Decorating Update: A New Sofa in My Sunroom

Time for another sunroom update! Last time I invited you in, it looked like this. A lot of people thought I should just keep the wicker. But it’s pretty old–we used it on our screened porch at our last house, and it’s in pretty bad shape. White paint flaking everywhere. Regardless, the consensus among friends and fam seemed to be, “Just repaint it!”

The problem was that you can’t sink into wicker and get really comfy when you want to. And maybe “some people” might want to stretch out and take a little nap from time to time, you know? So some people prefer a real sofa.

We looked at a lot of sofas. A. Lot. We saw showrooms filled with dark, serious, and formal furniture. But I am not a dark, serious, formal kind of girl, and my sunroom isn’t, either. Even when I’d finally spot something that might work, the price tag was way out of our budget. (I’m looking at you, Crate & Barrel!)

So we turned to IKEA, which has worked for us in the past when money was tight. We found this Ektorp loveseat with chaise on their website:

I thought the “Svanby Green” slipcover would be very practical and would work in the room since we have a lot of green in there already (not to mention all of the green in our leafy view!). And the price was definitely right–about $700. So we went forth to IKEA to buy it.

But when I got there and saw it in person, I wasn’t so sure about the green. Instead, I was really digging…the white. Which isn’t very practical when you have two kids and a dog and the whole family is going to be using it every day and some people want to take naps. My “I love white” self was at war with my “you’d better get something that hides stains better” self.

In the end, I went with my impulse and bought the “Blekinge White.” I know, I know! It’s a little crazy. But it was also $200 less than the green slipcover, bringing the entire thing to only $500. Plus, the slipcover can be washed. And at only $99, I could always go back and buy a new slipcover if I really needed to down the road, right?

So we strapped the two giant boxes into the back and to the top of our car and brought the sofa (pieces) home. Then the fun began–opening the boxes, pulling out the 5 million parts, and putting them together. It was a little overwhelming at first:

Doesn’t look too promising yet. And if you’ve ever had to follow IKEA’s wordless directions, you know it’s not always easy to interpret what their little caveman drawings are telling you to do next.

We figured it out, though. Slowly but surely.

Finally got it put together, and then it was time to get the slipcover on. Let’s just say it doesn’t coming out of the package looking crisp and neat. There is a lot of ironing involved just to make it look slightly rumpled…

And Downy Wrinkle Release is an absolute MUST HAVE if you go the slipcover route.

Makes it a lot easier. I sprayed it right on the skirt and just pulled it down with my hands in spots where it was hard to get an iron. But it was still a time-consuming process, that’s for sure.

But finally, it was all put together–hooray!

Despite how impractical the white is, I love it. It looks like it belongs in a sunroom. And I’ve accepted the fact that it’s going to get messed up a lot, but that’s okay. I can live with that. (I think.)

We already had a “chocolate incident” that kind of broke it in. I found chocolate smeared all over one of the cushions. I looked over at my daughter and she shrugged. “I was eating pudding, okay?!” *Sigh.* That’s life with kids. Thank goodness I was able to take the slipcover off and wash it!

Besides the washability, the best thing is how comfy it is. It’s perfect for stretching out on when the breeze is coming through the open windows and the ceiling fan is whirring overhead…ahhh…

Maizie and Lily approve. :-)

*UPDATE: Want to see how the room looks now that it’s all pulled together? Click here!*

If you missed it, you can see how I decorated the brick wall and our new table and chairs, too.

Just a little update on the decorating progress I'm making in our new sunroom. Those of you who followed along with me while it was…
Ready for another sunroom update? This is how my new Ektorp sofa from IKEA looked in my sunroom last time I showed it to you.…

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  1. says

    I love it, Julia! You’re right: it looks like it belongs in a sunroom. Especially the chaise lounge part of it. So can you all four pile on to watch a movie? And how did the slipcover do in the washing machine?

    In my opinion, two things are wonderful about washable whites:
    1. You can use just about any colors as accents.
    2. You can use Clorox in the wash if you need to.

