Andie MacDowell’s Storybook Tudor

Andie MacDowell's Arts and Crafts-Style Tudor |

Andie MacDowell, the actress who inspired untold numbers of women to perm their hair in the late ’80s (thanks for that, Andie), is selling the house she built in Asheville, North Carolina. The listing describes it as a “Magnificent four-story, storybook Tudor with Art Nouveau and Arts & Crafts influences in historic and prestigious Biltmore Forest.”

After I saw the photos of this house, I was surprised it was built less than 10 years ago (in 2002). It looks like it’s been around a lot longer than that.

Kind of swooned when I saw this sunroom…

Andie MacDowell's House in Asheville NC (2)

The two-story family room:

Andie MacDowell's House in Asheville NC (18)There’s a big flat-screen TV hidden behind those wood panels underneath the stairs, which is pretty clever:

Andie MacDowell's House in Asheville NC (15)

The house has 6 beautiful fireplaces, including this one:

Andie MacDowell's House in Asheville NC (17)

Andie MacDowell's House in Asheville NC (7)

Andie plays Ariel’s mom Vi in the Footloose remake. I went to a strict private school where dancing wasn’t allowed (we had Homecoming dinners, not dances), so when my friends and I saw the original movie we were really cheering Kevin Bacon on!

Andie MacDowell's House in Asheville NC (19)

Dennis Quaid plays her husband in the new version, the Reverend Moore. He happens to be selling his house, too–an equestrian estate in California that actually kind of reminds me of the one he had in The Parent Trap.

Andie MacDowell's House in Asheville NC (6)

The Butler’s Pantry:

Andie MacDowell's House in Asheville NC (5)

Andie MacDowell's House in Asheville NC (8)

You can see a photo of Andie with her grown daughters Sarah Margaret and Rainey here. At 53, she looks like she could be their older sister!

Andie MacDowell's House in Asheville NC (4)

According to the listing, Andie’s house was featured in Carolina Home + Garden magazine in 2008. Spent a long time trying to hunt those photos down, to no avail.

Andie MacDowell's House in Asheville NC (14)

There are 6 bedrooms in the house.

Does this one remind anyone else of the Bed & Breakfast in Groundhog Day? Love that movie!

Andie MacDowell's House in Asheville NC (13)

Speaking of Groundhog Day, which is probably my favorite movie of hers, you can see pics of the B&B where they filmed it here:

Groundhog Day movie Cherry Street Inn B&B

But back to Andie’s house…

Her real name is Rosalie Anderson MacDowell. I’ve read that in her personal life she’s called Rose. (Speaking of which, my daughter Lily just informed me that I should have named her Rose. Apparently I went with the wrong flower name!)

Andie MacDowell's House in Asheville NC (9)

Andie MacDowell's House in Asheville NC (11)

Want it? For more photos and information, check the listing by Jo Chandler of Preferred Properties of Asheville.

Andie MacDowell-back of Tudor in NC


I got a lot of requests to feature her apartment in the romantic comedy Green Card, and your wish is my command:

Andie MacDowell's Apartment in the Movie "Green Card" |

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  1. says

    I really like how warm and comfortable her house is! I did see it several years ago in a magazine, but I’m not sure which one. I know it wasn’t Carolina Home and Garden, because I’ve never gotten that one.

  2. says

    To be honest I am not a fan. Although in keeping with the style of a Tudor hose, I find it dark and gloomy. All that dark wood makes me feel glum.

  3. nanne says

    gorgeous home & unbelievable that it is fairly new, fine materials and thoughtful planning always show.

    i totally forgot about that apartment in green card….i used to rent that movie just to stare at that space!

  4. says

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Biltmore Forest. My husband used to live in Asheville, so every weekend we go up there, driving through the Forest (and getting lost in there) is extra fun!! Some properties back right up to the Biltmore House property (which the Forest is all original Biltmore property). The houses are “to die for”. I told my husband we could only move to Asheville if I get to live in the Forest!! HA!
    I’d take her house in a heartbeat!! Love it!!


  5. laney says

    ~i love every single thing about this home~including its location in biltmore forest~it truly is a storybook house~in a storybook place~

  6. says

    I wasn’t thinking Groundhog Day, I was thinking “The Boatman” Pub and Inn from Four Weddings and a Funeral! Maybe she never got over Hugh Grant after all????

  7. says

    I love it, and Asheville is my very favorite city in the US!!! Thanks so much for featuring her home. I would love to see her apartment from Green Card. It is so charming, and I bet it looks just as good today as it did in the early nineties.

    GREAT post, Julia!

  8. says

    That’s a beautiful house! She did a fabulous job integrating the old world look with contemporary features. Love all the fireplaces but the kitchen fireplace is muy favorite.

