The “Father of the Bride” Movie House

Father of the Bride movie house cvr

George and Nina Banks live in a traditional white house in Father of the Bride that’s a classic American home, white picket fence and all. I got a lot of requests from readers who wanted to see more of it after I posted about the real house in Pasadena, California, so the Father of the Bride house has a lot of fans out there! If you’re one of them, this post is for you.

Father of the Bride movie house picket fence

Stepping into the home, the dining room is to the right and the living room to the left. The staircase is straight ahead:

Father of the Bride movie house entry hall

Annie (Kimberly Williams-Paisley) at the top of the stairs. She has just returned from Rome with some big news — she’s engaged!

Kimberly Williams as Annie Banks Father of the Bride

The dining room, seen from the kitchen:

Father of the Bride dining room

The kitchen off the dining room:

The Father of the Bride movie house kitchen

The Father of the Bride movie house kitchen 2

Note the tile backsplash. It changes in the sequel to a neutral beige tile instead (see it here):

Diane Keaton in The Father of the Bride kitchen

The living room:

Father of the Bride living room-Diane Keaton

The Father of the Bride movie house living room

In this shot of the living room, you can briefly see the clock (with one of wedding coordinator Franck’s assistants):

Father of the Bride movie house blue clock

The upstairs hallway:

Father of the Bride movie house upstairs hall

The master bedroom (there’s a better shot of the bed in the sequel, which you can see here):

George and Nina Banks' Bedroom in FOTB

The attic, where George tries on his tux from the 1970s and is pleased to see it still fits. Sorta:

Steve Martin in the attic-Father of the Bride house

Annie’s room (she was an architecture student, so they gave her a drafting table):

Annie Banks bedroom Father of the Bride

Phoebe Cates was originally cast in the role of Annie, but she dropped out because of a pregnancy.

Kimberly Williams as Annie Banks Father of the Bride 2

Father of the Bride movie house-Annie's bedroom

The patio at night:

Father of the Bride movie house patio

Father of the Bride movie house-patio

The back of the house and garage:

father-of-the-bride-house-basketball hoop night

The MacKenzie House

mackenzie-house-exterior in father of the bride

George and Nina go to meet Bryan’s parents at their house.

mackenzie family's foyer in father of the bride movie

A reader just informed me that this house once belonged to Sonny and Cher. I can see Cher living in a place like this!

MacKenzie house in Father of the Bride

Wedding Day at the Banks’ House

father-of-the-bride-house in the snow

They wake up to snow on the wedding day, and the swans have to be kept warm in the tub.

swans in the tub-Father of the Bride movie

Things warm up in time for the reception, however. Here are the bride and groom getting their photos taken on the patio:

Father of the Bride backyard-bride groom arbor

Inside the wedding tent in the backyard:

inside the wedding tent father of the bride movie

After the wedding, Nina and George “survey the damage” in the living room:

George and Nina Banks after the wedding FOTB

*2011 UPDATE: The Father of the Bride house is for sale.

father-of-the-bride-after wedding-dance

This was a remake of a popular 1950 film starring Spencer Tracy as the dad (Stanley Banks), and Elizabeth Taylor as the daughter (Kay). Steve Martin’s character is named George Stanley Banks in a nod to the original.

You can see many more photos of this house–including shots of the beautiful nursery wing that they build in the sequel, here: Father of the Bride Part II.

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  1. J says

    I really enjoy your site.

    An interesting fact: The Mackenzie’s house use to belong to Sonny & Cher!

  2. hookedonhouses says

    I hadn’t heard that! I love it. I’ll add it to the post. Thanks! -Julia

  3. says

    I have loved this house since the first time I saw the movie…a LONG time ago! It is one of my dream homes. So perfect, yet lived in. Thanks for featuring it.

    Lindsay’s last blog post..From Her Plate to Yours

  4. says

    I feel as if I have been aways so long. I loved that movie and always dreamed of having a home just like that. I think I got pretty close but the amount of purchasing I would have to do might just throw The Accountant over the edge. Keep on plugging along.
    Hope you are doing well and hope to be back in the groove again.

    Janet Doherty’s last blog post..Day two…the journey continues…

  5. says

    Thanks Julia! This is one of my all-time favorite movies. Anything with Diane Keaton, Steve Martin, or Kimberly- I watch it! I always wanted to live in this house and everytime I see a brick walkway I want to get down on my knees and say “See these bricks? I laid every one of them by hand!” Just like Steve Martin did in the 2nd movie. LOL!


    Misti England’s last blog post..A Few Random Things About Me

  6. says

    I see a trend here. It’s official, we love the same shows. Houses have always been a passion of mine right along side of these (most of them romantic comedys)great movies.

