“Great Gatsby” Mansion to Be Destroyed and More News

The Real Life Great Gatsby Mansion Is Slated for Demolition to Make Room for a New Subdivision (ugh!): Zap2It.

A “Silo House” For Sale in Ontario: Listing.

Renovating a Vintage Airstream Trailer: CalFinder.

One of the Most-Searched-For Movie Houses is Life As We Know It. Check out the update on my post–a reader found the Set Designer’s floorplan sketches!

Another Reader Sent Me Floorplans for the Bungalow in Must Love Dogs!

Love Floorplans? These Are Good for Daydreaming: The Plan Collection.

Black and White Murals by Artist Charlotte Mann: KoiKoiKoi.

A Bedroom Makeover for a Growing Boy: Centsational Girl.

Author/Illustrator Eric Carle at Home in the Florida Keys: NYT.

Big thanks to all the readers who send me fun links like these each week. Happy Friday, everybody! :-)


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  1. says

    I can’t believe they destroying that house. What a shame!

    Have a wonderful weekend, Julia and drop by my blog to say “hi”. I miss you there!


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  2. says

    Oh, this makes me sad! How tragic that the home has fallen into such terrible disrepair. When are we going to realize that these gems are worth the time and effort (and, admittedly, dollars) to maintain? They don’t make ’em like this anymore!

  3. laney says

    oh how sad about the gatsby house…even sadder the thought of leonardo being the title character in a remake of the book/ movie…have never seen the appeal…but i know his mother loves him…

  4. karin/lifeinsmallchunks@blogspot.com says

    That little Airstream trailer is awesome – he did a great job. And thanks for the floorplan and photos of the Must Love Dogs and Life As We Know It houses – loved those houses. Karin

  5. says

    This makes me so sad and upset about the Gatsby mansion. The Great Gatsby is one of my favorite books of all time. I reread it ever so often because it’s just so perfect. I never grow tired of it. It’s too bad that some historical society couldn’t save it. Just what the world needs…more McMansions. I am anxiously awaiting the Leonardo version of Gatsby. I thought Robert Redford was excellent in the old version but everyone else in it was lacking.

  6. says

    This is Robert Redford standing in front of Rosecliff Mansion in Newport, RI -such a cool shot!! Many scenes were filmed there. The mansion that’s going to be demolished is in Long Island…, and in very bad shape. It takes a lot of money to maintain such a place!

    • hookedonhouses says

      Interesting! Thanks for clearing that up, Maya. -Julia

  7. says

    I love the interior of the Eric Carle house, and the exterior facing the ocean. However, that concrete is too industrial for me.

    And I love the Airstream. It looks great!

  8. says

    Tearing down that beautiful house for a subdivision? Ugh. My stomach just turned. Great picture of Robert Redford by the way. Have a great weekend Julia!

  9. says

    They’re going to tear it down for a subdivision?! That’s rediculous! Oh, this is sad :(

    But hey, thanks for the yummy picture of Redford… *swoon* The first time I saw him was in the movie Barefoot in the Park… *sigh*

  10. Kim says

    It makes me feel so sad that this place is going to be torn down. The houses that will be built in it’s place probably won’t even last as long as this mansion did. Even if I had the money to buy one of them, I wouldn’t even care to.

    Have a good weekend Julia!

  11. says

    Ugh…that’s a bummer about the Gatsby mansion. It’s such a shame no one was able to maintain it over the years. But thanks for the vintage Airstream article! I love the blue tile he used in the bathroom. We’re kind of half-looking for one (for traveling, not living full-time!)…just haven’t committed to forking over the money yet.

    Enjoy your weekend :)

  12. Nita says

    So sad about that house, which represents the height of America. And to have it traded for a plain old housing tract, it’s a tragedy. But, it’s what this country is turning into.

  13. says

    I was just going say what Maya stated. Redford is standing in front of Rosecliff which is part of the Newport Preservation Society and still very much taken care of. If any of you ever travel to Newport it must not be missed! Also there, Clarendon Court is the house that was used in High Society, staring Grace Kelly and Bing Crosby. It was also once owned by Claus and Snny Van Bulow.

    Jessica, (GimletMommy)

  14. says

    Grrr…in regard to the McMansions. So much history gone in an instant because of developers with tunnel vision. Many of the lovely old buildings in my community have been demolished…the most recent one resembling the Dynasty mansion. *sigh* When I decided it was time to see about expanding my shop, I didn’t think “new construction” for one instant. I found a lovely abandoned bungalow down the street in need of a new “home.” Yes, it needs an enormous amount of work…but it is so worth it!

    It was very cool of the man to draw up a floor-plan for the “Must Love Dogs” house. I love that house (set).

    Have a wonderful weekend, Julia. I hope all is going well with your blog server people.

    : )

    Julie M.

  15. says

    The picture is a little misleading in that it’s showing Robert Redford in front of Rosecliff which is one of the mansions in Newport, RI that you can still take a tour of.
    I took a tour of Rosecliff a few years ago and the tour guide told us that Robert Redford actually stayed in Rosecliff during the making of the movie and would occasionally sneak into the tour groups.

    The original Gatsby mansion is on Long Island…the ‘Today’ show did a piece on it a few days ago.

  16. says

    Oh…that’s sad…I mean the Great Gatsby mansion for a subdivision…
    I love the book and so is the film…
    The mansion looks like it is gonna be there forever ♥

  17. JRyan says

    Many F. Scott Fizgerald experts believe that Gatsby’s own house (in the story) was inspired by Beacon Towers, the castle-like home of Alva Vanderbilt Belmont, and some feel that Daisy Buchanan’s house was based on Land’s End, but apparently there’s no evidence whatsoever that the author actually used any real buildings as models for his literary houses. So I think it may be a bit of a strecth to call this place the Great Gatsby House.

    That being said, though, I was sickened when I learned that Land’s End was about to be demolished. And I was even more sickened when I started reading up on the developer who currently owns this property. Not so many years ago, I remember seeing the real estate listing for Land’s End, and it seemed to be in very good condition at that time. When I saw the burrent pictures I couldn’t imagine how it got so dilapidated in such a short time, but from what I’ve been reading lately, the level of deterioration that happened to this home in the last few years was probably part of a development plan. According to many Long Islanders who are familiar with Land’s End, this developer (who has owned the house for a number of years) didn’t just sit back and ALLOW the house get so run down…it wasn’t simply a case of benign neglect…but he actually helped it along in various ways. Evidently there was zero maintenance during his ownership, and he did absolutely nothing to deter vandals from destroying the place. Some people even suggest that the owner may have had removed patches of roof shingle and left windows and doors open so that the house would deteriorate more quickly. I guess these are tricks used by some slimy real estate developers. If an historic house is in terrible shape, the owner can more easily justify tearing it down. And then of course they can subdivide in order to build a bunch of shiny, new McMansions and make a whole lot more money than the would make if the house were left standing. I don’t know for sure if this goes for the developer who owns Land’s End, but since the house remained standing in good condition for nearly a hundred years and then suddenly fell completely right apart afer being purchased by him, I think there may just be something to these accusations. Otherwise this rapid deterioration is an amazing coincidence.

    Anyway, greed wins out again.

    • hookedonhouses says

      Very interesting. Thanks for the additional info!

  18. says

    It’s sad to hear about that mansion being demolished, but if it is in bad shape, maybe something good can be built on where it once stood?

    –On a side note, I love the murals by KoiKoiKoi, I’m going to check out that site now.