“Gilmore Girls:” Dragonfly Inn and Scenes from Stars Hollow

Gilmore Girls Lorelai and Rory-Sets collage

It would probably be an understatement to say that I’m a fan of the “Gilmore Girls.” I became obsessed with the show after I rented Season One last year (that’s right, last year–I was really late to this party!). It sucked me right into the world of Stars Hollow, Connecticut, and I never wanted to leave.

There were a lot of fun sets featured in this show, so for starters, I thought we’d take a look at the Dragonfly Inn that Lorelai and her best friend Sookie owned. Then we’ll visit some other scenes from around town.

Dragonfly Inn ext overhead

Does the inn look familiar? I was surprised to learn that this was originally used as The Waltons’ family home. Here’s how it looked when it belonged to them:

The Waltons House

UPDATE: Steve tells me: “This house was not the original Waltons house (which burned down in late 1991) but a reconstruction on the Warner Ranch (the first one had been on the Burbank backlot), and was used for the three 1990s Waltons reunion movies.  One of the few shows to use the Waltons house (after TW had ended) was “Dukes of Hazzard” in 1985 – after all the house was ‘typecast’ by then!” Thanks, Steve!

You may recall when Lorelai and Sookie first went to look at the house to consider buying it (in Season Two), it looked pretty much like this, with the same white siding, screen door, and front porch. They added some (falling down) shutters and wrecked everything up a little, though:

Dragonfly Inn before 2

It was fun to watch the story of the inn unfold on the show. First we saw them looking at the abandoned old house. Then we followed along as they bought it and construction began. Finally, we saw the results of the renovated inn.

It played out in “real time.” There were several years between the episode when they first went to see the place and when they opened for business. But it was worth the wait!

Dragonfly Inn ext 1

Amy Sherman-Palladino, the creator, writer and co-producer of “Gilmore Girls,” had the idea for the show after visiting a small town in Connecticut called Washington Depot.

She says she and her husband Daniel (who co-produced and wrote the show with her) went into a coffee shop at Washington Depot where everyone knew each other, and customers were going behind the counter to pour their own coffee. It inspired her to start jotting down dialogue for what would become “Gilmore Girls.”

Dragonfly Inn ext-front door

Dragonfly entry

Dragonfly Inn-reception 4

Rory Gilmore, played by Alexis Bledel, was putting herself through college at NYU when they began casting for the show. She wasn’t really interested in being Rory and had to be talked into auditioning at all. Then she had to leave the audition early to make another appointment. She got the role anyway.

Dragonfly Inn-reception 8

I wish I could eat all the junk food that Lorelai and Rory wolf down on the show and still look as great as they do. Lauren Graham mentioned in an interview that people ask her all the time if they really eat like that. Her answer: “Um, no.”

Dragonfly Inn-front room-foyer

Dragonfly sofa

Dragonfly Inn-staircase 2

Dragonfly Inn-staircase 5

Dragonfly Inn-living rm

The old jukebox in the otherwise-traditional living room seems like a perfect expression of Lorelai’s quirky personality–and her love of music.

Dragonfly Inn-living rm 4

Here’s how the Dragonfly living room set looks like behind the scenes:

Tour-Dragonfly Inn living rm set

Dragonfly Inn-dining rm 1

Dragonfly Inn-dining rm 4

You can see through the doorway behind Christopher and Lorelai (and Christopher’s daughter Gigi) the inn’s library.

Dragonfly Inn-dining rm 6

Dragonfly Inn-dining rm 10

Dragonfly dining room table

A set photo of the Dragonfly dining room:

Tour-Dragonfly Inn dining rm set

Dragonfly Inn-library

I loved the library with the black painted moldings and bookshelves. Few scenes were shot in this room, though.

Dragonfly Inn-library 2

Dragonfly Inn-kitchen 4

Sookie was originally played by Alex Borstein in a pilot that never aired. They had to recast the role because Borstein couldn’t get out of another contract, but she ended up playing some smaller parts in the show now and then, like the harp-playing Drella at the Independence Inn.

