A Sunroom Gets a Beachy Blue Makeover

Jenna Sue's sunroom before

I love a great makeover, and I’m a sucker for sunrooms, so this is one before and after I had to show you. When Jenna Sue moved into her house, it had a sunroom, but it was pretty blah, as you can see, with beige carpet and vertical blinds.

But it’s boring no more, with new flooring, comfy seating, and lots of beachy blues to cheer the space up. Take a look!

She got these Brimnes day beds at IKEA. That metal end table was black, but she spray painted it Valspar’s Exotic Sea.

The new flooring only looks like wood–it’s actually tile, which is more practical for a room like this (wish I’d thought of that for my sunroom!).

Jenna Sue's sunroom after makeover 6

She built the coffee table on wheels herself and says it only took 2 hours, “including waiting for the paint to dry!” (DIY details here.)

I think her black cat might be the best accessory in the room, though:

Jenna Sue's sunroom after makeover 4

For more photos and all the details about the makeover visit Jenna Sue’s blog. She runs a design business in Florida and has more inspiring room makeovers you’ll want to see!

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  1. says

    I love this! Everything looks so soft and comfortable – very soothing. I could spend a lot of time in a room like that!

  2. says

    Julia, thank you so much for the feature! Your sunroom is amazing too… I am in love with the roominess and architectural elements. It’s kinda like the lemon-lime version of mine :)

  3. Kate says

    Love the room! The floors are great too – We put porcelain tile that looks like wood flooring in our bathroom and its great.

  4. says

    Beautiful job! Love the “wood” tile, I was checking it out at Lowe’s the other day, it has a really great weathered look. It IS a perfect choice for a sunroom. Great makeover.

  5. Michele says

    Gorgeous. I’m obsessed with the white floor length sheers – I’m toying with the idea of putting some on my screened in porch when it’s built in a month or so. However, my husband may have a different opinion. :) Man Cave vs. airy Beach Lounge. However, we are also extending our garage to give him a workshop, so that gives me major leverage on porch decorating!

  6. says

    Love the daybed idea for this room. Also, a coffee table with wheels would be so useful in a sunroom that looks like it’s next to an outdoor seating area where the coffee table might also be used from time to time. Pretty and practical.

  7. Renee F. says

    I just got those same floors instaled in my home. LOL
    I work in flooring and when they came out I knew I had to have them. :)
    You can search for my blog Fullerfollies.blogspot.com. We are still not done with the remodel but slowly working on it. I love the sunroom and will borrow those ideas when we redo the FLorida Room next. :)

  8. Stephanie says

    Beautiful ~ very light and airy! Looks like a great room to relax in!

  9. Karen says

    I like the daybeds too, but I tend to wonder if they are very comfortable. Love the sheers too. I just have a covered patio and am trying to gently suggest netted sheers to help keep the bugs at bay (not working yet). Love the cat too–reminds me of mine that I had to euthanize (miss him). This is a lovely space and thanks for featuring it.

  10. says

    Amazing before and after! And inspiring as we are about to finally decorate our newly built screened-in porch!

    I love the cat! It’s black color in contrast with all the blue and white made for some cool photos!

  11. Zoe says

    It is BEAUTIFUL! I love it! AND the cat looks exactly like mine!

  12. Kim says

    What an amazing before and after. I love the blues with the white. They give the room that beach feel.

  13. says

    Ahhhhh so pretty and inviting. Love the blue and I’m not even a real blue person but I could so do that. Combined with the rough woods it is perfection.

  14. Nancy Hoffmann says

    What a wonderful make over. Those vertical blinds were really ugly. Love the blue ceiling and the fantastic Ikea beds.

  15. Maria says

    Very pretty. Love the beachy look. The tiles will work as passive solar as well. I do have to wonder about function though, those daybeds are a rear end hazard waiting to happen given nobody can sit in the corner section. Also without a back, difficult to lean back or have options to rearrange. Certainly pretty as a picture, but think I’d wait to look for something more functional, hopefully facing the view/each other vs. the sliding interior door. Maybe it’s used as a pass through space? Or a sunny spot for the cat? I dare say my cats got much more use out of my sunroom then I ever have. Love the blue ceiling, so fresh, I’ve been wanting to do that in my house.

  16. 2inz4me says

    Beautiful! What a lovely room! The floor is an awesome alternative to wood. I’ve never seen that! So pretty!


  17. says

    This is so beautiful! I wonder if the daybeds are a permanent part of the room- I’d saw the right “arm” of the daybed on the left off (does that even make sense?) to make a comfy corner section if I had a space like that. Nothing like snuggling in a corner section with a good book!

    I love how functional this is too- lots of storage with those daybed drawers. You could have a sunroom/family room/game room all in one and keep it clean easily. :-)

  18. Melinda says

    Love the room! That would be a place I’d spend a lot of time.

  19. franky says

    this is such a beautiful makeover….love the brightness and clean colors you’ve chosen. great post!

  20. Country Girl says

    Very well done! It feels like a day at a Gustavian beach, with Marimekko pillows :-)

    That wood-look tile has been around for decades, alternately despised and revered by designers in Florida (where we used to live). It was recently used in a “rustic” bathroom in the 2010 Southern Living design house in Senoia, Ga. and looked completely at home and wonderful there. I love it in this sunroom also— thanks for this post.

  21. decoguy says

    This sunroom looks great. love the shades of light blue in the room. I like the cat too, a great edition to the room =) I saw how you mentioned the flooring is actually tiles, where is it from? they look like real wood.

    • says

      She gives all the source info in her post–click over to her blog to see it. I can’t remember where she got the tile. Love it, though!

  22. ladyofargonne says

    It’s very beautiful to be sure. But I see the same mistake in many sunroom make overs. You have a gorgeous view and the furniture faces in. In other words your back is up against the windows. A room has to be lovely from all angles.

  23. says

    It’s hard to sort the good from the bad sometimes, but I think you’ve nailed it. You write very well which is amazing. I really impressed by your post