Four Pretty Houses on “Pretty Little Liars”

Pretty Little Liars houses ABC Family collage

When I heard that Pretty Little Liars is filmed on the same backlot used for Stars Hollow on Gilmore Girls, I knew I had to take a closer look. Sure enough, you’ll recognize a lot of same houses and streets if you’re a G.G. fan like I am.

The show is about four high school girls–Aria, Spencer, Hanna, and Emily–who are dealing with the mysterious disappearance of their friend Alison. They live in the posh town of Rosewood, Pennsylvania, in four beautiful houses.

Aria’s House:

Aria’s family lives in a beautiful old Craftsman-style home in Rosewood.

Holly Marie Combs plays Aria’s mother Ella. The photo above and below were taken from the pilot when the Montgomery family was moving into the house. Check out that old stove behind her:

The police show up at the girls’ houses a lot on this show–the minute they get out of one scrape, they get into another!

Chad Lowe plays Aria’s dad Byron, whose affair with a fellow teacher has put his marriage in jeopardy.

Aria’s brother Mike’s bedroom:

Aria’s Bedroom:

Aria is played by Lucy Hale. How I Met Your Mother fans may recognize her as Robin’s little sister.

Spencer, Hanna, and Emily gather in Aria’s bedroom to discuss the latest mystery in their search for Alison’s killer:

The show is based on a popular book series by Sara Shepard.

A close-up of Aria’s desk:

Hanna’s House:

Hanna Marin (Ashley Benson) lives in a traditional two-story with a white-picket fence. Since her dad left them, she and her mom Ashley (played by Laura Leighton) are having to work hard to keep up appearances.

Most of the scenes in Hanna’s house play out in her white kitchen:

Hanna was supposedly “the fat one” who went to great lengths to lose the weight and reinvent herself after Alison disappeared. In flashbacks they make her wear baggy sweats to try to convince us she was chubby.

We finally got a look at Hanna’s bedroom recently, in Season 2.

Her yellow lamp looks like the ones Rachel Zoe has in her dining room, doesn’t it?

Emily’s House:

Emily Fields (Shay Mitchell) and her mother Pam (Nia Peeples) in the kitchen:

The house is painted in shades of soft green and tan.

It almost feels like pages out of a furniture catalog to me.

Emily’s Bedroom:

Norman Buckley, who has directed episodes of the show, wrote about creating the look for it:

The town of Rosewood doesn’t feel so much like a real town as a state of mind.  Since PRETTY LITTLE LIARS is shot almost completely on the Warner Brothers lot, there is a dream-like quality to some of the compositions that feels melancholy and mysterious, very Hopper-esque.

It’s a really interesting discussion about how Edward Hopper’s paintings have influenced the show. You can read the rest on Buckley’s blog.

Spencer’s House:

Spencer’s family is the wealthiest of them all. They always seem to come and go through this back door to the kitchen, so I haven’t been able to snap a pic of the front of the house yet.

At the beginning of the series, the kitchen looked like this:

At some point during Season One it got a makeover:

Rich-girl Spencer Hastings is played by Troian Bellisario.

Spencer’s bedroom:

If you watch closely, sometimes you can spot landmarks from Stars Hollow, like the classic white church in the center of town. Interesting to note the production designer is Rachel Kamerman, who also worked on “Gilmore Girls.” :-)

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  1. says

    Ooo, the craftsman is my favorite, but I love the decor of the white traditional, Hanna’s house.

  2. says

    Julia I have not seen this series. The homes are wonderful and yes, I adore that wide window-seat and have always wanted one!

    Art by Karena

  3. says

    Loving the shades of greens and vintage pieces in Emily’s house especially the beds.

  4. Wendy says

    Those girls are supposed to be in high school?!

    My favorite house is Alison’s, though we don’t get to see the interior. I like the craftsman too.

    • says

      Yeah, but as usual on a show about teens, most of the actors are really in their 20s. I think Sasha Pieterse, the girl who plays Ali, is the only one who is actually a teenager (according to the she was born in 1996).

    • Sunny says

      I love some of the houses on DH! Bree’s is my favorite! Julia, since it’s the last season, would you consider doing a DH post?