Dragonfly Inn-kitchen-fridge

Now it’s hard to imagine anyone but the fabulous Melissa McCarthy as Sookie.

Dragonfly kitchen island

In this shot of the Dragonfly kitchen you can see the big message board, the shelves lined with cookbooks, and the doorway into the pantry:

Dragonfly kitchen island 2

In the DVD Special Features, Melissa McCarthy (Sookie) gives us a behind-the-scenes tour of the sets. Here she shows us what the kitchen looks like from above:

Tour-Dragonfly Inn kitchen set overhead

Sookie makes herself at home in one of the Guest Rooms:

Dragonfly Inn-guest room-Sookie

Scenes from the Town of Stars Hollow:Gilmore Girls town set

The pilot for “Gilmore Girls” was shot in a small town in Toronto (Historic Unionville). When the show was picked up, they reproduced the look of the interiors from the pilot on soundstages in Burbank, California.

For the exteriors, they filmed on a Warner Bros. backlot that had been built decades earlier for movies like The Music Man and used by shows like “The Dukes of Hazzard” (Stars Hollow High School, for instance, was once the Hazzard County Courthouse).

front of Luke's Diner

Luke’s Diner was actually a hardware store in Canada. They left the hardware sign up and wrote it into the story (that Luke’s dad had run a hardware store in that spot).

Luke's Diner-ext set

Luke's diner 1

Luke's diner 3

Luke was originally written as a woman named Daisy who ran the diner. Because there were so many female characters in the script, they decided to cast a man (Scott Patterson) instead.

They had no intentions of pairing him with Lorelai–the relationship just evolved. Viewers clamored for the show to bring them together. When they finally did, ratings soared.

Luke's Diner-overhead

Remember when Luke’s troubled nephew Jess (Milo Ventimiglia) traveled to California to meet his estranged dad? I thought that episode was so strange. Turns out it was supposed to become a spin-off called “Windward Circle,” but the WB didn’t pick it up.

Amy Sherman loved Sherilynn Fenn so much that she wrote a new character for her on the show, as Luke’s ex-girlfriend Anna. She was intended to get in the way of Luke’s relationship with Lorelai, but after Sherman left the show, the new writers took things in a different direction.

The Independence Inn:

Independence Inn-exterior

When the series began, and before she opened the Dragonfly, Lorelai worked at the local Independence Inn.

This exterior was also used in the movie Monster-in-Law as Jane Fonda’s country home. (You can see those pics here.)

Independence Inn-front desk

Yanic Truesdale, who played the acerbic Frenchman Michel (shown above), is Canadian. He doesn’t really have that heavy French accent.

Independence Inn-fireplace

The Independence Inn was much more traditional and masculine looking than the Dragonfly Inn.

Independence Inn-staircase

The Independence Inn’s Dining Room (during the Mother-Daughter fashion show Lorelai organized for Chilton):

Independence Inn-dining room

Kim’s Antiques:

Mrs. Kim's Antiques

Rory’s best friend was Lane Kim (played by Keiko Agena), who lived in the town’s antiques store with her mother. Lane was based on Amy Sherman’s real-life best friend Helen, who had a similar upbringing.

Mrs. Kim's Antiques 2

Sookie’s House:

Sookie's house

Sookie’s house is warm and colorful like she is.

Sookie's kitchen 2

Sookie's house 3

There’s a wonderful website that features locations for various movies and TV shows, including this one. Check out the page for “Gilmore Girls:” It’s Filmed There.

Sookie's house 4

Amy Sherman explained her fascination with the small Connecticut town that would become Stars Hollow onscreen:

“Now, I’ve never been there in winter, when you’re snowed in and you can’t go anywhere, and you and your husband want to kill each other because you can’t go to a movie. But at the time I was there, it was beautiful, it was magical, and it was feeling of warmth and small-town camaraderie. . . . There was a longing for that in my own life, and I thought — that’s something that I would really love to put out there.”

