Jennifer Aniston’s House For Sale in Beverly Hills

Jennifer Aniston recently turned 42, and now she’s selling her mid-century mod house in Beverly Hills for that same magic number: $42. Million, that is. She is reportedly “simplifying her life” and making a move to NYC.

The nearly 10,000 square-foot house is the same one that we saw in Architectural Digest a year ago that some people in the blogosphere loved, and others weren’t so crazy about. Which camp did you fall into?

The listing raves: “Unparalleled Hal Levitt ‘Ohana’ Estate Offers Rare Oasis of Asian and Balinese-Inspired Tranquility in the Heart of Los Angeles with Commanding 180 Degree Views.” Aniston reportedly named it Ohana because it means “extended family.”

The house was designed by architect Hal Levitt in 1970. Aniston bought it in 2006, shortly after her split from Brad Pitt, for $13.5 million. She then spent nearly 3 years renovating and expanding it with the help of designer Stephen Shadley. He says it was in such bad shape that they “essentially tore the house apart and rebuilt it.”

She told People magazine about her decision to sell the house: “I couldn’t sleep and I sort of had one of those moments where I went, I really need to simplify… and clear out the clutter. And along with that thought came, ‘I should sell my house.’ … I had the realization that this is just too much for me. I’m not this person.”

It really is hard for me to imagine her living here. It looks very masculine. If I saw the house and didn’t know it was hers, I wouldn’t guess she was the owner, would you?

Go to Architectural Digest to see the rest of the photos, or to the listing by Jade Mills of Coldwell Banker for more information.

What do you think? Is it worth $42 million of your money? Or will you hang onto your cash a little longer?


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Jen just bought this $21 million house in Beverly Hills:

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  1. says

    I love it from the outside. I do not like the inside. I am with you, it’s very masculine. It seems kind of like a big, lonely, sad house. I would picture her in something much cheerier and brighter and feminine.

    I have been trying to figure out what to do with my millions laying around but I think i’ll hold off on this house for now 😉

  2. says

    I don’t care for it at all..inside or out..but I’m not a fan of midcentury modern, so that would probably be why. :) It looks so dark and gloomy…not what I would have pictured her in at all.
    Think I’ll keep all my millions for a charming cottage with some land somewhere. (you know since I have SO many millions just laying around) 😉

  3. Beth says

    The house is beautiful and very well done, but just didn’t seem to fit her. Some on the blogsphere remarked that it looked like a house Brad Pitt would like. Maybe she was decorating it with him in the back of her mind, and has finally moved on and is done with the house.

  4. says

    what could one person possibly do with 10,000 sq. feet of living space? of course she needs to simplify! and no…i don’t care at all for the design style of the house. and if it was a wreck…why did she pay $13 million for it in the first place? sheesh.

  5. Julie says

    Love the outside, but not fond of the interior. I honestly thought I’d be totally in love with Jennifer Annistons house–she seems like a warm genuine person & I don’t think this house represents that on the inside. Saving my Millions too.

  6. says

    I just saw on the Today Show that the house used for The Great Gatsby is going to be demolished. Can you do some research on it for us?

  7. says

    Thanks for sharing, Julia! This is not my taste at all and not at all what I would envision Jennifer Aniston living in….I’m thinking Old Hollywood Glamour would be more her style. This house is hard, cold, masculine and impersonal….and clutter? where in the world is the clutter she refers to?!
    I always enjoy your celebrity home posts!
    Have a beautiful day~
    ;-D Kathleen

  8. Ann Marie says

    The house is beautiful, but I would not want to live there. It reminds me of a hotel. It would apeal to everyone, but has no personality. I will also keep my pretend millions!

    • Sherry says

      I also thought it looked exactly like a hotel, Ann Marie. Seems incredibly impersonal for someone like Jennifer Aniston – not at all what I expected.

  9. kelly says

    Jennifer Aniston’s house is only worth 42 million if she comes with it…I’m not a fan of mid-century modern houses however there are a few little things I like about the interior. I could picture someone like George Clooney, (Mr. Forever Bachelor) living there.

  10. says

    Is it just me or does it seem very impersonal… Doesn’t really tell me much about her [I love houses that tell their own story] and I agree with a previous comment that it seems very masculine.