  9. T. says

    I love it, but even though I am a huge fan of natural wood trim, it almost seems too much in this house. It makes the house feel heavy somehow. But the overall feeling is warm and cozy. I would change out the light fixtures in the kitchen. Oh, and that butler’s pantry? It’s bigger than the kitchen in my house. Yup.

  10. Maggy says

    That house is exquisite! I LOVE all the detailing, especially the woodwork. Looks like it’s every bit the $4.5 million she’s asking. Lovely grounds, too.

    I remember reading an article about her several years ago; it featured some of her home’s interiors; like Carolyn, I can’t remember which shelter magazine it was .. I think it mentioned in the article that she’d moved back to Asheville to get away from the hustle & bustle of LA. Now that her daughters are grown, I wonder if she’s planning to move back to the West coast?

  11. says

    one of my besties just moved to asheville. wondering if andie is staying or leaving?? i loved knowing she lived there too. she’s always been one of my favorite actresses. love her sweet southern accent.

  12. says

    My grandma lived in the mountains outside of Asheville and it’s the place of my fondest memories. I would love to live there. Especially in Andie’s house!

    P.S. Yes, yes to the Greencard apartment! I loved that movie. I even named my daughter Brontë. Alas, after three days of everyone saying, “huh?” when we told them her name, we changed it to Arabella.

  13. says

    Of all the houses you’ve featured, I think this is my favorite – I love Tudor houses!

  14. says

    The house looks awesome anywhere you look,

    from the facade, to the landscaped grounds, to the interiors.

    And wow! That pantry is huge, must be nice to have one like that.

  15. Dean says

    Love the house. Her…. not so much. I used to live in Asheville and waited on her in a restaurant there. I’ve waited on A LOT of famous people in my career and she was definitely not a favorite.

  16. Jane says

    What a beautiful home. Unbelievable that it isn’t a historic house. The tiles on the fireplaces are really something. It certainly would be a nice, cozy place to wile away the winter days.

  17. Jennifer says

    If I had a house like that, I would never want to give it up. Gorgeous!

  18. says

    She’s 53??! Get out! It’s a beautiful home…maybe a little too much woodwork for my tastes, but very lovely. And huge. I went to a strict private school too—no dancing! :( I guess I’m lucky that I did ballet and other dance growing up, otherwise I could be in Footloose myself. 😉

  19. says

    Wow! The interior is much darker than I was expecting from the outside. I do like Tudors, even though they lean toward the dark side (Luke, I am your father). I think my favorite part of the house is the kitchen island woodwork — such the layered, time-worn look in an unusual-but-not-weird piece. Hamptons houses still win my heart, but this one is fun to look through!

  20. shabbychick says

    What a gorgeous house! It’s always interesting to see where these people live and oftentimes their homes surprise me (I’m looking at you, Meg Ryan). The one homeowner that seemed to “fit” their house was Sally Field! As a side note, my daughters name is Hannah Rose and we call her Rose. 😉

  21. says

    Hello Julia!

    I do! I really like her place. I don’t dream w/ houses like this one, but how can’t I love all the charm? It’s incredibly well done.

    Thank you for sharing it and I hope you have a great day!


    Luciane at

  22. Lucy says

    Love Tudors, love Asheville, the house is gorgeous – but seriously, how much room does a family (even a celebrity family) really need. Another case of excess.
    p.s. I love your blog.

  23. says

    Absolutely gorgeous! Not my style at all, but I love every bit of it. My favorite room, surprisingly (because they are all so grand and beautiful) is the sunroom! The shape of the windows is really unique!

  24. says

    I like it that the house is in North Carolina, and not LA or the Hamptons! Her 1977 square feet of porches and balconies is bigger than my entire house! I’m not usually a fan of dark woodwork either, but this house has a cozy, welcoming character that I like.

  25. Wendy says

    I like the exterior and the green fireplace. And I always envied her hair (not to mention the rest of her…53? Geeez, we’re all getting older). Apart from that, I will graciously let all of you fight over that house. Not for me.

  26. cecile delouvrier says

    Hi there! What a lovely…no, amazing manor! It looks so comfortable and warm. And very chic! But Andie uses to own amazing houses; I remember having seen pics of her ranch in montana years ago and it was wonderful too, especially the kitchen that was incredible. Unfortunately, I have never been able to find back those pics on the net and I think I read it has been destroyed to build a road nearby… so sad…
    Thank you for the visit.
    ps: excuse the mistakes, I’m french and don’t practice a lot.

  27. Kim says

    I have a soft place in my heart for Tudors. There’s something about them that are so strikingly beautiful. I absolutely love this house. It’s one of the best Tudors I have ever seen. I am a huge fan of dark wood and I love what they did to the place. Even though I love this house, I couldn’t live in it because it’s way too big and I don’t want a house with that much space.

    • Kim says

      P.S. I’m a big fan of Andie MacDowell and I can’t believe she’s 53. She looks like she’s in her 40’s. My favorite movie of her’s is Groundhog Day. I could watch that movie over and over again. Also, sometimes Andie is in tv commercials today.

