've mentioned…
Well, guys, I'm in a hotel room in Indianapolis and didn't have a chance to recap "Top Design" for you this week. I know, I…

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  1. says

    I’m right there with you, Julia! Candice Olson is my absolute favorite. There are some designers who do some things I like and some that I don’t, but Candice ALWAYS delights. She said she really likes to do basements and I’d love her to do mine, to turn it from some creepy crawly to divine den.

  2. says

    Oh, definitely Candice. I have loved her for a long, long time. She’s the best, in my opinion.

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    Hi Julia – just wanted to give you the heads up that I’ve bestowed the “I love your blog” award to you that was given to me by Laura over at World in a Pan in Paris. I do check your posts out every day, so I thought it was only fitting. Not sure if you have the time to participate or not but if you’d like the general idea is to award it to 7 of your favorite blogs. Hope you’re having a great weekend!

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    From TV-Candice
    From blogland-Joni at Cote de texas
    From real world-Dan Carithers of Atlanta

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    I love Candice, too. Maybe Thom Filicia (and while he is doing my house, he could dress my hubby, too) or Kelly Wearstler. Or Nate Berkus–just so I could sit and eat bonbons and watch him work. Too bad he bats for the other team. At least all my ogling then would be innocent.

    Big news from you??? Can’t wait!

    Have fun with your talk–I’m nervous for you. And, how lucky are you to live the dream? Freelance writing. It is a blessing to do what we love, isn’t it?

    Be safe!

  6. says

    Definitely Candice Olsen. She goes above and beyond the call of duty. She also adds sparkle and I love that. Have a great week, sounds like fun! :-)

  7. says

    Candice Olsen gets my vote! Love her. Those rooms are beautiful. Have a great week…Autumn is all around.

    Smiles ~ Ramona

  8. says

    Oh, yeah, Candace rocks! She does wonderful work and I always love her rooms. I think she might be the only designer on TV I’d trust to come in and redo something for me, sight unseen.

    And btw…I’m now caught up on Top Design. DVR’d them so I can now talk intelligently about the new shows. It’s really fun, a lot like Design Star. Can’t wait for the new episode now.


  9. says

    Candace would definitely be my pick, for sure! I don’t think there’s anything she’s ever done that I didn’t like. Good luck with your seminar!

  10. laney says

    …no one on earth except bunny williams…her homes are wonderful…wonderful because they always look as if it has taken years to evolve…bunny williams does glorious homes…anyone else would have to stay in the driveway…

  11. laney says

    ps … well maybe i would let dan carithers in the door…i am from atlanta and he KNOWS how to do southrern…

  12. says

    I have begged my husband to move to Canada so I can have her help me with a house – I don’t think there’s anything I don’t like about her!

  13. Meredith says

    I lie awake at night thinking of ways I could get Candice to come to my house.

  14. says

    I am so with you, Candice for sure!! She hasn’t yet to redo a room that I didn’t love! Thanks for the Top Design recap. We live in Butler County and finally got power back Sunday evening and I was have withdrawls. :)

  15. Kathy :) says

    I so agree, Julia Candice has never done anything that I’ve disliked. She is just all around awesome.

    Another one I like too is Nate Berkus. I really like what he does and he really LISTENS to his clients as CANDICE does….

    And if Carter Oosterhouse (?sp) from HGTV came to work on my house, I wouldn’t/couldn’t take my eyes off of him lol…how hunky is he ???

    All the best,

    Kathy :)

    ps Good luck with your speech…looking forward to you shring your news :)

  16. says

    She does some pretty amazing stuff, but I have to say that her personality is kind of annoying to me. My fiancee loves her. Also, I think it has to help her that her budget must be through the rough, with some of the stuff she does.

    I’m a little more partial to the David guy on Colorsplash.

  17. says

    Ooooh Julia…You have some good stuff this week!

    I think Candace has such great vision…she is sooo fun to watch in action! But is it just me, or do her designs not loo nearly as good in 2-D as thet do in 3-D??