Aren’t we glad she did?

Lorelai's house-early in series

But wait, G.G. fans, there’s more! You can see my post with pics of Lorelai’s house, the Gilmore mansion, and Rory’s pool house here. :-)

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  1. says

    Yay!!!!!! I am a HUGE Gilmore Girls fan. In fact, I was watching it when I looked at my Google Reader and found this post. Man, you had to go through a lot of DVDs for these posts – thank you! I love Stars Hollow and can’t wait to visit Washington Depot sometime. I can’t wait for the post next week with one of my favorite homes on TV. I love this show!
    .-= Sarah @ Dream In Domestic´s last blog ..Quirky Art for Quirky People =-.

  2. says

    I love Gilmore Girls. I thought I knew alot about the show…but you topped me! LOL!! I collected all mine while the show was on air. I think the new complete editions must have more DVD extras because I missed the one where your taken behind the scenes.

    This is the best! I can’t wait for the next installment.
    .-= Susan @ pinkportugueseroses´s last blog ..Photo fun… =-.

  3. says

    Oh my goodness Julia, I can’t even imagine how long this post took you! I am a HUGE fan of GG. I started watching it I think Season 4 so I had to get caught up and used to watch it every single day on the Family Channel! I wish they would bring it back. I loved Lorelai’s mother and Sookie. I just loved the whole cast. I am going back now and look at all your photos. So sad it’s not on anymore:(

    I loved the Dragonfly Inn too.

    .-= LeAnn´s last blog ..A day full of surprises! =-.

  4. Rachel says

    Thank you, thank you, thank you Julia!!!! I LOVE Gilmore Girls so much. My husband just gave me the complete dvd set for my b-day and I can’t wait to watch all the extra features. The sets are so beautiful. I love to watch the shows over and over. Can’t wait until next Monday.

  5. Cheyenne says

    Oh my gosh, I’m so happy you took the time to post about the Gilmore Girls sets! My mom, myself and my two sisters are huge fans of the series! Looking forward to seeing Lorelei and Rory’s place!

  6. says

    Hi Julia
    Well I’m a Gilmore Girls Nut!! I have every series on DVD and can’t tell you how many times I have re-watched the entire set whoa to go!! Like having an extra family just waiting to be popped on when the need arrives.. hahaha

    Love all the houses and sets in the shows and I’m going to have to re-read this again and again to enjoy all the little details you have provided… thanks for the post .. will be back for the next edition. xx Julie
    .-= Julie´s last blog ..Saying Thank You With Roses [Giveaway] =-.

  7. Karen says

    Love the set decorator for the Dragonfly Inn:) I remember when the Inn first appeared on Gilmore Girls I recognized the house from somewhere . . .. when I saw the barn, that was it! The Dragonfly Inn used to be the Walton’s family home:) WONDERFUL job on the pictures, as usual!

  8. says

    I just LOVE Gilmore Girls… and cycle through the DVDs every so often. Thank you for putting so much work into this post! It’s wonderful!

    I remember back in the fall watching the pilot episode of Eastwick, and thinking that they shot on the old Gilmore Girls set. So strange to see it back on TV, and without Lorelai toting around a cup of coffee!
    .-= Sarah´s last blog ..happy weekend =-.

    • Denise_Coutts_2011 says

      Do you know I forgot about the show Started watching on E4 resently The decoration on the sets must of cost a fortune Do people actually live there
      I would love to live in the town its soo homely

  9. says

    Great post, I love it! I never got into the show much for some reason, but I always loved the look of that Inn. Sigh. Now I want to move to a small town full of eccentric, loveable people who will all be my friends.
    .-= The Weekend Island´s last blog ..Brigitte =-.

  10. says

    OMG. I. LOVE. GILMORE. GIRLS!!!! Every Friday I watch a season just because I miss it so much! I have seen it gazillion times. Thanks for bringing back great memories!
    .-= Angie C.´s last blog ..La Lavande =-.

