Brooke Shields’ Greenwich Village Townhouse

Brooke Shields calls herself “a real-estate romantic,” telling Architectural Digest in the March 2012 issue that she “toured brownstones all over Manhattan, looking for the one.” When she saw a run-down, four-family brick townhouse built around 1910 in Greenwich Village, she knew she had found it.

With help from decorator David Flint Wood, the house has since been renovated and beautifully decorated. Take a look!

Shields is married to television writer Chris Henchy. The living room features a Keith Haring painting, which was a gift from the artist, and portraits of their daughters Rowan and Grier.

The walls are painted in Benjamin Moore’s Chelsea Gray.

You can see John Robshaw fabrics in the living room and bedroom. (Remember the John Robshaw bedding everyone went crazy for in the Jason Bateman movie The Change-Up? I can’t tell you how many requests I got from readers who wanted to know where they could get it!)

“It needed a complete gut,” Shields told AD, “but after a quick walk-through, I could see our future there. My bathtub in a niche by a window. Our daughters’ playroom on the top floor. A light-flooded, parlor-floor kitchen with a big hearth and a balcony. That kind of instant certainty is rare for me—I’m a Gemini—but for once, I was sure.”

The kitchen has a large table by MADE instead of an island and a Malcolm Liepke painting over the fireplace:

As far as Celebrity Houses go, this has to be one of my favorites. For more photos and information, check out the article and slideshow in Architectural Digest. (Photos by William Waldron.)

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  1. nanne says

    i love everything about it. so well done, classic but with subltle eclectic touches that give it charm and vibrancy. the kitchen is my favorite, warm, fun and elegant the shell of the kitchen is very muted, but the little hits of bright colors bring it alive. i think i hate my kitchen now…:)

    thanks, julia!

    nanne in columbus, indiana

  2. says

    So pretty!!! There are so many great choices – I love the feel of this place.

  3. says

    would love to see the playroom. At least it would give a sense that children live there. I know it’s for pictures but it seems up-tight. Beautiful but sterile. Love the art, especially the Keith Haring.

    • colleen says

      I completely afree about the feelign that children do not live there. It feels so museum/showplace like. Not homey at all

  4. Lauren says

    Very polished, a little sterile, as Melissa say, but lovely. But isn’t Brooke Shields a spokesperson for Lazy Boy? Doesn’t she tout her own “personal Lazy Boy collection?”
    Maybe it is just me, but I am not seeing the Lazy Boy here!

  5. says

    I’m so excited to see these photos! I was at the eye doctor’s last Friday and started reading this Architectural Digest article, but my eyes dilated too fast I couldn’t focus on the photos. So, thanks for sharing! I absolutely love this house.

  6. says

    so lovely… but makes me think that aren’t any kids running around in there! :) My almost 3 year old would be all over those vases on the floor with an ensuing “Uh-Oh… it happens”

  7. says

    I don’t use the acronym OMG very often, but this is an OMG moment. I am really quite in love with these interiors. As Rachel mentioned, they are not very kid-friendly, but I bet there’s a huge (beautiful) playroom somewhere.

  8. sharron says

    i was expecting more light airy romance i guess.
    there are elements i like but overall it just seems very sterile.
    thanks for the post!

  9. says

    I love this home. I was excited when I saw that it belonged to Brooke Shields because she was my favorite actress when I was a kid, I thought she was so pretty. And I’m relieved that she has great taste 😉

  10. says

    Very pretty. But I agree with the comment above that I would like to see the playroom and I would like to see the room they flop down in to be comfy and snuggly.

  11. Brenda says

    So pretty, just like Brooke herself, so down to earth. love it
    Thanks, Julia

  12. Flavia says

    I love the kitchen. I’m so sick of seeing the same old high-end kitchens over and over again (I swear they’re all the same), but this one is really special.

  13. says

    Wow, that is a stunning house. I wish we could see the exterior (but I understand her privacy needs). Thanks for sharing and linking to the AD article!

  14. Kim says

    I just love this house. Every detail down to the colors, are well done. Brooke Shield has great taste.

    Can I just say that I love her boots. If I had money I would go out and buy me a pair or two.

  15. Laura says

    Nice, sophisticated, and very New York, but not my style. I love the art, though.

  16. chris says

    check out ad site. gets better. (it would figure once i didn’t renew my subscription, they show homes i love)

  17. says

    Wow!I’m so in love with this house!! Everything is perfect but the big heart paint on the wall… I don’t like it at all…

  18. says

    Oh wow, that’s just gorgeous. Of course it’s cleaned up for the photo shoot, but I think it looks very livable anyway.

    I remember seeing photos of her nursery in some parenting magazine in the doctor’s office when I was pregnant. It was beautiful too (might have been a different place–that was 7 years ago now :-) ). Pale yellow with white trim, sheer white curtains blowing in the breeze, etc.

