Bye, Bye, Berkus: “The Nate Show” Canceled

Nate Berkus and the staff of his Oprah-owned talk show got some bad news right before the the new year. According to The Hollywood Reporter, it will finish out its second season but won’t be returning for a third.

The Nate Berkus Show has struggled from the beginning, when it premiered in September of 2010 with a 1.1 rating, and it’s now the lowest-rated among established talk shows.

Photo via In My Style, who was in the audience.

In the fall of 2010 they invited bloggers to be in the audience for a taping of the show. But then, after we all tuned in to see them–Nate never mentioned on air that they were there. Oops. Not a great way to impress the bloggers or their readers right out of the gate.

(As you may remember, the online fury continued for days. Lesson here: Never tick off a bunch of bloggers–or their loyal readers!)

However. After that misstep, Nate more than redeemed himself by showcasing many amazing bloggers on his show. I usually fast-forward through the fashion and food segments, checking to see if there are any bloggers I know on the show each day. It’s been fun seeing so many of my favorites on TV.

I was really rooting for him and wish he could’ve made it work. I can’t say I was surprised when I heard it wasn’t coming back in the fall, though. Unlike Oprah’s other talk-show children Dr. Phil, Rachael Ray, and Dr. Oz, it just never really took off.

Lots of new talk shows are being developed with hosts like Jeff Probst, Katie Couric and Ricki Lake, all waiting to snag his spot, so we’ll see if any of them can do better.

Are you a fan of his show? Will you be sorry to see Nate go? Or did you already stop watching a long time ago?

P.S. I was never on The Nate Show, but they used some of my photos once. That’s my only claim to Nate Show fame. Ha.

You can see photos of Nate’s Gold Coast condo, which he sold when he moved to NYC for his talk show, here.

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  1. evelyn kolar says

    I just found out the Nate Berkus show has been canceled today. I won’t be watching the replacement can’t stand her and that kind of show, too may on already. Very disappointed in the network decision, I was looking forward to the fall season. I even got my husband to watch.
    So SAD,

    • Cindy says

      I agree. I loved the Nate Berkus show and today I found that it was cancelled. I will miss my Nate show everyday after work! He was great!

      • Cindy says

        P.S. Nate was replaced with the Steve Harvey show which I will not be watching. They always cancel the GOOD shows!

        • Carolina_D says

          Inour market they replaced him with Ricki Lake. I tried to watch her first show, gave up and won’t be back. I only pray that another network will pick Nate up. He isn’t perfect, which is one thing I love about him. I will miss his show SO MUCH, and seeing the happiness he brought to other people, not to mention loving the ‘House Proud’ segment and seeing the clever ways people decorate on a budget. Oh, and I ALSO loved Mr. Goodwill Hunting. Maybe someone will give HIM a show? Anyway, NBC has made SO MANY bad decisions this year. They are killing their own network. This ‘season’ they’ve dumped Ann Curry, they cancelled Saving Hope right before the last 2 episodes of season 1, the list goes on. This was the final straw for me. I’m no longer a fan of NBC.

          • Dorothy Gibala says

            Ditto, don’t like Rikki Lake and NBC is sending us to other networks.

          • Diane says

            OH NO!!!!!! They’ve canceled Saving Hope too?????????????????
            What kind of demented idiots run that network???? Why not try a different time slot for these two great shows? Why not take some of the daily “extra” stuff out of the Nate show and only do fashion, cooking, etc. occasionally as a special segment and concentrate on his talent for affordable decorating, House Proud, decorating challenges, DIY segments, etc.? We finally get something with some meat on the bones and they take it away from us.

          • Liz Crane says

            Responding to your comments on NBC – they sure are making some bad decisions particularly letting Ann Curry go!! She was amazing. They should have let Matt Lauer go. He would make a good field reporter.

            I also agree with you about the Nate Show – a network cancels a great show but continues to air those stupid reality shows.

    • Teri says

      I agree – I liked the Nate Berkus show; especially the DIY remodeling and recycling parts. I also can’t stand the replacement talk show hostess. Was glad when Couric left the Today show and also don’t watch the other female Hoda/Kathy Leee chatter. Too many talk shows that interrupt their guests during the interview. NBC just lost me to HDTV for daytime.

      If this show runs only on OWN then I cannot pay extra for additional channels in order to get it. A real loss for daytime NBC, in my opinion.

      • Ann says

        Cancelling NATE is a BIG mistake. Take away the good for the bad. Where is your mind? Not a good move.

  2. Charlotte Harding says

    Ruined my morning when I turned on my TV and was not able to watch Nate. I have watched his show since day one, if I must be gone I tape, sometimes play the tape more than once, have watched all the reruns all summer. He is such a pleasant person and one of the truly entertaining as well as informative show on TV and I am very disappointed that Oprah will not longer back him. Will miss you Nate and hope hope hope someone will get you back on TV. When you see so much of the garbage on TV today not worth watching you can’t help but wonder why this show was cancelled.

    • Carolina_D says

      Oprah just isn’t the nice person we always thought she was. She has most likely tied Nate’s hands legally so that he won’t be able to do his show on another network or cable channel. Plus, NBC obviously doesn’t care a bit about its viewers. They have had a LOT of protests against the decisions they made, but are simply ignoring them all. They probably won’t be around much longer.

  3. Trina Christenson says

    Can’t believe they cancelled Nate! I’ve been watching faithfully since he first came on and loved it when he was on Oprah! Very sad day. That network has just lost this viewer. Won’t be watching the replacement!

    • Liz Crane says

      My feelings exactly Trina. I tuned in to the show this morning to find that Anderson Cooper took the spot. I can’t believe a show as good as Nate’s got cancelled. Networks should be cancelling these ridiculous reality shows.

  4. Jeannie Baker says

    I am so upset that Nate Berkus was replaced. His ratings don’t ride on my shoulders. I loved that show! I just found out today when the new show came on. I will not be watching that show. Nate provided constructive entertainment and I actually did a lot of the projects on his show. I miss my Nate!

  5. Dorothy Hanson says

    What a shame, Not only was and is personable, He never made his guest feel rushed. Treated everyone with dignity and had a great variety. Will never watch Richie Lake… same old thing……..Nate Berkus show was entertaining, educational and had a heart..So few good shows and now there is one less. One more reason to read to good book.

  6. andrea says

    Ugh. Another good show cancelled. What a dissapointment. Even worse…who they’ve replaced him with :/

  7. Francine says

    Very disappointed that the Nate Show has gone off the air. It was a great show. He was a very informative young man. We loved you Nate. Just come back on a different network. Take care, you were a tremendous blessing.

  8. LitaAz says

    Turned on tv to see Ricki lake instead of Nate. Very upset! I love all the designs Nate shared. Nate’s show was inspiring and uplifting. I will miss it and will NOT be watching his replacement.

    • says

      I really liked watching his show. My daughter loved all the crafts, tips, neat ideas and the life he brought to t.v.

    • Teri says

      I agree – what a surprise to turn on the TV to watch the Nate Berkus show and see Katie Couric back! UGH – I turn off my TV after the news because of the Hoda/Kathy Lee (everybody talk at once) fiasco. Guess I will switch to Pickers or HGTV with my kiss-off to NBC.

  9. Stephanie says

    So sad today! I loved the Nate Show.. and like many others.. I won’t be watching its replacement!

  10. says

    I never view The Nate Show as a talk show. Sick of talk shows. Loved the design aspect of the show. Also enjoyed the cooking lessons. There is nothing like it on TV. Also, for those of you who choose what we watch on Wednesday night- there isn’t a damn good thing on. Too many good shows are on in competition on Tuesday night.

  11. Sandy says

    So, so sad to see The Nate Show will no longer be on. A bad decision made
    by the network. Can’t stand the replacement. Will not be watching this network
    any longer!

  12. Rae says

    That is so disappointing! Nate’s style & personalilty are wonderful, & I always enjoyed watching him transform old prices into something new. My favorite thing was that everything he did could be re-created on a very small budget. I used so many of his tips in my home.
    I think he will be back. NBC isn’t the best showcase for what he does; I’d love to see HGTV pick him up or TLC. He would do much better with those audiences.
    And Rickie Lake??? REALLY?? Didn’t we get rid of most of those trashy talk shows (including hers) 15 years ago?