  11. says

    This is an amazing post!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! My 19 year old daughter and I (in my upper 50’s 😉 OFTEN watch Gilmore Girls DVDs when we want to hang out together. (We watched the show, the reruns, and DVDs for years.) And we have talked about forming a GG trivia team with two of my DILs. :) Yeah, I’d say we are fans.
    But added a layer of trivia (such as the Walton house & the Monster in Law house) that I had no clue! I can’t imagine how long this post took to create and resource!

    I am emailing my daughter this link right now and we will be waiting anxiously, and with great joy, your next GG post!

    Linda C
    .-= Linda C´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday – Grammy’s Indoor "Slide" =-.

  12. Nita says

    I was the Gilmore Girls biggest fan! I was soooooo upset when the cancelled the show but Bleidel didn’t want to continue and she hasn’t done all that much since. I don’t get it. The girl who plays Sookie was pregnant in real life at least twice on the show, I believe.

  13. says

    OMG!! I love this post! I stumbled on this site last week – getting inspiration for my oasis and what a surprise to see this and with Madness playing in the background (it’s the song Lane did when she was a cheerleader) I’m such a GG fan and I’m glad to know there are others. I blog about them (not as much as I want – I’m trying to tone my love down LOL) I make medical id bracelets for my diabetic daughter and each one has a dragonfly on them and when I began making them – I started seeing dragonflies everywhere (I live in the dessert and its rare) and one even landed on my finger (hence the name of the blogspot) I’m still in a losing battle with changing the dog’s name to Paula Anka (since the dog is a girl) ; D I even tagged about a “virtual” gg site that takes the girls through season 10. Yup – just a little bit obsessive. LOL ;D
    .-= Roxanna´s last blog ..Face Facts =-.

  14. Kristen says

    YES! Gilmore Girls is my all-time favorite show and this has to be my favorite post of yours. :) I love getting to see the shots of behind-the-scenes sets and the extra information on the cast.

    So cool! Can’t wait until next week.

  15. Kim says

    I watched a couple episodes of Gilmore girls, but never really got into the show for some reason. I do however, love the sets of the show. Especially that inn. These town sets actually remind me alot of Ghost Whisperer, but I know they aren’t the same. I would love to live in a small town like that, where people are so friendly, and you can walk to the store, or market.

    Don’t feel bad for just getting into the show. There are some old shows that I barely discovered, and love to watch.

    • kaye says

      Actually, after the Ghost Whisperer set caught fire, they began filming on the WB lot (in the same town as the Gilmore Girls set) for a while. It was around the last season or so.

  16. nanne says

    thanks so much julia!!! one of my all time favorite shows (always loved all of the homes in it too)…i keep waiting for a gilmore girls reunion t.v. movie…

    nanne in columbus, indiana

  17. says

    Thank-you once again for this post, I can not even imagine all the hours you put in. It really shows! It sounds from the comments that we would have more then enough people to start our own Stars Hollow! What a creative town that would be! Can’t wait for the next one! <3 Donna

  18. says

    I love the Gilmore Girls. I have all the DVD’s….and have watched them numerous times. I even went through a period of having the shows theme song as my cell ringtone. Go figure. I wish there was a place like Star’s Hollow. Wouldn’t that be cool? Anyway, thanks for the pictures. I love your blog–because I too am house obsessed. Keep all the pictures coming!!!
    .-= Dawn´s last blog ..Aahhh…Contentment =-.

  19. Leena says

    Thank you for this post! I love gilmore girls and i love your blog as well =) Can’t wait until next week you post Lorelais house, because just last week i tried to google if somebody had made a post about Lorelais house, but there was none, nowhere, so thank you!

  20. Danielle says

    My all-time favorite show!!! Thanks so much for such a great post. I can’t count how many times I tell my husband that I want to live in “Stars Hollow.” Wouldn’t that be such a dream!?!