  28. Cindy says

    I am a house lover and pretty much appreciate all styles. This is another beautiful one. Unless it is the lighting it looks like dark and light stains were used. I like that.

  29. Millie says

    What a beautiful house. Very impersonal looking, but maybe that is the fact that it’s being sold. It always fascinates me that someone who has put so much thought and care into a house can sell. If this was my house in the wonderful Biltmore Village I would hold on to it to the end of my days. Fascinating.

  30. says

    I can see the beauty of this house, but really when I see the pictures I can say that this is really not my style, it doesn’t speak to me even though I can appreciate how somebody would.

  31. Laura says


    *Dear Santa, if you’re listening…..I really really really really really want Andie McDowell’s mansion in Asheville for Christmas.


  32. says

    Obviously a beautiful home, but not my style. It feels dark and heavy to me, but I do like the pantry!

  33. kathy says

    I like this! I have a feeling it’s actually much lighter inside than the photos show. I’m not usually a fan of large houses but this one feels very warm.


  34. says

    Gorgeous. I’ve only got $150, but I really really really really really want it, do you think that’ll be enough?

  35. Sunny says

    Not my bag, but I admire it.

    I also loved her apartment in ‘Green Card’ and her Baton Rouge home in ‘sex, lies, and videotape’.

  36. A.Men says

    Lovely house, but too dark and European for my taste. I used to visit The Biltmore Estate often when I lived in Charlotte, NC. — beautiful mountains and fall colors. Really beautiful year ’round!

  37. Susan says

    I love everything about this house! Tudor has always been my favorite style and she nailed it. Reminds me of the Scottish castle in Four Weddings and a Funeral.

  38. Nita says

    I love this house and the decorating. I love her too. Years ago, I saw those same dining room chairs covered with lace cocktail dress length slipcovers I have always wanted since. What I want to know if where is she going? Didn’t she remarry?

  39. Su says

    I love it all!
    I’d buy it today…if I were a millionaire.
    Not too often do you see something this well crafted…

  40. HollyM says

    10,000+ sq. ft.???? The many wonderful features of this house would have been cozier in a smaller space. I do like that entry, and the brick fireplace upstairs in what appears to be a loft area.

  41. Carolyn says

    We all love Andie in Asheville! I have a cabin on a mountain just outside of town about twenty minutes from Biltmore Forest. Having seen and read about it in the Carolina Home and Garden magazine you mention and others, all of which I’ve saved, I thought she put so much of herself into this house, and it seems rather sad to me that she’s selling her Tudor rose. She’s built a house in Balsam Mountain Preserve outside of Asheville – you can see her doing an ad for the development on their website. Once I saw her and her two daughters come in a restaurant for take-out. She’s actually more lovely in person – and so gracious – and her daughters were knock-outs. I’d love to see what her house in Balsam Mountain is like.

    • says

      I’m glad to hear she did actually build in Balsam Mountain Preserve. Rumors abounded and then subsided when the Preserve went bankrupt. It is gated and they take it seriously.

  42. E. George says

    Hi Julia it’s almost Haloween hope you have plenty of chocolate and candy and hope Lily has picked her costume. I love tudor style homes and this is beautiful. I am a fan of Andie and Groundhog Day . I think she has another movie with Dennis Quaid called Dinner with Friends? It was a long time ago. Till next time Regards Esther from Sydney…. ENJOY HALOWEEN

  43. says

    Hmm….there are most definitely fabulous aspects of it that I love…other’s I don’t relate to as well. I do love Tudor structures, but not quite so much mixing of materials.

    : )

    Julie M.

  44. DEBRA L says

    OH YES, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE… “GREEN CARD” next…or soonish!

  45. says

    We’ve been pleased to have Rose back in her hometown and she has been an asset to the community. Generous with her time and money. My daughter flew out of Asheville with her once and found her very congenial. I didn’t see it mentioned in that link but she also has a handsome son. I wonder if she is leaving us? Her career does seem to have picked up again. I have to say, though, that house sticks out like a sore thumb in Biltmore Forest.

  46. Jo Chandler says

    How nice to see all the positive comments about this amazing home – I will pass them along to Andie! If you’d like even more info and photos, here’s a website I made for the house:

    Thanks for looking!

  47. Jill says

    I’ve just discovered your website today. I’ve been on it for hours. This is by far my favorite house! I just wish I could go wander through it and trail my hands along that gorgeous wood trim.

  48. Lori says

    It’s hard for me to get excited about Andie MacDowell. I’ve recently had three different people tell me they witnessed her being really mean in Asheville.

    She seems to enjoy berating people behind the counters of grocery stores, even going so far as to say “Don’t you know who I am?”

    A lot of people wish she would leave. Sad.