  13. Beverly says

    I can’t believe it. The Nate show was so good. Are the ratings correct. Sometimes I wonder.

  14. margarita says


  15. Francine Robbio says

    I’m very sorry that the show ended. I watched it every day (taped or live). Good subjects, very interesting. Nate is a down to heart person and presented things for all people not only the rich and famous ones, like some other shows or magazines. Why the shows that we like are canceled and the ones that are all the same continue?

  16. Heidi says

    Not only was his NBC TV show cancellation a sad surprise, but even his website is inaccessible. All those good ideas down the drain!
    I hope another network picks him up. In the meantime, curious to see if his show is still be aired where I live overseas…

  17. says

    I cannot believe they cancelled the Nate Show, I thought it was great and usally stopped what ever project I was working on to watch it. I to would hope that one of my favorites, such as HGTV or DIY would pick it up and run with it, where I feel it would be more at home.

  18. Mary Hosler says

    that was my favorite show on tv i wil miss it very much.

  19. Judith Renda says

    There goes my morning…it’s the only show I watched…I love Nate…he has character and he’s just wonderful…I am truly going to miss him and his show and all the great people he had on…Big mistake by Oprah…like we needed another talk show. I am definitely not impressed.

    • Beverly says

      We should protest somehow. I think a lot of us really loved the show.


    • Bee says

      Think NBC or any other networks really care WHAT the viewer really wants to see…think again. They are not listening. As long as the networks are run primarily by men they do what men do,GUESS what women (and other men) want instead of asking. How many reality, talk, cooking shows (I think there’s TWO networks that do a GREAT job of producing cooking-only shows…much better than NBC can) do we need/want? Somebody please tell these daytime executives they just do not have a clue WHO their viewer is! I am personally turning NBC off.

  20. Karen says

    I myself have just found out that the Nate show will not be back on!!!! I am not happy about this and really did like Nate. He seem to really care about what he was doing and what he put his name on. We don’t find to many people like that anymore. I like the lady that they are putting on in his place but it sure will not be a replacement for Nate, I wish him all the best and will hope to follow him on the net. Good luck to Katie and I hope she does well. She has had her ups and downs too.

  21. Rochelle says

    I have been watching Nate from the beginning along with watching and purchasing his products from HSN. Love him and all of his decorating tips, and that his show is not like those other boring talk shows. Can’t believe his replacement will bring in more ratings. Don’t we have enough talk shows. Nate’s show was different and entertaining. There has to be another network out there that wants to bring him and his show back on TV.

  22. says

    I am so dissapointed the show is cancelled. It is better than some of the other shows at that time slot. I beats watching any other talk shows. This is stuff we can use in our everyday lives, Nate is pleasant to watch and to listen to. He makes the hard stuff look easy to understand and do if we wish to do so. Cancelling the show is a big big mistake. I hope it comes out on another network. Nothing against the newcomers, but I am sure they could have cancelled something else to make room. Maybe, one of those many informercials hogging the time slots could have been cancelled instead. Nobody watches them. Why are they still on ? I hope some other network picks up the show real soon, because I already miss the show.

  23. says

    Because I cannot be home at that time slot, i taped the show, but I enjoyed watching it whenever I could, at my pace. I could rewind if I needed to , and take notes if needed. I even tape the reruns. Nothing angains anybody, but we have enough talk show, that say the same things in different words . Nate is knoledgeable, pleasant to listen to and puts a smile on my face. Nothing against anybody, but I won’t be watching that station at that time slot. I’ll go to HGTV instead and learn something there. I’d love it if Nate got something there. I think he would fit in perfectly.

  24. diane g says

    Just found out Nate was cancelled teally another talk show ,the only one i enjoy is ellen will not be watching the others.hopw to see Nate on another channel.

  25. Beverly says

    I was so shocked to learn that the Nate Berkus show was cancelled.
    I loved watching his show and seeing how he could transform a
    room into something so nice. I also loved the House Proud
    he would have on occasionally. I searched the internet and TV
    guide to see if he was on another channel only to find out he
    wasn’t anywhere. I won’t be watching his replacement. I hate
    talk shows – they are a waste of time. At least on his show
    you learned something that you could put to use. Sad, I
    don’t watch much on TV since it is mostly mindless garbage.
    Now, I will be watching it less.

  26. Eleanor McCullough says

    I have cried all day since I figured it out. Nate was my favorite show. I loved all the projects he took on. I will not be watching NBC any more!

    Still Very Upset

  27. Nadesh says

    NBC is in financial problems. They lost out from Keith Olbermann, now Nate. Nate helped us to become creative. All Boycott NBC, the DUMBASS network. Sorry for Steve HArvey, but the guy Jeff Probst, wha’s his claim to fame. Please, I thought he was a tabloid contributor, one of those paparazzi’s that ran after and cause Princess Diana’s death. Boycott NBC people. WATCH MSNBC with Chris Matthews etc., but no NBC local

  28. carolyn says


  29. sally says

    So disappointed, one of my favorite shows. Maybe another network will pick him up. Please, Please

  30. Judith says

    So few intelligent adult shows without the riduculous drama, crime and or silly behavior. I will miss Nate’s show. So much for NBC. Judy

  31. Lynda Chorley says

    I’m pretty ticked off ! I’m not a morning person but I make a point to get up to see The Nate Berkus Show….He hadso many good ideas and he showed compassion to others … He will be missed by many thousands of veiwers… I feel your so called “Ratings” are seriously wrong. I was lost when I awoke to see Nate and He had been canceled.. The Anderson Show that replaced THe Nate Berkus Show is Garbage !!!!!!!! I miss Nate’s Show and I”m so upset I feel like throwing my TV away and going back to the radio shows…Sorry We lost you Nate !!

  32. Karen Schoenefeld says

    I JUST found out that Nate has been cancelled and I am just sick!! I have LOVED the show from the get go!! I have so much inspiration and so many ideas from Nate and all the guests that have been on. I am very sad that Nate won’t be part of my daily routine any more. Please keep me informed of his projects and TV appearances. :(

  33. says

    AHHHHHH! I always tuned in… discovered the Nate Show last year and was truly looking forward to catching new shows. What a disappointment! NBC made a hugh mistake. I will not watch Ricky! Can’t stand that type of show. I too liked the Nate show because it was educational, creative and entertaining. Nate will be missed by me too! So Sad… :^(

    • says

      I just found out that the Nate Show was cancelled. What a huge disappointment! It absolutely was educational, creative and entertaining. Nate’s ideas were easy to implement and he had a great spirit of communicating with the audience and his guests. I hope another network will air his shows, and from reading all these comments, hopefully it will happen!

  34. Kris says

    How can they cancel Nate?! I am so upset by this news, he is a man of many talents and was truly a joy to watch. I am saddened to see that the types of shows that are replacing him are very unappealing, it is like a slap in the face to Nate. Bring back Nate! Nate and Dr. Oz are my favorite Oprah offspring, I hope Nate is able to find a way to make it back on television, we will all be patiently waiting!

  35. says

    I had a feeling something odd was going on when then station Nate was on locally started running an ad for a medical talk show that was starting on the 10th of September in the same time slot…This makes the second show of the kind cancelled this year . The Revolution was also cancelled. I think two medical talk shows is more than enough..And it doesn’t make up for loosing two design and home oriented shows..This country is getting *way* too dreary and hypochondriacal..I’ll miss Ty, Nate, Tim Gunn, and all the other co-hosts and visiting talents.That’s just plain sad..!

  36. Pam says

    Didn’t know it had been cancelled til now – was wondering why they weren’t showing any new episodes and did a lot of “best of” shows. It was my fave show and I’m sad to see it go. I really loved his ideas, and his positivity and sense of humor. I learned a lot from his show and look forward to seeing his next projects.

  37. Beverly says

    Does anyone know how we could sign a petition showing our support for Nate, because I was unable to watch any daytime programming after that, particularly their new shows.

  38. John Haupt says

    My wife got me watching Nate. She’s devastated to learn today that he’s been cancelled. Devastated. So am I for her sake. Nate’s been in our home every day we were. Quality programming is not something that can stand in today’s market, I’m lamenting. Come back Nate. We miss you already.

