Sarah Jessica Parker’s Hamptons House

Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick are expecting! According to People magazine: “The Hollywood couple, who already have son James Wilkie, 6, announced Tuesday they’re ‘happily anticipating the birth of their twin daughters later this summer with the generous help of a surrogate. The entire family is overjoyed.'”

In honor of their happy news, I thought I’d post some photos of their home in Bridgehampton, New York, which appeared a couple of years ago in Elle Decor.

Her friend Eric Hughes helped them decorate it, even though he wasn’t an interior designer. According to the article by Stacie Stukin, “He knew he wanted to create a place that could handle sandy feet, damp bathing suits, and lots of people. He was a California boy who grew up in Newport Beach, so he knew all about beachy weekend life.”

This red, black and white kitchen makes me smile:

A Little Trivia…

  • They have famous neighbors: Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos live nearby.
  • She wore 81 different outfits as Carrie Bradshaw in the Sex and the City Movie.
  • She was introduced to Matthew Broderick by her brother, Timothy Britten Parker.
  • She, Matthew, and their son James Wilkie are all left-handed.

I love the roomy wraparound porch:

Photos by William Waldron for Elle Decor, where you can read the article and see the rest of the house. Check out my Celebrity Houses page to see more of your faves.

P.S. Sarah Jessica Parker & Matthew Broderick Are Selling Their NYC Townhouse:

Sarah Jessica Parker Matthew Broderick Greenwich Village Townhouse

Check Out the Pics of Houses Featured in Some of Their Movies Over the Years:

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  1. says

    I’m from Bridgehampton & now live in chigago. I go home every summer. I’ll have to give you a photo tour this summer of celeb homes & hot spots! :) It will be fun. My daughter rode in the Hampton classic with Kelly Ripa’s daughter…I see Kelly Ripa & a ton of celebs everyday. It is a lot of fun! I promise you a fun insiders post!! :) Her house is very nice & one of the more understated homes in BH…a place where it’s VERY easy to get caught up.

    melissa’s last blog post..Lechuza Caracas- Follow up

  2. Ellycat says

    Oh yes the kitchen! Apart from the giant apple it is the kitchen I would have if I could! Porch is fantastic too. But hate the blue butterfly bathroom. Yuck!

  3. says

    The exterior of the home is lovely and I adore those wide planked hardwood floors, but over all the decor is
    a bit too contemporary for me. Nice, but not “me”. Of course, I’m not swanky like SJP and MB either. LOL.
    SJP is one of my all-time favorites, so I am so thankful for you sharing this.

    Suzann’s last blog post..The Walls Come Tumbling Down…

  4. says

    Oh I just love this house! And I love that they’re having twins! Yeah for them! She’s one of my favorite actresses. I’m actually surprised by how much I love the interiors, because I am normally drawn to rooms with lots of colors on the walls – but she’s managed to make each room colorful with the furnishings and decorations, while leaving the walls white and I think it looks brilliant. Fabulous post, as usual, Julia!

    christy’s last blog post..Not to be judgemental, but…

  5. says

    Love it! Personality galore. Totally fits her style. The dining room is great inspiration for garage sale find chairs and how to make them look like a set by painting them all the same color.

    No railings=easy party flow!

    Phillips Phamily Mama’s last blog post..Make My Monday

  6. says

    It would be so easy to move right in. I wouldn’t think there were ever railings on the steps – you only need railings to stop people falling off the sides. I like the wide open steps a lot, guests can move easily from the lawn to the porch

    Jane @ Beach House’s last blog post..High to Low: Porcelain Stools

  7. Beth says

    I’m actually surprised it isn’t more glammed-up. I guess that’s the point of a weekend / summer house, though – take a break from the intensity of city living during the week! I LOVE the different black chairs around the white table – very relaxed but striking!

  8. says

    Except for the mirrored desk and big apple in the kitchen, I love it. It seem so, comfortable. I love the different styles of chairs in the dining room and the bedroom with the red comforter looks very IKEA. Actually we have an IKEA bed that looks almost exactly like that (it’s in storage right now) and the duvet that goes on it is very similar to the red one shown, only in blue (also from IKEA). Do you think SJP shops IKEA? How funny would that be?

    Mom in High Heels’s last blog post..The Mean Mommy

  9. Kellye says

    I love the outside of the house, but I’m not feeling the inside. It’s just so not me! Of course, I’m one of those people who aren’t too keen on SJP, either.

  10. Lili says

    I love love love the porch, and facade. However…. the inside is really stark and white… a little too washed out for my taste.

  11. says

    I really do love it!

    It looks casual and fresh and bright.

    I’m not a fan of formal decor.

    And Kelly and Mark as my neighbors? Yeah, I could handle that.

  12. says

    That porch is for me! Also I love the green chair and the chandelier with the turquoise shades. Julia, I’d be on that porch with a book and a pitcher of iced tea…..

