Celine Dion Selling Her “Waterpark House” in Florida

Celine Dion's waterpark house for sale Jupiter Florida

Raise your hand if you remember when Celine Dion invited Oprah viewers into her waterfront home in Florida two years ago. She walked around the house in her jammies and introduced us to her babies — twins Eddy and Nelson — with husband René Angélil. Now they’re selling it for $72 million, so let’s take a look!

Celine Dion on the Oprah Show with the twins

Broker Joseph Montanaro says that it had become so difficult for them to visit theme parks as a family without being besieged by fans that this was their solution — to build their own Jupiter Island waterpark on the beach.

Celine Dion's house for sale Jupiter Florida (7)

She reportedly decided to sell because the family now spends most of their time in Las Vegas. She’s under contract to continue her popular show at Caesar’s Palace until 2019.

Celine Dion's house for sale Jupiter Florida (10)

You can see the black and white kitchen behind her in this shot from the 2011 Oprah show:

Celine Dion's house in FL 3

I was excited to get a better look at it in the listing:

Celine Dion's house for sale Jupiter Florida (9)

The individual rooms don’t look that big, but the main house alone has 10,000 square feet.

Celine Dion's house for sale Jupiter Florida (11)

Celine Dion's house for sale Jupiter Florida (6)

Here’s how the family room looked on Oprah, with a family photo covering the TV:

Celine Dion's family room

Celine Dion's house for sale Jupiter Florida (8)

Celine Dion's house for sale Jupiter Florida (12)

The property comes fully furnished.

Celine Dion's house for sale Jupiter Florida (13)

Celine Dion's house for sale Jupiter Florida (14)

Celine Dion's house for sale Jupiter Florida (15)

Celine Dion's house for sale Jupiter Florida (16)

Celine Dion's house for sale Jupiter Florida (17)

Celine Dion's house for sale Jupiter Florida (20)

Celine Dion's waterpark house 2

There are two pools, a treehouse, bridges, slides, and a “lazy river.” If that’s not enough, there’s a third pool overlooking the ocean.

Celine Dion's house for sale Jupiter Florida (19)

To get a better idea of just how big the waterpark is, here’s an aerial view of the property via Daily Mail:

Celine Dion's waterpark house-aerial view

For more photos and information, see: the listing by Joseph Montanaro, CNBC, The Telegraph, and my original post about the house when it was featured on Oprah.

Celine Dion's house for sale Jupiter Florida (21)

BTW: Remember Celine’s private island estate in Montreal that she put on the market last year for $29 million? It’s reportedly under contract now, but you can see the pics here:

Celine Dion's private island estate Montreal

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  1. says

    Oh Celine…. get dressed girlfriend! The house appears really ostentatious from the exterior, but it is actually not as overboard as I thought it would be inside. Lots ‘o white!

  2. says

    You know that kind of bugs me they would sell it. They built this mansion, that while I get she earned every penny to build it, they also took out a lot of beach property to do so. It was built without being a ‘green house’ Who can afford a house like that? It’s just such a waste. It gives me a headache. Or maybe I am just totally jealous today. :)

    • vicki says

      I tend to agree with you, while I don’t begrudge anyone spending their hard earned money however they want, this is almost like “throwaway” …

  3. Emma says

    Spectacular property, but I have to agree with Nicole M’s comment.

    The other property owners on Jupiter Island (astonishingly, I actually know 2 of them personally :) ) were dismayed by this elaborate project. It did destroy a lot of beach, and for what? So Celine and her family could have a “private” waterpark?

    It will be interesting to see what the new owners do with it.

    • says

      It was pretty controversial when she was building it a few years ago. I remember reading articles about how upset the neighbors were. Can’t say I blame them!

  4. jen says

    its a beautiful house there is lots in it i ike
    I do have t say white sofas i’d be afied of

  5. Martha says

    Over the top, but what else do you expect from Celine? I agree with everyone that it is really a shame to built a huge mansion like this, take up valuable beach property and then sell it. If I had the money to buy it I would want a home built exactly the way I wanted it , not a white (pun intended) elephant like this.

  6. says

    How about you and I, and maybe a couple hundred good friends, go in together and buy this really neat place!! Oh wait, there’s only 52 weeks in a year and it wouldn’t be fun having it one day a year. Bahaha
    Love love love what you find to show us, Julia!!!

  7. Angela says

    Well, I suppose it’s a lesson that money can’t buy happiness.

    I don’t mean to single out this example, but the wastefulness and extravagancy are beyond what I could ever comprehend.

  8. Christina from Dallas says

    That lady has more money than she knows what to do with. Well ,the house is pretty but so big I guess the kids have to wander around with a map looking for their parents,

  9. valvacious says

    I do not care how big a house you have, you are going to get tired of it eventually and want something else.

  10. says

    Oh My Gosh! 10,000 square meter is what we are talking about here? *sliding under the ground* Thats like so frikking much! No doubt the rooms are very lavish & huge but whats the point? This sort of flashy place has nothing to do with self actualization.
    What was she thinking :/
    Jessica x

  11. Bernie says

    Yes, I remember when this house was being built an the uproar it caused. Not so much from the amount of property(beach) it took up, but from the amount of fresh water it took to fill the pools. Her neighbors were none too happy!

  12. says

    It’s not as ugly on the inside as on the outside. The inside is rather plain though, but why am I complaining. Too bad it’s just a little out of my price range 😉

  13. Alie B says

    While I agree with the comments, regarding the extravagance of this project, I really can’t imagine what would be like not to be able to take my children to a public water park without being the center of attention. Rather than selling the place though, perhaps someone should suggest to her that she retain it and donate some winter time shares to families with unwell kids or some other such good cause.

  14. Jennifer I. says

    I don’t even think Oprah has such grandeur….

  15. lilK says

    after 2019 will she retun to florida, rent a house, while building ANOTHER mansion estate ? sheesh!

    i agree with Alie B’s comment about celine:give the house as a timeshare to sick kids and their families. Remember her niece Karine died of Cystic Fibrosos, so raffle the house’s use to raise $ for it. Andoffer it to families w kids w Cystic Fibrosis.