Sarah Jessica Parker & Matthew Broderick Selling Greek Revival Townhouse in Greenwich Village

Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick have not one but two townhouses in NYC, and there always seem to be rumors about them shopping for more fabulous properties about town. This one, a Greek Revival that’s 5 stories high and 25 feet wide, sits just off Fifth Avenue in Greenwich Village. They bought it last year for $18.9 million.

After doing some work on it, the celeb couple just put it back on the market for $25 m (that’s a lot of Manolos). Take a look:

According to the listing: “The front stoop leads through the stair hall to the massive, beautifully-detailed double parlor with 12′ ceilings and a pair of fireplaces. Light pours in from high, wide windows at both front & rear.”

There are 7 working fireplaces, including one in the kitchen. The agent says: “A huge Boffi kitchen & breakfast area on the garden level has direct access for dining al fresco.”

Rumor has it the couple never moved into the townhouse after finishing the work on it, which may explain why it looks so pristine. It’s hard to imagine their three kids spent much time running around in these rooms.

“The 3rd floor has 3 bedrooms, big closets & 2 full baths. The entire 4th floor is the Master Suite with a spectacular bath, multiple walk-in closets & a large south terrace.”

The 5th floor is a dramatic loft-like space that looks like a modern library. This is where I’d be spending a lot of my time:

There’s a tiered garden in back that’s pretty lovely, too:

Want it? For more photos, floorplans, and information about the property, check the Sotheby’s listing. Read more on the New York Observer. Curbed has a few photos of how it looked in the previous listing

P.S. I loved their house in the Hamptons. Remember that one?

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  1. says

    Master on the fourth floor….laundry in the basement?….I don’t think so…… And there isn’t an elevator either!

    • 65andcounting says

      WH: you don’t actually think SJP does her own laundry to care where the machines are? Oh Please!

  2. Jane says

    $25M! I can’t get over the price tag. It’s very nice though.

  3. says

    Beautiful outdoor spaces… but that bathroom is a little baffling with the egg shaped bathtub right in the center of a large room. And mirrors in front of the large windows. A little disconcerting…

  4. says


    It’s a just a little out of my price range though.

    That’s quite a magazine rack in the library!

  5. Christina from Dallas says

    Well, what would it be like to own a 25 million dollar house? If it’s a townhouse does that mean it has no backyard? For 25 million I’d buy a giant house with thousands of acres to roam around!

  6. liz cunningham says

    i like the way the staircase has been done and would love that in my own house, looks so good with some parts stained wood and some painted with a runner. I think its a lot of house but i would like you live in that library room and would want a bigger garden!

  7. says

    Very lovely and very expensive :) I would love to be able to do that though – buy amazing properties, fix them up and sell them for amazing prices haha.

  8. Wednesday says

    Its beautiful, but too expensive and I’m not a fan of stairs. I love the garden!

  9. 65andcounting says

    The couple buy and sell houses like you and I buy a Starbucks grande. Last I knew, they still live at 59 Charles in the West Village. They bought an apartment at 88 Central Park West and never moved in. They bought a townhouse in Brooklyn and never moved in and I believe they are up to three houses in the Hamptons.

    No problem from me if they keep buying. I know she is very active in the arts for the schools. I’m no fan of her politics, but hey, her money, her choice.

  10. Brenda says

    I love this house! I am a city gal through and through! Does it come furnished, because every piece fits perfectly. Real estate is still the way to go, even in this harsh economic climate. It may take a bit, but I’m quite certain this home will sell. I guess show business is a lucrative one, all this money!

  11. Shannon says

    I’m such a country girl.
    It’s a nice house, but I don’t understand what you get for 18-25 million that makes it worth living in the city. Great restaurants? Broadway? Shopping? My house is worth a couple of zeros less than theirs and I have a waaaay bigger yard. That’s what I would spend that kind of money on: Land. And privacy.

    “Oh hey neighbors, don’t mind me, I’m just looking out the window at you while I floss. Now I’m getting in my Lady Gaga egg tub, don’t mind me being naked and all, it’s okay, I’m rich.”

  12. Mary says

    Nothing to do with the actual house but that homely, handmade afghan in the library cracked me up! Probably it’s made from some rare wool off sheep who only eat organic barley and listen to classical music all their lives, but it looks kinda ratty.

  13. Nathan says

    I love that master bath – mostly just the mirrors that are hung directly in front of the windows, haha.