    I would LOVE her insight in our house….would love to also hear from Ryan Brown …or Nate…Michael Smith…India Hicks…and on and on…{rolling eyes at self now}

  18. says

    yep, she’s one of the few I would give carte blanche to decorate at my place. of course there’s a few others I’ve seen in magazines, but do I remember their names? Of course not…mostly because I would never in a million years be able to afford them. Anyway, Julia, good luck on your major project – I hope it all comes together for you!! And have fun on your time away. You’ll be a great speaker, I know.

  19. says

    I’d have to say Sarah Richardson (also Canadian). Of course, she’d probably fall over in shock when I told her what my budget would have to be…!!

    Oh, and Matthew Mead. I’d love him to come and style my home…setting up great vignettes.

    Carrie Rapheal is right up my alley, too. Sigh..on to be rich!!


  20. says

    Candice Olsen is my guilty pleasure. I love to watch even if it’s not done on a dime and knowing I only have a nickle. I love her style and clean lines. If i had a chance to hire her with out worry to a budget….awww that would be my lottery!

  21. says

    I think it would be a tie between Candice Olsen and Sara Richardson if I had an unlimted budget, and Lisa LaPorter from Desgned to Sell if I had only $2K. But she would have to bring Clive with her because he is adorable and I love his accent.

  22. says

    She is seriously my FAVORITE designer of all time. I just can’t seem to find pics of her rooms like this anywhere. :(

  23. says

    NATE BERKUS!!!!!! But only if he works shirtless.

    Have a good time at your seminar! How nice!!! Break a leg. :o)

  24. says

    I AM ABSOLUTELY OBSESSED WITH CANDICE OLSEN’S DESIGNS!!! Seriously, we tevo every episode and usually just fast forward to the end to show off her new room makeover, and then the drule begins!!! I can’t imagine how much people pay to have her come in and do a makeover, but if was to ever win the lottery, she would be designing my entire house!!

  25. Norma says

    Living in Canada ,we have some wonderful talented designers , my top 3 are Candise Olsen, Sarah Richardson and of course, Brian Gluckstein. I would have Candise do my basement, she’s an expert at Basements, I’d get Sarah to do the bedrooms, and Brian could do the rest of the house. If I won the lotto, ha ha, I’d get ahold of all 3 designers,and they could build me my dream home. All 3 live in Ont.

  26. says

    I had a walk-out basement up North, and I could’ve never gotten it to look that light and airy. She is a huge talent. And I love her personality, too. Seems like someone you could hang out with long after she was done with your room.

  27. Rachel says

    . . . Are you serious? Wow. Really? I hate Candice. With a passion. Sorry, but a ton of her designs come out horrible. You somehow managed to find a nice one though. Did anyone see the purple living room fiasco? Oh my.

    Well, maybe I should give her a second chance. Everyone can’t be wrong…

    Haha. Sorry. I saw a few of her shows and quit watching because they were so bad. But um *cough* yeah. No offense. 😀

  28. says

    I like Candace, but my pick would be Mary Engelbriet. She loves houses as much as us bloggers and she just seems so fun. I’ve always loved the exuberance I’ve seen in her home decor. Neither of us do “subtle” all that well!

    Hope your busy week is a fun week! See you soon.

  29. says

    Being a Candice fan I would like to imitate the way she did with her kitchen.. but it will take big budget for sure..

  30. says

    Hi Julia

    Any designer would do! My house needs help …lol!

    Have a nice trip –I’m excited to hear what your good news will be!

    Hugs, Pat in NY

  31. says

    Hi Julia

    Any designer would do! My house needs help …lol!

    Have a nice trip — I’m excited to hear what your good news will be!

    Hugs, Pat in NY

  32. says

    I love Candice, too, and would be happy for her to come help me with any room in my house. I also like Charlotte Moss. And Michael Smith. And Charles Faudree. And…

  33. says

    I LOVE the kitchen Candice pulled together (great barstools that match the space perfectly but don’t look overly comfy). Not such a big fan of the basement redo (primarily because it appears overloaded with furniture) but it does look nice!

