“Notting Hill” House for Sale (Blue Door Not Included)

"Notting Hill" movie filming location

Remember the famous blue door that belonged to Hugh Grant’s character in the 1999 romantic comedy Notting Hill? When the movie was filmed, it actually belonged to Notting Hill writer and director Richard Curtis. After it became such a hit (the highest grossing British film to date, in fact), Curtis sold his home at a nice profit.

Here’s how it looked in the opening credits of the film:

Notting Hill movie blue door

The new owners became tired of all the attention their famous blue door received, however. It was auctioned off for charity, and a nondescript black door now stands in its place.

new black door

The narrow flat that Will Thacker (Grant) shared with his grubby Welsh roommate Spike (Rhys Ifans) in Notting Hill was nice but fairly modest. You can see photos of the sets created for the movie interiors here.

According to an anonymous source, the real thing is much more grand, and it’s on the market for £2.5 million. Which means–hello!–we get to peek inside and see what was really behind that blue door.

Notting Hill-chapel main room

I had heard that the real house was nothing like the one in the movie. That it was spacious, open, and bright. But even knowing that, I was still surprised by the amount of light and space here.

dining area-kitchen

The real estate listing describes it as a “converted chapel with linked cottage.”

main room 2

Notting Hill kitchen

Here’s the original chapel door, which is at the back of the house, off the garden patio:

Back door from garden

Update: The listing page for the home has recently been removed, so it may have already sold.

back patio-garden

Which interior do you like better–the movie version or the real thing? To see more photos of the sets used in the Hugh Grant-Julia Roberts romantic comedy and learn more about them: Notting Hill: The House with the Blue Door.


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  1. greenie says

    Love the interior of this place, although not what I would have expected from the exterior! Never saw the movie–not a big Hugh Grant fan.

  2. says

    well I’m a complete sucker for all things London, so I’d buy it in a heartbeat. You certainly couldn’t get a better location for living London to the full. I find the interior a little cold for my tastes – although i’m sure it cost a fortune to do it up like that. My favorite bit of the entire place is the original chapel door. Such a nice touch to leave it as part of the home.
    .-= Kirsten´s last blog ..Dance It Out =-.

  3. Kim says

    Wow that house is much bigger then it seems on the outside. I thought it would be a small apartment. I have never seen the movie, but I like the real thing better then the one from the movie. It’s more spacious and looks nicer too.

  4. says

    The chapel door is wonderful…but other than that…I prefer the cozy film set.

    : )

    Julie M.

    ps The courtyard is like the game “I spy with my little eye” with the pig, kitty, giraffes and uhh…was that Lenin on the wall????
    .-= Julie M.´s last blog ..Liv & Little G =-.

  5. says

    I can picture the front door with the colomns marbleized. The interior is “much” bigger and lighted than I would have thought. Not too much on the “decor” and lack of color which leaves the house feeling cold to me. Different strokes for different folks though. I LOVE the chapel door leading to the courtyard! So romantic

  6. says

    Lovely in a stripped out rehab sort of way. I am hoping the original architecture was mostly gone so that they had to do that to it. If I had two-point-five I’d prefer something with a bit more original archticture left in it. However, the bust of Lenin mustn’t convey! Yes, Julie, M. that is definitely Lenin. Yikes!
    .-= Paula – Mise en scène ´s last blog ..Before it changes again for Christmas,… =-.

  7. says

    Wow, that is so very different from the movie. I keep looking at the photo and wondering, what is the weird white stuff on the couch? Pieces of sheepskin?
    .-= songbirdtiff´s last blog ..Adoption- The Truth =-.

  8. says

    It looks beautiful! I loved all the levels in the movie house although it could have been a little tidier. :) This is gorgeous!! All the space is fabulous but I’m totally sold on the patio.
    .-= Lynda´s last blog ..an apple a day =-.

  9. says

    Julia-I love all movies with Hugh Grant! I think I prefer the set even if it does look like a fraternity house. Love that chapel door and courtyard–Is that a PIG painted on the wall??!! Hope you have a happy Thanksgiving. Thanks for another great Monday!
    .-= susan´s last blog ..Stuffing or Dressing? =-.

  10. says

    It always amazes me what certain camera angles and clever production can do to make a space completely different on film. This looks nothing like I had imagined it. It’s definitely not my style but it is a pretty cool house. I would definitely vote for the movie version, though!
    .-= Sarah @ Dream In Domestic´s last blog ..Losing My Sanity to Four Cheap Chairs =-.

  11. says

    I do love that movie–and I can hardly believe what’s REALLY behind that door! I would pay a lot of money just for that chapel door.

    Julia, you might be interested in my post today at Imparting Grace!
    .-= Richella at Imparting Grace´s last blog ..A winner =-.

  12. Judy says

    Movie version. It looked more real. Why buy a house when and then mutate it out of all relation to what it truly shoud be? I live in an open plan house, but it was built in 1957 so it was INTENIONAL.

  13. Krista says

    I LOVE this movie!! I went to London in November and I had to stop by the door for a photo op. I didn’t see any for sale signs but maybe they put it up for sale after we were there. We also went to the Travel Book shop that Hugh Grant’s character owned in the movie–the place that they filmed as the shop and also the actual shop that is just down the street.

  14. says

    Wow for sale? Why is the blue door not included? Someone is staying there? Thanks for sharing this one! What a lovely room and a lovely place!

  15. Lisa says

    Shame I could never afford it! Is it still up for sale? How much is it up for?