    So can you use Clorox on these? I’ll be eager to know how these work out for you. For now, doesn’t Maizie look adorable there with your daughter (who also looks adorable)?

    • hookedonhouses says

      Thanks, Richella! I used one of those Clorox Bleach Pens on the stain and had to wash it twice on the “handwash” setting to really get it out. Hung the slipcover to dry and it looks as good as new again! The white really shows every little thing, but I’m going to try not to worry about it too much since it’s a casual space. :)

      • says

        Oh, I love that you picked the white one even though I will get dirty. I would have done the same thing. Of course, it’s not the most practical choice, but boy, it’s gorgeous!! And Ikea probably sells separate covers, right? Or you can just buy a new couch next year, it’s not that expensive 😉

  2. says

    White is easier EASIER to look after than colours, because you can put it in the wash and bleach it, and the cushions won’t fade into a different shade if you do. You even get a happy from knowing your sofa is clean!

  3. says

    I love the white! Hec, you can always bleach out any stains and throwing it in the wash is wonderful. I see a lot of bloggers tuck a throw over the seat cushions as an added protection, and it looks pretty cute when they do that. But I love how you described the Ikea instructions to a tee. Caveman drawings! That is exactly what they are! The cherry rug and throw pillows are really going to make a difference. Can’t wait to see the whole room!

    • says

      White SOFA looks sophisticated and NEAT. I like to have this kind of motifs in our house. The ambiance looks so relaxing.

  4. says

    Hi Julia! Hooray! your new sofa looks wonderful and the white is perfect for your sunporch! I see it already has some fans! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  5. says

    We have a white sectional in our family room and I love it. White slip covers can be bleached 😀 I love the shape of your sofa, Julia. Your sunroom is looking great!

  6. says

    I love it! I would be too nervous about the stains, but since it’s already been broken in and washed, I’m sure you feel much better about it!

  7. says

    I bought an Ektorp sofa with a white slipcover on Craigslist and the owner delivered it for me. He was still in the DRIVEWAY wrapping up his bungee cords when one of my kids stepped on the middle cushion with a muddy shoe. But EVERYTHING washes out of it – it’s several years old and looks brand new.

    • hookedonhouses says

      Your story made me laugh. It didn’t even make it into your house first! I definitely wouldn’t want a white sofa I couldn’t throw in the washer when life happens to it like that. :)

  8. carol says

    I am sitting on my Ikea Ektorp sofa as I write this. We went with the sofa bed since out cottage is really small. Guests say it is actually comfortable. Originally I had a navy and white striped slipcover but later switched to fire engine red corduroy. We have had this sofa since 2003 and still love it.

    And I wish I had the nerve to go with the white like you – it looks great!

    • hookedonhouses says

      A friend of mine went to buy the red corduroy slipcover and was told they’re not making it any more. She found it on eBay, though. I like the navy and white striped one, too.

  9. Nita says

    It is gorgeous, but I had that slipcover and could not keep it clean one day, let alone a lifetime. We’re very clean around here, but it just was so hard to tend that I took it off and donated it to the Salvation Army. I wish you good luck. I do love it.

    • hookedonhouses says

      I figure I can always get a different slipcover if the white is too high-maintenance. They’re not expensive like some other slipcovers I’ve seen. They have an off-white I considered, too. But now I’m really loving how the white looks in there. It just won’t ever be pristine in a sunroom, that’s for sure.

  10. Nita says

    One warning about bleach since you have a child. It is now known to cause asthma. I haver use it. I knew it was caustic and so I kept it out of my house, but now the new report is that is causes asthma.

  11. says

    I love the white Julia, and I know you will be much happier if the green wasn’t just the right shade.

    Now you simply need several cans of spray Scotch-guard!! There you go.

    Art by Karena

    Come and enter my Giveaway of a very Special Painting by Mary Maxam!

    • Lisa T. says

      Totally true about the scotch-guard. Hurry while it’s still clean! :-)

  12. Kim says

    What a great looking sofa! It looks much better in the sunroom than the wicker did. I love how the room is turning out quite nicely. Before you know it, you will have all of the furniture and accessories that you need.