  21. says

    I was SUCH a Gilmore Girls fan in high school and college. The town was so cute and magical, and I always thought Rory and I would be the best of friends :-) Thanks for this post!
    .-= Jen´s last blog ..Where O Where Have You Been? =-.

  22. Jade Walker says

    I am one of the biggest fans of the famous Gilmore Girls, so much so that my husband and I are planning to build Lorelai’s House on a 5 acre property in Australia. I currently live in England and your blog is a guilty pleasure that I indulge in every week. I cannot wait til next week to see what you have on my favourite house, Thank you Thank you Thank you

  23. says

    Thanks Julia, I miss the Gilmore Girls. Thanks for the pictures of the Dragonfly Inn…did anyone notice that the Waltons/run down Dragonfly only had 3 dormers and after it had 4? I loved the interior, but don’t remember seeing that much of it in the show. It was as charming and quirky as Sookie and Lorelei. Do you watch Parenthood? Love Lauren Graham in that show too.
    .-= Janet´s last blog ..SIMPLY =-.

  24. says

    Oh my God, you have made me so happy today!!!! I am a HUGE Gilmore Girls fan, watched it from the beginning and am slowly collecting all the season DVD’s so I can watch it forever now that it is over. I love everything about the sets, so I won’t even try to cram it all into this comment. Except to say that the sets were second only to the dialogue in reasons why I loved the show. Absolutely can’t wait for next Monday, I adore Lorelei’s house so much!!!!
    .-= hip hip gin gin´s last blog ..Time =-.

  25. says

    How very cool the exteriors of Luke’s diner were from Canada! I adored Gilmore Girls – well, I guess I still do. :-) Thanks for doing this, seeing all the sets again is so nice.
    .-= Danica´s last blog ..One more layer =-.

  26. Mercedes says

    Thanks Julia, I have been waiting for this post, since the first time I found your net!!
    Great job, I enjoyed the pictures of the set when, as you told, cameras are not rolling!!I love this show, but unfortunately it isn`t available on WB Latin America.
    Thanks again, for share

  27. Claire says

    I can’t wait to see the pics of Rory’s pool house – I always loved that and have watched some of those scenes countless times to figure it all out!

    I did the WB tour years ago, when Rory was still in high school (we saw way more of Chilton than I wanted!), and I was amazed at how small everything seemed. And Lorelai and Sookie’s houses are actually connected! We all thought that was so cool! I wish I could have gone back to see the Dragonfly!

  28. HollyM says

    Gilmore Girls was one of my all time favorite shows. It really was all about the relationships, just like another quirky show, Northern Exposure. The writing was smart, the dialogue witty, and it never felt phony. It really did seem like a small town full of nutty/lovable folks.

    I’m glad you’ve joined the fan club! Thanks for the look inside the sets.

  29. Susan S says

    Oh, me, oh, my! I LOVED this show! Loved all the characters. It was the perfect cast! I kind of think (wink, wink) that we (your readers) would have figured out how much you are hooked on this show! I was quite surprised to learn that the Inn was the Walton home! Loved that show too.

    Wow, how you ever got all this posted, I’ll never know! Thank you for this exhaustive post, Julia.

  30. says

    Hi Julia :)

    I never knew what the big deal was with that show, but something tells me it was the sets! They’re really enchanting.

    Have you seen the movie ‘son-in-law’? It’s stupid funny, but the farmhouse is darling.

    .-= rue´s last blog ..Enough of that dribble… =-.

  31. says

    I have never seen that show but I love her on the new Parenthood! You should do a post on that house. WOW! It is so quirky and they have the best outdoor space.
    .-= Melanie´s last blog ..A Teenagers Bedroom =-.

  32. Julianne says

    WOOHOO! TerRIFFIC post from good old Gilmore Girls! And, you’re not the only one who was behind on watching the series…when I was in the final weeks of my pregnancy with our first child, and I had already quit my job, I stayed at home during the days. On a whim of boredom, I decided to rent Season 1 from our local teeny tiny movie rental shop. I gobbled it up so much that my husband (who swore he would never get hooked on the show, and yet did in fact get hooked) and I convinced the rental shop owners to purchase the last two seasons for us to rent out, because we were too cheap to buy them on our own.

