“Modern Family:” 3 Funny Families and Their 3 Fab Houses

Modern Family TV Show houses and set design

The Emmy award-winning sitcom Modern Family is about an unconventional extended family in California, filmed mockumentary-style. Not only is it funny, must-see TV, but the houses of the three families that it follows are all fun to look at. Let’s take a closer look at them, starting with Phil and Claire’s house.


Dunphy house-exterior

Phil and Claire Dunphy live in the suburbs with their three kids, Haley, Alex, and Luke. Phil is a real estate agent, so we get to see other houses he’s showing from time to time.

Phil & Claire interview on sofa

The staircase wall behind them is painted in Benjamin Moore’s Labrador Blue:

living room into hall

Although they play siblings of different ages, and Alex is supposedly several years older than Luke, they are the same age in real life. They were both born in 1998, but while Ariel Winter, who plays the smart older sister Alex, is a 7th grader, Nolan Gould, who plays the not-so-bright Luke, is a 9th grader and a member of Mensa.

(Rico Rodriguez, who plays Gloria’s son and Jay’s stepson Manny–is 13, too. Sarah Hyland, on the other hand, is supposed to be 16 on the show but is 20.)

Dunphy house-living room piano

The Dunphy Kitchen:

Phil & Claire's house-kitchen

“The kitchen is now truly the center of the house,” series creator Steve Levitan says. “We couldn’t do a show called ‘Modern Family’ if we didn’t see the kitchen as part of the dining and family room in one flowing space.”

Dunphy kitchen and table-Modern Family

The kitchen chairs changed from the time that photo of the set was taken (above) and this episode was filmed (below). I love the colorful plates and artwork on the wall of their kitchen.

plates on the wall

The original title of the show was “My American Family,” and the concept was that they’d be followed around by a fictitious Dutch filmmaker named Geert Floortje. His backstory was going to be that he had lived with Jay’s family as a teenage exchange student and had a crush on Claire.

Dunphy great room

The Great Room:

Claire & Phil's house-TV room

Claire & Phil's house-TV room 3

Production Designer Richard Berg describes the Dunphy home as “Pottery Barn-Restoration Hardware traditional modern.”

*UPDATE: Claire & Phil’s “Modern Family” House is For Sale *

Claire & Phil's house-TV room 2


Mitchell and Cam's house-Modern Family

A reader named Neal wrote in to say that this is his house: “My house is a Spanish style SFR built in 1929 near Fox Studios where the show is actually filmed and virtually all interior scenes are done at Fox for all 3 houses.  They do use my house for the exterior shots.”

Cam and Mitchell-interview

They wanted it to look like the kind of home you’d find in the Hancock Park area, production designer Berg says, so they added details like tiled kitchen countertops, arched doorways, and crown molding. I love that they have a swinging door in the kitchen, too.

Mitchell and Cam's duplex-living room


Mitchell-coffee table

Mitchell and Cam in dining room

The main rooms are painted in Benjamin Moore’s Louisburg Green. The house is a mix of traditional, contemporary, and Asian design. Eric Stonestreet, who plays Cameron says, “We like to joke that they went to Asia to get a baby that would match their décor.”

Mitchell and Cam's dining room-Modern Family


Modern Family-Lily's nursery

Here’s a closer look at that funny-scary mural over the crib–you can see the faces were painted to look like Mitchell and Cam’s. If I remember correctly, it was painted for them by an artist friend of theirs as a baby gift:

mural in Lily's nursery


Modern Family-Jay and Gloria's house

Series co-creator Steve Levitan says they didn’t have to look far to find the perfect house for family patriarch Jay and his new wife Gloria to live in because it’s right down the street from his own home: “I would drive past it every day, and it looked like the modern house that so many rich divorced older guys seem to end up in.”

Jay & Gloria-interview

The front door has a distinctive and unusual look with its abstract geometric mosaic of windows and a handle that is off center and diagonal:

Jay and Gloria's house-entry

That red wall in the entry is painted in Benjamin Moore’s Currant. Production Designer Richard Berg says the concept was that the house was white on white when Jay was living alone as a bachelor, but his new wife brought in the animal prints and vibrant colors when she moved in.

Jay and Gloria's house-staircase

I loved this episode when Gloria (Sophia Vergara) got so fed up with the “dog butler” Jay had at the front door that she dragged it upstairs:

looking up the staircase

The Kitchen:

Mitchell and Cam in the kitchen

Jay and Gloria's dining room

kitchen long shot

In this scene, Jay complains about all of the pillows Gloria has on the bed. I had to laugh because we definitely have similar disagreements over how many pillows are necessary in our house…

Jay and Gloria's bedroom

Jay and Gloria's bedroom 1

“Modern Family” was the first ABC series to win the Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Series in the 22 years since “The Wonder Years” got the award in 1988.