  39. Linda Bielewicz says

    I LOVED the Nate Berkus show. I wouldn’t go anywhere in the morning until it was over. I can’t believe it was cancelled and they are putting on some of the new CRAP that is out there. Some of these shows have NO redeeming qualities and I can’t believe that anyone watches them. What does that say about the mentality of our country??? I loved his design ideas and how things were recycled. I hope he gets another show because I will definitely watch it. If a petition goes around, I will sign it I hope someone has the class and ingtelligence to bring him back He is missed by many….

  40. Stephanie Zepeda says

    Please Bring Nate Back!!! We love watching him.

  41. Cheryl says

    Not sure where the ratings come from…EVERYONE I know watches his show and looks forward to it! Soooo sad that great shows like this are being cancelled and others remain! PLEASE BRING HIM BACK!!!!!!

    • Bee says

      Everyone I know watches Nate too. I think the ratings are a little “bogus” how many shows got really high ratings and were cancelled anyway. Some of them right after they won Emmys! I understand in all cases except one (a dective show many years ago) protesters are simply ignored. Maybe it is time viewers vote with their pocketbooks…any ideas???

  42. Lori says

    I am very very disappointed the Nate show has been cancelled. I loved his show. It was refreshing to have a show like his compared to all of the other talk shows. What a shame.

  43. Debra T says

    I just found The Nate Show being shown on Oprah’s network, OWN! They are re-runs, but I can still see him! (10 and 11 am CST) Dr. Oz’s wife was just on. I missed that one the first time around.

  44. says

    I am soo not likeing the “Katie” show.. It is just like ALL the rest of the take shows..NATES show gave us something to look forward to in the morning.. cooking, desine.. not just talking about stars and how they lose weight.. Nate was always frish and a GOOD show.. I will NOT be watching the Katie show!,

  45. judy says

    very disapointed his show was cancelled. somebody please bring it back. learn a lot from his show.

  46. Oliver says

    Nate…what a disaster…so disappointed that your show is not on….what a disaster!! What’s wrong with NBC….hey, all you NBC bigshots….look up and smell the roses. The replacement is just another boring talking show….so disappointed with all this.

  47. S K H says

    Not happy that Nat was cancelled – watched it every day…..
    I am not watching the replacement show I am going to just switch channels and start watching Kelly until you get Nat back….

    Bad – Bad – Very decision to cancel show……

  48. julie begley says

    I am disappointed to hear of Nate being cancelled. I think he should have consentrates on people like mr goodwill hunting and other renovaters.The cooking and fashion were usually boring. Will miss seeing him. Maybe he can go on O. I think also he needed more budget.

  49. Elaine Mahr says

    I am so sad that Nate is gone! Will NOT be watching Ricki Lake! Another great show taken off the air!!!

  50. Linda says

    Nate’s show was a refreshing wonderful concept……..we do not need another female hosted talk show with the same old same old…..Nate’s show gave us new interesting information that was so useful!…..Please bring him back!

  51. Patsy says

    I loved watching Nate too. But contrary to what some people seem to believe, Oprah had nothing to do with the cancellation of his show.

    • Patsy says

      On second thought, maybe she did via Harpo Productions. Aw shoot, Oprah.

  52. says

    This is just so unbelievable !
    I loved the Nate Berkus Show, and can not believe that the ratings were that low, as he was so terrific to watch and llearn from.

    Can’t someone re-think this and bring him back on a local network station ?

    I am just sick to hear this !

  53. says

    Come on Oprah – please use your pull to get Nate back on the air, but on a local network = Please !!

  54. michaela says

    Once again a really good show goes off the air. Nate is such a good man with fabulous ideas that worked for everyone, not just rich folk. He never rushed his guests, the show was current and relevant to what is happening now, it was fresh. Want to protest and get him back. Suggestions?

  55. Jenuine says

    I am EXTREMELY disappointed that the Nate Show has been cancelled:(( I’m hoping that Oprah(OWN network) will pick him up!

  56. tj reyes says

    im so disappointed my dvr was set on your show i luv them house proud houses that was my favorite i would get a lot of ideas for my house im really gonna miss your show keep ur head up man

  57. Cindy W . says

    I just discovered the NATE BERKUS show this year and was hooked! Just realized it was replaced with Jeff whoever and its boring. Please please bring back NATE! I so looked forward to his show each and everymorning before work and he made my day. Nate was helping me fix up my home and i need him back.
    Cindy W.

  58. Debora says

    I can’t believe they would drop Nate and keep others that are not worth my time to watch. Need to drop some of the so called real shows & dirty laundry shows. Also I don’t need so much reality on my TV time , I get enough of that everyday in my life. !!!!! YOU WILL BE MISSED NATE ! COME BACK!

  59. P Wadsley says

    I am so upset that Nate is no longer going to be on TV. He was such a ray of sunshine with his contagious smile. His information was filled with inspritation and imagination…both of which I have so little. He always gave me new ideas.
    Best of luck to you, Nate, on your next project. You are successful.

  60. Marie says

    I think the Nate show was so different from other shows geared toward woman. It was a variety show. Not just another talk show. The variety was great. I hope some station will realize how popular it is and bring it back. He had great tips in a large variety of subjects.
    Miss you Nate.

  61. Susan says

    I cannot believe The Nate Show was cancelled. I have spent the last 3 days searching on TV for it!!!!

    I started to watch it last spring and fell in love with ALL the show offered. I stopped watching TV in 1995 with the poor choices and the spin most shows were taking.Nate was one of the few show I came away BETTER . Either I learned something, expanded perspectives on decorating and more …. but often I was uplifted by the kind and uplifting events that helped others. At times it was with giving a makeover to uplift one’s life and sometimes just kind words that uplifted someone …. lifting us all!
    Yesterday after searching for his show I shut off my TV and most likely it will be off with the exception to watch a show I know in advance will give to me the way The Nate Show gave. To Nate …. please keep shining your light!!!! May I offer a suggestion? How about providing some of what you offered on your show on an interactive website. I will be the first to sign up. Until then, I send you many blessings!,

  62. says

    What a disappointment. No more Nate. His show was unique to network and daytime television. I won’t be watching the afternoon lineup on this network. These shows are like the others I choose not to watch.
    Nate, your show was fun, informative and uplifting. It was pretty and we all need a little pretty.

  63. Heather Stewart says

    Ricki replaced Nate….soooo upset. Nate is brilliant, and Ricki is annoying. The show needs to come back…Nate is my inspiration to become a designer.

  64. Pat says

    I can’t believe my favorite show is gone!! What are they thinking to cancell such a great show. Nate showed us all a better way to live in every aspect of our lives. He showed us how to make the most from the least in our homes and ourselves. He believed in people and he brought out the best in those around him. I will not be watching the garbage they have decided to replace him with as if we need any more of that mindless crap. My day has become a little less bright without Nate in it. I will miss him and I hope that another network will see that we want feel good shows like his. Oprah stand behind Nate as we have stood behind you for so many years this is the kind of programming we want and need today!!!

  65. Pollly Kruse says

    I am so upset about Nate off the air, this was a stupid move on someone’s part. I am not sure why they thought this was,what were they thinking/ I have all his shows copied and instead of watching what they replaced him with I watched him everyday.I will not watched what has replaced him,nor will I support any of the advertiser for that show. I love Nate,Mr.Goodwill Hunting. Nate have you and your beautiful wife have a show.Just move to a cable channel Nate, those who enjoyed your show will find you. Ask Oprah? Surely she will help, or give you an answer, she help Dr. Phil and Dr.Oz, and I thought you were doing as good of job as both of them, and in your show theme much better. Everyone is complaining about all the talk shows anyhow, You came home at my house at 9am,and to be a retire cancer patient it was what I looked forward to is watching your show, I have had dreams of you coming in and turning around and said I was hopeless, you couldn’t even help me. LOL please email me if you are/or when you move to a new channel. I WILL FOLLOW YOU, NO MATTER WHERE YOU GO. THX POLLY

  66. Jackie B. says

    Who works for NBC…idiots?/? You cancelled the Nate show and have not helped your ratings with the STUPID REPLACEMENTS…. I can assure you.
    Hang in there Nate….you have alot of fans and someone with a brain will put you back on the air where you belong

    • says

      Hopefully soon..The local CBS affiliate replaced him with The Doctors, used to be on ABC.. That’s just not a design/home show..Odd decision there..

