The Parent Trap Houses in Napa Valley & London

The Parent Trap 1998 movie remake filming locations

In the 1998 remake of Disney’s The Parent Trap, the lovely Natasha Richardson played the mother of precocious twins Annie and Hallie (Lindsay Lohan). She was so warm and loving as Elizabeth that it was hard to believe that she had willingly given up one of her girls to her ex-husband (Dennis Quaid).

She’s a wedding-gown designer, living in this beautiful house in London with Annie, the twin she kept:

"The Parent Trap" movie remake |

Hallie, pretending to be Annie, sees her mother’s home for the first time:

"The Parent Trap" movie remake |

The London house where this was filmed is in Knightsbridge. It went on the market in 2010 for £14 million, and the real interiors look very different (to say the least). You can see photos of it here.

"The Parent Trap" movie remake |

"The Parent Trap" movie remake |

"The Parent Trap" movie remake |

"The Parent Trap" movie remake |

"The Parent Trap" movie remake |

Meanwhile, back at the ranch that Dennis Quaid’s character Nick owns in Napa Valley:

"The Parent Trap" movie remake |

The Staglin Family Vineyard was used for the film.

The Staglin Family Vineyard was used for the film. You can see some photos they took during the filming on their website.

Nick’s longtime, loyal housekeeper Chessy, runs out to greet Hallie, who has been at summer camp for 8 weeks:

The Parent Trap filming locations

The Parent Trap 1998

The Parent Trap 1998

1998 remake of "The Parent Trap"

Lindsay Lohan in The Parent Trap vineyard kitchen

Lindsay Lohan in The Parent Trap

Lindsay Lohan as the twins in "The Parent Trap"

Dennis Quaid and Lindsay Lohan The Parent Trap vineyard

Filming location The Parent Trap

The twins’ plan to get their parents back together works, and Nick and Elizabeth remarry. Gotta love a happy ending!

The Wedding Finale "The Parent Trap" remake

Prefer the original? See the houses from the 1961 version with Hayley Mills:

The Parent Trap 1961 filming locations

The Parent Trap: Two Sisters, Two Houses

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  1. says

    Hello Julia! Very fun post-as usual! I really liked the huge fireplace at the ranch house, and the stair case at the London home. I think both homes are fantastic in their own ways. Hope you have a wonderful week~Smiles~Tam!

    Tam’s last blog post..FREE Friday!!!

  2. says

    Hi Julia. How sweet that you chose this movie following Natasha Richardson’s untimely death. I love this movie, and even liked the original version with Haley Mills. There’s another idea for Movie Monday! And speaking of Haley Mills, what about Pollyanna? There were beautiful homes in that movie, too. Back to The Parent Trap, while I don’t live far from the Napa Valley, I love the traditional style of the London home. This was a great choice. Thank you for the time you take to feature these movies! ~Arleen

    Arleen @ Seasons for All at Home’s last blog post..Inspiration ~ The Shapes of Stairway Banisters

  3. Susan says

    I’d love to see the California house from the original movie. I LOVED that ranch and still do.

  4. says

    The picture you posted of Annie’s bedroom in London is actually Hallie’s bedroom in Napa. They play cards while Nick and Elizabeth get all romantical. :) And the dog lives in Napa.

    Jenelle’s last blog post..I really love this painting!

  5. hookedonhouses says

    You’re right. I got them mixed up. Fixed it! Thanks. :-)

  6. says

    Hi Julia – thanks for the shoutout! Yes, the girls bedroom is in Napa, they never show her London bedroom.

    I received an email from someone several weeks ago looking for the artists name of the painting in the London dining room (you show it behind the table in the pic where they are all seated). Anyone know?

    Also, a little bit of trivia – Nancy Meyers directed this movie, Something’s Gotta Give, What Women Want and The Holiday. All known for their outstanding movie sets!

    Linda Merrill’s last blog post..Something’s Gotta Give – Get that rug!

  7. says

    I love the ivy-covered walls (even tho I hear it’s not good to have it on the house itself). But isn’t that always the case: wanting things that aren’t necessarily healthy. (smile). Lovely tour! thanks, -susan

    Love Where You Live’s last blog post..This Furniture is Way COOL!

  8. says

    I love the color in the foyer of the London home…I am having a real love affair with anything orange lately! Great post and darling movie…this movie makes me want to design dresses and make wine…ahhh…one can dream!


    Ramona’s last blog post..Finials ~ Still Not My Final Word On ‘EM

  9. says

    Oh, I wish I could go on about that London home or the cute puppy on the bed, but I feel so sorry for poor Natasha R. So sad. She really seemed like a nice person. Great post. I could really live happily ever after in either home!! :) Have a great day all!! :)

    meilssa’s last blog post..Camp Reunion!!

  10. Kathy :) says

    If I were a kid I’d love that window seat, I always wanted one, to sit there and read or just dream :)

    I have to say it really upset me when Natasha died, what a horrible accident…now there are questions all over the news today asking if she got the right treatment. Its been reported that she and Liam had a truly wonderful marriage…so sad.

    I have to see this movie, my kids loved it…

    Thanks Julia for another great post….

    **I wanted to let you know, now that the good weather is coming…I won’t be on the computer as much, moderation here, I will be in and out. Please know that yours is one of my faves…funny how we become attached to our virtual friends and I consider you one :)

    All the best,
    Kathy :)

  11. Susan Drysdale says

    I love both houses and would take either one if it came with Dennis Quaid! I’ve always thought he was a babe.
    It’ so sad that Natasha Richardson died and that it possibly could have been avoided if she had been treated sooner.
    I’ll have to see this movie again. I remember seeing it years ago and really enjoyed it.
    Your blog is always a joy to read.