        • says

          Desperate Housewives has a huge following and perhaps it’s just me, but I’d put money on the idea that most viewers love the women’s homes as much -if not more- than the storylines!

  5. says

    All this time and I didn’t know that it is shot on the same back-lot as Star’s Hollow was shot on!!!


    Gentle hugs,

    ‘And what are you reading, Miss-?’
    ‘Oh! it is only a novel!’ replies
    the young lady …
    with affected indifference.

    ~Jane Austen

  6. HeatherI says

    It cracks me up – and slightly dismays me – that all the mid- tier “cool kids” from the 80’s and 90’s are now playing parents of teenagers on TV (-:

  7. Neesha says

    I love this show! I love Hanna’s house, that kitchen is to die for! And also Spencer’s house is really nice. If I have one complaint about the show it’s that Aria needs a different stylist. Seriously. She is driving me nuts.

    • Mia says

      Do you mean a stylist for her clothes or room, ’cause I love her clothing and her style, it’s vintage and cool. Her room is amazing to but it is a bit smaller than the other girls bedrooms.

  8. Neesha says

    The window seat in Emily’s room is sooooo cool! I love the shelves in the niche on either side. And I *think* one of the doors lead to a bathroom and a closet on the other side. There’s a lot of scenes in Emily’s room and I love the decor style in there.

  9. Aryn says

    Is Emily’s house the one they used for Kim’s Antiques in Gilmore Girls? I recognize the second floor railing, but can’t remember if that was Lane’s house or just a random house in the background a lot.

    I’d be happy to take off work and stay home for a week watching Gilmore Girls to investigate this further. You just let me know.

    • says

      There are similarities, but I think Kim’s Antiques may have been a little bigger. Hmmm. I think I will put you on that assignment, Aryn–get to work! Ha.

      • kayelani says

        Yes I think it is the same house that was used as kim’s antiques in gilmore girls. The whole “stars hollow” set looks pretty different, because they painted a lot of the houses, and exteriors of the town buildings. Also, you’ll recognize Lukes Diner in a lot of the scenes which they use as a restaurant in PLL. You can point out the stairs that was used to go up to Lukes apartment in some of the scenes…The exterior just looks different, its painted a darker color. Sorry im a major GG fanatic, and I recognize pretty much when different shows film on the WB lot. LOL…

          • Melissa says

            when I took the set tour they also mentioned that Emily’s house was Ross and Monica’s Childhood home from Friends, most noted for the prom episode!

  10. Elizabeth says

    Love this show and Gilmore Girls. Recently, during a work trip to LA I snuck off and did the WB tour. It was cool to see it all. As I was the only person on the tour that spoke English the guide tailored the tour to me and I happen to LOVE PLL. My 13 year old cousin got me hooked.

    A random fact I learned on the tour is that in the Hangover when the guys are looking out the window at the strip, they are really in what is now Conan’s office! They were just looking out at a parking lot…

  11. Kim says

    I have not watched this show, but the houses are gorgeous. I love the exterior of Aria’s House, but love the interior of Emily’s house.

    Thanks for sharing these with us Julia!

  12. jodi from new jersey says

    Nice post! My 15 year old daughter Marianne loves the show. My favorite house is Emily’s . I love furniture catalogs and tan and green! Speaking of furniture catalogs, I’ve always admired your chest in your dining room and remember that you got it at Arhaus. We just got a store in New Jersey, I’ m so excited! I stopped in and it is gorgeous. I hope you don’t mind but I told the sales girl about your chest and blog. It’s something they call a “relic”. It comes out and then they stop making it exactly the same. Anyway, I came out of there buzzing with ideas. Lots of burlap and nature–really fun.I bought a wall vase,something I’ve always wanted….Thanks Julia

  13. says

    i’ve been obsessed with aria’s room for some time. don’t watch the show, just look at screencaps of it. i did see a few episodes the other weekend though. the wood in aria’s house eats up the light, but i do love the eclectic, global vibe the parents decorated with. hanna’s room was a treat to finally see this year. btw the wallpaper, the daybed and all the other accessories, it is pretty busy. love that they painted that west elm daybed lilac. spencer’s room is the least attractive to me. the style eludes me, the patterns don’t match. it just doesn’t seem like a kid would have picked any of that. we’ll call her the ‘lorelai’ of that group.

    and you can’t miss all the high-end decor like those $1,000 armchairs in hanna’s and emily’s rooms.

    the teacher aria is dating also has a very cool studio apartment. funny how in tv/movies some young bachelor just out of college decorates his pad with loads of vintage leather and accessories. while in real life such a guy would have an ikea bed, bookcase and lamp.