    I lovelovelove the Dragonfly Inn. The Inn, Lorelei’s house, and scenes shot around the town were my favorite parts of the show. So wonderful. Thanks for posting all of those pictures, they’re fabulous and officially are going in my “dream home ideas” folder.

  33. T. says

    Thanks for this! I think I will never tire of The Gilmore Girls!

  34. Jane says

    Thanks for the tour! I always loved the setting of this show. The Dragonfly Inn makes a good argument for wallpaper. Sure makes the place look cozy.

  35. says

    Thank you SO much for this post!! I love love love Gilmore Girls and have always been curious about the homes and locations on the show. I learned so much from this post too! I thought that episode that Jess went to California was totally bizarre, but now it makes sense! And I couldn’t figure out why the woman that played Jess’s father’s girlfriend later became Anna, but now I get it! I absolutely cannot wait for the next Girlmore post!!
    .-= Sara´s last blog ..Jackson and Prince =-.

  36. says

    Yes!!! I was a huge GG fan too…in fact because of the Dragonfly Inn, I’ve always dreamed about opening my own B&B ala GG style. Cool to share pix of the inn, it looks smaller when you see the cameras set in the background.
    .-= Marie´s last blog ..Madrid and Spain Giveaway Winner =-.

  37. says

    Oh my gracious! I looove this post. I am a HUGE Gilmore Girls fan! Loove Lorelei! It’s so cool to get to see the soundstage lights, etc. above them and I had NO IDEA the Dragonfly was the Waltons house. Fascinating! Can’t wait until next Monday! Thanks for sharing!!!

  38. says

    Thank you so much for this wonderful post! I was also late to the Gilmore Girls party and I discovered it in it’s last season. I went out and purchased all the seasons on DVD and my 13 yr. old daughter and I often have a “Gilmore Girls Marathon” in our pj’s. We love the witty dialogue, the small town atmosphere and the characters. It was brilliantly written and each cash member played their character with such panache! We love all the characters….Kirk and Paris make us laugh so hard. I was so upset that Amy Sherman-Palladino’s contact was not renewed for the 7th season. We will never really know what she had in mind for the final story lines of the characters she grew over 6 seasons.
    .-= Angie ´s last blog ..menu planning for the week… =-.

  39. says

    I love Gilmore Girls! I used to watch it on ABC Family after school growing up – I stopped watching when Rory went away to college though, maybe in hindsight because I didn’t get to see those fabulicious Stars Hollows sets anymore! Can’t wait to see tomorrow’s post :)
    .-= Kate (Little Beach Bum)´s last blog ..Quote of the Day =-.

  40. says

    Wow, you weren’t joking when you said you were working on a monster GG post! Thanks! I think we are kindred spirits, aside from the house obsession thing, I too found GG about 2 years ago and then sought out the DVDs and watched every episode. Love it. Looking forward to the next post (and thanks in advance for including the pool house. It features my favorite interiors)! You will need a vacation after all the work on this one! :)

  41. Nathan says

    This is probably my favourite show. I’ve loved other shows but I still miss this one even after it’s been off the air for years. I might have to watch the seasons again. Woot. lol.

  42. says

    I’m a huge GG fan. I can’t even Imagine Drella as Sookie…or anyone else for that matter. I love the town, the houses and the crazy town people. This is a great post for all those that are Gilmore Girls obsessed :)
    .-= Amy´s last blog ..Quickly =-.

  43. Loren says

    Um… You don’t know how much I L.O.V.E. this show! I was an avid watcher from the very beginning, now own the whole collection and still tune in when it comes on the abcfamily channel! I am super excited to see that people are still falling for this wonderful show. I am so impressed by your post and the trivia you managed to incorporate into it. Kudos!

