Brooke Shields Buys Classic Hamptons House

Brooke Shields $4.3 million house in Hamptons

Brooke Shields seems to have great taste. Remember her Greenwich Village townhouse? So when I heard that she’s plunking down $4 million on a classic shingle-style house in Southampton, I had to check it out.

Brooke Shields Shingled House in the Hamptons Listing Photos 2013

Love the front porch. All the tall hedges provide some privacy from the street and neighbors.

Brooke Shields Hamptons house 413 (12)


Brooke Shields Shingled House in the Hamptons Listing Photos 2013

The Living Room:

Brooke Shields Shingled House in the Hamptons Listing Photos 2013

She bought the house from former NFL tight end Vyto Kab, who played for teams like the New York Giants and Philadelphia Eagles.

Brooke Shields Hamptons house 413 (8)

Dining Room:

Brooke Shields Shingled House in the Hamptons Listing Photos 2013

Master Bedroom:

Brooke Shields Shingled House in the Hamptons Listing Photos 2013

Brooke Shields Hamptons house 413 (7)

Master Bath:

Brooke Shields Shingled House in the Hamptons Listing Photos 2013

Brooke Shields Hamptons house 413 (10)

The house has 6 bedrooms and 6 full baths

Brooke Shields Hamptons house 413 (4)

Media Room:

Brooke Shields Shingled House in the Hamptons Listing Photos 2013

Family Room and Kitchen:

Brooke Shields Hamptons house 413 (3)

Brooke Shields Hamptons house 413 (9)

Brooke Shields Shingled House in the Hamptons Listing Photos 2013

Brooke Shields Hamptons house 413 (11)

Pool & Pool House:

Brooke Shields Shingled House in the Hamptons Listing Photos 2013

It sits on a half-acre lot with a heated pool. The pool house has a full bath, kitchenette, cathedral ceilings, and a laundry room. For more photos and information, check the article on Trulia.

Brooke Shields Hamptons house 413 (1)

BTW, several of you recommended Brooke’s now-canceled show Lipstick Jungle to me, and I finally got around to watching it last week (it’s streaming on Netflix). You guys were right–great sets!

Lipstick Jungle TV show cast

Brooke Shields played movie-exec Wendy Healy, and I loved her New York City apartment. I couldn’t find any photos of it, so I took a screenshot from one of the episodes to give you an idea of what it looked like:

Brooke Shields Wendy's apartment Lipstick Jungle 2

I’ve only got about 4 episodes left to watch and I’m sad it’s about to end. Another great set on Lipstick Jungle belonged to fashion designer Victory Ford:

Victory Ford's living room on Lipstick Jungle

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  1. Maddie May says

    Absolutely delightful. Love so many details. The exterior shingles, porch, architectural style of the home. The kitchen cabinets are quaint looking & the lightness of the interior is very appealing. The price unfortunately makes this home only something I can dream about.

  2. says

    The Hamptons! Road trip! Maybe we can be BFF’s with Ina Garten! Love Brooke’s house, of course. I popped over + had a look-see at her NYC apartment + fell in love with her dark-ish gray (Benjamin Moore’s Chelsea Gray) room with all the white woodwork. I am trying to muster up the courage to paint a south-facing room in our house a dark-ish gray, + this helps! TY!
    K A Y

      • says

        Ina’s new barn was profiled in House Beautiful, + I think she designed their annual model kitchen, too. But back to her barn. That long island, with the pair of lamps on each end! The vaulted ceiling! The sisal carpet! Spare, Belgian-style decor! I have such a lady crush on Ina. I love + envy her life, don’t you? Road trip’s on!
        K A Y

  3. Laura says

    That’s a beautiful house, and it looks like a regular house right on a regular street, except of course it’s the Hamptons. I’m not seeing where 6 bedrooms are fitting into that either! If I was a bazillionaire and bought that, the first thing I’d do is rip out all of those blasted recessed lights. Good grief! The ceilings are polka-dotted with them in that family room and kitchen. Very jarring to me in an old house.

