A Modern Beach House in San Diego

Areader named Rebecca had the chance to attend a Dwell Home Tour in San Diego recently and took some photos of this modern beach house for us. Wasn’t that nice of her? The roughly 2,000-square foot home was designed by architect Brett Farrow, who says they wanted something “simple and honest.” Take a look!

The “home sweet beach” sign above the door charmed me (above). A folding-glass door system opens the living room to the outdoors (below).

The beach house has exposed-beam ceilings and blackened concrete floors.

Rebecca says, “Homeowner Kim Nadel did a perfect job accessorizing the home just right (pretty, but not too precious). I enjoyed taking a close look at the things she placed around this classy beach-side studio home.”

“Note the concrete and steel bar stools designed by the homeowner,” Rebecca says. “Can we talk bar stools for a second? My son has big ole rivets on his jeans and shorts. He has taken chunks out of our wood bar stools and dining table benches. I examined these stools closely. They are indestructible. Good job Kim!”

I love this bright and beachy office with the pale blue desk. I wouldn’t mind working here. Looks like there’s plenty of space for my laptop…

Hey, they have the same bedding I have in my bedroom:

Rebecca actually toured four houses but says, “This is the one that reminds me the most of your blog. The others are pretty MODERN with a capital M. This one was so feminine. The designer did a great job as did the landscape designer and the architect.”

Thanks, Rebecca! For more photos and details about this house–as well as tours of the other three she toured–visit Mid-Century Modern Remodel. Learn more about future events at Dwell Home Tours.

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  1. Peggy says

    An interesting house, but I see a few oddities. The tags hanging from the bar stools? The TVs with no convenient seating? I don’t get it.

    • says

      I wondered about the tags on the barstools, too. Since the homeowner designed them, maybe she sells them, too, and had the prices on them for the tour or something? Maybe Rebecca can fill us in!

      • says

        Hi Julia! I was away all day and came back to a surprise! :) Thanks! Yes, the owner is a designer and designed much of the furniture including the bar stools. So the tags contained information about purchasing them. This was a BIG home tour with 10 houses in 2 days. This home was one of the best staged homes I saw, so it is possible comfy chairs were moved around to accommodate the crowds on the tour.

  2. Kate says

    Not homey at all…and those ultra “modern” homes remind me of the 1980’s. I know that sounds like a contradiction, but it’s definitely not my style.

  3. says

    Great design but the concrete floors in most of the space seem cold and impersonal. Some type of wood I think would have warmed up the space considerably. But I suppose concrete is more practical for being at the beach…

  4. Laura says

    I guess I will just never like the modern style. It makes me depressed – no warmth.

  5. Shannon says

    There’s nowhere to sit and watch either of the TVs, unless you watched while playing the piano.

    Can anyone think of a movie that has a happy loving family living in a modern style home? I can’t think of any. It’s people like Jennifer Lopez’ husband in Enough. That lovely couple in The Glass House. Is there a happy modern home in the movies anywhere?

    • says

      That’s an interesting observation! I’m trying to think of a happy modern house in the movies but coming up short. The one in “Housesitter” was kind of a take on a modern traditional home, so I’m not sure it entirely counts. Can anyone think of one? I’ll be pondering this all day now… :-)

  6. MsCordelia says

    I agree, not a fan of concrete floors, they are too “warehouse” and uncomfortable. The stools while durable, are uncomfortable looking, and I agree with comments above about no seating around tv. The house is just not warm or comfortable looking.

  7. Mer says

    It almost feels corporate to me…maybe it’s the conferencey looking table? Also, the kitchen reminds me of one in a high-rise office. But I WOULD love to take a dip in that pool out front!

  8. Kim says

    When I think of a beach house, I think of a place that I can relax and be care free from the world. Not with this home. It looks ugly and feels cold. Contemporary is my least favorite style of home. Most of them are unappealing to me.

  9. martha says

    Simple and honest???? I think cold and uninviting. Do love the paintings and the rug in the living room. I also am not a fan of curtains that puddle on the floor, especially at the beach.The pool looked divine, but whenever I see those folding glass doors that open up a room to a pool I think of kids falling into it. Can’t help the mother-grandmother hen in me.

  10. Julia says

    A beach home should be warm and relaxed feeling, but this ” feels” cold to me. Maybe when it is hot out it feels refreshing. Just not ” homey” enough.

  11. Jennah says

    Very cold and uninviting. Except for the beach sign and the bedding, I like nothing. Beach homes (to me) should have a carefree, easy-breezy feeling to them and should welcome you to kick off your flip flops. This house does none of that for me.

  12. Kathy :) says

    not a fan of modeern, but I have to say I do like this one !

    Kathy :)

  13. says

    Too “cold” for me. Doesn’t seem homey at all. The only piece I liked..the green dresser? with all the little drawers. But I do like seeing what I don’t like!!

  14. Lisa T. says

    I visited midcenturymodern for the rest of the tour and I really like this house. It has a roof-top deck!!! And the bathrooms are really pretty.

    I didn’t like some of the design choices in the kitchen and living areas. I think if you are going to have a concrete floor (fine for the beach) , you perhaps should stay away from cubicle (battleship) gray furniture and cabinets.

    I’m a little taller than average and I don’t like having to squat and bend constantly when I’m in the kitchen. So I’ll be glad when this whole “banish the upper cabinets” fad passes. Maybe I’ll build a kitchen with no lower cabinets and people will say “don’t you just love the way there are no lower cabinets? It just opens the floor right up!” LOL! :’)

  15. Gavin Gregg says

    The title is a modern Beach house in San Diego,I cant see one view of the beach,too me a beach house is one that is built on or very near the beach,not one that has a picture of a beach on the wall and a surfboard standing in the corner..