Reese Witherspoon Selling Libbey Ranch in Ojai

When I saw that Reese Witherspoon listed her country retreat in Ojai, California, this week, I was stunned. Why, Reese? Why would you sell Libbey Ranch? This is my dream house. If it were mine, you’d have to pry it out of my cold, dead hands. No way would I let it go.

I wish I had the $10 million to buy it now that it’s back on the market. Sadly, I don’t. I was pretty excited to see more of her lovely property in the listing photos, though. Take a look:

According to Zillow, “The house was originally built as a stable for Edward Libbey, the glassware magnate, who is also considered the modern founding father of Ojai. Libbey commissioned celebrity architect Wallace Neff, who put his own touch on the property.”

The house made headlines this year when Reese reportedly let her friend and former co-star Robert Pattinson hole up here after Bella Kristen Stewart cheated on him. (Maybe a Twihard will buy it since he slept here?)

It was recently featured in a gorgeous Elle Decor spread. The designer who worked with Reese on the house was Kristen Buckingham.

Buckingham contacted me and shared some “outtakes” from the Elle Decor shoot. Loved seeing this behind-the-scenes shot of the kitchen, while it was still in the staging process for the photos (you can see more they didn’t use on Kristen’s FB page):

I always enjoy seeing how a house evolves over time with different owners, decorators, and styles. Here’s how the kitchen looked when designer Kathryn Ireland lived in the house and it was featured in House Beautiful:

Here’s a room I don’t remember seeing photos of before:

Having only seen this bit of the bathroom in House Beautiful years ago…

…I was excited to see the rest of the room in the listing:

Libbey Ranch was the site of Reese’s wedding to Jim Toth last year, so you’d think there would be some sentimental reasons to hang onto it.

The ranch has 4 bedrooms and 3.5 baths in the main house, along with a barn, horse stables, and a carriage house. It sits on 7 private acres that include an organic garden and a pool.

Want it as badly as I do? Check the listing by Billy Rose of The Agency for more photos and information.

If you missed it, I wrote a post comparing how it looks now to how it looked when designer Kathryn Ireland lived in the house: Reese Witherspoon’s Sweet Retreat.

P.S. Wanna see how it looked when Reese bought it in ’08? The old real estate photos.

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  1. Tricia says

    I was hoping you’d post about this when I read the news yesterday… you didn’t disappoint! There is nothing I don’t love about this home. Like you, I can’t imagine why anyone would ever let go of it. My only guess is that since she bought it prior to their marriage, maybe they want something that they choose together. I adore Reese and can’t wait to see what she buys next… the lady has taste and class in spades.

  2. says

    Oh such a bummer that she is selling that gorgeous home! There are so many standout features and I adore the overall “stable” feel and layout. So elegant with such rustic character… I can’t get over how beautiful that arched window is under the staircase!

  3. says

    I’m as shocked as you. Why….oh why…would anyone sell this beautiful property?

  4. says

    I love this ranch! I can’t imagine why she would want to sell. Thanks for this post, Julia!

    (Mayhap Rob Pattinson trashed the place :/ just kidding….)


  5. says

    I always thought of her as a smart girl with a lot of good taste, she prove me I’m right, I love her and this house is beautiful! And that window under the staicase is a really good idea!

  6. Christina from Dallas says

    Same thing everybody else is asking. Why oh why Reese would you sell this fabulous house?
    By the way, I thinking that the whole Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart breakup thing and those pictures with that producer is a publicity scam. The way she” posed” in those pictures with the directer look so fake. I figured this was all a stunt to promote the last movie. Will they or won’t they get back together etc…

  7. Seventies Girl says

    I absolutely love this home! I think your site is as close as I’m going to get to a magnificient property like this. So, I have to thank YOU for offering such a wonderful blog that allows me to travel and house hunt from the comfort of my own humble abode!

  8. Teresa says

    I love everything about this house! I especially love the fact that they didnt cover up the beautiful walls in the kitchen with cabinets but instead went with open shelves.The house has been updated where needed but without changing the intregrity or the character of the house.

  9. Nita says

    Yes, that Kristin Stewart thing was a publicity stunt. They are seeing each other again now. Hollyweird disgusts me and I think Reese is too, too good for such an industry. But, I do love her house here and her taste. She remains a normal person in Hollyweird, one of the very few.

  10. says

    That’s crazy! I thought this was her dream home! Well, who knows… maybe she’s choosing to live somewhere better to raise her kids. Hard to imagine it, though…


    Luciane at

  11. says

    I like the kitchen a lot; fun to compare it with the other. I didn’t realize that Reese and Robert were friends until I remembered Water for Elephants (duh), so that makes sense that she’d let him stay there. She seems like a very genuine, classy person. :)

  12. Grand D says

    I love the wood beams – the whole house is beautiful.

    Ojai is enchanting.

  13. 65andcounting says

    I spent alot of time in Ojai as a child as my uncle had a house there. It was hippieland USA; trust fund flower children living on farms. Funny, today those flower children are all grown up and Ojai is now where all the rich and famous have “ranches”. Ojai is nice, but give me Santa Barbara any day.

    Off-topic, I see today on HGTV: Marathon: The Unsellables! Today 1-7pmET. Have you done an Unsellables review/blog post? I’m a huge fan of that show. .