  19. says

    My parents have a table and chairs in their kitchen. It’s wonderful. I’d take the table over an island any day of the week. It’s far better for gathering with friends and family.

  20. jennifer says

    At last….something other than white! Beautiful, warm and inviting.

  21. says

    I love her taste. It’s absolutely beautiful. I also love it when a celebrity chooses not to live in a 25,000 sq. ft. monster mansion.

  22. Jodi from New Jersey says

    So gorgeous! I always enjoy Brooke, she seems down to earth , and she’s funny. I just love entryways and that is a classic beauty! I guess there’s no dining room. Love her boots, too..

    • says

      Actually, there is one. If you click over to Architectural Digest there are more photos, including one of the formal dining area!

  23. says

    oh my, this is lovely, what a stylish, lovely home. Hasn’t she done well! No Christina Agralieria (however you spell it) garish tacky glam here!! good on her!

  24. Carolyn says

    This is one celebrity home I actually like! Classic, traditional, calm, nothing heavy – not over the top. I’m sure it was ‘sanitized’ for the photoshoot, as far as looking sterile. Love her artwork. I see she has radiators. I wonder if they had to take out window air conditioners for the photography? I read in a blog that NYC doesn’t allow modifications to pre-war apartments for central air, and they have to use window air conditioners. Not knowing anything about the city, I was surprised by that. Have you heard of that? Wonder if it was the case here?

  25. Lisa says

    LOVED IT! Thanks! And now, after seeing multiple references to The Change-Up and then going to your post on it to see the house…Redbox here I come! Can’t wait to drool over that house, too. (Plus Jason Bateman as decor isn’t going to be too awful, either! ;))

  26. cbean says

    Love the kitchen. Hate the gray. Why is trendy always cold and sterile? Yuck! And that sharp edged acrylic (or glass) table in the living room is a real bruiser…literally. Those little settees (chairs ?) and sofa look very uncomfortable.

  27. Petri Tiger says

    Dear Julia,
    Great site! so much inspiration! This is a wonderful townhouse but lacks that lived in sort of feeling, considering that it´s a family home. I love the georgian (Sheraton? Hepplewhite?) dining chairs in the kitchen. (We´ve had similar ones in our kitchen for the past 4 years or so and they have this air of understated elegance. About the only feature of that sort in our home, I´m afraid…)

  28. says

    I know I am going to sound like a scrooge. But, I hate that heart over the fireplace. I don’t like the decor in that room at all. It’s just lacking.
    Love this remodel and space though. It’s gorgeous!

  29. says

    This is interior is very well done. Comfortable, livable and real. Not too done or staged. Great interiors are collected and show the personality of the inhabitants. I love the Louis Vuitton trunk coffee table (shown in AD), a great mix of styles.

    The Keith Haring Heart is wonderful! (disagree with above comment) The pillows bring in the red and it allows the room to not be too serious. Mixing art is a good thing. This offers a smile to the room.

  30. Rachel Carey says

    Beautiful, classic and timeless…just like it’s owner.

  31. says

    Beautiful…can never see this one too much! I was thrilled to see that you posted the name of the gray paint. We purchased a home built in 1900 and will be moving to CT this summer and am “meeting” with painters long distance to figure out paint for each room. While most will be white, a few will be black and gray. I think I may have just found the perfect gray! Thank you for this excellent post!

  32. says

    I always find it refreshing to see a home, owned by a celebrity, that I can actually see myself living in. Sometimes they seem so over the top but this place is inviting and wonderfully appointed.


  33. says

    Beautiful and I think it should be pointed out that one can have children in a home without living in a Preschool Playhouse. It also appears from the portraits of said children featured that they are old enough to keep toys in their rooms and playroom – and not play keep-away with the vases. Although not “Brooke Shields” quality we too live in a large old home and my children have the entire third floor as a playroom. Once they were old enough to play upstairs (around age 4) I decreed that my living spaces would no longer be toy-holding-areas. Comfortable, fun, and relaxed yes but “Decor by Little Tikes and Mattel” no. This is not to say that we don’t have a few soccer balls rolling around even the formal dining room from time to time – but I would certainly whisk them away if Architectural Digest dropped by. :)

  34. Nica says

    I really like it but where are all the Lazy Boy furnishings? 😉

  35. Tricia says

    Ancient history, but I am still infatuated with Brooke’s interior and am in the process of doing a reno at my house that is inspired by the look. I cannot find the name of the light gray paint in Brooke’s foyer. Can you help, Julia? Thanks for the great post.

      • Tricia says

        Thanks for replying! I have the AD mag, but foyer paint is not listed in article or in back :( May have to contact designer, it is a beautiful dove gray.