Jay & Gloria's bedroom 2

More photos and some source information in a great article in the LA Times. The Dunphy house is on the market and you can see the listing photos with real interiors here!


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  1. says

    Oh my goodness! Thanks for this! I adore Claire and Phil’s house. Not only does my husband have to deal with my calling him Phil and elbowing him whenever we watch this together, he has to listen to me complain that our kitchen doesn’t flow as well as the Dunfy’s does.

  2. says

    Thank you, Julia! Modern Family has become a kind of touchstone for my family. A group of us routinely gather in cyberspace and recap our favorite scenes, and we are all in agreement about how perfect each home is for it’s occupants. Richard Berg and his team did an amazing job capturing each family’s dynamic. Thanks for the behind the scenes scoop, and for all the design details!

  3. says

    Love Jay & Gloria’s home the best!! The art the color, very unique!

    Do come and join my luscious bath & body giveaway!

    Art by Karena

  4. says

    I love all three houses! And I can’t wait to see the “Mad About You” apt. That was one of my favorites!

  5. Kim says

    Great post! I have never seen this show and I don’t know whether I care to or not.

    My favorite house is definitely the first one. It’s the type of home I could see myself living in.

    My first thought when I looked at the second picture in Phil and Claire’s house, is that it reminds me alot like the shot in Risky Business. I don’t know why, it just does. They both do have similar staircases. Here’s a link to a picture of Risky Business: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/RiskyBusinessDance

  6. says

    I absoultely LOVE this show and never miss it…I think I like Cam and Mitchels’ house best….love the turret.

  7. Billy says

    Please! Every one don’t be seduced by the Restoration-Crate-Barn look it is evil infurnitureate.

    Sorry spent the evening in Scripps Ranch and the Stepford like uniformity got to me.

    Anyway, I thought the Cam and Mitchel lived downstairs in a duplex; didn’t they talk about asking their landlord if James Marsden rented upstairs when they found him in the Hot Tub? I realize that the home pictured is a SFR but in TV Land one season Greg Brady would have to become Quasimodo to move to the attic and two seasons later, without a construction crew, it is turned into a hip pad.

    BTW divorced older guy gravitate to Modern because they never had input when the frilly dusty rose and sage curtains went up in the Master Bedroom.

    • hookedonhouses says

      That’s right. It’s a real house in real life, but on the show it’s supposed to be a duplex and they live on the first floor. Forgot to mention that! Thanks, Billy. -Julia

  8. says

    Thank you for featuring Modern Family!!! I LOVE the show and LOVE Phil and Claire’s house. Every week I find myself wishing I lived there with all of their decor around me :)

  9. says

    I just want to know where the large painting with the greenery/leaves/vine came from? I love that!

  10. says

    Good morning and Happy Spring, Julia!

    I don’t watch this show, but my husband started watching it about 3 weeks ago and said it’s hilarious! I’m really curious and seeing these pictures makes me go buy the 1st season and give a try. I think it will be worth it, right? :-)

    Hope you can feel the Spring where you live. We still have snow here, but it won’t take too long to see the first baby-leaf be born. I miss seeing or garden green!


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

    • Kitty Moss says

      I feel the same way, I love the interior of the first house and exterior of the second one. Always dreamed of building a house that looks like that on the outside.

  11. says

    Mortifyingly, my brother insisted I had to start watching the show because “your family IS the Dunfys.” And it makes me nuts to admit he’s right. My husband and I are always in hysterics because – whilst he’s less goofy than Phil – otherwise the dynamics are pretty much the same. Yikes.

    Having said that, my house is nowhere NEAR as lovely and ‘finished’ as theirs. More “character”, let’s say. ha.

  12. T. says

    In the Dunphy’s house, do we ever see that room that is on the other side of the stairs? (You would turn left at the bottom of the stairs to get into it.) I cannot figure out what it could be?

    • hookedonhouses says

      Good question! We never get to see that. In the pilot, there isn’t a doorway at the bottom of the stairs at all. It’s just a solid wall. The doorway appeared in the second episode, but they have never seen what’s behind it that I recall. -Julia

  13. Claire says

    Claire and Phil’s is my favorite. It looks like a family lives there but it’s still pretty stylish and inviting. This is such a fun show!

  14. says

    Love this show! I think Cam and Mitchell’s house is my favorite. It looks comfy yet elegant. Well. Minus the mural! Thanks for this post – it was fun to see all the houses.