    I revisited your spot of all your previous movies and so love all the work you have put into them.

    ** little side note* one of my dear friend’s daughter was married in early May one year with 12″ of snow on the ground. (nope– not what they were hoping for in their back yard wedding)


    Claudia@DipityRoad’s last blog post..Ivy Cottages with a Little Pink

  7. says

    Thanks Julie I love all your knowledge about all these homes its so interesting thanks so much, do you thing its in Diane keaton’s contracts she has to have a good movie home as she always seems to get them :) I didn’t realise Father of the Bride was a re make how interesting thanks again.
    Elaine :)

    Elaine’s last blog post..Eco- Natural Flax Linen

  8. says

    Oh, this has to be my favorite movie house ever. I love everything about it. I just sped through the McKenzie’s house – compared to the Banks’ home it doesn’t even hold a candle. Thanks for the tour & I love the comment about the kitchen tile – I never even noticed the change.

    duchess’s last blog post..What’s Bloomin’

  9. says

    Hi Julia :)

    I’m one of those that tear up… don’t laugh, but I did just looking at the pictures…. one reason is because of my Annie. Everytime I watch it and someone says her name the tears just start flowing. I love both the older and newer versions so much. Thank you for showing them :)


    rue’s last blog post..Where we live…

  10. says

    Oh and I heard that it actually did snow that year in LA. My mom said it was the only other time she remembered it doing that since she was a little kid in the 50s.

    rue’s last blog post..Where we live…

  11. says

    This house never gets old to me, and a center-hall colonial is my perfect dream home. The movie is 17 years old and the style is still fabulous, I could move in tomorrow with all the same furnishings.

    And Phebe Cates is lovely but Kimberly Williams was perfect as Annie.

    Robin’s last blog post..WWJTXT?

  12. says

    Hi Julia…have always loved this house! Just makes you want to say Ahhhhh! I was just studing the front and I think what gives it that “Ahhhhh factor” are the flowers/vine growing up the front, the arch above the doorway and that cute picket fence. :-) Thanks for taking us to the movies and showing us the best parts! Susan

    Susan’s last blog post..Welcome to the 22nd Metamorphosis Monday!

  13. says

    I love this movie! I like the scene where George and Nina meet the Mackenzies at their grand house, and George has to go to the restroom. They tell him to go upstairs, and it’s the seventh door on the left. He says, “Second?”. They respond, “Seventh. Seventh.” So funny!

    Kasey’s last blog post..We’ve Got a Toddler!

  14. says

    I like all your other commentors, love this movie. And as for the house, everytime I watch the movie I try to work out the layout of the upstairs! I have the downstairs sussed but just can’t quite make it flow upstairs.

    boysmum2’s last blog post..Dummy’s

  15. says

    One of my favorite movies and one of my favorite houses!!! How did you know?
    Thank you for sharing about it… hmm – time to pop some popcorn!


    Daisy Cottage’s last blog post..Grab Your Purse!

  16. says

    Thank you!
    I love both the movie and the house. I have always dreamt of a traditional white house with shutters and a picket fence. A frontporch is on my whish list as well…. (Not many of them here in Norway.)It must be all those American movies I have seen that has inspired me;)

    I have a new contest on my blog. The prize is a subscription to House Beautiful. Maybe you want to come look?

    Have a great day and a sunny week!

    Ann-Kristin Iversen’s last blog post..Sweeter Homes’ Sweepstake

  17. Jan says

    Julia–I really enjoy your blog. This house was a turning point in my own home as I had painted it all very neutral as a solution to the rainbow of individual room palettes that I moved into. I “de-decorated” for the first six months, but was underwhelmed with the neutrals. After seeing this movie I painted some main rooms a buttercream yellow, and when I saw it for the first time I kissed the painter! It was such a dramatic change.
    There is also something about ivy on a house–ours was covered in it, and it was really beautiful.
    A marrital split necessitated selling the house–the new people took off all of the ivy, and it actually helped me “move on.” We still reflect fondly of our days in “the Ivy house.”
    I look forward to next weeks post. The house becomes a central character in the story.

  18. says

    I have always loved this house! Loved the movie too; it came out while we were planning our own wedding at age 21 and with a $1000 total budget. It infuriated me and made me jealous, the amount of money they spent on that wedding!

    Holly’s last blog post..Soda Crates

  19. Nita H. says

    Actually, the house is in San Marino, California, which is near Pasadena.