  13. says

    We have wicker on our sunporch or breezeway too and I totally get the whole “you don’t sink into wicker” comment. In fact, nobody sits there. It is a pretty walk through space for us. I think you were wise to go the sofa route and I love love love that design. The green photographs really well and if it were that color I would love it but I think you can’t go wrong with white. You can always wash it but then you DO have to iron it again. :)
    Pam @ BeColorful

  14. Melinda says

    I went to the closest Ikea to purchase the same sofa/chaise and they didn’t have it in stock yet. I wasn’t about to go home empty handed and bought the sofa and a matching chair and ottoman . My boys had been harping about having a sofa in the basement so they could hang and play video games and watch tv. The neat freak that I am went a head and bought the white !! It has been ok so far. One bit of advice is to cover the bottom cushions with an old white sheet — I cover the top of the ottoman too. If guests other than the boys friends come over I pull them off !!! ( we have the same taste I have the same print of your pillow on my outdoor vintage loveseat cushion!! )

  15. Maria says

    Can I just say when I started reading your post and got to the photo of the green sofa, I went uh-oh…it’s too late to tell her…

    Then I read further and saw you got the white one. Whew! As a fellow sun-room owner I can without a doubt say you made the right choice. I happen to have a green sofa in mine. One word: fading. Yes, over time it does happen, so I’m so glad you went with your gut…you know that never steers you wrong!

    Congratulations and…
    PS — I love it!

    • hookedonhouses says

      I hadn’t thought about the fading–was just thinking about the kids and their pudding-covered hands. Ha. Good point. Thanks, Maria! :)

  16. says

    the Ektorp is a great sofa… I belive over half of all Norwegian house bloggers have one 😀 In white, of course :)
    It looks fantastic… I have been thinking white for my livingroom as well… but as you said, I just dont have the patience to wash it all the time with cats and their dirty paws always messing it up :)

  17. says

    Amen to Maria’s comment! I was really scared when I saw the green sofa. I also breathed a sigh of relief when I saw that you went with the white sofa slipcovers. Now. I know you want this room to be as neat and presentable as possible. That’s just the way we ladies are (and some men, I guess…I really wouldn’t know). I want to be a “neat freak” in my home, but I just have not been able to win this battle. So, just tell yourself now that you’re just not going to worry about stains & be prepared to wash the slipcover often. Wonder if it will become wonderfully soft after multiple washings?

    I wasn’t aware of what Nita said about the bleach. Very interesting. Many antique shops sell a safe whitener/cleanser that is designed to whiten vintage linens that have yellowed with age & due to storage. They almost guarantee this stuff , it really works for me, and it probably would work on your slipcover.

    About the wrinkles, a salesperson at Pottery Barn told me that their slipcovers should be removed from the dryer and put back on before completely dry. Maybe this will also work for yours. Hope you won’t be too worried about the wrinkles, however. Look at how some Europeans combine beautiful crystal chandeliers & elegant furnishings and accessories with wrinkled slipcovers & sometimes tattered upholstery. And, somehow it all works!

    At any rate, your sofa looks beautiful in the space! It was the right choice. I can’t wait until you get your rug. Enjoy your room!

    • hookedonhouses says

      I didn’t know about the safe whitener–I’ll look for that.

      I got an instruction booklet from IKEA about washing the slipcovers and it recommended hanging them to dry and ironing them while still damp. I found that after hanging the cover to dry overnight it didn’t even need ironing. I bet it’s the same with putting them back on while a little damp–it makes them dry flat so they aren’t too rumpled.

      Thanks, Karen!

  18. says

    just fab and good on you going white :0 if it was us with our messy boys I’d go buy a set of second covers now – ‘for good’ hee hee love le xox

  19. Laurie Panettiere says

    perfect choice! love it-I would have picked the same. Looks comfy and the white is Perfect!!!

  20. Rick S says

    Love the new couch. I think once you get past the “fear factor” of white on a couch you will just do what ever is needed to make it work. The green is beautiful but would have blended in with outdoors.
    Happy to see Maizie likes the couch. Black and white on a couch is rather dramatic.