  67. Sandy says

    I am sad to hear Nate was cancelled. I loved the way he made you feel as if you could do any project yourself. I love “do it yourself projects”. Nate helped make things possible. We miss you Nate.

  68. Linda says

    Loved the show. Will miss it greatly. It was part of everymorning.
    I got so many great ideas from him and he was such a sweetheart.
    He did so many good things for people. I am very sad it was canceled.

  69. Joanna says

    In Northern CA The Nate Berkus Show was replaced by Jeff Probst. Its a cool show so far, but i SUPER miss Nate. He just left without saying anything. I feel a little broken inside :-(.

  70. Heidi Elle says

    I am incredulous at the news that the Nate Berkus show has been cancelled. To call his show a mere talk show is simply not doing him justice. Years ago there were many decorator shows to be enjoyed. Now they all seem to have that nasty Real Estate angle which gives the shows a hard edge. Nate Berkus delivered many interesting and exciting decorator tips as well as the house proud segments where personality and warmth were added to decor. There was also fashion and food, and other interesting themes. We have two similar shows here in Toronto, Canada. They are not bad but cannot even remotely compare to Nate. I feel bereft and cheated. I don’t know what strange formula is used to decide what the TV audience is watching but I believe the people involved failed miserably in their duties this time. I will miss the Nate Show greatly and can only hope that all the shows he has produced are available on DVD. I would love to buy them and watch them over and over.

  71. Joan says

    I too was disapointed when I couldn’t get the Nate show I had gotten so many good and reasonable ideas from his show.

    • Debora says

      Hello mate, you were a gift. The gift that was brand-new each day.

      You were my morning, my information, my inspiration, my strength. We have

      both traveled, experienced and survived some very hard times, heartbreaking

      and lonely. I lost my spouse, lost a business and was diagnosed with MS!

      We all have to get through stuff, I know it’s a cliché but it makes us stronger.

      There’s no TV on in the mornings anymore! Because Nate not there!

      nate, you were my morning cup of coffee, my perfect smile, my handsome

      houseguest. My door will always be open.

      If you wish to return to television it will happen. Whatever you wish,

      it will happen. Yours truly Debora Ellis

  72. Mary Ann Latham says

    I absolutely can”t believe that such a creative and informational show has been canceled. I have always shared Nate’s show informatuon with my husband, weather it be about cooking, decorating (which I have done much of myself), and helping so many people out of their decorating dilemmas. I am a native of Santa Barbara, Ca(same place that Oprah lives), my children and grandchildren are also residents os Santa Barbara. Nate is creative and has a joyful personality and just an all round

    nice guy. None of my many friends and family can understand why he would be replaced by yet another varity show. So many of us are so disappointed. Nate I would like you to know ,personally, that so many of us feel like a good, healthy show like your shoud have never need canceled. What a lose for all of us and your entire viewers. Please let us know if we. can help in anyway. Our Warmest Regards To You, Mary Ann Latham

  73. Mary Ann Latham says

    I cannot believe that a show like the Nate Burkas has been canceled. He is so creative and has helped some many people. I am a native of Santa Barbara,Ca(same place where Opera lives, and I believe he got his start on her show). He has had cooking segments and interesting decorating ideas on his show. I can’t believe he is being replaced by another varity show. My family, grown children and grandchildren and close friends will really miss the show. I have done my share of decorating(even had a small consignment shop in Momtecito). If there is anything we can do to help let us know, you have out information. I certaintly know that the 3:00 (pacific time) won’t be the same. You know so many shows.are the same and then there was the Nate Burkas that gave us something very different. I always enjoyed telling my husband about the shoe every now and then, and I really thing he appreciated the various stories. If there is ever anything to do to help get that show back on, you have our information. It was a show that was always healthy and fresh with a different twist. Thank You, Mary Ann Latham

  74. lynn says

    I miss the Nate show!!! For people who don’t have cable this show was the greatest. Why????

  75. Jeannine Escayg says

    Sorry to see you go Nate. Hope HGTV or TLC will give you a new ‘home’.
    Definitely NOT watching Ricki Lake – very annoying!! Come on NBC!

  76. Gloria Rehrig says

    I am terribly disappointed that his show has been cancelled. I taped every show or made it a point to be home to view it. What wonderful ideas he gave for decorating!!! I certainly will NOT watch Ricky Lane. What a horrible replacement!!!
    Nate’s show was always uplifting and positive, educational. Much better than all the gloom and doom on Dr. Phil’s show. I will not watch it either. Terrible decision!!

  77. sonia says

    Sad to see him go .we really like him and his ideas fine a stop for him on the decorating shows …

  78. sonia says

    He will be miss swell as Mr good will hurting name had good ideas fine his another station to continue his work swell as ideas shit he can but me one on of his show I am really good with events ideas that know one would think of I will miss him

  79. Cindy says

    I was very sad to hear about the cancelation of the Nate Show! I think he was a source of inspiration and relaxation for many people. I really don’t know how the ratings are done, but I think they made a mistake herel


  80. Lydia Falk says

    I will definitely miss the Nate Berkus Show. NO I will not be watching the replacement. Nate’s program was uplifting. They have cancelled his show, which was good and refreshing.
    The networks also cancelled most of the soap operas. Now ALL we have to watch are the same people, walking from one talk show to the next, saying the same thing, over and over all day. Most of the guests are just players on other shows, from the same network, who are plugging their own shows. It’s like one big ad all day. If you watch one in the morning, you will just see same information repeated all day long.

    I will miss you Nate – I thought your show was great! Sorry to see ya go!

  81. Rae says

    I too am sorry to see Nate’s show going…..I always stopped and watched it. Nate hope you come back someday, but if not I know ur next project will be great. I will miss the DIY and nature input the most…..good luck and take care!

    Bye for now

  82. Wanda says

    I was VERY disappointed that the Nate Berkus show is cancelled. Finally something on the ‘idiot box’ worth watching…and they take it away! He was refreshing and genuinely liked to help people out. Ridiculous that they put ANOTHER talk show on (like we need more of them!). Nothing against Rickie Lake, but I won’t be wasting my time watching a talk show.
    I sincerely hope that Nate Berkus will find another place to have his show.
    Too many times the networks take off a good show to put something ridiculous on.

  83. Teresa says

    So sad to hear the Nate show has been cancelled, really NBC…..dump Kathie Lee so I don’t have to continue to hear about her kids, husband & every play or production she is a part of. Enough already! Nate has a far better message to share with viewers than Kathie Lee & Hoda (sorry Hoda, I do like you).

    Rickie Lake & Rachel Ray can join Kathie Lee – Now there’s show that will have ZERO ratings!

  84. GianCarlo says

    The show was a little confusing. Was it a DYI, decorating or a fashion show.

    It became boring and uninteresting.

    I think Rachel Ray is next. Same story, is it a talk show or a cooking show?

    • Debora says

      And out of all the commits your are the one and only negtive remard? Says something about your taste!!!

    • says

      I must share…My, my… confusing? I say not confusing… unless you think a variety=confusing. To me, more than one subjet on a show at a time makes the show/program rich, which keeps my attention.

    • Marta S. says

      Okay, call me the odd person out, but I did not find Nate’s show confusing. I do think it was targeted at people who watched Oprah or maybe the design/home shows on cable.I guess I should have seen the cancellation coming when they ran holiday shows in the summer, but I will miss it and Ty Pennington hosting The Revolution , too.. Sad to see TV is getting either mundane or just plain creepy..Oh well, guess its time to get back to live entertainment-if it was more affordable..

  85. Helen says

    So sad to hear that Nate is not coming back. He was a ray of sunshine in this sometimes dark and dismal world! You could always depend on an hour of interesting new things to create, be it design, or cooking, or entertaining, and he made you happy the rest of your day! I’m not watching the replacement.
    By the way, I’d love to know who does the ratings. They sure don’t know what a creative mind is, or rather don’t give a darn. What a black and white life they must lead. :(

    • lyn says

      I don’t know who does ratings, but in our area, Nate Berkus was not on one of the top 3 networks or HGTV. He was on at 1 on one of our newer (but good and growing) networks.

