For Sale: Bill Murray’s Hollywood Mansion in “Zombieland”

Bill Murray's house in movie Zombieland for sale

Bill Murray’s Hollywood mansion in the horror-comedy movie Zombieland is on the market for $19.9 million. It’s not really Bill Murray’s house, of course, and it’s not really in Hollywood–it sits on over 2 acres in Atlanta, Georgia.

A little birdie who lives in that area tells me it belongs to “Big Poppa,” the former boyfriend of Kim Zolciak from “Real Housewives of Atlanta.” His identity was kept secret on the show (hence his nickname), but he’s real estate developer Lee Najjar.

Zombieland house in movie

Did you see the movie? Zombies have taken over and a guy named Columbus (Jesse Eisenberg, now playing Mark Zuckerberg in The Social Network)  is trying to get home to Ohio. He joins forces with a group of quirky characters played by Woody Harrelson, Emma Stone, and Abigail Breslin, as they fight for survival.

When they reach Hollywood, they dodge zombies and use a map of stars’ homes to find Bill Murray’s residence. They decide to crash it and hide out there for awhile (they think everyone in the world has been zombified or killed but them).

Zombieland-entry in movie

They actually filmed this part of the movie on location, in the mansion in Atlanta.

Zombieland-staircase wide shot

The staircase as it looks in the listing:


I’ve gotten a lot of requests to see photos of the kitchen from this movie:

Zombieland-kitchen in movie

Luckily for those of you who wanted a closer look, there are several photos of it in the listing from different angles:

A few other rooms from the listing:

There are some pretty amazing ceilings throughout the house:

A scene or two takes place in this dining room:

The house has 9 bedrooms and a whopping 13 baths.

This was Bill Murray’s Bedroom in the movie where, unbeknownst to them, he’s sleeping (and not dead):

Turns out Murray has survived by disguising himself as a zombie–he’s counting on them not to attack their own kind. And so far, it’s worked.

Zombieland-Bill Murray

Emma Stone-Bill Murray's fireplace

When Little Rock (Abigail Breslin) admits she has never heard of Bill Murray, Columbus (Eisenberg) takes her to the home theater to watch Ghostbusters:

home theater

Woody Harrelson and Bill Murray reenact a scene from the movie:

Zombieland-reenacing Ghost Busters


The outside spaces like the terraces and the pool are my favorite things about the house. It would be hard not to feel like royalty lounging here, wouldn’t it?

You can see more photos and information on Trulia.


If zombies took over the world, which celebrity’s house would you hide out in? I wouldn’t mind living on Reese’s ranch in Ojai. And maybe I’d make Tony Shalhoub’s Martha’s Vineyard cottage my vacation home… :-)


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  1. says

    Wow! This is a HUGE house! I like many things about it, but I don’t think I could live in a space like this. I don’t think I’d feel at home, feel it belongs to me. I like houses that feel like homes and not “museums”. It’s too big, even for a family of 5! :-)

    Great post and I love seeing movie houses, Julia.


    Luciane at

  2. says

    This is a Castle!!! It’s BIG!! I did not see the movie… I wanna see it :-)
    Kisses and happy week!

  3. says

    Well, it’s big enough for any family reunion!!
    I don’t care for the kitchen ceililng or rug, but the rest I do like. Like you, it’s all about the outside, it’s beautiful.
    For my tastes, and I can be pretty mansion loving, it’s too big. I wonder how often anyone really lives there?
    My opinion about big poopa, I mean poppa? Better left to the imagination!

  4. says

    Wow, I like the home theater and that balcony but everything else is way over the top for me. I did think Jesse Eisenberg was casted perfectly for The Social Network, though, but that’s kind of off topic :p

  5. says

    Hi Julia, awesome that you featured ‘Big Poppa’s’ house, that place is huge! I actually googled searched him a few years back trying to figure out who Kim was referring to on the Atlanta Housewives (I am obsessed with all the Housewives on Bravo, yes I know it is sad) and ended up finding an episode of MTV Cribs where Lee Najar’s kids walk MTV through the house, Lee is there with his kids and his real wife (also named Kim, so weird!). Here is where the video is:
    There is a full salon, tanning bed, massage room, recording studio and tons more shown.

  6. Cindy says

    Can’t imagine making a cup of tea in that kitchen – too baronial.

    I’d run for Meg Ryan’s house on Martha’s Vineyard – it was in Elle Decor, I seem to recall, and was divine.

  7. T. says

    I would feel pretty darn silly making banana bread in that kitchen!

  8. Jackie W. - Kanasas says

    The angle of those pics make the rooms look cavernous.

  9. Jane says

    Sorry, but EWWWWWW! I don’t like a single thing about this house. The interiors are just so tacky. If I had to pick one word to describe the place, I’d probably say it was offensive. And oddly, it didn’t look nearly this bad to me in the movie.

  10. Billy says

    This is so over the top I feel like I’m Harlen and Grace just did my my NYC apt. But for the money I’m still at the Doheny Estate.

    As for a Zombie hide out, would a silent film producer director be close enough, because there is a house that if you barricaded the bridge the zombies would have to claw their way up a sandstone cliff to get you. the house is called the Palazzo has a 13 car garage with a Picasso-esque nude mural on the back wall. (The Blue Period.)

  11. Kim says

    Wow, this house is way too big and luxurious for my taste. I like some things about it, but I just couldn’t live here. The house wouldn’t feel like home.