  11. says

    Based on these photos I would have to say my favorite part of the house is the outside, 42 million. That boggles the mind. I hope she gets it and can move to NYC in high style, maybe we’ll see her in an episode of Selling NY…ha! Janell

  12. says

    I’ll ditto you and Emily. The outside is really really neat! So unique. The inside is way too masculine for my tastes. Can’t wait to see what she buys in NYC!

  13. Lisa T. says

    I can see all the guys from Ocean’s 10, 11 & 12 hanging out there. Totally Vegas, baby!

  14. Maureen says

    I wasn’t too thrilled with the house.
    I wouldn’t want to live there.

  15. says

    Yeah I don’t see her there at all. Love the outside wrap around deck. That’s where I’d want to spend my time. Can’t imagine NYC as being the place to simplify. It seems stressful and overwhelming to me.

  16. says

    The property and views are spectacular. After seeing this in AD, it surprised me as well. I immediately wondered if this was a reflection of the designer’s influence or if this was truly her aesthetic. I think her recent statement about why she is selling answers that. I wonder if she will hire him for her next house? After working w a client for 3 yrs you would assume they would be close. I’m dying to know the beind the scenes scoop.

  17. Jane says

    It looks like what it probably is; a showcase house, not one to live in. Of course it’s probably hard to make a 10,000 square foot house look cozy!

  18. Claire says

    I agree with Jane – it looks like a show house. But that’s how I feel about a lot of things featured in Architectural Digest!! This house looks like a great place to throw parties, but it doesn’t look like a “home” at all.

    $42 million??? Yikes!

  19. says

    Doesn’t 42 million just seem like a random number.
    Like 42 zillion or 42 bajillion.
    That is a lot of cash.
    But then again, maybe she’s just used to that kind of money, since she made 42 million an episode on Friends. ; )

  20. says

    It’s beautiful but I agree, not her style at all. Or what I imagine her style to be at least. I remember when she split up with Brad she said she could “finally have a comfortable couch” referring to him being such an architecture buff and picking form over function for their house. This house seems more like it would have been his style, maybe when she was renovating it was so soon after the breakup that she still couldn’t shake his aesthetic. It’s funny how realizations like that always seem to come on suddenly, middle of the night style. I’m glad she is selling it, hopefully her next house will be exactly what she likes!

  21. says

    Not my kind of home, but the views are wonderful! It has no softness to it what so ever. She’ll need $42million when she buys in NY. She’ll be down to about 1/8 of the sq. footage too! By the way, Selling New York is my current favorite show…what a different world from the west coast. This country is amazing!

  22. says

    I LOve her works of art, not the home though…it just does not speak to me. Even her bed should have a large fabulous work of art over it!

    Art by Karena

  23. Kimb says

    The house is amazing; the views alone are worth that price. I don’t think its that out of character for her, she does tend to coast to the tomboy style when dressing. I can see her living here. She also named it Ohana – Hawaiian, with all that stone and teak and purple it does fit the Hawaiian landscape. And it is definitely a change from her beach pad, which is what I think people envision her in. I saw the penthouse she is apparently buying in New York here.

  24. says

    I could have told her the house was going to be too much for her. I remember reading about this place she was building, and thought, what? Like hip hip gin gin said, It looks exactly like the kind of decor she publicly complained about her ex liking. I figured then she’d go for a little shabby chic place with lots of chintz. I mean, that pool table looks like she’s ready for the fellas to come over. Maybe Vince Vaughn was giving advice? The place looks “Money”!

  25. CMT says

    This is so different from her other homes. The beach house she rented was comfy and personal, her prior home was the same. This seems more like a “statement: house rather than a home. Although not my style at all, it is well done. I agree with the others, I can’t picture her living here.

  26. Rob says

    Not normally a fan of mid-century modern, but I actually LIKE this house! Didn’t care for the bedroom or the bath pictured, but yes, I could live here with a few changes. $42M seems a bit steep. I can get 10,000 square feet here in Kansas City for under $2M, perhaps even under a million, and after living in other cities, I’d really never live anywhere else than KC now, so I guess I’m not the right buyer!

  27. ljb says

    Too big, too masculine, and too Asian for me. I don’t know why but she seems more like a NYC girl. The guys might miss that beautiful bod in a bikini on a California beach though.

  28. says

    I think she must be an excellent actress, because I could never ever imagine the girl that we “think” we know living in this home. It looks like a hotel and nothing like I imagined her abode to be. To each their own, tho..If she likes it then more power to her..Go Jenn..