      These talk shows are all about MORE MONEY FOR THE NETWORKS. They recycle people from other shows on the same network and people plugging their product and/or books. It costs next to nothing to produce.

      Shows like Nate, soap operas, etc. provide HUNDREDS of jobs (important in our economy) and need our support. I don’t know what we can do about it except NOT watch the replacement programs, which I do not intend to watch. We are the buying, viewing public and if we sit like zombies in front of whatever the networks produce – we might as well really be zombies@#$%

      • Bee says

        Wow I am with you we need to vote with our wallets. Nate was excellent programming…in a minute we will all be relegated to networks of nothing but infomercials. I have noticed they are growing by leaps and bounds. Viewers have got to figure out a way to voice their opinions where it will count. Maybe a twitter or Facebook campaign. If twitter could take down dictators could it be used to influence tv programming?

  86. Mary Ann Latham says

    I wanted to say that I used my husbands iPad last night when I was talking about the cancelation of the Nate show, I am not familiar with his IPad , but I did my best. I want to say a couple of things and that is I’m sorry that I lost the middle of my first text and sorry that I spelled Oprah’s name incorrectly . 1″m not sorry that I gave you all the reasons that the Nate show is being canceled. Just look at all the lovely messages coming you’re way since the end of the show. I was just with a friend today and she was also a fam of the show and was wondering what happened??? Is this a big network succumbing to big net work words. We have a ton of varity shows on TV , why would we need another?? We love the creative format of the Nate show. He made you laugh, he made you cry (depending on the subject matter), but most important he made you very aware of all the things you could do with your home , cooking, projects and most importantly he made you interested and made you believe you could accomplish ie all. Sorry. for the long message but I really think that this show has to come back on air. We have enough varity shows. We all hope someone is really listening or could put u

  87. says

    Nate was unique! His show was different from all the other morning and talk shows! He engaged the audience, his ideas were easy to implement, and his guests were entertaining. His show was educational and I feel his style was universal! I hope the Nate Berkus show will be picked up by anoher network!

  88. Roberta Gray says

    From the time he first appeared on Oprah, Nate put forth an unspoiled, honest, genuine aura. Even in deep grief, he seemed a beautiful person. I delighted in watching his show every day, learning design techniques and solutions. His generous spirit and extreme talent made my day, in the middle of ugly news, noisy intellectually shallow talk-shows. My only complaint would be the inclusion of cooking and fashion. I would love the entire hour to be Nate and design.

    What WERE they thinking? Maybe he will reappear on OWN? Or HGTV?
    I would switch channels to watch him. Anderson Cooper is a nice man, but neither he nor his guests are saying anything I couldn’t find somewhere else, in greater depth.

    • says

      I agree with Roberta. Nate had a very loving , caring spirit. Another great show gone and replaced by yet another boring talk show. What were they thinking or not thinking????

  89. Donna Taylor says

    I really hate that Nate has gone off the air. My elderly mother and myself watched his show daily and was confused when he was not on the air. I learned what happened by googling the information. We loved his ideas for the home and the show will be sadly missed. Nate, hope you do well with what you do next and we will miss you.

  90. Pearl says

    I can’t believe that Nate’s show has been cancelled. I loved that showed because he shared so many things . I was sick of boring talk shows with people talking a whole hour. When I started watching Nate it was like a breath of fresh air. They replaced Nate with the Katie show which I will not be watching (boring). What is wrong with these people who make these decisions. Thanks Nate! I wish you well!

  91. Sharel says

    Not renewing “The Nate Burkes” show, was a huge mistake!
    I would have never categorized it as a “talk show” though and honestly am sick and tired of there being so many of them. Way to much drama in them …
    Nate and his show, is a breath of fresh air. I watched, looked forward to and almost always learned something, laughed, and smiled throughout every show.
    The DIY is my most favorite … Being unemployed, I have found a creative side, that I did not know I had. I shop thrift, find inexpensive items and turn them into something new. It make me feel wonderful! Thank you Nate for your adoring personality, creative ideas and showcasing others who want to share their house proud DIY projects. Thank you for having mr. Goodwill hunting on to open our eyes to more ideas, for all of the chef’s and co-host’s you cooked with, we all smiled and laughed right along with you …
    The Nate Burkus show was a wonderful and original show, and I truly miss it!
    And believe whom ever made the choice for ending it, was an absolute idiot, who obviously cares more about celebrity stars, their drama and the things most common people really don’t care to hear about.
    I walked away from watching Nate’s show, with useful information, that I took to brighted my days of unemployment.
    Thank you Nate! Your a true Gem :)

  92. Jaleyn Dobbs says

    I am disappointed that the Nate show got cancelled… I really liked it! I really enjoyed some of the ideas he had… I loved the way he related to people.

  93. Karin Bruton says

    Who was the Genius who decided that the” Nate Burkus show” needed to be canceled? I thought it was one of the better Shows on TV. I loved the SHOW !!!

  94. Sylvie says

    I can’t believe that Nate Berkus show was cancelled. It was a great show. It’s unfortunate that we now have a few new shows that are terrible. Please bring back Nate!!!!

  95. Cecilia Pitts says

    So, so disappointed to find out that the Nate Berkus show was cancelled by Harpo’s productions. I absolutely loved the show, so much more so than any of the shows own by Harpo. In fact I think Dr. Oz is the same everyday, just reshuffled to get viewers. Nate Berkus, on the other hand, offered so many interesting views for people interested in beautiful , comfortable living within your means. I recorded it every day and I went into my “peaceful” moment after a full day’s work. I found so many creative and helpful ideas on his show. In fact, a viewer said she even got her husband to watch the show. Well, so did I. We even started a new sort of language such us “this the way Nate would do it” whenever we made ay decision regarding house decorating. Again, how sad that networks only look at numbers and ratings. He had a wonderful show that will truly be missed by the, according to Oprah, only 1.2 million. This is surely a 1.2 million who will not continue watching the 3 p.m. talk show.

  96. milli yarocki says

    i miss you so much. loved your show, every bit of it. i have a couple of older pieces of furniture that i wanted to give to you. i live in torington, ct. if you are interested i really hope that you will be back very soon. your show was so interesting, as you had so many different things to do. you are so loved!!! and at times very funny. and i won’t be watching your replacement. after all you can not be replaced!!!

  97. Helen Vinall says

    I am so disappointed! That was the highlight of my afternoon! Will not be watching the replacement!

  98. Rose says

    I really liked Nate’s show and was very disappointed to find that it is not coming back. In my area they have replaced his show with of all things “Lets Make a Deal!” We are treated more like children/kids than adults. This replacement has to be one of the worse shows available. I didn’t even think it was still around, so maybe they are all reruns, for which this station is famous for!

  99. Linda says

    well another great show bites the dust, so another celebrity can promote another celebrity! Nate’s was a breathe of fresh air, that I recorded, watched at bedtime, and fell asleeping dreaming to – too bad. Enjoy life Nate.

  100. sue says

    i have to tell you how dissapointed i am with THE NATE BURKUS no longer airing i know it was rough in the beginning but ive really been watching from the start Nate i think ur show was the best…..very natural and i could feel your love and appreciation for the many talents that u have. involving real people and real crafts. i wish you nothing but the best in your lifes journey. i would love if your wonderful show could be brought back. please let me know how your doing and when you get back on air

  101. Elaine H says

    Disappointed! I will miss Nate and his wonderful home ideas.

  102. Lisa says

    I am sad to be hearing this. I was looking forward to seeing more design ideas. Not sure we need more talk shows. Ricki Lake has been down this road before, Steve Harvey? and Jeff Probst? I saw his show once and he did not even get off his chair to shake his guests hand or greet her with a kiss. What does he know after spending a decade on islands away from humanity? Nate, you will be missed!

  103. Angela Riley says

    I just found out that Nate’s show is cancelled. This seems to be a big mistake. I liked the show. Maybe all what was needed is a re-focus on strictly interior design subject (not so much cooking and other things mixed in) He is a pleasant personality to watch and his design ideas are wonderful. We need him back. Again I think it was a very bad idea to pull him off. Any other show, but him….We need a good design show. (I used to like Room by Room). Please tell me when he will be back.

