“The Family Stone:” Home for the Holidays

The Family Stone movie white house in snow

The Family Stone received mixed reviews, but I liked it. Would I have enjoyed it as much if it hadn’t taken place in this beautiful old house, however? Probably not! Ha. Let’s take a look inside.

The Family Stone movie house Diane Keaton Christmas tree

The Family Stone is about a family gathering at Christmas. There are five grown children, and Everett (Dermot Mulroney) is bringing his girlfriend Meredith (Sarah Jessica Parker) home to meet everybody for the first time.

The Family Stone movie house family gathers

I like this shot of the hallway because you can see all the family photos.


The set designer says she carefully chose every photo for the fridge to make it look like a real family lived there.

The set designer says she carefully chose every magnet and photo for the fridge to make it look like a real family lived there.

When Diane Keaton saw the interior of the house for the first time, she says she thought it was “disgusting.” She couldn’t stand all the clutter “and all of the stuff everywhere.” But she admitted that it suited the family’s personality: “For them it was perfect.” The set designers were careful about every little detail, down to the magnets on the fridge.

Diane Keaton's character Sybil had a table she used as a desk in the kitchen.

Sybil has a desk in the kitchen. It’s truly her domain:

The Family Stone movie Diane Keaton red Mac

You can see the brick wall of the kitchen from this angle.

Elizabeth Reaser ("Ava" on "Grey's Anatomy") played the nice sister.

The dining room at night.

Everett’s room, which is much neater and cleaner than the others in the house and matches his buttoned-up personality.

The Family Stone movie Sarah Jessica Parker Dermot Mulroney

Everett's room.

The parents’ bedroom:

The parents' bedroom.

Amy’s Attic Bedroom:

Amy's attic bedroom.

You can see the built-in bookshelves in the living room in this scene.

Charades. I like how you can see into the hall and living room from this angle.

The Family Stone movie fireplace

The Family Stone movie house in the snow side door

A reader tells me, “The real house they used for the exteriors is in Riverside, CT (postal district in Greenwich) on Riverside Ave at Club Rd on the southwest corner of the intersection. And the snow was real. They didn’t need the snow machines the crew had brought in!” Thanks, Kathy! :-)


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  1. Kelly says

    Is the next house tour from the movie “The Holiday”? This is so much fun guessing!

  2. says

    When I saw that movie I didn’t care much for the actual movie but I LOVED that house! It’s so warm and cozy and inviting. It looked like a house filled with things that were collected over time (not someone buying the collection for a catalogue because it all matched).

  3. says

    I loved this house!! Granted, it was a bit cluttered (although perfect for that family)…but man, I would love to live in a house just like it! Great movie, too!!! One of my favorite Christmas movies! Stepmom’s house was great, too – very similiar to this one.
    Thanks for sharing!! :-)

  4. says

    I’m a huge fan of several cast members (SJP, Rachel McAdams, Luke Wilson), plus I’m a sucker for holiday movies–so I knew I would love this one. But having it set in a house like this sealed the deal for me. I’ve watched it several times specifically for the purpose of checking out details like you’ve pointed out (as I have with To Kill a Mockingbird and It’s a Wonderful Life).

    Have you seen the Changeling? It’s not a holiday flick, but oh! Angelina’s bungalow is so cool, especially the kitchen.

  5. says

    The outside of the home is gorgeous, as are the bones on the inside, but I agree with Diane Keaton, I can’t stand all the clutter!

  6. says

    Let’s not forget the house from “Home Alone”.

    I love movies where the house is actually more like a Character than a set. My husband gets really annoyed when I’m paying more attention to the movie sets and decorations than the movie story line. “ooo, I love that comforter! Look at that paint color!”

    It is a sickness I have. Ha!

  7. lucinda says

    I really liked this movie. It had so many layers. I remember liking the house when I watched the movie. I’m also crazy for Diane Keaton’s crisp white shirt and big chunky beads…such style!