  29. says

    There are things I like about it, but I agree that it’s not what I would have pictured her in. Still, it seems comfortable to me. If I had some extra millions, I wouldn’t mind taking it on!

  30. says

    I love the exterior and parts of the interior, but I’m a big fan of purple and I like Asian things. However, I agree that over all, it isn’t as inviting or cozy as I would expect it to be.

  31. says

    Whoa! I agree, I totally wouldn’t guess that his her house. Her style is so soft, classic, and chic, that house is indeed masculine and bold. I would picture her in a house with lots of soft grays and whites. Wonder if that place will sell at 42 million, seems pretty darn high!

  32. says

    $42 million? I could buy a beautiful Harbourfront house in Sydney for that amount. The house breathes that whole ZEN atmosphere. Nice for some of the areas, but not for the entire house.

  33. Cheryl Stoy says

    I’m not a Jennifer fan as I believe she couldn’t act her way out of paper bag and I now know I am really not a fan of her sense of design. Sorry, but it just plain ugly.

  34. laney says

    …well…all i really like is the view…and that is not worth 42 million dollars…i do…however…love the name of the house…

  35. says

    Absolutely beautiful views, but the inside is not my taste. I think you nailed it Julia, it looks very masculine. Almost like a bachelor’s pad, albeit an impeccable bachelor’s pad, but definitely not what I envision for her. I could see her living in an all white Malibu beach house.

  36. Kay says

    I don’t really like it but if I could look like Jennifer I’d take it in a minute!

  37. Kim says

    I hate to say this, but Jennifer Aniston’s house is extremely ugly and lacks personality. There is nothing I like about it except for maybe the views. Everything else is a waste of space and money. I could go out and buy a nice, warm, and cozy house for a lot less.

  38. Linda White Tartaglia says

    I recall a photo from a year ago where she hosted an informal gal pal dinner on her patio – the setting was serene and the views spectacular.

  39. Beth says

    I think my dad and stepmother lived in the Dayton, Ohio, version of this house in 1977. Only their chairs were orange.

  40. says

    No thank you…too hotelly and sterile.
    Truly sad about the Gatsby mansion…now there’s a 42 million dollar property!There should be laws against such things…xo J~

  41. says

    On the large side alright for a single woman…it still has a bit of a Brad Pitt vibe.
    Time for her to find her own!

  42. Mary says

    Wouldn’t buy it. It has to much rock.. but I like rock. To many straight lines.. but I like minimal. Too masculine.. but my own taste runs to masculine.
    I don’t know what it is, but it just doesn’t come together for me.

  43. says

    Love the midcentury lines, love the stone, love the views, love the purple (mohair?) chairs & purple draperies….haven’t checked out the extra shots in the magazine yet but will. Of course, do not love the price but it was fun looking!

  44. Nita says

    I read she did up the house to get back at Brad, who loves architecture. She never did anything like this until she met him and they broke up. I tend to believe it’s true. Isn’t it amazing how the celebs throw around money like pocket change and think their lives are so hard, while the rest of us out here in the real world struggle in this economy.

  45. Karen T. says

    I don’t like this style house or decor. Of course I don’t know Jennifer personally , but it just doesn’t seem like the kind of home I’d think she’d want to live in. Wonder how much design/decor influence she had in this home or did she defer these decisions primarily to a high-priced well known designer? Nothing wrong with that, but just wondering what in the house has her touch or her stamp on it. Maybe this is a popular style in California. Maybe certain decorating styles are more popular in certain regions of the country. About the $42 million…this is a lot of money by probably anybody’s standards, but remember this is Hollywood (and a movie star’s home). She probably thinks she can get close to this amount. And while this sounds like a lot of money to most people, I believe the cost of living and everything (including housing) is more expensive there. There may be a higher concentration of wealthy people there who can afford & are willing to pay this amount (or close to it). But, not me even if I had $42 million. Last, at age 42 Jennifer (like many women in their 40’s start to reexamine their lives & sometimes make some major changes in some form or another.) I wish her the best!

  46. Designer Tinks, NZ says

    It looks a little too ’boutique hotel-like’ for me …

    I certainly couldn’t imagine having my beloved pets roaming around the house, or snuggling up on the couch with a good book …

    The entranceway looks like it has a lot of wasted space … actually, it looks about the size of my carport! :)

    I’m all for modern, but it looks like she just combed the latest trends for how her house ‘should look’.