  14. says

    If it were on 2 floors, maybe…but 5? 7 toilets to clean, nope. I think there are 2 major things missing: an elevator and a dumb waiter. Can’t imagine kitchen on one floor and dining room on another. Of course, New Yorkers are use to making do with high rise living. Not everyone is as lucky to have a nice yard. My half acre is probably too small for some, but it’s perfect for us.

  15. Curly says

    I’ve been staring at the placement of the fireplace in the kitchen. Seems odd. One little lean back from the kitchen sink…….also no hearth, or one that is visible in the photo.

  16. Kim says

    My favorite room in this whole house is that library. I would spend lots of time reading up there. I also love that staircase. It’s very warm and welcoming.

    • Carolyn says

      Me too. Those were the two areas I liked – and the miniscule garden. I’m sure I liked the staircase because it was one of the few traditional elements left besides the fireplaces. And I’ve always longed for a space big enough for all my books and magazines, though I have to admit at first glance this looked a little like the public library in my town! As for privacy, I think I detect roller blinds at the top of the bedroom and bathroom windows.

  17. Dean says

    Beautiful townhouse. I like the classic and neutral aesthetic throughout.
    I’m thrown by that bookcase in the 5th floor loft displaying the magazines. It looks like it belongs in a doctor’s/dentist’s office. The space is awesome though.

  18. Cindy says

    Blarf. The only thing I sort of like about that place is the outdoor space. Their Hampton’s place is fabulous though.

  19. Rebecca C. says

    That’s New York City for you. If you’ve ever watched that show on HGTV about selling property in NYC, you’d see many more properties that are for sale in this price range. Yikes. There is a market out there for this kind of house. Not for me.

    I love that library though. I could spend all day up there. Of course, if I wanted a snack, I’d have to walk down several flights of stairs. I bet I’d be in shape.

    • says

      the thing about this house is that it is new york. you wouldn’t want it if you didn’t want the city. it’s part of the style – if you can afford it. multi-floor freestanding house is far better than an apartment building. they don’t share walls with anyone. they’re not obligated to limit their personal expression so it doesn’t encroach on the neighbors. this house is an oasis in the heart of one of the liveliest parts of manhattan. there is probably a wall chute leading down to the laundry room. and elevators are very expensive maintenance/upkeep in a private residence.

      the skylit library is AWESOME. that alone sells me. and the mirrors in the bathroom… i kinda like. you still have the view and the light. plus, natural light is the best for putting on makeup. and the mirrors block the view from the street so people can’t see everything you do in there. if your windows are open in nyc, people are going to look in. period. so they designed for that.

      if they promise not to cash my check, i’ll move in tomorrow.

      • Lisa T. says

        If you look closely at the top of the windows in the bath, I think I see blinds tucked up there. Probably operated with a remote control.

  20. says

    Good morning, Julia!
    How are you doing? :-)

    Beautiful and pristine. I love the family room with the entire wall of bookcases. Did you see how the magazines are displayed? That would be dreamy!!!! If I only had time to read them!!! LOL


    Luciane at

  21. Carolyn in Utah says

    What a snooze! White walls, beige furniture, beige floors ??? It’s a beautiful space, but the decor looks like the apartment I had in college.

  22. Christina says

    Pretty large place and they never even lived in the place? Where the heck do they live? I wonder if they’re going to get the listing price. Considering it’s in pristine condition I imagine they could move it for close to that price. 5 stories? I think they sold their Hamptons home & I wasn’t that impressed with that property or the decor at all. I love the couryard and the library. Those were nice. Otherwise my decorating scheme would have been completely different. If they have three young kids, it doesn’t look like a place for kids.. Grown ups only. That is not a place for kids at all.. the kitchen is extremely cold looking. It looks like they just bought it for an investment and just neglected to do anything with it. They certainly have enough money to own many homes.. She’s worth over $100 mill I hear from SAC show, movies, residuals, you name the perfumes. She made a fortune from her endorsements.. Must be nice. Funny how they can afford anything, but their taste at times is just not good.

  23. ShabbyChick says

    Classy, classy digs. The furniture in pic #1 is luxe and so SJP. Likewise, the staircase. I’m not crazy about the kitchen (seriously dislike that fireplace wall) or the master bedroom, both are cold feeling.

  24. Ronnie says

    Lovely home, but I’ve said it before about other NY properties — I don’t get the price tag, nor the high maintenance to live there. It’s quite baffling!

  25. SWest says

    The exposed bathroom windows would bother me.IDC how good I looked naked. LOL. Otherwise looks like a lovely and tastefully decorated home. Love the library. They probably took the tv out or like other people noted maybe they didn’t live there. Perhaps renting out their properties?