  8. Mike says

    I <3 this house. It may be my favorite movie house of all (toss-up with the Father of the Bride house. This place just oozes familial warmth.

  9. says

    I’m laughing at that red Apple computer. I had a giant blue one like that! Man, if Diane Keaton came to my house, she would have a heart attack at all the clutter:-)

    That button is so cute. (wink wink) I’m getting ready for your house tour. But it’s not what you would expect:-)

  10. says

    I loved this movie. I thought that the house was from step mother as well…maybe it’s just the angle of the shot or something. I need to rent this movie!

  11. Wingnut says

    This is really a great movie. Not what you would expect when you watch the trailer. Like you said, you think it’s going to be a comedy (and it is hilarious), but it’s a drama. Very well-done movie, and I can see a lot of it being realistic.

  12. says

    Diane Keaton is absolutely fabulous..as are other cast members. I like the movie and will watch it again and again. It seems the family situations are realistic. At least they are for me!

    I love the house and everything else about this movie.

  13. says

    I really liked that movie-but the ending is sooo sad! Good life lessons though. This movie was just on TV here last week, I skipped the end.
    ~Tam 😀

  14. says

    Diane Keaton is one of my favorites – I love just about everything she’s in. I love how you showed snapshots of all the details – what a wonderful house!

  15. says

    I love this house, it’s like a home. It has a warm and cozy feel. Thank you! Would love to see Nora’s house from Brothers & Sisters (I know, it has nothing to do with Christmas, but I still love that house!!)

  16. says

    The set designer did a phenomenal job making the home look “real”. I can see what Diane Keaton meant, especially in the kitchen. I haven’t seen this movie but will now. I’m totally enjoying this week’s posts!

  17. says

    I loved the movie The Family Stone. I watched it two nights in a row (but I have to admit I’m a SJP fan). I am not a big fan of the nik-naks but I thought this house was perfect for the movie and looked like a real family did live there. Thanks for sharing the still shots.

  18. says

    Omigosh, Keaton would certainly hate it here at my place – grandkids’ drawings and “I love you” notes on the fridge, plus! I love a clean house but will take their notes over pristeen conditions any time.

  19. says

    That movie made me cry so hard I hardly noticed how beautiful the house was. Thanks for the photo tour, I didnt cry during that at least. :) I’m such a cry baby.

  20. says

    Hi Julia!
    I love this house and all the details inside –it make me want to see the movie just for that! I feel better about my refrigerator becasue it is a magnet haven galore –lol! Hugs, Pat

  21. says

    I had no idea this was a tear jerker. I’ll have to watch this when no one is home LOL


  22. says

    Yep…this movie is a major tear~jerk~a~rama fest. Great actors and characters. Love this house…

    Smiles ~ Ramona

  23. says

    I love living in Austin, but it would be fun to have an older Colonial-style home like this one. I’m not a fan of the clutter, but there are definitely elements in this home/set that could be used in real life.

  24. Norma says

    Hi Julia, thanks for posting all those wonderful pictures, what a beautiful picture from the outside, I must say it does have alot of stuff in the rooms.Too much for me, I haven’t seen the movie yet. My favorite house still is from The Father Of The Bride, and Somethings Gotta Give, for some reason all these movies seem to have Diane Keaton in them, I’m a real fan of hers.

  25. Annie Pazoo says

    I recognize the white house — in Mt. Washington, a neighborhood in NW Baltimore. Lots of movies have been filmed in Baltimore, of course. Such lovely old homes in Mt. Washington and Roland Park, and great rowhouses in Charles Village. Sigh, it’s making me wish I still lived there…

  26. fran says

    Thank you. Could you possible publish pics of the house

  27. says

    Wow…thanks for stopping by and checking out the 100 year old thatched room. sweet yes! and so glad i’m following you back on twitter…LOVE these houses you’ve got going here!