  47. Designer Tinks, NZ says

    I’d love to see pictures of the oft-mentioned ‘more modest, first home’ Jennifer still owns in Beverly Hills.

    I imagine that would show the ‘true Jennifer’ as she bought it in the early years of Friends.

    Does anyone have any pictures of this?

  48. says

    If she paid $13 million in 2006 why would it be worth $42 million in this market? I realize she did some renovations but really….

  49. Alisha says

    Ahhh…even the description of the house gives me a headache. When the magazine came out I was really excited to see Jennifer’s house, but I was disappointed. This is one of those cases where you can tell the home is for showing off and not really for living in. There are a lot of nice features and design aspects but there are SO many all combined here that it is just overwhelming. I think she was trying way too hard to make it look”cool” and it comes off almost tacky.

  50. CindyE says

    I do like looking at beautiful homes & architecture. It is fun to see a “home” in a movie, and later on, find out more about the real house. However, I find the celebrity thing so tired, so done. They are all overpaid. This real estate is overpriced. How much do our children’s teachers make? What about the people who clean up after this spoiled actress? How often can any of these celebrities even make a house a home – are they not traveling constantly? I think this looks like a sad house – I hope someone buys it and makes it a real home – it is well done.

  51. kathy says

    Oh depressing that someone who pretends to be other people- usually people that live normal lives no less- gets such disgusting pay. Does she really look in the mirror and say YES….I have contributed so much to the world I deserve this. I must be in a really bad mood but this over the top flaunting has become very unattractive to me.

  52. Kathy :) says

    Hi Julia…..nope don’t care for it, I remember seeing it and thinking just like you ….I would never have guessed that was her taste !!!

    When do they announce who wins the HGTV house, I have been out of the loop, have to make sure I have make-up when they ring my bell….LOL

    Have a great day,
    Kathy :)

    • hookedonhouses says

      They’ll announce the winner of the Dream Home on March 19. Crossing my fingers for you, Kathy! :)

  53. Miss Emily says

    I always figured she bought that house in effort to turn Brad Pitt’s head. He was always into mid-century modern architecture and decor.

    I like it a lot. It looks nothing like my house style, but for a second home, I could dig it. My own home is kind of masculine too.

  54. says

    Moving to New York City doesn’t sound simple to me. I love the city but isn’t the place I would go to simplify my life. But I get what she is saying and I think that we all get to that point sometime in our lives.

  55. says

    I find the house spectacular but far too masculine for a single woman. The architecture and materials are brilliant, but the scale of the furniture overpowering at times,and I am someone who designs very masculine interiors…

  56. Alisha says

    I just checked out the real estate listing for the place she is reportedly buying in New York…now THAT I could see her in! It’s gorgeous.

  57. SP says

    Ok. So she bought it for $14 million in 2006 at the height of the real estate market. Then she renovated, let’s say she spent another $15 million, already unrealistic. House could be worth $29 million, and she wants to sell it for $42 million now that the market is in the dumps. Not going to happen. Unless…maybe she found a gold mine underneath? Btw, I always thought of her as masculine and cold, not in a bad way…

  58. coffee cup in hand says

    Although I like the house it seemed very masculine for a lone woman. Sorry it didn’t work out for her but she’s been there and done that before.

  59. Shannon says

    I got excited to see Jennifer Anniston’s house because all I could imagine was a gorgeous, yet somewhat modest, charming house…did not expect this at all! Not my favorite.

  60. perfectnygrkataol says

    She doesnt have to sell this”cool pad.” Her achievements will only compliment her future man’s lifestyle. On the opposite side of the spectrum, his achievements will equally compliment her lifestyle . Just look up ^^^

  61. says

    I would never in a million years guess that this was Jennifer Aniston’s house! Way too masculine, for sure.

  62. Ms. Kellie Wood says

    This is a stunning home, inside and out! Wow! It brings back memories of my hot-shot father who was a fighter pilot, a 747 pilot, and a superb athlete. He was very classy and sophisticated, a man’s man as they say. If I had the money I would buy this house in a split second, and I’m a girl! I love it because it reminds me of my awesome dad.

  63. CommonCents says

    I don’t see Jennifer Aniston living in this house at all. I personally like it, everything but the price that is.

  64. says

    I love Jennifer Aniston, but I wouldn’t give her two cents for that house!