  21. says

    I love the white slipcover, too! It looks amazing, and I think it looks better than the green would have. I’m in the same boat as you – I have two dogs and two kids, and the thought of having white furniture makes me shudder. But this couch looks great, and your sunroom looks so warm and inviting!

  22. laney says

    ..yes indeed…you have real sunroom…so you needed a real sofa…and you found the perfect one…

  23. says

    We have the Ektorp sofa in our living room and it is has been great so far! We got it in white and haven’t found it too hard to keep clean, and we both find it really comfortable. We ended up buying an extra slipcover to keep on hand, that way when we are washing we can just switch them out and not be without our sofa. Yours looks great, and I think you made the right choice going with white!

    • hookedonhouses says

      I like the extra slipcover idea. Smart! And for $99, why not?

  24. Junia says

    Hey Julia, I love your new sunroom.

    About the white not staying so white, maybe you could throw a… well, throw over the part of the chaise where feet usually go. I guess that part is more likely to get dirty feet stains.

  25. says

    Excellent! It looks fantastic and the white is right and timeless. I think you may have tired of the green after a few years. My husband has convinced me to get a white loveseat for our living room(and trade our terra cotta sofa slipcover in for white) and I’ve been looking at Pottery Barn and Crate & Barrel for the loveseat. Yes, too pricey.

    And then … I saw the Ektorp loveseat online. Yay! It’s exactly the style we are looking for. My only questions: How comfortable is it and do you think it will stay comfy through the years? I’ve had an inexpensive sofa before (actually free b/c someone gave it to me) that lost all of its cushiness). What do you think? I can’t test it out very easily since the closest IKEAs are in Dallas and Chicago — and I’m in Kansas. Boo!

    Your sunroom, btw, looks fantastic!!!! (I saw it on a post just a few days ago.)

    • hookedonhouses says

      I think it’s very comfortable, especially considering it was such a cheapie. No idea how well it’ll hold up, but I figure that at only $500, even if it only lasts 5 years, we’ll just move it down to the basement for the kids to play video games on. :-)

      P.S. Had no idea my sunroom was on Houzz!

  26. says

    Love the new sofa! I’d love to be able to pull off having something white. But within a use or two it eventually turns gray or brown. After 10 years, I’m finally learning never ever buy anything white! Love how the sunroom is coming along. :)

  27. Yolanda says

    I have a formerly white Ektorp that I recently dyed. It’s a great couch is holding up well against two boys and two dogs. I’ve had great success cleaning it with Oxyclean. But after 3 years, I decided to dye it and it looks like a new couch.

  28. says

    Yikes, that didn’t make sense. I saw the Ektorp sofa — not your sun room — on Houzz. Sorry! :)

    I’m also thinking about getting an extra slipcover, as well. At $99, it’s practical. And what if (the horror!) IKEA decides to discontinue the sofa in a few years? I know, too much thinking. Schnikies. Anyway, enjoy your gorgeous new space!

    • hookedonhouses says

      Oh, I understand now. I wondered how I had missed that!

      A backup slipcover is an excellent idea. I’m getting one the next time I’m at IKEA.

  29. says

    OK…You have convinced me. I have been having the same white struggle. My girls and I are about to move into a beach house full time. I really really love the white but it seems so impractical with 2 kids 2 dogs and Steve the guinea pig who has red hair incentally … how ever washability and downy and maybe a little scotchguard on the inbetween places I might miss now and again I think you have convinced me to go with the white…Yay!!

  30. Barbara Parsons says

    I love the new sofa. I have a standard sofa with the slip covers. I just don’t allow any food near the sofa. I put a big round table in the room for eating. No one cares. They just go over to the table to eat. You are still in the room with the others.

    • hookedonhouses says

      I have a new “no eating pudding on the couch” rule now. Ha.