  34. says

    I just love Divine Design! Haven’t seen it for a couple of years cause we only get it on pay-tv here in Australia, but I used to love everything Candice did!

  35. sherry b: says

    I would love to get my step daughters bathroom remodeled. I think it would be a great chistmas present!!!

  36. says

    Dear Candice, I’m in Calgary and I am looking for ideas for my basement. Is there any designers in Calgary that you could recommend?.

    I just love your show!!!!.

    regards, Di

  37. AK says

    Candice, she designs everything so DIVINE and elegantly…she is THE BEST designer in the world!!

  38. says

    I’m at home watching candice’s show and pulled up this blog on the computer. I really enjoy her show. She seems to have a more upscale view of decor. Many of the TV interior design stars seem to base thier designs on trendy colors and items which will be out of vogue next year. I wondered why no one on TV uses antiques in thier decor. Is it too difficult and/or time consuming to find the right items? Her taste (Candice) seems to support an inclusion of antique items. Does she use vintage and antique elements in her own home? Mention of her views on antiques somwhere, sometime in an episode would be interesting. I just went to Europe on a quest for antique items and I realize that finding the right item is a matter of luck and hard searching. I went with the tour group EuropeAntiqueTrip check out thier website if you can. Well, back to the TV to watch the rest of her show!

  39. monalisa says

    Dear Candice…..My husband died and he was a builder and he did many beautiful homes….I bought a house 2 years ago…and the people that work for my husband…..agree to help me……to make the story short..they took my money and disapper…..and its my little dream house that has become my nightmare……I really wish you could come and help me decorated it…..I will fly you and pay and do anything you ask…….but please help me finish it……That will be my dream come true..

  40. Fatima A. says

    I agree! I have loved almost every design she has ever done on that show; she is amazing. Unfortunately she’ll never come to Boston, MA.

  41. kwokwo ebbierepa tam says

    Dear Candice, am a nigerian and i adore your works you are true goddes in the interior design world, each time i watch you on Zone club TV and each time you unvail what you have done to the owners i would be wishing it was me you did it for, you have inspired me so mush that my parents living room too is…….Wow…all thanks to candiice My family i love you so mush and we are your number one fan in Nigeria.

  42. Pebbles says

    Someone told me that they saw an episode of divine design where Candice covered a chair cushion with leather and all the rest of the chair in fabric. Does anyone know what episode this was done in?

  43. Richard Elizondo says

    Come design my kitchen and bathroom–live in Fort Worth, Texas. I absolutely love your show. Candice is the bomb and all her design are so beautiful and classy. So Divine.
    Richard Elizondo

  44. myrna Trinta says

    well Candice Im realy love your style in evrething that you do I wich one day you come and do my basesment for me how I get this to finisch cant some one tell me more information.saw I hope you email me and keep going I realy like you with all you do myrna

  45. sofi says

    I have always been a devote Candice fan. Everything she touches is like butta…I would be really overjoyed if she would makeover my WHOLE house, I’m super serious. I doubt she would have the time but if she ever did I would love to be on her “to-do list”!

  46. Barbara Smith says

    Candice Olson is a true artist. She is unique, innovative and a sheer genius.
    I love her show: Devine Design. She can make a masterpiece out of nothing. She is very creative and a real entrepreneur. I try never to miss her show. She is my favorite out of all the designers on HGTV.
    She also has a great personality: down to earth, funny and relatable.
    If I had the money to have her decorate my place, she certainly would be the one I would pick to do it. You inspire me, Candice.

  47. josie says

    She is a really great designer.. I wish I could’ve afforded her to come to my small house and help me decorate…..I’m a great fan of hers everything she touches comes to life and beautifully done…..I just love her show……
    I hope to meet her one day…..

  48. Suni says

    I am a really huge fan of Candice and seriously want her to design smth at my home. Everyone says she is expensive. Is there a way that i can get some numbers. Is Divine Design the only way to get her? Somebody please let me know. Thanks.

    • hookedonhouses says

      It sounds like she only does houses in the Toronto area for her show, and those are mostly chosen by producers. -Julia