  12. says

    One of my favorite movies! I thought the house was ginormous and was totally surprised when I learned it was filmed within an hours drive from me. I can’t imagine living in something so big, I would get lost and I can imagine there would be some rooms I’d not visit in years. I can’t imagine ever needing to go on vacation in a house like that, you could just change rooms for a while. :)

  13. says

    I have a secret. I loved Zombieland. I was hesitant to watch it b/c I’m not a fan of gore or horror films, but my husband kept telling me it was funny. He was right! I think Columbus was hilarious with his list of rules (“Double Tap!”), and I LOVED the scene where they reenacted the scenes from Ghost Busters. :)

    The house is pretty over the top, but well played as a choice for a movie star home.

    • hookedonhouses says

      I only watched it because I wanted to see the kitchen readers were asking about and was surprised by how funny it was. I’m not usually a fan of zombie movies either! :-)

  14. Destiny says

    This house, and the ceilings especially, make me claustrophobic. Not a fan…

  15. Dean says

    I find most of this house and it’s interiors just tacky, tacky, tacky. But, whatever–different strokes for different folks.

  16. A.Men says

    Creepy — really a Zombie House! Couldn’t live there. Weird ceilings. Gross reptilian textures on the ceiling. Cave-like.

  17. Cynthia Lynn says

    HATED IT……..It is poorly designed and overly wrought. Personally, the person that buys this house is insecure and buying it for the showoff factor. Not an indiviual that I would want to count as a friend. The only value in this home is that it shows the craftsmanship of the various trades. I bet they were laughing all the way to the bank.

  18. Bonnie Cooper says

    This is a fabulous house. My husband works in the real estate market of Atlanta and we went inside this house!!!! Words can not describe this house. But this house was on MTV Teen Cribs!!! Apparently some teen stars name Jamen and Kaitlin along with their parents live here. So, I don’t think this house belongs to Big Poppa. Not sure men can be very sneaky. Check out the episode from MTV.

    • hookedonhouses says

      That’s fun that you got to see it in person! Another reader mentioned that the kids on MTV Teen Cribs are Big Poppa’s, but I don’t know for sure. -Julia

  19. says

    We don’t live too terribly far from the house. A friend of mine, who rides by it everyday to work, said that the new Three Stooges movie is currently being filmed there.

  20. Mark says

    If you look close, when they are outside dumping Bill Murray’s body you can see it snowing. The scene was filmed on March 1st or 2nd, which ever day we had a snow storm. Just funny how it was supposed to be Hollywood and it was snowing. I have been out there before when they were having the wildfires and the ash made it look like it was snowing.

  21. Nathan says

    This is, in my opinion, an extremely ugly house. I do not like all the ornateness throughout.

  22. says

    The outdoor space is definitely fantastic, but I don’t really care for the rest of the house.
    I don’t really like homes this formal anyway, but this one took it to the point of being gaudy. I do like the countertops and cabinets in the kitchen, but they went way overboard with the space. To each their own though, I guess.

  23. Steve says

    Is this the same house used in Toby Keith’s video “Who’s your Daddy?” Maybe not but that’s a fabulous house too… Know anything about it? Here is the link to the video.

    • hookedonhouses says

      It does look similar, but it’s not the same one. Fun video, though! :-)

  24. says

    I love everything about it except the ceilings – the ceilings are just too much, would make me feel like the sky was falling.

  25. Will keep asking until an answer is known says

    There has been a lot of unsual activity regarding Bill Murray lately, and chatter has risen from out of attentive people. From out of this chatter, has begun a rumor mill. From within that mill, are stated possibilities that Bill Murray is dying. The truth is desired, and even advisable before this “mill” creates something that is not. Please forgive my opinionated nature, but I will honestly state my own belief that it would be cruel for Mr. Murray to shrug the affections of so many, by just disappearing without a so long or farewell. There is a campaign to have Bill Murray attend a Halifax film festival in his honr. Facebook has one to have Bill Murray as the best man at a wedding. Bill Murray, I keep hearing about what a great person you are. Are you? If it is so, please put action into those words. If you are dying, please do the right thing. Say goodbye before you go.

  26. shelby says

    They could have used that house as the castle for The Princess Diaries.

  27. Gemman says

    I am a back ground extra living here in Atlanta, I recently was in this house shooting the 3 Stooges Movie. I spent 5 days there and was all over the first floor main house as well as the pool area and what they called the “basketball court” building. The house is very big as you can tell by the pics but it is also very dark (in a medievil way) and depressing. I don’t know who designed this place but it seems as though “Jethro and Ellie Mae Clampett” got hold of “Jed’s” money and built this!!!

  28. Haley says

    My issue is that the kitchen, office and dining room are vintage-based yet the bathroom and bedroom are modern. No matter how large a home, people should pick and stick to one century through out!

  29. another concerned person says

    I too am concerned about his health. I have read rumours that he’s dying but I thought it was nonsense (like everyone else seems to) however i’ve been watching lots of interviews with him and it seems that since 2010 he’s been looking seriously ill – very pale and old (about 20 years older), drooping eyes. He also seems to have a chronic cough. If you look at all of his interviews from 2010 up until now, he’s coughing quite badly in all of them (Letterman, howard stern, cannes press conference…). It makes me feel pretty sad. I really hope he’s ok but it seems like a long term thing as he’s had it at least since 2010. He apparently joked with Ramirez that he was very sick. Well, everyone took it as a joke but it was probably true. Seriously, watch all of the interviews. It seems to be a respiratory problem. His voice is hoarse too. I wonder why he hides it. Is he scared of not getting roles because of it?