  31. says

    Looks great! I love the chaise side! I’m sitting on my Ektorp chair as I type. I have the oatmeal colored slipcover and love it. I’m desperate for the sofa, but since the € to $ rate sucks right now, I have to wait. :(

    • hookedonhouses says

      I’m hoping to get the Ektorp chairs for my bedroom eventually now that I know how comfy the sofa is. I was considering the oatmeal so I’m glad to hear you like it!

  32. says

    I laughed out loud when I read this post because I was at an IKEA presentation where they said you could put together the Ektorp sofa easily in 15 minutes! Ha!

    It looks beautiful! I love that you went with the white. It’s so refreshing and I think you’ll love it.

    • hookedonhouses says

      15 minutes?! Excuse me while I throw my head back and have a good laugh. I think it took us at least 2 hours. :)

  33. says


    I love your sunroom. Beautiful choice on the couch. Love the white against the headboard and all that light coming through. I am a big fan of slipcovered furniture and white. I throw it in the wash and it looks brand new again. Cant wait to see the pillows and rug. Have fun in your new room!

  34. says

    I love it! I haven’t paid much attention to Ikea furniture (not thrilled at the prospect of putting a sofa together) but I might have to now :)

  35. Helen says

    Love what’s you’ve done a lot. What did you put on the floor? Is that tile?

  36. says

    Another stain fighting trick, mix up a bucket of HOT water, one Oxyclean Max pod thingamajig, and a tablespoon-ish amount of Oxyclean powder and soak just the area with the stain for as long as you think you need to before washing. It has worked well for me here.
    These slipcovers can also probably be dyed, ie with my favorite RIT dye, if you end up with a stain that won’t go away. Maybe you’ll start a new BlogFad- pudding dyed slipcovers?

  37. says

    This looks great.
    There’s a chair at Ikea that I have been eyeing for awhile not but I’ve been leary of having to PUT it together..
    Do you think the couch is pretty sturdy and a good value for the $$?

    • hookedonhouses says

      I think it’s an excellent value! Hard to beat $500 for a piece of furniture that big. I guess we’ll see how long it lasts, but even if I only get 5 years out of it, I figure $100 a year for us to use it is a bargain, right? :-)

  38. says

    I love the white. I’ve actually been debating this same sofa for our not-so-formal living room but have been concerned about it’s washability and sturdiness. Do you think the sofa is sturdy enough to withstand cartwheels off the arms? Yes, I have to ask that question in complete seriousness…

    • hookedonhouses says

      Cartwheels are something we haven’t actually tried on it yet (ha). It does feel sturdy, but I guess only time will tell!

  39. says

    I have white slip-covered sofa and chairs (Mitchell Gold, because I’m lucky enough to have a friend who sells it and gave me a really good deal). I like the white because you can wash and bleach just one cushion, if needed, and not worry about fading. Love your blog! Love your sun-room!

  40. Carolyn Cawthon says

    Here’s a good tip: Downy wrinkle release is okay, but I have found something that works twice as well, if not better and is much less costly. Try using good old fashioned spray starch. It goes on much more evenly, releases wrinkles much quicker, smoothes better, and smells great. Plus, it adds a very light body and nice finish to the fabric.

  41. says

    Julia,I love your choice! So many people have used that sofa successfully & it’s a great fit for your sunroom. Love the look & feel you have going. What a fun place to hang out!! Hope you are doing well & I would love for you to consider coming to Haven next year. Would love for you to hang out with us! :)

    • hookedonhouses says

      Thanks, Rhoda! Haven sounds like a blast. I’ll definitely consider going. It would be so fun to hang out with you all! :-)

  42. says

    I’m currently typing this from my new white, Ektorp love seat in my sunroom =))) My little dog just came inside and jumped up with dirty paws, but that’s ok. It spot cleaned well and the white looks so fabulous in a sunroom, that a little extra effort with having to wash it is worth it!

  43. Andrea @ Big Creek Cottage says

    Your sunroom is looking fabulous….so pretty…and what a great choice…..I am glad that you went with your heart……you would have dreamed about that white sofa had you purchased the green…….I just put off white slips (pbarn off ebay) on my family room couches….it took a few months to get use to the spots…..and having to readjust the slips…but now….I don[‘t know how I couldn’t love them…OH…and my husband is the WORST about getting spots on the slips….the WORST!