  65. Eli Johnson says

    Love the house inside and out. She has impeccable taste. Most Americans have absolutely no taste when it comes to decorating. She is a definite exception. I can’t stand Americans who go out their way to have homes likes Europeans, old ones @ that. Or they go with American colonial which is even worse. When I see post about it being cold, I disagree. The furniture looks comfortable and well placed. Very open. You “cottage types” have some of the worst decor. YOU think it is wonderful, the rest of us just want to run for the hills when we see.

    When I visit the homes of my friends with all those awful knick-knacks, collections of “crap”, floral furniture, country plaid, ducks, antique furniture, yard sale/flea market finds, Louis anything, or god forbid IKEA, it makes me want to vomit. And the DIY set is just the worst. If you were master craftsman, you would know it by now. Step away from the power tools!

    You Americans are good at so many things, but you have awful taste in decor, wine – California wine is just awful, food, and fashion. Thank goodness you make great technology.

    • Laura says

      Ha! Wow, Eli, aren’t you opinionated! How do you really feel? haha *rolls eyes*

      Its not my personal style (I do in fact LOVE French country the best) but I think the house is quite cool, the views are amazing, and mostly incredibly tasteful (I think overly swanky, like a boutique hotel or party pad, instead of a ‘home’)- VERY much “Oceans 11” sort of vibe, which seems more Brad. It does seem way too much for a single woman, though. But definitely seemed like a fun little reno project to keep her occupied for a few years….I know I would if I could :-p

  66. Ms. Kellie Wood says

    Eli Johnson’s comment: ROFL! That is the BEST post I’ve read in years! Spot on!

  67. COLLIN says


  68. Christina says

    I read this particular Architectural Digest issue when it came out because I subscribe to it since I design myself. Not in love with this. There were some aspects that I liked, the wine room, the pizza oven area around the bar..shows the view outside.. and the outdoor patio area is nice..I did like the purple chairs. They were comfy looking compared to the bare issues in the rest of the home..Otherwise once again, the inside is rather cold looking and truly doesn’t seem like her style. It’s been years since she and Brad have been together so I hate even brining his name in on this..but I did hear this is more “his” taste and they completely disagreed on their styles of decor.. he called her style matronly and he had nothing but pure sharp edges..nothing of comfort in the home they were building.. I can just imagine that nightmare.. Anyone who likes all those Knick Knacks as Eli stated, agreed it’s a big eyesore.. ugly is more the word for it. I think it’s too crowded with junk like that, yet at the same time, this doesn’t have a happy medium.. This does look more like a hotel than a home. The bedroom is just so good colors.. it’s not what I was expecting.. there are great decorating ideas out there that don’t involved Ikea and all those other things mentioned above from the one who hates American Colonial.. or any floral furniture which is a definite no way.. Not all Americans think that way and I disagree that we all decorate in that manner.. Some of us have taste.. This house looks unlived in, unflattering, complete masculine lines and it looks as if she never lived a day in this place. She’s barely been in it a year or two and she’s already going to sell now… I don’t feel it’s worth $43 million at all! It’s not water front property.. You would see that price in the Hamptons but definitely not here.. I would say she’s lucky if it sells for about $23 million at the very most, if that.. I can’t see it selling for $43.. I don’t care if they completely gutted the house.. Now she’s moving to New York I hear..She does still own a house in Los Angeles that she bought in the ’90’s..any photo’s of that particular property at all? That may be more her taste..She says it’s small and more her style and she feels more at home with it.. I guess we’ll see.

  69. Luana says

    Nope, not worth 42 million of my money!! I like the idea, the concept of the house but not much the stuff in it
    It’s pretty but didnt fall in love with it…

  70. ricarddao navas says

    Is absoluty beautifull your house. I’m Interior Design.
    I’m Ready For your Home Theater.
    Ricarddao Navas

  71. Alex says

    Beautiful. Wo cares if you don’t like it, it’s her house not yours. Haters just have to talk shit to feel better about themselves. 😉 good luck Jennifer. LA will miss you.

  72. Poppy says

    If I recall correctly, she and Brad Pitt bought this house together and renovations were well under way when they split. That is why it has so much masculinity to it. There was a his and hers bathroom suite in it that she changed after they split. I can’t imagine coming home to that big empty place every day all by myself there.. it would drive me batty! So depressing looking inside.

  73. says

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