  14. says

    The craftsman is my favorite too. It’s odd how the kitchen is exposed to the front hall–that’s probably not likely for a house of that era, but I like the effect.

  15. jodi from new jersey says

    Thanks, Julia, it’s always great to hear from you. Just a tidbit– I just noticed the site “ModCloth” on your page and I love it! What fun stuff . I love the names of the dresses, etc. , and the little stories they describe with each. I needed to get ready for work and had to pull myself away. One more page …one more page……:)

  16. says

    Nice to see a comparison of all the different styles of the homes. Glad to see a Craftsman style house (though it is cluttered and messy)! I feel like I’m always seeing more traditional home styles or lots of white or french influenced homes. The clean lines of the craftsman home will never go out of style!

    • says

      right there with you. i was shocked too. then i remember my “twin” cousin has a 15 year old. we are, in fact, old enough.

  17. Leah says

    You should do a feature of the One Tree Hill homes! Those sets are Gorgeous!

  18. says

    well hello… i happily and accidentally found your blog. i am the production designer of ‘pretty little liars’ AND ‘gilmore girls’ seasons 4 through 6. loved your post… thinking i can clarify a bit by letting you know that all of the girls’ bedrooms are built on a sound stage at warner bros, as are spencer’s kitchen and hanna’s kitchen/foyer. aria’s house is a custom build with an existing shell of a house on the backlot (funny i used in numerous times on ‘gilmore’ as different sets). it differs from what many would think of as true craftsman style… i purposely designed an open floor plan which makes it very camera friendly and offers a large field of depth. emily’s living room is also on the backlot but we have to share that space with other shows believe it or not. the exteriors with the exception of hanna’s were originally shot in vancouver for the pilot… and that is why you noticed the difference in spencer’s kitchen. the pilot used the location kitchen but i designed the other on one of our soundstages… and please remember all on what is considered a tight budget for tv. all wallpapers are available on, except for hanna’s which is by trove. thanks for making my night with your post!! :-) R
    **and i also designed a bedroom for alison which we see in season 2… first shown in our halloween episode.

    • says

      So excited to hear from you, Rachel. Huge fan of your work! Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to fill us in on some more details about the sets! -Julia

    • Suzann says

      I’m a huge fan of the show and I’m always inspired by all of the beautiful set designs. Where can I find lamps like the white bedside lamps in Hanna’s bedroom? I’ve been looking everywhere but can’t seem to find anything that comes close! I’d really appreciate your help.

      Thanks :)

    • Lori says

      Hi Rachel! I absolutely love everything you said you have designed for the show and would love to know if you also are responsible for the staging of the kitchens and their specific dinnerware? I have fallen in love with the accessories in both spencer’s kitchen (all of the blue and white dinnerware and decorating elements are beautifully done!) and in Toby’s apartment. I recently watched the episode where Spencer reveals what Toby has been hiding and the episode ends with Mona eating the lasagna off of Toby’s gorgeous blue and white plates. I was wondering if you have any idea, or know someone who I could ask, who the design/maker of the dinnerware is in both Spencer and Toby’s kitchens? I would love to find these sets and buy them for myself!

  19. says

    My girls love this show! I will email the link to this post to both of them. My oldest read the entire series long before the show was made. I like Emily’s house best. 😀 Thanks for putting this post together for us!

    Ricki Jill

  20. Lindab says

    Ok, you got me hooked on GG now this may be my next addiction. Tell me about it. More drama I assume than GG? How behind am I?
    I wonder if I watch this if I will miss it as much as I miss Loreli and Rory. Lol

  21. says

    I love Aria’s house! The outside colors are great together. I also love the bright clean finishes on the interior of Hanna’s house. Can’t believe the production designer popped in…how cool!!