  44. Margo says

    Did the same thing with an IKEA sofa for our beach house – was going to get the denim slipcover and I went and bought the white – have to say, I love it. Yes, it will get ‘broken in’ but it is washable and – my humble suggestion – buy two slipcovers! They’re pretty cheap (mine was just $49) and when one just won’t wash up well anymore, voila! No worries. Enjoy – sunroom looks totally charming.

  45. Maddie says

    I love it! I was doubtful when I bought my white slipcover, but I haven’t found any stain that I can’t clean. I can’t believe that I lived with that much dirt when I had a dark sofa. I will always have slips now! I have two slipcovers that I rotate, and I put them on damp and don’t have a problem with wrinkles. I do have a throw on the sofa for the pets to sleep on otherwise I would be washing every other day.

  46. Jo says

    I haven’t read the other comments, but I ALWAYS Scotchguard any new fabric upholstery. Even if the manufacture says it’s already been done, another go-round will only make it better.

    • hookedonhouses says

      Can you wash it after it’s been Scotchguarded? Do you have to do it again after washing? Does anyone know? I’d like to try it!

  47. Janelle says

    Looks awesome! The perfect place to relax and read:) I would have gone with the white too…looks so crisp and clean…and washable:) Hope you are having a fabulous summer:)

  48. says

    I love your new sofa!! It’s perfect for your sunroom. :-) So, what are you doing with the wicker furniture? I liked that, too, but the sofa looks more comfy. 😉

    • hookedonhouses says

      The wicker went back down to the finished basement where it came from. The kids sit on it when they play video games. :-)

  49. Pat Watters says

    We have this in the blue denim – watching the 4 of us put this together, must have been like watching a Stooges episode!

  50. says

    I also have white IKEA slipcovered furniture, except it’s in my living room. I have two of each slipcover and switch them out once a month. Most people can’t believe that I’d have white furniture with a toddler, two dogs, two cats and a new baby on the way! But, it’s so easy because they WASH! The couch looks fabulous in your sunroom! I love it! :)

  51. says

    It looks great! And I agree it looks perfect for a sunroom… cool and fresh!

    So this white slipcover thing… I purchased one (white) awhile back for an old craigslist couch we have and have yet to actually put it on. We use the couch almost every evening for relaxing and watching tv and I just can’t get over how quickly it’s going to get unrepairably dirty. Sometimes the hubs hasn’t changed out of his work clothes and we have a longhaired black cat that likes to lounge with us. The thought of dirty white is worse than the existing ugly brown upholstery. I also have a less than stellar record of being able to keep laundry white… :) I’ve thought of dying the slipcover grey or navy or something but that sounds like a lot of work too. :) Ok. So now I sound lazy, but surely I’m not the only one with this problem.

  52. Cassie says

    I would like to get one of these for our basement but can’t determine if it will fit down our narrow staircase. It looks like the bottom part of the frame (the part you sit on) is put together from two pieces? If so, I think it will work for us!

    • hookedonhouses says

      It does come in a lot of pieces, so you would probably be able to take them down individually and then assemble it in the basement.

  53. says

    I love it Julia! The new couch is gorgeous, and I am a fan of white. It just looks like it belongs in a sunroom, its so fresh and crisp. Besides, the green would have faded over time anyway. I’m glad you bought what you loved! :) Can’t wait to see the couch cushions, it makes me want to go on Gilt and look for some of my own!

  54. Maria says

    Just want to give another shout out to Oxyclean. That stuff is a miracle worker. It got out mustard completely on a shirt after everything else didn’t work. I only tried it before throwing it away.

    BTW, now I want to go on a recon white sofa/chair mission to Ikea!

  55. Heatherly says

    Looks great! Lay a throw blanket over the end of the lounge, where the feet would be, it helps keep feet/shoe smudges off of that area.

