Hooked on Victory Gardens

Welcome to Hooked on Fridays, a blog party I host at the end of each week to celebrate the things that make us happy. I’m hooked on our fruit and vegetable garden. Okay, so it’s not technically a “Victory Garden,” but I’ve always loved the idea of them, and calling it that gives me an excuse to post this fun poster from World War II. In case you don’t know, everyone was urged to grow their own gardens during the wars to reduce the pressure on the public food supply brought on by the war efforts. One poster read, “Our Food is Fighting!” The campaign made gardening a part of everyday life for millions of Americans. This poster was painted by James Montgomery Flagg during WWI:

This year we decided to give gardening a try and built a raised bed along the side of the house. We don’t get a lot of sun on our heavily wooded lot, but things are growing better than we ever imagined. We’ve been eating fresh spinach and romaine salads almost every night for dinner since early May. Our kids like it so much that they eat it without any dressing!

Did you know potato plants grow pale purple and yellow flowers? I didn’t!

Another thing I learned: potato plants are big and bushy and try to take over. We planted too many. I have a feeling we’ll be eating a lot of potatoes this year:

We’re also growing onions, garlic, raspberries, cantaloupe, and an herb garden. Our strawberry plants are producing a few new berries every day. Can you see them down there? We have to keep them covered because we have so many critters around here who love to snack on them:

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  1. says

    Good for you to be patient enough and consistent in your care to grow veggies! Right now I am only attempting Basil on the kitchen windowsill, and it’s struggling 😉
    I imagine your strawberries are popular with humans mouths as well as critters, and personally, I find freshly dug potatoes hard to beat. Your garden looks great.

  2. says

    Great idea to relate todays gardens to Victory Gardens. Even non-gardeners can at least put a few vegetable plants in the flower beds. Nothing like eating what you have grown. Now that’s fresh!

    Porch Days’s last blog post..Hooked on Begonias

  3. says

    Growing your own veggies is a super idea! When we moved into our houses there were veggie plants everywhere, but they grew out of control, so we pulled them out with a plan to start over with the ones we know we’d enjoy.

    After we updated our garden, we even found plants that we didn’t know existed, like a chilli plant.

    Sounds like you’re going to have a lot of delicious produce to eat over the coming months, Julia. :-)

    Jasmine @ The Suburban Sentiment’s last blog post..Hooked on: Terrariums Part II

  4. says

    Hi Julia! Hope you are doing well and having a fantabulous week! I bet your week will be even better tomorrow since it will be Friday. Loved your hooked on photos this week. I wish I could be a greenthumb! :-(

  5. says

    Julia…you’re garden is wonderful! I sooo wish I had some sun in my backyard for a garden. I think my neighbors would flip if I planted veggies out front! Maybe I could sneak a few in. :-) Just think how healthy you guys are eating…no pesticides to worry about! That’s great that your children love their salad without dressing….so much healthier that way! This is very impressive! I love your Victory Garden!

    Susan’s last blog post..Welcome to the 43rd Tablescape Thursday, Foodie Friday and Hooked On Fridays!

  6. says

    Lovely garden!! We, too, are trying our hands at gardening and have had wonderful results with okra and black-eyed peas! I’d love to have strawberries, maybe we’ll try that next year!

    It Feels Like Chaos’s last blog post..Blueberry Picking

  7. says

    My first little home was maticulously manicured by 2 elderly sisters. The garden was weed free and an inspiration to a newly married wishful thinker as myself. I soon learned I did not have the HOURS upon hours it took to keep such a garden. I felt like such a failure. It soon was over run by weeds and bugs and I felt so bad when once the little ladies came to visit. Their hearts must have been crushed, but they simply said, “darling, some day you will love to pull the weeds and enjoy the fruit. It’s just not your time.”

    Sort of a metaphore for my life. I did figure out how to pull the weeds and enjoy the fruit… but more on the scale of your lovely garden. Sometimes attempting to be something (or setting too high of goal) beyond your reach taught me to scale back and be happy with the present, smaller verson.

    thanks for the reminder.


    Claudia@DipityRoad’s last blog post..Shy Summer

  8. says

    I was just trying to catch up on my gardening today. We have had tons of rain in the last 2 weeks and now I have tons of weeds. I like that you put a garden right up against your house.

  9. says

    Love those vintage posters – we had similar ones here in WW2 in Britain (so I am told – LOL!)

    Your garden is certainly flourishing – what a great lesson for kids too – that food does not always come clean and wrapped in plastic in a supermarket.

