Inspired By: A Colorful Indoor Teepee

Handmade Home-No-Sew Teepee

I’m totally enchanted by this DIY indoor teepee that Ashley and Jamin created for their kids–especially since there was no sewing involved. What a fun and colorful hide-out! Read how to create your own on their blog The Handmade Home.

When I saw this adorable little play space and book nook that Jennifer and her husband created for their daughter Chloe under the stairs, I…
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  1. Carisa says

    I don’t have kids but I’m pretty sure I need a teepee in my library.

  2. says

    Oh, I can’t show this to my kids! They would go mad about it! This is the coolest thing for kids!
    We really don’t need video games to keep them busy, eh?

    Have a wonderful day, my friend.


    Luciane at

  3. Kathy :) says

    That is fantastic !!! My kids would have loved that when they were little, now I feel so guilty all they had were blankets, cushions and the coffee table lol

    Julia, I just saw howie mandel’s beach house on kathie lee & hoda ….. it’s for sale, what a beauty….. thought of you, it would make a great post !!

    Have a great day,
    Kathy :)

  4. says

    I wonder if I could fit one of these in my classroom!! My students would love to read inside of that. I am going to have to read to see how they did that with no sewing…amazing.

  5. Rebecca C. says

    What a great idea. I horde fabric also. I have a hot glue gun. I might even have some wood left over from some project around the house. I need to do this project.

  6. says

    I totally saw this the other day and had to pin it of course. I have the perfect spot to do one for my son.

  7. Becky says

    How about the “teepee” (can’t think quite what it should be called) in the movie “The Holiday” w/ Cameron Diaz and Jude Law? “Graham’s” (Jude Law) little girls have a darling one in their bedroom; I think you’d love it too!