Sandra Bullock (& Baby!) Move Into a New Orleans Victorian

People magazine cover-Sandra Bullock baby

As People magazine announced in a recent cover story, Sandra Bullock has filed for divorce from Jesse James, secretly adopted a baby boy named Louis, put her California beach house on the market, and moved into the Gothic Victorian house she owns in New Orleans. (Whew! She’s been busy.)

Sandra Bullock's Gothic Victorian mansion

Sandra and her soon-to-be-ex bought this Victorian home for $2.25 million last summer.

Sandra Bullock's New Orleans house pics

It’s a pretty grand and formal place for a new mom and her baby to live in, don’t you think? I imagine there may be some redecorating needed to make it a little more family friendly. But compared to all the other changes Sandra Bullock has made in her life recently, a little redecorating should be a piece of cake.

Sandra Bullock's New Orleans Victorian

The Koch-Mays house, as it’s known, was built in the 1860s. It has 6,615 square feet, 5 bedrooms, and 4.5 baths. You can read more about the house and see more photos at Variety.

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  1. greenie says

    Haven’t really been paying attention to her personal life–good for her!
    The exterior of this house is beautiful, but the interiors all look a might stuffy. I’m sure there’s some redecorating in her plans.

  2. says

    Yes, that decor seems quite uptight and not very welcoming…I would love seeing it after she is done making it hers. Janell

  3. Kim says

    Your Welcome! I am glad to be of help anytime I can. I really love Sandra Bullock’s house, it’s one I can picture her living in. The inside and outside are gorgeous. She really does have great taste. I bet whatever decorating Sandra Bullock does to her house, will make it look much nicer. That’s if she does anything with the inside.

  4. says

    I love the exterior…and like everyone else am sure that once it is warmed up the inside will be amazing too.

    This puts a new spin on Victorian…especially the photo with the pool.

    Becky k.
    Hospitality Lane
    .-= Becky K´s last blog ..A Deposit in the Relationship Bank =-.

  5. says

    Any move to New Orleans is a good move in my book ;). Hope she loves it there, she will be a great addition to the city. She might be my favorite actress ever–we have the same taste in towns. Tybee Island GA and now New Orleans. Go Sandra! And I agree about kicking him to the curb–she should have more confidence and go for a good guy this time around!
    .-= Julie´s last blog ..Glimpses of home =-.

  6. says

    Definitely needs to be warmed up a little. I can’t exactly see a toddler running around like it is now. Hope she has fun getting on with her new life with her baby boy.
    .-= duchess´s last blog ..Beautiful Home Tour =-.

  7. says

    Another delicious mix of architecture, benign gossip and social history! Why are all the stars buying in New Orleans? (apart from the obvious = beautiful, REAL houses?)
    .-= Tricia Rose´s last blog ..Peter Pan =-.

  8. says

    Lots of changes…wow!! I can’t imagine living in a house that prim and proper. I’m sure she’ll make it homey. She seems like a homey kind of gal:)
    .-= Becky @ Farmgirl Paints´s last blog ..The Luau =-.

  9. says

    Classy woman, I wish her the best and hope she will be happy in the house. It is quite a house! Personally, I think it would be a lot of fun to rework the rooms and make it comfortable for a family..just think of all the possibilities!
    .-= Black Eyed Susans Kitchen´s last blog ..BUTTER BELLS AND ROSE PETALS =-.

  10. says

    Yes, she’s definitely going to need to make some changes so that it’s more suited for life with a small child. Hopefully those pictures were from MLS when she bought it? It’s really beautiful, though, and New Orleans is such a neat, culturally rich place to live.
    .-= Kelli´s last blog ..Tuesday Truth #11 – I harbor illogical guilt =-.

  11. says

    I love the exterior of the house… the interior could use a bit of updating, though!! I’m sure Sandra will make it beautiful :-) She’s going to have to adopt a dog or two now to help fill up all that space!!

    It’s great to see Sandra moving ahead with her life. Good for her!!


  12. says

    Yeah, pretty fancy-schmancy for my taste. I like things classic but comfortable. That’s just me. If it were my house, I would edit, edit, edit–Maybe the only thing she will have to add is a gate around the pool. I hope this is a great new chapter in her life & she is truly happy. :)
    .-= Melissa´s last blog ..Lt. Dan Band =-.

  13. says

    Gorgeous house, but I must admit I’m not a fan of the interior. I’m sure she will, or maybe already has, redecorated it so that it is not quite so old and stuffy. I hope she is happy and enjoying that adorable little baby!! Poor Sandy going from feeling on top of the world with the Oscar to feeling I can’t even imagine how horrible with the whole husband debacle. I hope little Louis is healing her broken heart.
    .-= hip hip gin gin´s last blog ..A Daughter’s Love =-.