  15. says

    Thanks for the tour Julia…this was fun! Love the show…we DVR it every week and watch it together. The bones of the modern house would be my favorite, but I would decorate it with more character…contemporary traditional.

  16. says

    Love the show! Thank you for doing this post so I can slowly drool over each house instead of the quick hungry peeks I get when watching it ; ) Love that blue in Claire and Phils : )

  17. says

    I love Modern Family, although I don’t really have a favorite house. I’m dying over the mural in Lily’s room.

  18. says


    awesome little ditty on Modern Family..one of my faves! Thanks for your awesome website..its always such a fun read in the morning with my coffee.. I love love love the looks of the Dunphys home on the outside, well and the inside, too!
    That blue and brown stripe chair in the family room is out of this world! Would so so so look fabulous in a certain beach house I know..
    Have a great week, girlfriend!

  19. Jeanine says

    I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU for doing a post about this show. I’m so in love the Dunphy’s home I can’t get enough of it. Half the time I’m not even paying attention to what’s going on during the show because I’m too busy drooling over the kitchen that flows to teh dining room to the great room. Just love it!

  20. says

    I love Jay & Gloria’s home. It’s just gorgeous! But for how our family lives – Claire & Phil’s home would be the best fit. Excess clutter wouldn’t stand out as a mess. It’s very family friendly. Love the show! Thanks for sharing the details on the homes.

  21. says

    I LOVE this show so much…the episodes are always hysterical! I enjoy the interiors so much too, which is why I’m loving this post! I love how you find all these interesting tidbits too…it makes watching the show even more fun!

  22. says

    I love that show! Thanks for the look into all the houses! Mitchell and Cam’s is definitely my favorite out of the 3 :)

  23. says

    such a fun show and I’m usually not a huge fan of ultra modern but it is Jay and Gloria’s house that always grabs me. Love the exterior of Cameron and Mitchell’s but the decor inside leaves me wanting more.

  24. Kim says

    Love this post! They are all gorgeous homes, though I gravitate towards Phil & Claire’s.
    Am I the only one who cannot seem to remember every seeing the second home on 90210? It is NOT the same house used for screen shots, that’s for sure.

  25. delouvrier cécile says

    Hi! We cannot see the shiow modern family in france yet, so I watched the pics with not a lot of interest but I discovered the little thumb called “modern family and more house news” and I fell in love with the one room cottage; it’s so shabby and romantic, even if tiny, I could easily picture myself in it. Thank you for sharing it with us – even if it’s an old topic.

  26. says

    I may or may not have squealed when I read the title of this post. I <3 Modern Family! It's a hilarious show and I look forward to it every week. I also really love the interiors of the houses featured. I'm a big fan of Claire and Phil's. I love the colors used, I love the mix of Pottery Barn pieces and color and art. I LOVE the walls in the kitchen. Cam and Mitchell's house is also fantastic, complete with the mural of the two of them! haha Cam is the best, I think he's my favorite character, if I HAD to choose. This was a wonderful, comprehensive post! I never knew who they were talking to in the documentary style of the show, now I know! I love Movie/TV Mondays! :)

  27. Sheri says

    I’ve been looking forward to this post since you first mentioned it was coming and it did not disappoint! I love this show and from day one have been enamored by all three houses. Thanks for another awesome post!

  28. Gerry says

    This is one of my favorite shows. It’s been my favorite since the first episode. I would have to say I like Mitch and Cam’s house best, I love those green walls!!!

  29. Lizzy says

    Well… at first I wanted to say the first one, but then I knew there’s a bit of a “backlash” against the Pottery Barn/Restoration Hardware look but then… gosh darn it… i like it. It feels comfortable and cozy and lived in. Better than the “mid-century Goodwill” I’m living in right now.

  30. says

    I have never heard of this show, but it looks like it might be pretty funny. The gay couple’s baby room is hilarious with that mural of them.

  31. says

    I love the paintings in Jay and Gloria’s house, particularly the one over their bed, and the one over the low corner dresser (the green and white painting). Any idea who the artists are?

    • hookedonhouses says

      I don’t, but there is some additional source information in those articles I linked to above that you might check out! -Julia

  32. Carolyn says

    Love the show, and I like that each of the houses is distinctive and they’re all so different from one another. My favorite is Mitchell and Cam’s. Who could resist a Wallace Neff house? But I prefer the exterior to the interior. Other than the arches between rooms it has little of the 20’s Spanish Colonial charm. To me, the fireplace mantel looks all wrong for the period and style, and I don’t particularly care for the transitional furniture (except I do like the dining table). In fact, I don’t really care for the furniture in any of the houses – it looks like cheap catalog stuff to me. But the show makes me laugh which keeps me watching, not the sets!