  22. Erin says

    The set design on this show is amazing and I really applaud Rachel for her marvelous job! As an interior designer, the sets can make or break a series for me and I love love love the set design, as well as the characters! Just in case people don’t want to dig, the wallpapers in each of the girls rooms are:
    Aria: Graham and Brown Chinoise in Copper (positive on the wallpaper, not 100% on the color)
    Hanna: Trove Askella
    Hanna’s Bathroom: Graham and Brown Chrysanthemum in Blue
    Spencer: Nina Campbell Lomasi in NCW4004-03

    Other products:
    Aria’s Desk Chair: Cherner Side Chair in Walnut
    Aria’s Bedroom Curtains: Urban Outfitters Ruffle Waterfall Curtains in Gray
    Hanna’s Computer Chair in Kitchen: Eames Aluminum Chair in White
    Emily’s Dining Room Chairs: Queen Anne Side Chairs
    Spencer’s Bed: Ikea Edland Four-Poster Bed Frame

  23. Jackie says

    Would you mind posting the house from the remake of When a Stranger Calls on your website? It’s such an awesome, contemporary house but most of it is shown at night or in the dark so it would be great to see the actual house. Thanks.

  24. Erin says

    Sorry to keep commenting but here are a few more items from the show. I realize you don’t have pictures of all of these items but thought I would go ahead and add these items as well.

    Leather Chair in Ezra’s Apartment: Palecek Bingham Leather Folding Chair
    Alison’s Desk Chair: Lucite Chiavari Ballroom Chair
    Emily and Hanna’s Desk Chair: Horchow Italia Chairs

    I haven’t been able to identify the wallpaper panels used in Alison’s bedroom (mainly because I can’t see the whole pattern) but my guess is it is a de Gournay wallpaper (hand painted silk wallpaper) or some sort of tropical chinoiserie pattern.

    • jenny says

      Erin, you have a great eye. can you identify the bedside lamps in hanna’s room?

  25. coffeeholic7 says

    I think my favorite houses were Hanna’s and Aria’s. They look so homey and comfortable. Although, Spencer’s, Emily’s, and Allison were beautiful too I think I just prefer Hanna’s and Aria’s more.

  26. Ishan says

    Hey, not sure if someone else already mentioned this but remember the episode where Christopher’s dad dies and Rory and Lorelai go over to his parents’ house to comfort him because he’s staying with his mom? I just realized that Hanna’s house is the same as Christopher’s parents’!

  27. Saache says

    I wonder what’s the name of the wallpaper hanna has in her bathroom . I really love the design.

  28. Cam says

    I love this website, and I love the color of Hanna’s kitchen on PLL. Has anyone been able to figure that out? It looks blue-grey in some scenes, green in others.I would love to duplicate it, but can’t seem to come close!

  29. Amanda Pickering says

    I would love to see pictures of Ezra’s house. It’s the most adorable little place I have seen. It has a very ‘You’ve got mail’ “feel” to it, except Ezra’s pad is designed for a male. I know that it is a set but I thought the design was brilliant.

  30. R S says

    Does anyone know where to get the coral looking sculpture in Hanna’s dining room. It is awesome. I have looked everywhere for it and found a similiar item but nothing exact. Any help would be appreciated.

  31. Megan says

    Does Anyone Know Where I Can Purchase Hanna’s (Ashley Benson’s) Wallpaper In her Room, I Know That They Are Black And Pink Feathers But They Are So Gracefully Intertwined That They Look Like Butterfly’s From A Quick Glance, I Just Got A New Place And I Would LOVE To Do My Daughters Walls In Her Room Like This, If Anyone Can Find Out Can You Please Let Me Know Thank You SO Much! <3

  32. says

    I love PLL, but hanna & spencer’s houses are my favorite. i like the overall look & feel of the interiors of hanna’s house. i feel like spencer’s house – particularly her bedroom is so grown up and posh. they do a great job with set dressing as well as costume design on this show. so many great fashions and trends in this show. they’ve hit the nail right on the head!

  33. britni says

    Does anyone know where u can buy the white wall art. Hanna. Has in her kitchen?