  20. says

    Hello there!!
    First off ….I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog. I actually googled images of “Father of the Bride” as I needed an image for my profile. We’ll I used it and then realized that it was from an actual blog. I am so sorry!! I thought it was a random picture from the movie I would love ask your permission – if I could use the image? I would love to also do a post about your blog on my public and private blogs. I would love to give credit to you on the picture. No worries – if not I will take your picture down.
    Many thanks!! xxxx me
    .-= domestic diva´s last blog ..We HEART Tory Burch!! =-.

  21. Angela says

    I was wondering if you would be able to find the pictures of the house from the movie fireproof. I love the inside!

  22. Alan says

    This house is massive! I’ve always loved this house and the movie. When George says “I love this house and I never want to move”… yeah dirrr… me too! Shame two story houses aren’t exactly common here in West Australia… more the long flat boring variety.

    I love the stairs, the entrance, the picket fence, the back yard … ahhh. The way he describes the memories of living there made me feel homesick for that house. I wonder if the people who live there now watch that movie all the time and have the decor set out just the same? What a conversation starter when guests arrive!

  23. Lindsey says

    Since I know you can pretty much post any house someone suggests, 😉
    I was wondering of you could post some pictures of the house in the movie “Fireproof”. The inside was so homey and cozey!
    Thanks a ton!!

  24. Andreas, Germany says

    Hi! I really enjoy your blog and the wonderful homes you show. The Father of the bride home is absolutely awsome and I just wish that I had a house like that. Another really nice house (with a Steve Martin connection) is Steve’s home featured in the movie “Bringing down the house”. Do you have any information on that one? would be great to see here.

    Regards from Cologne, Germany

    • hookedonhouses says

      I haven’t featured “Bringing Down the House.” I haven’t seen it in years, and my memory of it is fuzzy. I’ll have to check it out again. Thanks! -Julia

  25. Jane says

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Father of the Bride 1 & 2!

    GORGEOUS house, i LOVE it. Shame there are no floor plans available? Would be very interesting.

    I want a wedding like Annie’s …………


  26. Jane says

    I am addicted to your site!! I LOVE it.

    Father of the Bride is 1 of my all time Faves!

    Plus i must be brothers and sisters BIGGEST fan ever, i am so grateful for an insight to that gorrrrrrrrrgeous house!!!!


    • hookedonhouses says

      I don’t know anything about cars, but I looked it up and found the answer:

      “The car that Steve Martin drives in the movie is an Austin-Healey 3000, either a MkI or a MkII. NOT a MkIII, as the MkIII had a convertible top that was built into the car, which Mr. Martin’s Healey does not have.”

      You can get more information about it here:


  27. Jessica says

    Actually this house is NOT located in Pasadena, California but in Alhambra, California, a neighboring town of Pasadena. I know because I grew up in Alhambra! =]

    • Mel says

      This house IS in Pasadena on El Molino. The basketball scenes were shot at a house in Alhambra.

      • hookedonhouses says

        Mel, you’re right. I think the fact that they used two different houses has confused a lot of us. Thanks! -Julia

  28. Kristen says

    I love love love this house! I truly believe that my house obsession began with this movie. The house, of course, was beautiful, but more than that it felt like a home. It was sophisticated and fancy, yet cozy and laid back. Great post!

  29. Sarah says

    I am watching Rumor has it and I think they used the same house.

  30. says

    I’m glad I found someone that loves homes more than me!

    This movie house has always been..(not a dream – because I dream big like MacKenzie Mansion big) but so special. It’s very lovely.
    .-= H F Designs´s last blog ..Food Storage Space =-.

  31. says

    I just came across your site and I was thrilled to find a feature on the ‘Father of the Bride’ house! I grew up watching this movie over and over – the house is just to die for! Classic, and beautiful. Looking at your pictures I now know where I obsession with French doors and windows has stemmed from! Even the style of my online botique homewares business – The Hamptons House (, takes it’s style inspiration from this classic American/ New England look. I LOVE your site! Well done x

  32. moniqued says

    Omg…we just booked a wedding venue for my daughter.She was sharing with me how she wanted outdoor tenting in Oct. and wanted a homey feeling etc….and it hit me like a ton of bricks when we went to see this gorgeous colonial.omg!!!it felt like the House in father of the bride!!!!!!and yes wea are having SWANS!!just had to share.When she said white tents I had a flash back of that amazingly sweet movie,I’m soooooo.glad we saw this movie at least a dozen times,it stayed with her.Can’t wait for her special day!!

  33. Duniya says

    I was wondering if you could please please post a picture of Annie or Nina walking down the stairs on the day of the wedding, basically I really need a picture of the way the stairs were decorated with flowers for the wedding. Thanks so much!

  34. Mandy Sadler says is reporting this house is for sale for 1.35 millon dollars – just an fyi…