The Real “Nightmare on Elm Street” House Hits the Market

A Nightmare on Elm Street movie house for sale

Remember this house from Wes Craven’s 1984 classic horror flick A Nightmare on Elm Street? In the movie it sat on Elm Street in Springwood, Ohio, but the house they used for exterior shots is actually in L.A. After undergoing an extensive renovation, it’s on the market for $2.1 million.


The Nightmare on Elm Street House Today:

A Nightmare on Elm Street house for sale

The house has 3 bedrooms and 4 baths with 2,700 square feet.

Nightmare on Elm Street-Nancy's house for sale

1428 N Genesee Ave Los Angeles entry hall

It was built in 1919 but was renovated from top to bottom by the current owner and now has a pretty mod vibe.

1428 N Genesee Ave Los Angeles entry hall 2

1428 N Genesee Ave Los Angeles living room

built-in bookshelves and bubble chair

The listing says: “Spectacular Traditional/Modernist Fusion in this 2-story Spaulding Square home. Situated mid-block on a picturesque tree-lined street, you’re greeted by a classic center hall floor plan, with formal rooms to the front of the home, and open-plan kitchen/family room to the rear, flowing to lovely pool, garden and full guest house with kitchen and bath.”

1428 N Genesee Ave Los Angeles orange kitchen

“Black American Walnut wide-plank floors throughout home, chef’s kitchen with custom cabinets, Caesarstone counters, Bertazzoni stove and center island.”

orange and white kitchen-Nightmare house LA

Speaking of Elm Street and Freddy Krueger, it makes me think of a real estate listing I found a few years ago where he was lurking in the living room.

modern staircase

Would you be able to sleep in “Nightmare” bedrooms?

bedroom from Nightmare on Elm Street movie

Backyard with Pool:

1428 N Genesee Ave Los Angeles pool

Last year AOL Real Estate interviewed the owner who bought it in 2007 and undertook its major renovation. Watch a slideshow of before, during, and after photos of the reno here. For more info, check the listing.

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  1. Lisak says

    I like modern furniture in a traditional home, but they’ve completely ruined the character of this house. Yuck! Not a fan.

  2. ShabbyChick says

    I really wanted to see the bedrooms where all the nightmares took place! And I agree with Lisak…not a fan of the decor. But the outside is gorgeous!! 😉

  3. Neesha says

    I love the backyard and the details of the house. The decor could use a personal touch but other than that this is a nice cozy home.

  4. says

    Well it is interesting to at – that’s for sure! I love all the funky mod stuff but not in an old house like that. Probably in ten or twenty years someone will come along and buy it and want to restore it to its vintage charm.

  5. Katie says

    I don’t like what they did. At all. Especially when you go to the reno website and see the before photos. They completely ripped out that beautiful staircase with split back stairs to the kitchen, then put in a different one on the other side of the house with that hideous metal railing. All of the character has been removed from this home and it breaks my heart.

  6. RJ says

    I live in SoCal….and there is yet to be a designer that has a style that I admire. All the modern, weird stuff they do with beautiful, vintage homes and pieces out here is just depressing. I recently browsed some ‘antique’ stores in Santa Monica that were completely ridiculous. Everything had been ruined for the sake of being modern. Just like this beautiful house….LA designers love to take beauty and destroy it for the sake of art!

  7. says

    This makes me sad too. I like to see the character and integrity of old houses preserved, not erased.

  8. says

    I scrolled down to the first interior picture and thought “well, that’s unfortunate.” As I went on “unfortunate” changed to “terrible.” My absolute least favorite style of house is where an old house with lots of character is remuddled into something modern. This isn’t even good modern; this looks like Delia Deetz got her hands on it. It reminds me of the Victorians I see on design sites a lot that have a big glass addition stuck onto the back.

    • says

      I couldn’t agree more! I just imagine all the renovations in a few years of people taking off the ‘ugly’ modern additions on all those lovely Victorian homes. What is with people doing that?? Not that you need to live in a museum at all but I have seen plenty of people mix modern with the traditional and it is beautiful.

  9. Sue Pagels says

    Wake me up from the nightmare! Why do people take old houses with character and make them modern and funky? If you want modern, build or buy modern, but leave the wonderful quirkiness and character of old houses with a semi-resemblance of their former glory. Ugh-lee with a capital ugh!

  10. Jeanne says

    Some of the accents are a little too much and I even kind of like the orange kitchen . Drapes in the kitchen are an all out disaster . But a great home with lots of sunlight .Love your blog Juli .

  11. says

    Well, I clicked over to see the ‘befores’ expecting a well-maintained traditional home (after seeing the modernized interiors that made me a bit sad), but it really was in “nightmare” shape before, so I can at least appreciate someone taking on this massive reno even if I dislike the design choices. The living room with the stuffed tiger and its friends definitely made me think of your bad MLS photos! Like everyone else, I found the mod interiors jarring, although at least a clean and bright improvement over what was there. There are so many cool, hip mid-century homes in SoCal that would seem to fit this interior style so much better, so I guess I was hoping the reno would have been a bit more of a nod to the traditional floor plan and exterior. Taking all that into account, for me the bigger problem would be spending 2 million to live in a home that would will most likely attract ghoulish looky-loos day and night. It makes me wonder who buys these horror movie homes, and it reminds me of the Amityville Horror house that you featured when it went on the market a few years ago.