  104. Sharon says

    I guess I’m behind the times but have been searching the channels for the Nate Berkus show and wanted to cry when I found out it was cancelled……….What a stupid idea…like others made in the past……….maybe they should investigate time slots/placements before they just go and cut something….. those damn ratings are a joke………..keep Nate get rid of kim k (she’s a joke ) maybe another station will pick him up …….we’ll watch him there… he was great.

  105. Camille says

    I loved Nate!!! I kept searching for him as the new season was starting and was extremely disappointed to find out that his show had been cancelled. One of the few uplifting, positive things worth watching on network TV, in my opinion. I really hope that he gets picked up by another network!

  106. Heather says

    I was impressed when members of the audience asked Nate some questions about various things and he gave them honest well thought out answers not a bunch of fake stuff. He broke things down about design very well so you could put it together with your own project. I never considered it a talk show but more of a designing help show.

  107. Susan says

    I too enjoyed the Nate show immensely and will miss it. Sometimes what isn’t said speaks the loudest. Thus, it is easy for me to muse at his replacement, a Christian comic who teaches manners because, at times, I was concerned watching Nate get more and more comfortable on stage so much so that at times he seemed to lack public manners. This was most obvious in jokes with sexual connotations during daytime showings and taste testing like an over grown kid.

  108. lee says

    The Nate Berkus show should not have been taken off the air. So many of the shows have no “content” and at least one could learn about so much from watching Nate. I so enjoyed his unscripted manner. Ricki Lake; no way… same for Steve Harvey. Here we have Anderson Cooper and I can’t watch that either. — So sorry to see Nate go…

  109. Amalie Livera says

    I thought he was a great presenter and that he brought in a variety of views and hosts, besides his Design and DIY strengths. I am devastated the show was cancelled. I taped it every night. I learned LOTS from him and his presenters and miss the show very much. I truly hope that another network will pick him up. I live in Canada, so hope that when the time comes, I can view it in Canada too.

  110. Meagan says

    I would like to join the rest of you in saying how much I will truly miss The Nate Show. This decision by NBC was small-minded and disappointing to say the least. Nate was the only “talk” show host who didn’t seem fake. I love his DIY segments and the entire design aspect of the show. I started a Nate notebook with design and project ideas and I’m proud to say that because of the inspiration I found on the show I have completely redesigned 4 entire rooms of my house and I’m not done yet. Thank you Nate for all the advice and for introducing us to the brilliant DIY bloggers you invited to your show. Thanks to you I am House Proud!! I will miss this show terribly and I will gladly watch you on any other network!! Good luck and come back to us!

  111. says

    I was so shocked like everyone else to hear he was cancelled. I didn’t realize it until I turned on to what I thought was the start of the new season to see Jeff from Survivor’s Talk show. Really?
    I know somehow Nate will land on his feet and hopefully come back to daytime tv.

  112. Judy says

    I just moved and thought since I was in a new market, I just hadn’t found the Nate Show yet. What a disappointment to find that one of the best shows on tv has been cancelled. What were they (NBC) thinking? Was a big fan of NBC for many years but no more.

  113. e sanchez says

    I just found out Nate was cancelled, i hardly ever watch tv any more nothing worth watching.Nate was kind and caring loved the community shame on you Fox in phx az .Love you Nate i know somebody will pick you up some one with class

  114. Linda says

    I do not want to watch talk shows where I am on the outside looking in to how someone messed up their life and leave feeling empty..
    Nate’s show lets viewers in to be full of creativity and feel good about themselves.
    I am sooo disappointed that Nate is gone!

  115. Leona says

    I was searching for the the Nate’s show and its been cancel. Kinda sad, but see the old shows on OWN. I hope some one will pick his show up!!! I love love the creative and different style Nate and other people brought to the show.

  116. Elaine D Jordan says

    Now another talk show to replace the Nat Berkus show. Just what we need. At lease with the Nat show we learned something, not just stupid talk about nothing. That is all day time TV is talk, talk, talk. and about nothing and no one. Get wise people think of something else to watch that is of value.

  117. Sharon Cannon says

    Nate was so good, I was wondering why all of a sudden he is gone. To my everlasting disappointment. I am not a fan of Rikki, as I feel we have been bombarded with these types of shows. It’s a major disappointment that they took off Nate who had something different to offer .

  118. Linda Steinbar says

    I am shocked to find out this perfect show is gone. What is wrong with these networks. Take off the good shows and put something stupid in it’s place. I wondered why I couldn’t fine the show. I am really upset. Loved his show.

  119. Lynn says

    I cannot believe the Nate Berkus show has been canceled. When I lost my job, I watched Nate every day at the gym. He had great ideas, great people on the show ad he could make a closet look like a mansion. He is so talented and I will watch out for him on another network. Yes, they do get rid of the good ones and replace them with stuff and talk show hosts that I refuse to watch. I wish you luck, Nate – you will be missed!!!

  120. Bernie says

    Katie is not on the same network as Nate was on I do agree I loved Nate even though I am terrible at making anything creative. I loved his spirit I stop watching NBC after the terrible Way they treated Ann Curry she was the only one on that show with a brain. Also Oprah had nothing whatsoever to do with that Network or Nates show she loves him just as much as we do. I hope he shows up on another network that will let him do what he does best, you can tell he was not comfortable with the fashion and cooking they made him do. On another Network they took of the Revolution with Tim Gunn n kept that stupid show tHe Chew Jeez who is running these Networks?

    • Bee says

      For some reason the network bosses seem to think a daytime show MUST include cooking and fashion because after all that’s all women want to watch. Even the talk shows seem to HAVE-TO-HAVE a cooking segment. WHY???

      Cooking on Steve Harvey…how silly…cooking on Anderson Cooper…why?

      According to a former show host, the producers told her she “had to have” a cooking, cleaning segment because that’s what the women who watched daytime. “demanded”. They were wrong then and they still are. Women are much more complex than that. Ladies and gentlemen let us figure out a way to get that message across and maybe get Nate’s show picked up by a network that hears us!

      • neli says

        Great post Bee! And soooo true; Nate looked like a fish out of water doing those cooking segments and I was bored! Equally stupid for the Harvey show!!! and for cooper’s show too. Putting those types of segments on all these shows makes them allll the same! If I want cooking, I’ll watch rachel ray or martha stewart or an actual cooking show on the cooking channel

  121. says

    so so disappointed about the canceling of Nates show. It was so much better than any of the shows brought on that had sad and dismal stories. Nates was to be enjoyed with nothing bad pushed in our faces. I won’t be watching any of the new shows that are going to be on. I use to make sure I was home or dvd his show but now I don’t bother looking at the time as there isn’t anything worth watching.

  122. Joan says

    I am so mad they took my Nate off. I watched that show every day, I enjoyed a cup of coffee and learned a lot about decorating, finishing furniture off, curtains, and many many other things. I think he should be back. You cannot replace it with another talk show because we do not need another talk show WE NEED NATE BACK. I have not even turned the tv on because I know he is not there. I really miss him. I am not hapy with you people!!!!!!!!

  123. says

    Can’t believe NBC did that !!!! My wife is very unhappy. The networks so often cancell shows because they c l a i m the ratings don’t justify keeping them aired. BULL !!!!
    They keep all these trashy reality shows, stupid beyond belief, on the air though. They will not convince me, there are enough viewers to justify such stupidity .
    The Nate Show was also very educational !! But god forbid we keep educational shows on the air.
    GWS /Norridge, Ill.

  124. jay says

    This is the last straw for me. I was insulted when Ann Curry was dumped…she was the brightest tool in the box…had been everywhere/had done everything for NBC because they had no one else capable of adapting as she could…including Matt. They replaced Ann with the “younger skirts” that can barely read a script! We have stopped watching the TODAY Show. Now, Nate’s gone…the only “REAL”/coherent gentleman left on daytime TV…with ideas that made sense. Hey Networks..wonder why youth are tuning you out and turning to their mindless tech gadgets? Then, just look at the mindless decisions you are making. You’re offering adults less and kids even less. I don’t have space to write all the things I’ve wanted to say for months. I am a disappointed consumer that has to face the daily crap left to view vs. the good TV/TV persons that the networks continue to masacre. One good thing…it forces me to spend more days at the gym! Katie C.? You gotta be kidding!

