A New House Inspired by Old French Country Cottages

Barnes Vanze Architects New Country French Cottage (3)This charming home may be fairly new and big, but it was designed to have the warmth and patina of an old French country cottage. I love the details that Barnes Vanze Architects put into it, from brick floors to beamed ceilings.

Barnes Vanze Architects New Country French Cottage (1)

The architect describes it as a new country French cottage: “The clipped gables, engaged dormer and belvedere tower connect with their inspirational rural examples in France from Normandy to the Dordogne.”

New Country French Cottage stone fireplace

“Reclaimed wood, tiles, stone, natural stucco and interior plaster offer patina and familiarity, while wrought iron details and handmade tile add fine-scaled detail.”

Barnes Vanze Architects New Country French Cottage (10)

One of my favorite spaces is this living room with its wood and tile fireplace and built-in bookshelves:

New Country French Cottage living room

Barnes Vanze Architects New Country French Cottage (8)

But what really grabbed my attention was the kitchen:

Barnes Vanze Architects New Country French Cottage (7)

This is the first photo I saw of the house (below) and was the reason I had to see more:

Barnes Vanze Architects New Country French Cottage (6)

I was excited to find not only the kitchen but the rest of the house in Barnes Vanze Architect’s portfolio at Houzz. Head over there for more photos and info, or check out the Barnes Vanze website.

New French Country Cottage kitchen beamed ceilings

Principal Designer on the project was Anthony “Ankie” Barnes. Photos taken by Anice Hoachlander of Hoachlander Davis Photography.

New French Country Cottage by Barnes Vanze Architects

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  1. says

    Well done! I’ll take it, furniture and all! Bet there’s even a car in the garage that I could get used to… Nice understated interior details, love the soft corners.

    • says

      OK, Rich – if you take the house, can I at least drive the car?

      I’m with you – furniture and all!

  2. Sam says

    Wow, that’s a beautiful house. Love that kitchen! And the colours :)
    I use the Houzz app on my iPad!

  3. says

    Absolutely LOVE it. Totally my taste. And having a large house with a cozy cottage feel was exactly my plan for our house, too! It can be done! Thanks for sharing!

  4. martha says

    Lovely…really big, but still charming. Not crazy about the crest over the fireplace,the empty spot behind it seemed like maybe a space for a flat screen tv ,but kind of odd. Other than that, the colors, the brick floors, the ceilings…everything was gorgeous!

  5. says

    The only thing I would change is the wide grout lines in the brick floor entry…A bit closer together, please. Little more upkeep than i’d like.

    • Marcia says

      If you lived here, someone else would take care of the upkeep. Love this house!

  6. Alie B says

    Lovely! Nice, warm color palette and I love the reclaimed beams. Not as keen on the attached garage, which in my opinion takes away from the traditional character of the home. Other than that, it’s perfect! :)

  7. says

    Wow. Absolutely LOVE this house! (The stairwell sold me.)

    I love the fireplace – and how nice that they didn’t ruin it with a TV, although that bare spot DOES call out for something???

  8. Signe says

    The kitchen is unbelievably beautiful… AND I love the choice of light fixtures. Just great details throughout!

  9. says

    Swoon! I’m normally an old(er) house nut but this is gorgeous. Only nitpick I have is the kitchen island looks a tad too heavy for my aesthetics, it weights the room too much. Something lighter, more akin to the kitchen in the Practical Magic house would meld better. Where is this beautiful house?

    • Alie B says

      You made an interesting point about the kitchen. I actually had to go back and look at Julia’s Practical Magic post, to see the island again. Is the one in the movie really smaller and less bulky than this one? I’m not sure. I do know that they are both gorgeous kitchens.

      • says

        Now I’m thinking an old French farm table or the like would work better. Something with some air. I went to the website and saw some huge, heavy islands with the row of seating in some of the other houses too. They are both gorgeous kitchens. Glad to know one of them is real. :)

  10. says

    This is so beautiful! Usually I don’t like big new houses made to look vintage/charming, but the architect really did this right. Gorgeous!

  11. Nita says

    My favorite style! Not so fond of the arched fireplace, but I like everything else.

  12. Dee says

    This house is beautiful! I would take it just as it is. Wouldn’t change a thing!

  13. Laura says

    That is very, very nice. I don’t like big houses or new houses normally, but they really did a nice job of capturing the feeling of an old French house. I love the gothic arch and tile on the fireplace but not the crest too much. Hope a tv doesn’t go in the empty space. A gorgeous oil painting would be much better (maybe with the tv behind it). Love the lighting, especially the lack of recessed lights – it makes all the difference in the character and feeling. It’s not exactly my taste but I can’t fault any of the design – a wonderful job. I want to know where this house is too!

  14. Kellie says

    Lovely blog, I haven’t been here before. I was lucky enough to work on this project and its one of my favorites. Great mix of reclaimed, old, and new. …Now, I’m going back to check out some of your other posts!

  15. Hasbro says

    Attention to detail is painfully architectural to last centimeter and character is lost – brighten areas up too

  16. stef says

    I’m with others who said the architect managed to create warmth and intimacy in a large space. The baseboards and other rich touches are beautiful. What a lovely home.
    I am SO over teal, though.
    Please, some warm country French colors, mustard gold, soft pinks and violets, Mediterranean blues…..and some fabrics on the windows, if only a valance.

  17. Mochelle Rodgers says

    I would love to see what designer Charles Faudree would have done with this beautiful home.

  18. Screendoorgirl 3 says

    So beautiful! I love it all! Feels like home (dream home).. :)

  19. Carolyn says

    Gorgeous! I love the blue green cabinets in the kitchen – yes, I saw them on Houzz, too. And I really like the small arched tile fireplace with the built-ins around it. The tile picks up the kitchen color – is this room off the kitchen? There is room on the mantel shelf for simple accessories on either side or a painting in the center – but I do love that cartouche. The stone fireplace in the great room and all the reclaimed beams are gorgeous too. I’d take it just like it is.

  20. Kim says

    Gorgeous home! I love the rustic wood beams on each ceiling and I must say, each room was well done.

  21. Liz says

    Beautiful home, but I can never understand why a big house like this is so close to its neighbor. What happened to set-backs and such? Doesn’t anyone want a big yard anymore?

  22. says

    This is truly wonderful! The house is so true to it’s character. I love that! So often I see such a hodge pods of periods and styles in new construction. Builder’s take note and learn about architecture. Might just help you sell more houses! Thanks for showing us this charming home.

    Susan and Bentley

  23. Katie says

    Love the brick floors!

    Do you know what they finished/sealed them with?

    Staircase is stunning!

  24. Esther George says

    How lovely…. Hi Julia I want the kitchen and everything that comes with it. Thank you for sharing. Esther from Sydney …the land of Oz one side is on fire the other side it’s raining by the buckets…crazy

  25. Dina says

    The kitchen is really refreshing. I’m so tired of wall-to-wall-to-floor-to-ceiling cabinets with granite counter tops, so I’m hoping we will be seeing more of this
    pre-20th century inspiration in new kitchen construction. Although, I think I would have gone with a big old french harvest table and chairs instead of the island that looks too big and heavy for the space.

  26. Jeff White says

    As being the lead trim carpenter, it was the most fun and challenging project I have done in years. Thank you Mary Stewart and Gibson Builders.

  27. Jeff White says

    Special thanks to the architect, Barnes Vanze, for such a challenging project. Is that all you got mate?