  44. Ducky says

    Thank you! I love GG – i aslo was a late starter, mostly because I don’t have TV. So had to wait for the DVDs to come out and tell my friends not to discuss plots in my presence : ). I didn’t know about the Unionville link – I’m from Toronto so I’ll have to go up sometime and check it out. Love your blog, I tune in every Monday for my favorite part – can’t wait till next week!!!

  45. says

    Love me some Gilmore Girls…every time I hear the song…which for some reason I heard someone sing recently…I get the warm fuzzies. I miss that show, and I recall the Autumn I got addicted to it. It was my Tuesday night “thing”!

    ~angela @ peonypatch
    .-= Angela @ PeonyPatch´s last blog ..~~ Cottage Charm Giveway ~~ =-.

  46. Jane says

    I love the Gilmore Girls. I have seasons 1-6. It beat my basic cable package! Thanks for the post.

  47. Sally says

    I wish I could watch a new Gilmore Girls episode every day for the rest of my life! I feel like all the Stars Hollow residents are REAL people and as if their lives are continuing–but that I don’t know what’s happening to them!

  48. Rick S. says

    Julia, love the post, I had watched The Waltons for many years and enjoyed seeing what happened to the old house. I haven’t seen the Gilmore Girls and from the sounds of it should. Maybe I can get my daughter to sit down and watch it with me.

    There was a comment, from Janet, about 4 dormers on GG house vs 3 on W house. If you notice the Walton house had 2 story section to right of front door and 1 story section, gramma and grampa section, to left of front door. Gilmore Girl house is all 2 storys in front. The 2nd floor was extended to the left and dormer added. In GG house the staircase is in a front entry hall instead of to the back of the house opening into the kitchen.
    I spend too much time figuring out the floor plans of the houses I see on tv.


  49. Laura says

    Before I even saw your post about the Waltons house I knew it was theirs….I watched this show on video growing up with my 10 younger siblings probably when everyone else was watching Gilmore Girls. We thought we WERE the Waltons!

  50. Sue says

    I also came to the Gilmore Girls late. Don’t know where I was, but I love it now. I’d only seen a few episodes when I decided I wanted the series on DVD. So that’s what I asked my husband for this year as my Christmas present. I must say it’s given me more pleasure than any other present I can think of. I am savoring each episode and slowing working my way through them. I’m now on season 6 and hate to think of it ending. But the best part is that when I watched them all, I can just start over. That’s what’s so nice about owning the set. I was so pleased to hear the Dragonfly was the Walton house. I should have guessed. It was one of my favorite shows for years. Can’t wait to see your next post with more about the Gilmore Girls homes.

  51. Shayna says

    Thanks so much for this post. Gilmore Girls is still my all-time favourite show and I loved seeing the behind the scenes sets. I always dreamed of having the same kind of mother-daughter relationship as Laurelei and Rory.

  52. Karen says

    Thank you so much for the fantastic photos!! I’m a huge Gilmore Girls fan and would live in Stars Hollow if I could. Can’t wait for the upcoming photos of Lorelei’s house. Love your site…it just continues to inspire me in my own home. :)

  53. says

    I too would really love to eat like the Gilmore girls and still look like they do…they also eat out for like every meal! lol How does that work on the budget? And their snacks for movie nights? Had to cost a fortune! lol But I loved the Dragon fly, and the town…just such a fun place! I’m glad they made Luke a man! I loved their relationship throughout!
    .-= Jen @ After The Alter´s last blog ..My Maternity Store Experience =-.

  54. Melanie says

    I’m very curious as to the name/design of the china they serve on at the Dragonfly Inn. Does anyone know?