  13. says

    I love the aesthetic of this house, Julia… I can see myself living comfortably in a home like this. Right now I’m working on a project for design class where I’m incorporating mis-matched black chairs. Imagine how please I was to see this dining room photo! I’ve copied it and will use it in my presentation because it’s a perfect example of what I’m envisioning! I guess my ideas aren’t all that original 😉
    Thanks for sharing!
    Victoria @ DesignTies
    P.S. There are railings on the porch, just not down the front where the stairs take you to the yard.

  14. says

    Interesting news! A friend of mine just had twin girls with a gestational carrier, which means that the embryo (created from my friend and her husband’s egg and sperm) was implanted. She told me that a surrogate is someone was has been inseminated with the man’s sperm, and the surrogate’s egg. Maybe too much for a house blog!!!! But, when I looked it up, it looks like surrogate can cover both types of situations. I assume in this case it is SJP and MB’s biological child.

    Things That Inspire’s last blog post..Square Art

  15. Karen says

    Well what’s wrong with me?:) The only thing I like is the beautiful porch . . .oh and I took a real dislike to the 30s hospital-type bed in the white and red bedroom. But I do love this couple!

  16. says

    The outside facade is in such contrast with the interior, specifically, the kitchen. I would have much preferred a huge farm house kitchen (think Ina Garten’s) as opposed to the current style.

    The porch is sensational!

  17. says

    I’m ordinarily not impressed by the homes of celebrities, because they are by and large ostentatious. But I love this home. I could totally live there.

  18. Barb says

    Lovely, homey house, especially the yummy back porch. The choice of white walls with colour only added via furniture and accessories is interesting – very flexible. The rooms without much in the way of wall art and/or window treatments look a bit bottom-heavy, though.

  19. greenie says

    Adorable house, but could the walls be any whiter? It’s absolutely blinding. Other than that, I love the furnishings and the porch. Looks like a great getaway.

  20. says

    Because I must get to work, I’m only skimmed this post. I stopped at the blue chandelier over the table and drooled for a few minutes! WOW!
    ~angela @ peonypatch

    Angela’s last blog post..Kiddy

  21. says

    Cooie I love this place! Very chic and simple, it seems though that the huge apple print in the kitchen is not a popular feature but I adore it! Any ideas where I can get one from?

  22. Moi says

    I like the house but am not wild about the contemporary furnishings or the kitchen.

    I’d like it to look more English Country.

    I like that it’s not over-the-top or ostentatious.

  23. says

    Isnt it so layed back shows you some hollywood stars are just peole at the end of the day, like you & me. Its a real home to live in.

    Elaine’s last blog post..At The Beach

  24. says

    Love the house – love the exterior and the wood – not too sure about the Apple in the kitchen – quirky kind of decor – very well done – thanks for sharing.

  25. ali says

    Sorry to say this but they don’t have the house in Bridgehampton their house is in Amagansett the house from Bridgehampton was sold a few years ago…I live in Amagansett and I saw her last night outside of her house here!!!

  26. hookedonhouses says

    Ali–Thanks for the update! Think you can get us some pics of the new one? -Julia 😉

  27. Sese says

    I like it..but bet the price is too much..yes, I know it was sold and they are elsewhere..but how homey is this place! would be great for an unknown like me, but not private enough for them..sad to say!..also suppose they moved for bigger place..with 3 kids now

  28. Makennah says

    Cute!!!!!!!!!!!! Now that is a happy family home! In my opinion. When I grow up though, mine will be very colorful, a bit of modern, but fun!

  29. Christina says

    Now this is great. Not too precious like Paltrows. I love her as an actress, Paltrow that is, but that white was awful. Hopefully she added more color. Sarah Jessica was on Letterman talking about this house she and Matthew bought and she specifically said she didn’t want it to look too precious because she wanted some color and to make it comfortable for James, herself and Matthew and guests. As well as her two new daughters I’m sure, who weren’t born yet. She has a huge family. Lots of brothers and sisters. I love it. She paid about $2 million I believe she said or actually an Architectural Digest article I read. I love it. She has great taste in everything. I wish the show would have lasted at least 2 years longer and the new movie part II was great!!

  30. Dominik says

    Hello guy´s!
    Who knows the adress of the house?
    (I´m not a Stalker!)
    I´m only interested

  31. says

    I love this house! For real, I’m in love! This is exactly the style I go for myself. Take the chair in the second picture or the kitchen or, well, just everything. To me, this house seems somewhat more European to me, instead of American that is. LOVE IT!!
    .-= Maaike Quinn´s last blog ..Seven reasons why I love FlyLady =-.

  32. Christina says

    The bay window is great and the white bedroom. But quite simple taste considering most of those homes in the Hamptons are insanely ostentatious in decor..