    • says

      I haven’t, but I like that show. I actually thought it had been canceled. Maybe it’s not if they’re running a marathon! I’ll have to check it out. Thanks.

      • 65andcounting says

        or likely that it IS cancelled and that’s why the marathon – a long goodbye!

  14. says

    I was so shocked that she listed this house! I can’t imagine why, though I must give her kudos for being a smart businesswoman and having the Elle Decor shoot as a major pre-listing interest gatherer.

    Maybe with the baby almost due she doesn’t want to travel back and forth, but if I were her I’d nest in Ojai with my new baby and say adios to LA!

  15. Kim says

    What a gorgeous house! Why Reese Witherspoon would want to give up such a wonderful place is beyond me. I hope she doesn’t regret selling it because she probably won’t be able to find a house just as great as this one.

  16. says

    Why???? Didn’t she just buy that place, and remodel it, not that long ago? Wasn’t she, and this home, just featured in Elle Decor? Why do these celebrities move around so much? I would definitely want to stay put in that beautiful home!

  17. Tracie says

    Maybe it’s haunted…mwah ah ah…..j/k…I’d live there even if it was!

  18. Gail says

    It’s a beautiful home … but isn’t it shameless that Elle magazine would collude with her to advertise the house to the whole dang world just a month ago?
    Seems not quite right.

  19. Amy says

    Guess I’m definitely in the minority. I don’t like this house at all, not a fan of the Spanish architecture. Seems cold to me.

  20. Rebecca C. says

    I love this house. It’s just so warm and inviting. My guess is she’s selling it because it’s only four bedrooms? Three kids soon. Maybe she wants more room. Those wood beams are wonderful. I hope she finds another great house.

  21. Billy says

    Check the temps over the weekend that might give a clue to why she’s getting out of Dodge. Or “he” hates it.

  22. Julie B. [Holland] says

    This is one house I would love to own ! Thanks for posting Julia!

  23. e. george says

    How could she????? You think she can wait until one of us girls wins the Lotto? Can’t pick any faults with this beauty thank you for sharing . Regards Esther from Sydney.

  24. Carolyn says

    Why, why, why? I don’t see how you could top this place. Really.

  25. says

    Wow, didn’t know it was connected with the Libbey family. Libbey Glass is still a big production in Toledo, Ohio (it was once called the glass capitol of the world, thanks to the Libbey family). You can still find the signature cursive L on the bottom of many drinking glasses. Interesting historical footnotes aside, it’s sad to see so many celebs buying and selling houses with no apparent feelings of attachment.

  26. says

    Love this house and these pictures. I’ve been trying to spend less time on my computer and haven’t been commenting on blogs as much as I used to, but I have to give you a huge THANKS for all your great posts and, especially, pictures. I’m in the early stages of building/designing my dream home and am constantly on Google images for inspiration. Time and time again I am taken to your blog. Just this morning I was linked here because of your great photos of Meg Ryan’s house in “Hanging Up” and the “It’s Complicated” house. Thankyouthankyouthankyou, for all your time and research!!!

  27. Molly says

    Normally I look at celebrity houses and have no real appreciation for them, and this one is totally NOT my style… but I can actually see living in this house and enjoying it. It’s so beautiful and cozy. I liked all the color that Kathy Ireland had in it too. Either way, it’s wonderful.

    Who knows? Maybe my style is evolving. 😉

  28. Laura says

    Oh cool! I’d seen the previous posts for her house, thanks for the updates, Julia. I didn’t know it was an Edward Libbey house (as a Toledoan [and particularly a former resident of Toledo’s Old West End], that’s definitely a notable name) – cool little new nugget of info for me :)

    This house is gorgeous – she’s nuts to sell it!

  29. Screendoorgirl 3 says

    Total dream house. I love the kitchen and yard. Two words– Bucks deluxe!!

  30. Kelly says

    Is this also the house from the movie “Boys on the Side?!” I feel like it was used for that movie! If anyone could find out its you!!

  31. HollyM says

    Perhaps the fact the Twilight star has stayed there is, indeed, the problem. Is it possible that the site has been trespassed, photographed, and the family hounded by both the press and the Twi-hards? Considering just how rabid some of the fans are, I wouldn’t be surprised.

    Otherwise, I cannot imagine why she would want to sell. She said it was her favorite place to unwind. It certainly is a family home, and perfect for her growing brood. But if she doesn’t feel protected and private anymore, well . . . I’d move.

    But Hollywood has a habit of flipping houses. Maybe it’s just a great way to make money between gigs.

  32. Jordan says

    Am I alone in the fact that I can’t even hear or read the word “Ojai” without instantly thinking of “Brothers & Sisters”? Haha, I swear that the Walkers uttered that word as many times as they say “Texas” on “Friday Night Lights” or “victim” on “CSI”.

  33. None of the above says

    In hindsight the Elle Decor shoot was thoroughly transparent and false. She waxed lyrical about it being a dream place to live, and had liked the Ireland style enough to buy it down to the silverware, but as with most things it was a front.

    It is a shame, and everything that Ireland had done to the place with her bold and vibrant fabrics was completely washed away with this new bland look.

    Hopefully the new owner will keep it as it is, no major renovations, and bring some much needed colour back to make the estate what it is supposed to be – a home.