  28. says

    I’m a little late in reading all my blogs, so pardon the tardiness in my replies:)

    I just loved this movie and this house. I dream of having a home filled with memories and family like this one. It’s just so warm and cozy. Love this house!

  29. says

    I have never seen this movie. I caught the last 1/2 hour today and I can’t wait to see it again.

  30. Aamdna says

    This is a beautiful movie about family and Christmas time. I absolutely love that house. Does anyone know what type of house that is?

  31. t4ac3y1 says

    I loved the movie, and I LOVED that house. I live in the Chicago burbs, and in area’s by, and on Lake Michigan, there are many, many beautiful home’s like this one. Since I was a kid, my favorite thing to do was drive the “Circle Tour” and just gaze at the houses. So worth a trip, if you’re in the city visiting. Btw, I’ve been struggling with house to design a house I just moved in (well, 6 years ago) and, when I saw this movie, I just knew this was the way to go… even though I’ve alway’s avoided wallpaper… I don’t care anymore, the house is that much of an inspiration. Thanks so much for the pics.

  32. Rebecca says

    I so so loved this house! I think I stuck with the movie mostly for the house. I dream of a big, rambling family home full of memories and collections and history… If I ever had a decorator I’d make her watch this movie and maybe Stepmom and say “make my house like that!”

  33. Katrine Holme says

    I watched this movie a long time ago, and then recently watched another movie also starring Diane Keaton. And I think that they used the same pregnancy picture in this other movie “Because I said so”. Did anyone else recognize?

  34. Megan says

    The funny thing is about this house, Is that I live right next door to it. It was filmed in Old Greenwich, Greenwich Ct.

  35. Jane Stewart says

    The Director Tom Bezucha emailed your site to me. I am so happy that people love the house. It exists forever in the movie but not in real life. The interior was created on stage in Culver City Cal. Enjoy! Jane Stewart Production Designer of “Family Stone”.

  36. hookedonhouses says

    Jane, I’m so glad you stopped by! This is one of my all-time favorite movie houses. I love how the rooms reflect the personalities of the family members instead of just being a “pretty backdrop” for the story. Thanks for your comment! -Julia :-)

  37. stars says

    I loved this house in the movie, as well. I got a sense of deja vu when I first saw the house. Is it from another movie? I can’t figure it out!

  38. hookedonhouses says

    A lot of people have asked if it’s the same house as the one used in “Stepmom.” It’s not, but maybe that’s why it looks familiar to you? As far as I know, it wasn’t used in any other movies, but if anyone knows differently, please let us know! -Julia

  39. stars says

    Yes, that’s the movie I’m thinking of! Thanks :) I own “The Family Stone” and it’s such a great holiday movie. On a slightly random note, the house from “The Women” is also gorgeous.

  40. Diana says

    Does anyone remember the movie Bed of Roses with Christian Slater and Mary Stuart Masterson? It was released back in 1996. For some reason this house reminds me of Christian’s parent’s house in the movie, where they visit during the Christmas holiday. Has anyone else seen the movie??

  41. Maudie says

    I loved the house, the movie, the characters….and I made strata for Christmas brekkie BECAUSE of this movie.
    I could watch it over and over again.
    A gazillion thumbs up!

  42. hookedonhouses says

    I’m not positive, but I think it was in Connecticut. If anyone knows for sure, fill us in! -Julia

  43. says

    The houses featured in The Family Stone are both on The Green, Watertown, CT. I looked at both of them to purchase. The house I purchased was the one with the driveway/snow scenes. Across the road is the lovely house seen above in your photo’s. A family did live in it but had moved to another house and left it furnished and for sale. I fell in love with this house! Sadly, we were unable to agree on a sale price and I purchased the other house. I later moved to europe. Imagine my surprise when I saw it in the film!
    .-= Carol´s last blog ..Eddie Murphy’s Yellow House in “Daddy Day Care” =-.