  12. says

    Oh, this is one of my favorite movies. Is that London house not amazing? It makes me sad to think of Natasha being gone – she was a wonderful actress. Thanks for these – I had forgotten how much I liked them.

    duchess’s last blog post..Missing NC

  13. says

    Great post. I love both homes in this movie. The one in London is a little too formal for my taste, but I love all it still. I would live their in a heartbeat. Then I saw the dad’s home in Napa and feel in love even more. Amazing plus a vineyard. Whatelse could a girl want.

    Camila’s last blog post..Curtain Call

  14. Billy says

    I’m with Susan 10:59, Uncle Bill’s (Brian Keith) ranch at Tahoe is more in fitting of the character and in a better movie too. But don’t I always say that, just not as whiney. How about “Guess Who is Coming to Dinner” (1967), Miss Hepburn’s house is indescribable with out coffee, and Dr. banned coffee last Friday.

  15. says

    I haven’t seen this movie…Looks like both of the “twins” did OK for themeselves! Hopefully the parents descided to keep both homes and shuttle the kids back and forth, a la Brangelina. :-) Annd…also hopefully Natasha’s legacy won’t be a Disney movie with little LiLo!

    laura @ the shore house’s last blog post..That’s entertainment.

  16. says

    I love this movie, and love the London location. I always imagined it to be in the Holland Park section of London. The color of the walls in the foyer were my inspiration for the color of my dining room – I literally freeze framed a scene from the front hall and showed it to my decorative painter. I enjoyed that color for 9 years, then (soon after starting my blog in 2007) started to not like it. It was too much color for me, although it looked really beautiful at night when the candles were lit and the chandelier was on dim.

    When I heard the news of Natasha Richardson’s death, I immediately thought about this movie, then thought about the beautiful movie she was in last year with her mother – the name is escaping me right now. What a loss to her family first and foremost, and to movie fans everywhere.

    Things That Inspire’s last blog post..Tulips

  17. says

    I love this Disney film in Lindsay’s earlier years.
    When Natasha passed I was so sad (we’re the same age)….always wear a helmet!
    Thanks so much for what I call a tribute.

    Suzy’s last blog post..Don’t Forget to Vote!

  18. says

    Decisions, Decisions–Should I live in an elegant London home or on a Fabulous Napa ranch? That snazzy wedding dress caught my eye!

    susan’s last blog post..

  19. says

    Hard to choose. They’re both gorgeous in completely different ways. I know it’s pointless to try to make sense of a Disney movie, but I always wondered, why did the twins have to be a secret to each other? And why wouldn’t the parents want to see the other twin? There was obviously enough money involved that flights across the pond once or twice a year would not be an issue.

    Holly’s last blog post..Parade of Homes Part 10: 2006-2008

  20. says

    While the London house is beautiful, my vote is Napa all the way! I’ve ALWAYS fantasized about having that house and I have this deluded idea that all Napa Valley homes should look like that – IE I couldn’t believe they chose victorian for the latest HGTV dream home!

    Daly Essentials’s last blog post..Recession Special

  21. says

    LOVE both places… I would like to live in Napa house full time… and visit London on ocassion! GREAT post… LOVE this movie! I think it is a good remake… actually I think it is one where I like the remake more!

    Fifi Flowers’s last blog post..On the Street… on the Runway…

  22. K Caye says

    I watch this film and Sabrina each week on dvd. I liked the “Making of the film” on the dvd. But heartbroken Natasha died. She was so happy with Liam. Her grave on is just so somber. She is buried next to her grandmother.

  23. Nic says

    Awesome site!!! Pretty please could you dig up anymore info or pics on the original Parent Trap house in California?? I know it was mostly filmed on set and no such house exists but they did film a lot in Carmel, where I am originally from, and would love to even just see shots from the film.


  24. hookedonhouses says

    Hi, Nic! Yes, I will do the original “Parent Trap,” too! Thanks for the suggestion. -Julia :-)

  25. Glenn says

    The London house is just around the corner from me! Watched the film for the first time the other day and I thought I knew it from somewhere, turns out its about 5 minutes down the street.

    23 Egerton Terrace in Kensington

    Although in real life the house doesn’t overlook a leafy park, ‘Pembroke Green’ in-fact looks over some garages which were cleverly hidden with trellises which you can see when Annie steps out of the car

  26. Cheryl Reddin says


    Love your website. Does anyone have a clue where to find a bed like the one Elizabeth has in her London bedroom? It is beautiful!

    Thanks for anyone’s help.


  27. Richard A. Walters Jr. says

    Pass on to Lindsay Lohan please:
    Ms. Lohan I watch The Parent Trap that You stared in often, What happened to that little girl? I know you’ve growen up and all, but you have everything going for you. Look to your friends and family for help and understanding. Get back to basics and a centered life. Your a great actress and can do your job at best. You have to believe in your self. Get help in what ever you need help in, start over, be strong, and you can accomplish anything. I believe you can do it.
    Look forward to seeing you in more movies soon. Maybe another “Herbie” or “Parent Trap III”
    All best to you.


  28. says

    For anyone wanting to “live the dream”, our Clients have just listed the Egerton Terrace house for sale in London through Strutt & Parker!
    It is an absolutely stunning house, but i must warn you that the interiors in The Parent Trap were of another home and were of a different style.
    Due to the rarity value of these homes, if someone wants to buy it they had better be quick.
    Kind regards