    • says

      Well, in the picture they are all on. It wouldn’t be that way all the time. I didn’t notice the ceiling, I was too busy drooling over the aqua glass lamps! 😉

  4. Alie B says

    Love this! Looks like the perfect vacation home. Wonder if she’ll furnish it with La-Z-Boy!? 😉

  5. Cindy says

    I love it! Beautiful and bright and airy…ahhhhh. Reminds me that summer *might* actually arrive someday. :-\

  6. Margaret says

    What a gorgeous house. I love the Hamptons’ style, the blue-and-white, and that porch. Beautiful.

    I sat through every episode of Lipstick Jungle for the clothes and the apartments. The story left a lot to be desired but it sure was pretty to look at!

  7. says

    Wow, lovely home! That kitchen is amazing, but I think I’d spend all my time on that front porch!

  8. Brandy says

    Wow, I really, really, really like this house–decor and furnishings included! B. Shields has good taste.

    Does anyone else think that set from Lipstick Jungle looks like Will’s apartment from Will & Grace–just redecorated?

  9. nanne says

    love the house and can’t wait to see what she does with it. brooke’s greenwich home was so tasteful while at the same time fun. she has great taste.

  10. Jen says

    its very nice I do like the idea of hoildays in the Hamptons

  11. Christina says

    I love it.. What a gorgeous array of colors and the layout is just perfect for a home in the Hamptons. Gorgeous. A very good choice. I’ve seen so many homes there and they’re pretty plain or too ostentatious, opulent. This is perfect.. Love it. I’m sure it’s going to be a pretty penny.. But I would say worth it. Great ideas..

  12. says

    I love classic Hampton homes…what’s not to love about them?? This one is very beautiful. Just let me sit on that porch on the other side of the pool and gaze across it to the house..sigh. Perfection!

  13. Esther George says

    You do realise now we are all going to expect after photos (No Pressure). It’s a beautiful home and the size I wouldn’t say no. Hi Julia thank you for sharing. Regards Esther from Sydney. PS you guys have gone through very rough times our hearts and thoughts are with you.

  14. Deanna says

    I loved the sets and clothes on Lipstick Jungle! I hate that they canceledit–I thought the women were wonderful, and that romantic storyline with Victory and the powerful business mogul played by Andrew McCarthy…rorrrr! He was very very sexay on that show. Meanwhile ahem Brooke Shields spends her money well :)

  15. Nita says

    Such a disappointment seeing the outside and then the too light, too modern inside to go with it. I hate the inside.

    • Karen says

      Totally agree – not liking the interior at all. And what’s up with the bedroom? It looks like nobody lives there and that weird placement of a TV . . . but the exterior is pretty!

  16. Tracie says

    Oooh! Comfy and homey and bright! The palette is pretty blah, but I bet after they move in it will be delightful! I hope to see more pics in the future. We should all have such a lovely vacation home…..or only home! :)

  17. Wendy says

    What a great house. I loved the kitchen. Simple but delicious. So nice to see a realization that kitchens don’t have to be huge to be gorgeous. I’d trade in a heartbeat.

  18. Kim says

    What a beautiful house inside and out. I love everything about it.

  19. lilkunta says

    the house seem smalls and all the furniture make it look cluttered and cramped.
    and the sad part is these houses cost 3mill 4 mill 10 mill just bc they are in the

  20. says

    Seriously, I love this one exactly as it is! It looks like the perfect, comfy family home. She has fabulous tastes!

  21. Maddie says

    I really love this house. It looks like a great family home, large enough for friends to visit. The scale looks really livable, and the bath and kitchen fixtures are classic.

  22. says

    Super charming “cottage”! Love the look, the style, that glorious porch, but the kitchen? It is so small I couldn’t even change my mind let alone cook. But it is cute. :)

  23. Chris says

    Cashmere mafia and midsomer murders if u r into Britannia. Great blog.

    • says

      I haven’t seen Midsomer Murders but I think I noticed it streaming on Netflix. I’ll have to check again — thanks!