  33. says

    I love Modern Family! I love the Dunphy’s house :)

    Can you do Pretty Little Liars next? This show has beautiful homes!

  34. Diane says

    we tivo this show every week
    thanks for this post
    do you happen to know where
    phil and claire’s bed is from
    i realize you didn’t get to their master bedroom
    but their bed is great
    thanks in advance

    • hookedonhouses says

      Sorry, I don’t, but there should be more source information in those articles I linked to above. Check there! -Julia

  35. Susan F. says


    One of the best bits is that Cam played football for the ILLINI! He’s even wearing a jersey in one of the pictures you posted. Yeah!


  36. says

    I love the outside of Cameron and Mitchell’s house but don’t care for the decor much. I love the colors used inside Claire and Phil’s. I think Claire and Phil’s house does look like the All American Family home. Least favorite is Jay and Gloria’s. I like their kitchen but think the home would be more attractive by far with out all the bold colors.

  37. says

    Wow, thanks so much for including me in this post Julia! Modern Family set decor has been the bread and butter of my blog haha, I get questions everyday about where to find the stuff seen around the homes. They’re such nice spaces. I think I like the interior of Cameron and Mitchell’s home the best and the exterior of Jay and Gloria’s house best. Thanks for the fun post!

  38. says

    Yes! i was waiting on the modern family post! I love the houses so much. If i had to choose I would pick Phil and Claire!

  39. Lindsay says

    My favorite is definitely Phil & Claire’s house – love it!!!

  40. Lynn says

    I drool over Phil & Claire’s house… Inside and out! Their master bedroom is fantastic! Cannot remember which episode revealed it, but I wanted to take a screen shot of my tele and replicate that room!!

  41. Sissy says

    We love Modern Family and I have always thought the houses were wonderfully decorated. Thanks for sharing all the secrets.

  42. says

    What a great post, Julia! We love Modern Family–it’s a must-watch for us. It would be hard for me to pick a favorite of the houses. I think the show’s producers and designers did a great job of designing sets that really “fit” the three branches of this family.

    I was surprised to learn that Cam and Mitchell’s place is actually the downstairs flat of a rented house. Did you see the episode in which the upstairs is supposedly rented to a cool Reiki trainee? So funny.

  43. says

    Great post! How fun to take a look inside the houses!
    I am looking forward to exploring your blog a bit more!

  44. Martijn Feenstra says

    Isn’t Cameron and Mitchell’s house part of an appartement building?

    • hookedonhouses says

      I think it’s supposed to be a duplex with Cameron and Mitchell on the first floor and someone else living on the second. -Julia

  45. says

    Hi Julia,
    I just thought I would share this exciting info with you since I consider you a blogging bud :) I sat down with the artist Nathan Rohlander (his art was featured in Jay and Gloria’s home as well as the Dunphy home) for an interview to learn more about his work and how he got his work on the show. He was kind enough to give me a signed print of the painting in Jay and Gloria’s home for a giveaway! I know we both share an interest in the set decor so I thought I’d share it with you.
    Hope life is treating you well!

  46. says

    Love the show! Always craning my neck to look at the house shots/backgrounds. Thanks for “freezing” them for me. I would like to share this article on my FB page…is this featured on your FB page so I can do that? Thank you!

  47. danielle dobra says

    trying so hard to find out who the artists are for the paintings in Jay and Gloria’s bedroom – one over their bed and one over cabinets of a flower and branches? Do you have any info yet??? pls help thank you

  48. danielle dobra says

    ok. thanks for all the info you do have! great website! :)

  49. Carolina Ferreira says

    Thank you so very much you’re my hero believe me… I play the sims 3 and i’m always trying to copy the tv series homes so this is GREAT!!!

  50. Sage Morris says

    Do you know the name of the artist who painted the picture of the plant and branches in Jay and Gloria’s bedroom? Thanks

  51. Patti says

    In Claire and Phil’s kitchen there was once a picture of an egg on the wall.
    I’m looking to see that picture. Can you post it?

  52. Mary-Anne says

    Hi, does anyone know where I might find the peacock that decorates the wall above Alex’s bed?

  53. Betsy says

    Can you help me track down the colorful curtains in Mitchell and Cameron’s bedroom from this week’s episode? They look like Pottery Barn, but I’d like to be sure. Great pattern! Thanks in advance!

  54. Michael Giftos says

    my favorite house is Phil and Claire’s house I love the outside and the way the main floor is decorated and the floorplan of the place. I wonder how much these homes actually cost?