  44. Robyn says

    I saw that someone brought up Nora Walker’s kitchen on Brothers and Sisters. I love it too! Can anyone tell me if the kitchen walls are wood or a type of textured wallpaper. I would like to recreate the look. Thanks

  45. Britton says


    It’s a type of textured wallpaper called woven grass. It’s great for a natural color palette. I absolutely love the home from Brothers and Sisters..


  46. Dan says

    Such a warm family film and has become a Christmas must every year to watch. I would love a close family like this one of my own with all the quirks, clutter and smart-ass/love that radiates from the family.

    Love this site Julia!

  47. martha says

    the family stone was filmed in Madison NJ which is 30 mile west of manhattan. house is located in “the hill” section. college in the movie is actually Drew University which is in Madison and the downtown shop are from Madison. they filmed during warmer weather and created snow all around town for the shoot.

    you will see the thank yous in the credits to the town of madison and the 2005 movie review in the New York Times notes the shoot was done in Madison.

    another good old victorian house was in One True Thing with Meryl Streep. This house is in the town next door to Madison NJ. Address is 11 Farragut Place, Morristown NJ.

  48. Jason says

    A lot of confusion about the location of this house, but only one poster has it right so far… The white house in which the family lives is located on Riverside Avenue in Riverside (right next to Old Greenwich), CT. I grew up with the family that lived there, went to school with their kids, and stopped by one day while they were doing exterior pickups.

    Here’s a link to an article all about the filming… Cheers! One of my favorite websites!!


  49. Lauren says

    The house is located in Riverside, CT a part of Greenwich, CT. It is located on Riverside Avenue

  50. Pat says

    Hello..I just found you. This is a GREAT site!! I was wondering what style the house from The Family Stone movie is? Also I would love a floor plan of the house (both floors). I can’t seem to draw it out by looking at the pics..I can’t tell where the bathroom should be downstairs!! I also can’t find it online either.. Thanks..Pat

  51. Angela H says

    I am shocked that there are so many people that love this movie for the same reasons I love it – the house!! The story and acting are great, but the house is the reason why I’ve watched this film so many times :) Thank you for posting pictures and keeping this site up, I’m so glad I found it. Happy New Year!

  52. Pat says

    Megan..great link. I wish they had pics of inside the house. It didn’t even say what type of house. I know the interior was shot on a movie lot, but maybe someone can draw up a floor plan. Crossing my fingers!

  53. Wendy Ramirez says

    I absolutely love love this movie. Its in my top favorite movies. What i was wondering is if that house is actually occupied? Is it for sale? i would not at all mind living in that home. Even with all the clutter lol. I can always clean it out. It has such a warm home feeling to it.

    • hookedonhouses says

      I don’t know what its current status is. Does anyone else?

  54. says

    This was filmed in Greenwhich Connecticut.. I think I would know, considering it’s my house…

  55. tissy says

    This home in Old Greenwich is one I drove by for 10 years and yes it was published in the Greenwich Times the classic New England Home was being used for the film. It fit the family and if updated is awesome

  56. Judith says

    I love The Family Stone and I really love movies with houses as a “character” in the storyline. The Family Stone has become my favorite holiday movie. I also love the house in Dan in Real Life. But, The Family Stone is my favorite movie and I am so glad others enjoy it as much as I do!!

  57. Judith says

    Forgot to mention some other great houses in movies….
    1. What Lies Beneath – the house is beautiful
    2. Dan in Real Life – the house is in Providence, RI
    3. Terms of Endearment – the house that Shirley McLaine lives in
    4. On Golden Pond – come on…need I say more??

    • says

      I have written about “What Lies Beneath” and “Dan in Real Life” if you want to see them. All the links are on my TV/Movie Houses page (link at top of the blog). -Julia

      • Judith says

        In the latest issue of People Magazine Diane Keaton talks about houses & sites the kitchen in Somethings Gotta Give as her favorite movie kitchen. She also is not a fan of clutter so I guess she really wasn’t a fan of the Stone’s house!