  56. says

    The white couch looks awesome! I had the same one in khaki and it did NOT get that dirty! And believe me, some of my company makes a MESS.

  57. says

    I love the white. You can so change that room with the seasons. For Christmas I see red berry wreathes hung from the windows in whimsical ribbon. Big pillows with holiday sayings. A Santa pillow obviously. LOL A tree in the corner with all white ornaments. I could go on and on you know! I love it!

  58. May Lrach says

    Love the white and comfy sofa! Since, you saved $200, consider buying replacement covers now…just in case IKEA doesn’t carry the same model sofa down the road ;D

  59. says

    Oh, the pic with Maizie and Lily is too sweet. I think it looks fantastic, and the price sounds great. But seeing the pics of how you had to put it all together made me realize my hubs will never go for it. :( I will just have to enjoy how pretty yours looks through the computer screen!

  60. Sue says

    Love the white sofa! It is practical in that it will not fade like the green one may have. Have you considered scotchguard (in addition to a second slipcover of course)? As a mom of 4 it’s almost a necessity around here :). Enjoy your new room!


  61. says

    It’s perfect Julia…there’s such a beautiful airiness to it that looks lovely right next to your gorgeous windows, great choice! I’ve been interested in Ikea sofa’s for our guest/extra tv room (a sleeper), so it was great to see how they actually look before being put together…very impressed with your ‘puttin it together’ skills!
    xo J~

    PS. Love Maizie & Lily’s example of how comfy the sofa is…too cute!

  62. says

    This is the PERFECT piece in your room. Great taste!

    We have two IKEA slipcovers (white, of course), and I have to say, they are the way to go! One word: bleach.

    I find they’re like owning a white car; it shows less than what you’d think. (Dark cars always look like they need to be washed… unless they just have been).

    This looks wonderful!

  63. Jenn says

    What’s NOT to love about IKEA, Julia? It’s my “go-to” store as I don’t have the budget of an heiress. I think your sofa looks fabulous and I think white was the best choice. The best think about the slipcover is that it’s washable! Your lucky to have such a beautiful space!

  64. says

    i think you made a perfect choice. :o) i love the couches from ikea. i just bought a new couch for the family room and i won’t let anyone even say the word food within 100 feet of it. ha ha? oh, i missed your blog… :o) you dropped off my feeder for some reason?

  65. says

    I bought this same IKEA sofa, same color for my sunroom last year and have never regretted it. I don’t have any children yet and no pets and my mom friends had tiny panic attacks when they brought their kids over but I said with confidence, don’t worry about it, its ALL washable. I’ve only needed to wash the entire cover once otherwise a cushion cover here or there. The chaise gets the most love in my house and there first most wear. I can’t wait to try the wrinkle release, thanks for the tip.

  66. says

    Hey Julia! I am sure you won’t remember but I emailed you months ago to get your opinion on painting paneling. I also mentioned to you that we have the same black ticking sofa. Anyway I finally painted the paneling and I love it. The only problem is I think a newly painted room needs a new couch. The one I have my eye on … The same one you purchased for your sunroom. We obviously like the same furniture!! Your sunroom is looking great and I can’t wait to see your finishing touches!!!

  67. Lisa says

    Looks great! You won’t regret the white. I have white denim slip covers on my sofa and chairs and find them to be very practical even with four animals. They’re a great choice because you can just throw them in the wash and even bleach them if need be. Personally, I’d rather be able to see the dirt than hide it, so I’m okay with throwing them in the wash every few weeks (or more often if required). I’ve had them for about five years and they still look like new.

  68. Neesha says

    OhMyGod! I loved the green but the white… it’s absolutely perfect! Looks so awesome! :)

  69. says

    If we will be repainting our interior, we will paint it white and have the white motiff for the furniture as well as the decorations. White denotes simplicity and elegance but it needs to be cleaned up regularly as dirt spoils its magnificence.

  70. Dawn says

    Love the new white sofa!
    No, it’s not “practical” but it sure is pretty and definitely looks like it BELONGS in the sun room! :)

  71. says

    We have been looking at this sofa for awhile now. I am thinking of getting the cream colored one. I am really wanting a green sofa though and sooo wish that the Ektorp would come in that lighter green color they have in their other sofas. The Ektorp green is just a strange green. Your sofa looks great!!