  12. Melissa L. says

    Well, I guess it’s become nightmare on Genesee street. As they say on retro renovation “Love the house you’re in”. I always wonder why someone would buy a house in the first place that is so far removed from their ideal? Why buy a traditional home if you want MCM? It’s not like the owners were financially constrained to buy this home.

  13. Margaret says

    I would have liked to see the orignial house empty and the new one without the orange counters. Why would you take out that staircase and put that one in????

  14. Jano says

    The description on Zillow begins, “Spectacular Traditional/Modernist Fusion.” I am pretty sure they meant “fision” because this renovation is radiating waves of blech.

    Honest to Pete, the transition from outside to inside is painfully discordant. Looking at the before/after pictures, I was startled to see that the owner took this place, which was extremely out-of-date, down to the studs. From the HoH post, I figured the circular doorway was a make-do from a previous desecration but it was intentional. What a waste of money!

  15. Frances says

    Like the crossbones welcome mat. Don’t like the orange countertops.

    The outside looks good, but I’d need to redo the interior!

    • Jano says

      If you don’t like the orange countertops, treat yourself to the full tour to see the orange shower floor. Countertops can be changed out with some ease but horrible tile that is in otherwise good shape can be a deal breaker for a prospective buyer because it is such tedious and messy work.

  16. Laura says

    Very, very bad. A nightmare indeed. From the bizarre circular doorway to the sheer purple drapes in the bedroom, I just find this horrid. Especially in a house that looks so nice from the front. Dislike!

  17. Nathan says

    Terrible. I’m not the biggest fan of the interior but the interior paired with the exterior is just horrible.

  18. Dean says

    Oy vey! A nightmare indeed. Please tell me this cutting of an archway into a circular shape is unique to this property and NOT a trend. It looks like something in a Disney fun house. It has to be one of the ugliest features I’ve ever seen in a house- modern or not. I like the furnishings for the most part, but it’s interior character has been obliterated.

  19. says

    i just can’t get past that circular cutout in the wall. it looks like bilbo baggins hired an L.A. decorator.

  20. Kim says

    What a disastrous interior. It doesn’t fit with the exterior at all. Too bad the homeowners didn’t have the heart to restore this house. It could have been nice and charming.

  21. says

    I love your blog and I have a request. Yesterday they played one of my favorite movies on TV, Corina, Corina and I realized how darling the houses are. It’s portrayed in the 1950s and the homes, accessories and clothing are soooo cute! It’s such a great movie too. It’s a very sweet and touching story. Whoopi Goldberg, Ray Liotta and Tina Majorino all do such fabulous jobs. I would love it if you would do a post about the homes in this movie.

    Thank you,

  22. says

    Well that was fugly – who ever designed/lived in this house has a strange and unholy love for all things orange.

  23. Kathleen says

    Well I agree on the way too much orange. And I don’t get the modern vs old mix – but on the whole it does look like a comfortable livable floorplan and yard. What distracted me was all the staged “we live here” photos in the real estate listing.
    Bowls of cereal – sweaters over chair backs – the weirdly crooked lawn windmill in the front. The bathroom clutter and the odd picture in the bathroom – two women? kissing with a scull squished between them. Very strange for real estate photos.

    • Tracie says

      I think one of those women is the owner. I only thing I do like about this house is the pool.

  24. Leigh says

    Perfect example of the saying “money doesn’t buy taste”. This is truly a terrible renovation & design!

  25. Alie B says

    Holy Hannah! Talk about a gut job! OK, for the positives….the place really was ugly to start with; inside and out. I could almost smell the mustiness. It was dismal, dark and depressing. So the brightness and cleanliness of the new interior and exterior are a breath of fresh air. I really love what was done with the outside. However, I concur with much of the commentary regarding the new interior. Way too modern! Way too orange! And the circular doorway….this architechtural feature belongs only in a Hobbit’s home! :)

  26. says

    The only thing that creeps me out about this house is the RENOVATION! YUCK!! What an adorable cottage…but once you enter the front door it does feel more like a nightmare! If someone wanted a “mod” house, why didn’t they purchase a home built in the late 50’s/early 60’s….and trick it out? Such a lovely cottage should have been restored to it’s original 1919 glory. This truly is the REAL nightmare!

  27. Linda G says

    Wow, I was stunned to see a giant circular cut out in place of a typical arch or room opening. Then the orange countertops surprised me as well. It’s quite a jarring to go from a traditional exterior into that modernist interior. I think it may work in southern California, but it’s certainly the kind of house that has to wait for a particular buyer.

  28. Nancy E says

    Wow! I agree with so many of the above readers. What a shame to have totally ruined a lovely 1919 house. If one wants a modern house, then find one. No need to destroy a lovely traditional. Frankly, it isn’t even good modern.

  29. says

    love the built in shelves but the round doorways – hobbit! – are unsettling. and the orange countertops… you should definitely say what you want to say with your own house, but this is too much. i’m gonna keep remembering nancy and her brave struggle against freddie.

  30. tammyCA says

    I like the outside…the inside not so much (‘tho the before shots looked dismal there were some fine features hidden in there). Would rather see restoration of old houses rather than extreme renovation, but in So Cal this is better than the horrid stucco greige blocks that are cropping up daily, stripped of all history & charm & filled with granite counters ad naseum.

  31. says

    I’m glad that they kept the outside of the house looking as nice as it did in the movie. The inside of the house is another story. I think it’s very cold and uninviting. I wonder what it looked like before the renovation?