    • hookedonhouses says

      Sorry, Melanie, I don’t know anything about the china. I can’t remember ever getting a good look at the dishes on the tables. Based on the the decorating in that room and all the different plates on the walls, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a mix-and-match kind of thing with different patterns. -Julia

    • Allie says

      I’m so glad to find someone else asking that same question! I’ve been dying to find out where to get the china mugs that Lorelai and Sookie use at the dragonfly since Season 5 aired (In the images above, Lorelai is pouring coffee into the exact mugs I want). I wonder if there is a WB prop person or set designer that could be contacted for these type of questions that worked on season 5??

      • Rae says

        I found this page by googling the china pattern too! I would love to know what it was. I first noticed it in the Dragonfly scene where Lorelai was pouring old used coffee into her own cup – after the first snow in their new inn! haha there is a photo above with her holding the mug. Then, there was another episode where they showed the mugs (spring or summer), and it renewed my interest. This is a fabulous post, thank you!! I too have watched all of the seasons and episodes over and over and over…will never go out of style, AND I have converted a few friends too! haha

  55. Sara says

    I absolutely LOVE Gilmore Girls! I was also late getting into the show but I watch the reruns on t.v. all the time. I always tell my husband I want to live in Stars Hollow! Thank you for posting these pictures; I love the cozy feeling of Lorelai and Rory’s house.

  56. Shelley says

    I would love a resource guide to the stuff on set. Has anyone seen similar wallpaper like in the dragonfly’s dining room?

    • hookedonhouses says

      I’m not sure where you could find information like that, but it would be nice if they listed it somewhere! -Julia

  57. Carole says

    I just found your web site and this page re Gilmore Girls. Thanks for the attention to detail and providing us with info. Brava!

  58. says

    Awesome post. Thanks for bringing back the memories. This was my favorite show. We turned off the phones every Tuesday night at 8:00 and invited all Gilmore Girls fans over to watch. The only rule was NO TALKING during the show! LOL. Patricia

  59. GG Fan Canada says

    Great blog posts (just came across them trolling for Gilmore Girls trivia on the web … a favourite pastime when I have a couple of minutes); it seems that you have struck a chord with all the Gilmore Girls fans out there. Thank God for DVDs – I, too, have the whole collection (although it is with great reluctance that I watch Season 7 – and usually spend the whole time imagining what Amy Sherman-Palladino had in mind … she was quoted as saying very early on that she knew what the last four words spoken on Gilmore Girls was going to be. Perhaps someday she’ll let us know …)

    It’s great looking at the details of the various sets and locations; I am fortunate enough to live in Toronto and have visited Unionville many times (where the pilot episode was shot), and dream of someday owning the building that served as the original “Luke’s”. Am now inspired to track down what house they used for the exterior (and interior, too, apparently) of Richard and Emily’s house for the pilot – true GG geeks will be able to tell you about all the changes that took place on the various sets from the pilot episode to the rest of the series. Luke’s Diner was a single-width storefront hardware emporium in the middle of a block, and morphed into a corner property adjacent to Star’s Hollow High School and the town square during the run of the series.

    Also, I recall that Amy Sherman-Palladino talked about the inn near Washington Depot that she and her husband, Daniel, stayed in which was the inspiration for the Independence Inn … it’s called The Mayflower Inn (http://www.mayflowerinn.com/) and seems much grander than the Independence Inn ever was. An incredibly beautiful place, though. I’d love to go for a weekend!

    Thanks for bringing back such great memories of this incredible series which will live on in my heart forever …

    Great blog, Julia (I’ve bookmarked it for many return visits!)
    Cheers, Mary Frances

    • hookedonhouses says

      I hadn’t heard about the Mayflower Inn influence. Very interesting–thanks!

      I just started watching the series again from the beginning and I’m noticing all kinds of things I missed the first time around. Like you mentioned, I’m seeing how different some of the sets were in the beginning than they were by the end of the 7 seasons.

      • Allie says

        Those chairs, the bamboo chippendale style, I’ve seen them on ebay and at antique shows. If you spray paint them and upholster your own seat covers, you can save a lot of money!

  60. Esther says

    Thanks for this wonderfule site! I´m so sad that the show didn´t go on. But I can watch it again and again and again….