    JanMary, N Ireland’s last blog post..Show & Tell and Day 2 of Bristol trip

  10. says

    Did you know that the garden center industry saw a huge increase in sales of vegetables and herbs this year? Many people are enjoying growing their own food as a way of saving money and enjoying their own back yard. I think it’s great!

    Tamara’s last blog post..Hooked on Industry Luncheon’s

  11. says

    I love those old posters!! :) You guys really have a lot going on in your garden! I planted 3 tomato plants and some thyme, but then we had some house work that disrupted one side of the garden, so I haven’t been able to plant much else. I didn’t know potato plants grew flowers. :) I’d love to get a blueberry plant. Lettuce is in my plans for next year. Your garden is wonderful! :)

    Amanda @ Serenity Now’s last blog post..Is That Your Final Answer?

  12. says

    I am so with you on the WWII posters! Weren’t they just the best?

    And I love your garden–what a good way to get into gardening. We haven’t had a big garden in a long time, and I’ve been hesitant to try. . . but seeing your beds makes me think that this could be very do-able. Thanks for the inspiration.

    Richella at Imparting Grace’s last blog post..More candles

  13. says

    There is nothing finer then enjoying fresh fruits and vegetables at your table! What a wonderful way for your children to appreciate the benefits of a healthy diet and lifestyle. Wishing you a nice weekend. Cathy

    Cathy @ The Stylish House’s last blog post..Cloche Party!

  14. says

    Love your blog! I’ve painted those lovely houses in your top bar in one of my books, they always make me want to visit SF! We’ve just planted our own victory garden- potatoes would be a fun addition! It’s so rainy her (Cape Cod) that it’s the perfect day for a Blog Party- thanks for the fun! Martha

    Martha’s last blog post..Persistence Pays!

  15. says

    In my efforts to be greener I really wanted to start a little garden. It will have to wait until next year after I move. I’ll have to live vicariously through yours. You just gotta love the lettuces for salads. It is one of the few veggies everyone in my household will agree on. I’d love to have jalapenos and tomatos for fresh pico de gallo. The grocery store just won’t do. Might have to get me one of those upside down thingys. Anyone know if they work?

    Kristin’s last blog post..Free Advice Baby to Big Boy Room

  16. Sadie says

    I can’t remember exactly where I read it, maybe in some of kids’ learning stuff, but it turns out that the British grew potatoes for like 20 years just for the beautiful flowers, before finding out that they could eat the roots!

  17. DaK says

    A friend of mines grandmother laughed when she saw the ad for topsy-turvey. She said growning up in Sicily that’s the way they always grew their tomatos. They’d wait until the seedlings were established then rip them out of the grown and hang them upside down on the porch out of the bottom of buckets. She didn’t know any other way until she came to the US.

  18. says

    I love your garden! I haven’t planted many vegetables yet, but I plan to come fall. It is really hot here in East Texas. And humid! Don’t wanna go out if you don’t have to. I do love the vintage images. Can’t have enough of that. I wasn’t aware of this blog carnival, and I don’t have one for Fridays. So I shall bookmark it. Have a wonderful weekend!

    Brenda Kula’s last blog post..Friday Cloche Party!

  19. Eileen says

    You always have such great posts!
    Great pictures! Great posters!

  20. says

    Oh Julia-good for you! We really wanted to plant vegetables this year, but just couldn’t find the time to get it started. We needed to build something to hold them all, and ran out of time this spring. Besides, it rained so much here that they might have drowned! I will definitely plant some potatoes next time. Nothing like having flowers added to the garden, right?


    Misti England’s last blog post..I confess my love of…

  21. says

    Hi Julia–

    I left a comment earlier today, but then I realized that my post today was about something that I really am “hooked on”–so I came back and linked up. Thank you for hosting this feature. It is lots of fun to see what people like. I’ve never hosted a Linky party, but I sure do appreciate those of you who do it regularly.

    Richella at Imparting Grace’s last blog post..The best candles and a special offer

  22. says

    For the past four years, I have helped my daughter’s class with their raised vegetable gardens.
    Nothing has been more satisfying than making a salad with a bunch of 8 year olds made from the
    vegetables that they grew in their own garden.
    Great post, Julia.
    Happy weekend.


    velvet and linen’s last blog post..velvet and burlap?

  23. says

    I love gardening. There is something about putting your hands in the dirt! This year we planted radishes and when I was out weeding two days ago— all of the sudden there they were beautiful red little balls coming out ot the earth. I had no idea they would be ready so soon. My three year old and I had a little celebration! Such fun.

    Thank you for hosting Hooked on Friday’s, I always love being part of it.

    Angela @ Imaginecozy’s last blog post..Living Room–Redesign With What You Have!