  125. Rhonda says

    They cancelled Nate and replaced him with Steve Harvey here. I like Steve Harvey but not really impressed with his talk show. I tried watching it twice and just don’t like it. I watched Nate every day. I just found him playing on Oprah Winfrey’s channel so I can keep on watching for now. :) Not sure if they are just reunions or if she picked him up.

  126. Evan says

    I cannot believe that Nate was cancelled!!! His show was great! It was entertaining and educational. That must be why it was cancelled. It is much more important to have more boring glorified gossip shows. Network executives, it may be hard for you to believe, but not everyone who watches television is like the scarecrow. Maybe HGTV or DIY network will pick him up. They appreciate viewers with brains. We want Nate back!

  127. Meet says

    That’s too bad about Nate, I only caught him a few times when out sick, but I found his show refreshing.In a time where there are so many talk shows that are so exploitive it was a welcome change to see something so low key with a like able host that seem to have a sense of humor and care about helping those he was giving advice to…I’m sad to see Nate go!

  128. susanMarie Cruz says

    What a poor poor choice nbc made! NATE i will miss you! i watched you everyday! That my 5 yr old son would say! oh no mom not nate again!!!
    I am very upset that i wont be able to see all thr great ideas from your show!

  129. Danielle says

    I can’t believe they cancelled The Nate Berkus Show! I loved watching that after the today show!! So disappointed!!

  130. Karene says

    I made time in my busy schedule to watch Nate. I left Dr. Phil to watch Nate. Now I will not watch any TV at all during that time. I will miss Nate immensly. He was kind, sincere, and sensitive to the concerns of those of us who live in ordinary houses, don’t have fortunes to spend on decorating, clothes, and gormet foods.
    Bring him back, please.

  131. Laura says

    Booooo!!!! I JUST started watching the Nate Berkus show this summer. I loooooooved his show. I know I was late to the party, but with my youngest in full day kindergarten this year I was looking forward to making his show my 1 hr of “me” time. Nate’s show was different than the others. No, he wasn’t perfectly polished, but he seemed genuine. Not to mention it was wholesome TV with unique ideas and subject matter. Ah well… instead of tuning into NBC I’m tuning into books and design bloggers online. Another possible TV viewer lost.

  132. Jeremy A. says

    It’s really sad to see Nates show go off only to be replaced with the same crap we’ve seen for years .he really is innovative ,talented , and definitely what a very unique type ” talk ” show could be , sure could’ve been spiced abit , but initially he’s a designer , and very good at it ,but to see what this man can bring to TVis amazing , fun, playful , personal, charming , yet cordial and warm , yet still design , there’s an idea , OPRAH , take your boy Nate and give him show like the rest that you’ve presented to the world , I know I won’t mind lookin at him nor watching his show as a whole , great show , some other network should pick this up , def something to watch unlike the Way too many trash reality and talk show and other cloned shows
    of today ,… Go Nate ,go Nate !!

  133. Donna B. says

    I can’t believe they took Nate’s show off the air. I loved that show! I am a teacher and every day I would look forward to watching his show with the many the fashion/decorating guests. He was very refreshing. What a bummer!

  134. Diane R says

    Been wondering what happened to Nat? I couldnt find his tv show lately.I am sad to read that the Nat Berkus show has been canceled. I looked forward to watching his shows everyday, it was entertaining and educational. I’m glad I watched it when I had the chance! His shows felt very personable thanks for sharing so much with your tv audience I will miss him and hope he gets another tv show soon!

  135. Glory says

    I am VERY upset that Nate Berkus is cancelled. Nate was so caring and genuine. He loved the people and what he could do for them to help them. Why is it when something good is on TV it gets cancelled? I do not watch this type of show usually, but Nate Berkus….well, I couldn’t wait for his show. I loved it! BRING HIM BACK!!!!

  136. j pooser says

    I’m just shocked that the nate berkus show is cancelled. I though it was just taking off!
    I watched it every day. It was delightful and lighthearted,loved that house proud segiment. got many good shopping tips and recipes, from the show .Why is this great show being dumped ?.Please find a way to bring this show back to the Own network we who are daytime viewers loved it.

  137. Shana says

    I loved Nate’s show! And was so sad to see it go. He actually was upbeat, positive, and kind to people. I guess that kind of person just doesn’t make it in tv land, very sad.

  138. Elizabeth says

    I just found out about the show being canceled….. I had been looking for it all week… I was very sad when I found out about it… I enjoyed it very much as it was so different than the other shows on…. I wish Nate lots of luck… And I am sure we will see him back on the screen soon…..

    Perth Ontario.

  139. Marlyn says

    Unbelievable…..we finally have a great show of design and style and learn how to do it ourselves. Turn around and it’s gone and replaced with more talk shows. Just what we need……who decides what works what doesn’t. Something is wrong in TV land.

  140. Sara says

    I am at a loss for words! I LOVED his show. It was great having a show on air again w/ home design. I also loved the fashion tips! My home will never be the same w/o his tips and advice. Shame on those who cancelled the show!

  141. Diane says

    So sorry to hear Nate was cancelled. He moved his design studio from Chicago to New York maybe thinking he would stay here a while. I loved everything about the show and looked forward to it everyday. Also being an ex Brooklynite, I loved the fact that he frequented the local antique stores there. I will miss him and hope another channel will pick his show up. What is wrong with NBC? Making stupid choices lately. Sorry but I hope they go down the tube and maybe they can take Matt Lauer with them.

  142. martina bernhardt says

    I miss the Nate show. How can we get him back? Learned lots of great tip from him. Some of the new daytime shows like Jeff and Katie are terrible..

  143. says

    Just love the Nate show—-live in Durban ,South Africa and we need some shows like these. Nate is a wonderful presenter and very worthwhile watching and learning from his great ideas. Keep coming to our screen Nate!!

  144. BOBBIE says



  145. neli says

    Nate is on in the morning, I think around 6:30 or 7am, on the eastcoast NYC on channel 11. I watch it as I am getting ready for work. This is a Much Much better time for him (for me anyway!!)! I am enjoying the reruns at this early hour way more than I did when he was on at 3pm here!

    So catch the reruns in the morning!!

  146. Claire says

    I too am VERY disappointed that NBC canceled Nate, but am glad I can catch his reruns on OWN. Hoping that Oprah will give Nate a show on her network.

    I hope NBC reads all of these comments. I was a faithful Today Show viewer but after their decision to fire Ann Curry, I have not watched since. I now tune to Good Morning America each morning.

    The replacement show for Nate in my time zone is the Steve Harvey Show. He seems to be making a great connection with his audience. Hope NBC doesn’t cancel him as well.

  147. Teri in Aledo, Tx says

    I can’t believe Nate’s show has been canceled. I thought Oprah had Nate on her channel (OWN) and I thought they liked each other. Too, that Oprah thought a great deal of him…What happened? Nate is so great and knows his stuff. I just can’t understand why they are taking him off. His show is different and we love him. Please give a good answer to WHY??? There are so many terrible shows and they keep them on and take one like Nates off. Just can’t understand. Weve learned so much from Nate and he is just the best to the people who come to his show. He’s just a good guy.

    • martina bernhardt says

      I agree with this person Nate had a great show. He showed lots of money saving tips which we all need today. Bring him back.

  148. L.Marchand says

    The guy had no style, was boring, and what’s worse dressed really bad. I mean seriously dude, did you ever look in the mirror before going out.

  149. says

    I am very upset that they cancelled the show. Of all the crappy shows on TV, Why cancel this one. I loved Nate. He had everythin that very few have.charm, compassion and so much more. I taped his show every day. I hope you will be on another channel. I am so sorry about this and am not surprsed that their is a lot of comments here. Bring it back. Please. I loved his show.

  150. Paula B says

    i loved Nate Berkus show and him as a person – his show with the dying Elizabeth Edwards was so sensitive and great – his insight into design problems and how to solve them made me think of how to use my life! Jeff Probst is on in my market and no thanks don’t like it!

  151. lisa says

    So sad! I would watch this show over Ellen (and I love Ellen too) but I loved Nate even more. Bring him back!!!!

  152. Cool Nanita says

    My day is just not the same without Nate’s Show!
    Thanks to Nate i now see ‘beyond’ when i have
    an old thing in front of me at a thrift store, that
    will stay with me for ever.
    So sad to see you go.
    I hope i find you somewhere else soon.