  72. says

    I love it! So inviting! I bought a huge comfy sofa at lilian august …believe me even brown has it’s draw backs especially with pet hair!

  73. says

    Beautiful sofa, I love the green one as the color looks so fresh. I used to have a wicker as well; looks very pretty, but they’re awful to sit on.

  74. robin says

    I love white. I have white sofa’s and chairs in my living room and family room. Nice thing about slipcovers is you can wash them when they get too dirty. There is something so calming about white. You sofa really makes the room. Enjoy.

  75. Abby says

    Hey, i didn’t know where else to request this, but could you add the set shoots for Pretty Little Liars. My daughters are begging me to let them remodel their rooms to be like the set. They watch it every week and are dying to have it. Could you update as soon as possible? That would be wonderful. (I have three girls– perfect for the girls’ room). I don’t believe the character Hanna Marin’s room has been seen yet. But I have been inform so if you could include Aria Montgomery, Emily Fields and Spencer Hastings’s room that would be great. Thanks! Love your page!

    • hookedonhouses says

      Hi, Abby! I’m afraid I haven’t seen “Pretty Little Liars” and don’t know anything about it. TV shows can take me months to work on because I typically watch an entire season and take screenshots from the episodes for my posts, so I wouldn’t be able to get anything done quickly, even if I started it now. Sorry! Maybe I’ll get to it someday.

  76. Julie says

    I just found your site today, and I already know it’s going to be one of my favorites! I’ve already wasted far too much time today…
    As far as this post, I’m only repeating what a lot of others have posted, but I LOVE the white! I may get an Ektorp sofa someday, but for now I have a white slipcover on my current couch, and I have washed and bleached it several times. I happen to think white is THE most practical. And it’s so classic. It never goes out of style, no matter the latest trend for all color of sofa’s. I love the fact too, that of you keep neutrals for your big furniture pieces, you can change other colors easily, by season, or when you just want a change. Look forward to reading more. I am definitely hooked on houses. I took the quiz!

  77. says

    You’re brave AND creative–love the white ones….I fitted and sewed slipcovers out of a quilt once and it worked great. Couldn’t see any stains because of the patterns. I love the cozy and comfy room you’ve developed.

  78. Heidi says

    Thank you so very much for putting this info on your blog!!! I just noticed I will have to put my furniture together. Just ordered the Ektorp “L” shaped couch, 2 Ektorp chairs, and 2 ottomans in Svanby Brown. Hopefully this won’t be too challenging. But you’ve given me hope. :)

  79. cheep3r5 says

    Mrs. Stewart’s Bluing is added to the wash for yellowed vintage fabrics as it counteracts the yellowing. It may work on the not-vintage Ektorp cover. Fabric care on IKEA says to not use bleach. So has anyone used bleach without any problems or disintegration? What about the color safe bleach? Think that would be “safer”?

  80. karen davis says

    just wondering if you are still liking your white slipcovers…i’m considering them, but obviously getting conflicting info and am confused!

    • says

      Hi, Karen! I am still liking them, but it hasn’t even been a year since I bought that sofa yet, so I guess only time will tell. I have had to wash a couple of pieces since I bought it (each cushion is individually slipcovered), and it is a bit of a hassle, but I’m just glad I don’t have to worry about stains since I can do something about them. I mostly have to use a roller lint brush each week on it because it attracts sweater fuzz and dog hair like a magnet!

  81. Brandy Lahiere says

    Hi! I just bought this same sofa and the chaise is driving me CRAZY! It hangs over the edge of the base and sticks up like its gonna take off! (the end of the chaise) Does yours do that?

  82. Sandra says

    Oh thank you! I was researching how practical the white Ektorp cover might be with a dog. (I currently have the red cover and it’s just a really tricky color to match things to in the room, it turns out) You’ve convinced me to give it a try. It looks wonderful in your sunroom.