  14. Kathy :) says

    WOW I must say I am a bit shocked at the style of the house she choose…well I was also shocked at the guy she picked too. I saw her interviewed by Barbra Walters before the Oscars and she said he was the only one in her life that ever had her back !!!! When Jesse did Celeb Apprentice with Donald Trump he outright asked him “How’d you get someone like Sandra”???

    I have always loved her……she just seems so down to earth…..I wish her all the best !!!

    Thanks for sharing this post Julia….

    Kathy :)

  15. says

    I look forward to seeing the after photos of the house, so grand. I would have thought she would have moved to Austin on the lake somewhere, maybe a vacation house there.
    .-= Annelise´s last blog ..Mystery Girl =-.

  16. says

    Poor thing, she certainly has had a lot going on.
    I agree, it doesn’t feel all that friendly right now. Hopefully she’ll be able to family-ify it soon.
    .-= Struggler´s last blog ..Walk This Way, Please =-.

  17. says

    just ador sander and her movies hope she enjoys new orleans we do sad about your divorce but we hope for your happyness to return soon love your house to

  18. says

    I was just in New Orleans about a month ago (actually the week when the spill happened), and I fell in love with the French Quarter!! The homes are amazing! We did one of those carriage rides and our driver told us all sorts of great stories and showed us all kinds of special architectural features there! It was awesome! (and that’s not even getting started on the food!)
    This house is gorgeous. In the pictures, it doesn’t appear to be a very comfortable house to live in, but like you said, she probably did some redecorating!!! Especially with a baby in the house!

    ~angela @ peonypatch
    .-= Angela´s last blog ..Book Signing =-.

  19. Stephanie says

    Redecorate? Huh? It’s period appropriate! Obviously pair it down and baby proof, but don’t turn it in to a Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware cliche’!

  20. says

    Seeing that she is a compassionate and caring person makes her hotter than ever before. JJ really mesed up something good there.

  21. Sandra says

    I’m so proud of Sandra Bullock after all she’s been through with Jesse James, going through that while still keeping up with her career is just absolutely amazing! Now she gets to enjoy “Motherhood” & all the happiness that brings. I think that the house is absolutely extravagant it suits her. Enjoy being a mom Sandra & may you always be overwhelmed by the grace of God rather than by the cares of life.

    • hookedonhouses says

      You didn’t miss a post about “Blind Side.” I’m still working on it! -Julia :-)

  22. says

    I’d love to see this after she puts her spin on it. It’s a beauty! Maybe Harry Connick knows a nice guy he can introduce her to :) She deserves a nice guy!
    .-= Susan´s last blog ..Who’s Going Home? =-.

  23. says

    Beautiful home…especially that iron-work. But I would imagine that place would be kind of scary on a dark and stormy night! As a side note, I find it interesting that that was the style of house she was drawn to. I would picture her in a more laid-back kind of place…who knows why. Probably just because of the characters she has played!
    .-= Kate (Little Beach Bum)´s last blog ..The Everglades, Part IV: Kayaking (And Crocodiles…) =-.

  24. says

    Fabulous exterior! I’m sure she will make the interior equally as fabulous. I like her style! She’s so cool! And now she has totally blown me away with the love she is showing for this little boy. What an enormous responsibility with even greater rewards.

  25. Stargazer says

    I don’t like it. It looks cluttered and mashup. There’s just too much going on, nothing seems co-ordinated. Mostly, it looks OLD.

  26. says

    Sandra has always been my favorite actress and to see her new home reminds me a bit of the Practical Magic house although, this one is real. Love the house Sandra. Keep up the great work! Peace!

    Joker Out!

  27. Hamtonitegal says

    Definitely must be in the garden district. Those homes are amazing. Used to live in New Orleans and that was by far the most presitgious area. The homes there are old and incredible. Very close to the French Quarter as well.. really great area!!!!

  28. Murphyanm says

    So weird…this is just the home I pictured in a VC Andrews book I read back in the day.

  29. says


  30. Tiffany says

    It is a dream of mine to live in that type of home and in that area. Gorgeous old homes. I would love to see the interior done sort of like the Practical Magic house. Still traditional but more contemporary.

  31. says

    i think the house only looks stuffy due to the old fashioned interior – you can bet she’ll modernise that from day one! i think it will look beautiful :). also, it’s very cute she’s moved to new orleans now she has her little cutie!
    .-= Kate´s last blog ..Photo =-.

    • ELEENA BISHOP says

      You know that shit is haunted! I would love to live there because it is so beautiful but I’d be scared all the time lol!

  32. Barbara says

    I think Sandra’s Victorian home is too gawdy.
    It looks like something the Gabor sisters would
    have decorated.