  153. pat says

    There is not one other show as entertaining as the Nate Berkus Show.
    That`s right put on another boring talk show, with another phony personality, who will try to impress you with how little they know. Nate was a joy to watch. I wish him well, and hope someone with a bit of brain matter still left will have the good sense to give his show another chance.

  154. Diane says

    What a disappointment, finally a show that is real and it gets cancelled. Bad choice on the networks part. He was awesome.

  155. Diane says

    Shut the front door. Who’s responsible for this tragic mistake.

  156. mary j says

    ditto…ditto…life has not been the same without nate on the tube!!! whosoever makes these kind of stupid decisions shoiuld be severely reprimanded.

  157. lilnan says

    Please, please don’t take NATE shows off. We love him so much in Yazoo, MS.

    • martina says

      How can we get him back? Is there a place that we can write to or e-mail that may get some results in getting his show back. New shows on are not as good as Nate’s Show.

      • says

        Based on interviews he gave, it sounds like he didn’t want to come back, so I’m afraid it’s a lost cause. I agree that the new shows they replaced him with aren’t as good as his was!

  158. mary clark says

    I finally found a show that I truly enjoyed and learned so much. I watched The Doctors everyday until I accidentally discovered The Nate Show one day. I then looked forward to watching Nate everyday. It was so disappointing to learn that he would no longer be on TV, except I can see many of the old shows which I never got to see, but he is on at 5:00 in the morning. That’s early, but I find myself getting up early to watch him.

    • Marta S. says

      I liked The Nate Show, and have yet to find reruns locally..But believe me, if I had the money, I’d hire him and get him back on the air..

  159. Nitza I Delgado says

    I loved watching the Nate Show, It was refreshing. Rather then watch all these talk shows and reality shows. I don’t believe in these rating How can a show as good as Nate’s not making? Very disappointed Mr. Nate Berkus I wish you all the best

  160. Jen G says

    Never heard of it and I hate the made up term “blogger”. Sounds like something from an old Atari video game.

    • Jane says

      Your bad luck that you never got to see the missed a lot!! If you read the comments you will see there is a lot of positive comments and no negative ones. Just too bad that he is gone and we will all miss him a lot!! The replacements are just terrible!!Won’t be watching them.someone has to get him back!! Are you listening net works???

  161. Blue says

    I’m part of the minority…Nate Burkus show was BORING!!! he had no personality and piggybacked on other show ideas. Not sorry to see the show go!!!

  162. Paris says

    OH NO!! I am sad to hear The Nate Show will be cancelled! I am a big fan of the show on so many levels. I always learn new tips, it’s entertaining and has well rounded stories and guests. I watch everyday. No one can take his place.

  163. Sherry says

    Very sad to see The Nate Show cancelled, I really enjoyed him and his show. Way more than Dr Phil Show. Sorry Dr. Phill. But I prefer to watch cute Nate and his wonderful guests showing us fun things than watch Dr. Phill and his dysfunctional guests.

  164. Allison says

    I am so sad to see the Nate show cancelled! I record it EVERY day! What am I going to watch while the husband is at work now?!?! I was hoping to get tickets to the last couple of seasons, but I can’t find anywhere online to buy them? Does anyone have any ideas on where I can get tickets? oh, Nate! I will miss watching you every day!!!!


  165. says

    I am African American and I can’t stand the Steve Harvey show!!!!!!!!!!
    He’s a comedian with a talk radio show and a mediocre game show host…..But now he’s a Talk Show host?! Nate Berkus was a pretty smart,funny and relatable talk show host. He never wore some corny 3 piece suit or told stupid jokes or ad-lib advice. Steve Harvey is so scripted it’s ridiculous!! I have stopped watching “Kelly and Michael”…..Because the “secret sauce” to that show was Regis Philbin”!!!Michael Strahan is so stupid, pretending to be intelligent or even relevant ?!? Kelly Rippa, definitely has some not so secret black man fetich!! But this is not about that show!! Nate Berkus and Oprah need to find another network! Good Luck Nate & Oprah!!

  166. carrie williams says

    I kept taping the 6A.M. reruns of the Nate Berkus show and wondered happened to 2012 episodes. No wonder people go pay T.V.What idiot was responsible for that decision? Probably the nepotistic spawn of the genius(ha) that cancelled Star Trek in the 60’s, or shows like The twilight Zone.I’ve seen most of his reruns -I recorded and am really sad to see no new shows. Rachel Ray was smart to buy the reruns (if my info is correct) who knew someone with such an annoying laugh could be that smart- I only watched her show a few times but couldn’t get past the laugh and saying EVOO and then explaining “extra virgin olive oil”for you idiots out there-seriously just say one or the other after the first 10 or 20 times.

  167. Mdln Hys says

    I just can’t believe they are stopping the Nate Show, it was one of the best shows on TV. Get rid of some of those reality showthey are a joke and put The Nate Show back on, at lest you learn something from Nate. Sorry to see you go Nate. Will miss you.

  168. estelle martin says

    I loved nate show very much, nate is a kind, helpful, smart person. You people who cancelled the show………what are you thinking? I don’t watch NBC anymore since they dumped Ann Curry

    • says

      I just wish I had the dollars and whatever it takes to go to California and get Nate back on the air..Pity, what a loss for quality daytime TV..:(

  169. Rhonda F says

    I MISS & LOVE THE NATE BERKUS SHOW!!!!! I taped every show & now watching reruns.
    I was hoping to one day be on the show because I am house proud. I hope he returns
    someday somehow soon!!!! PLEASE!!!!

  170. Anne says

    Please bring Nate back…I am tired of watching my recorded reruns. I think you made a terrible mistake. You should have tried to change his time first. Btw…I hate steve harvey and ricky lake.

  171. says

    I didn’t even know about the show until it was already cancelled. I watch it now at 6:00 to 7:00am Monday through Friday. I can’t believe I never knew about the show before. I’ve been watching for a few months now.

    What a great show. Just enough about each subject. I love his ideas and his presonality. Too bad that the only shows that seem to make it are the boring (due to to many) CONTEST!!! shows. The networks are making everything into a contest! Cook, styling, decorating, buying!!! AGHHHHH!
    Ok, I got that out of my system. Love you Nate!!!!

  172. edie says

    i concurr with all the comments. what a loss to have such a great informative variety of topics show to end up cancelled. I can’t count the number of times I told friends and family of all the great ideas I learned from Nate. I surely hope someone gets over their brain freeze and brings Nate back

  173. Jeannie says

    I love watching Nate on OWN. I’m so glad that Im able to record all his shows. I hope Oprah sees the value of what Nate gives to all of us. He gives us a new look at life.
    Thank you Nate.

    • Loretta says

      I just heard that Nate will have his own show in 2014. OMG this is great

  174. irene c. says

    I hope they bring back nate. i’ve been watching the show everyday in the morning.we’re a bit late here in the philippines…

  175. Deb Stephens says

    I thought Nate’s show was one of the best. I learned so much from watching and I am truly disappointed that the show was canceled. I hope and pray that Oprah will pick him up.

    • Rachel D says

      Me too Debs, Oprah should have the sense that Nate is one of the few shows on TV that had some heart in it and helped to educate us the viewers. I LOVED this show and was my treat everyday to sit down with a cuppa (in New Zealand) and get inspired!! Very sad its finished!

  176. Kassie G says

    I loved the Nate show. I hope to see him have a show again. I watched almost every day. I learned so much.

  177. Rachel D says

    Living in New Zealand we have only started getting the NATE show and I LOVE this show!!! I record it and watch it everyday!!! Its the one and only show that has given me some happiness and excitement and inspiration to get doing making my home rise up to meet me!! :-) I was so sad when Oprah finished and the Nate show has been the only show that has filled the gap. Doc Oz is great too but I enjoy the positive, colourful, good vibe feel of the show, its content and especially Nate’s smiling face and good sense of humour! :-) So so so sad and annoyed that this show has been dropped and makes no sense to me at all and to make matters worse to hear that mindless rubbish like R.Lake is back is a kick in the guts. I don’t watch a lot of TV so have just a few favourites that are a treat to watch and Nate was definitely my favourite. Lets hope another network picks him up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!