“The Little Couple” on TLC Build a Big New House

On TLC’s reality show The Little Couple this season, we watched as Bill and Jen moved into their new home together. Because Bill is 4′ and Jen is 3’2″, it was custom built to make their lives easier. But besides practical considerations like lower countertops and doorknobs, the house itself turned out beautifully. Take a look!

I searched everywhere for photos of the front of the house online but couldn’t find any, so I took a few while watching the show on TV.

As you can see in this photo of Bill on the front porch, even the dimensions of the entry doors were scaled for them, with doorknobs that are placed a little lower than normal:

The couple in their new kitchen, which was designed specifically for them:

They live in Texas “where everything,” Bill says, “is big…except us.”

Love the roomy windowseat in the living room:

The bedroom:

On one episode they hired a company to decorate the house for Christmas:

Here’s a clip from The Little Couple that shows them settling into their new home:

For more photos and information about the show and their house, visit TLC.

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  1. Cathy says

    I watch and enjoy their show. It was very poignant to me when Bill described always having had to cook on burners that were ABOVE his eye level!

  2. Amy says

    How beautiful their home turned out! I’m small too, (not a little person, just plain short), and I can tell you that it sure would be nice to have a scaled down kitchen! I love the colors they chose, and their style. Thank you for sharing this.

    • Stacey says

      I love the pops of color in the living room and kitchen. And the floors are lovely. They have a beautiful home.

  3. Kelly says

    I love that kitchen. The resell value will be in the tank because of the customizing.

  4. says

    The irony of this custom-size kitchen is that the couple is considering adopting a child and their adoption counselor told them the kitchen would be a hazard for a toddler!!! Bill rolled his eyes but took her comments with a sense of humor!

    Gorgeous home, so very warm, as they seem to be.

    • Mayra says

      silly commet from their adoption counselor….toddlers have to be watched 24/7 since everything in their surroundings could be a hazard. It’s called parenting ;D Besides, that’s why they invented “child locks” on just about everything.

  5. Ann says

    I think she/they have great taste. Except the color of the house. I wonder how it fits into the neighborhood.

    • Krysten says

      It doesn’t. I live in Houston and drove by when they were building. But it’s a beautiful house. I think she really loves the beach theme and that’s why they picked that color. You’ll see a shade of that color in almost every room.

  6. julie says

    hello julia!
    your work is beautiful! congratulations!
    have you a pics of “dawsons creek’s”, the houses of this soap are very pretties and the landscape of new england also?!
    have a nice day, see you soon, julie

  7. says

    What a lovely airey home..kind of beachy in feel. I love all the light coming from those beautiful windows. What a blessing to be able to have counters and so on adjusted to their height. My husband is 6’4″ and always complains about the counters, especially bathroom, being to low! LOL!

    • Stephanie says

      I agree with you about the beachy feel ~ would be a great house with waterfront views to enjoy from those big beautiful windows: )!

  8. Andrea says

    What a beautiful home. The bedroom is amazing. I love that bed!!!!

  9. says

    Wow! They have amazing taste, I love everything about it. It looks like such a soothing and happy place. I’ve never seen the show but now I want to!

  10. says

    I love their house. It’s beautiful. they are such a cute couple anyway. I enjoy watching them. I thought it was amazing to watch them build that house and how wonderful they could build it to suit them.

  11. Spring says

    What a lovely home they have. I hope they have many happy years in it.

  12. says

    That house is so beautifully decorated. I love it. I’ve watched the show a couple of times. I really enjoy the show and they are a lovely couple. :-)

  13. Erica says

    Wow, it’s huge! I like the beachy feel and the colors they chose.

    I hope they are able to fulfill their dream of becoming parents. I think they are so deserving and I’m sorry their journey to have a child has been so difficult.

  14. Rebecca C. says

    Wow. What an amazing house. I just love the colors and the decorating. The tile in the kitchen is wonderful. Makes me want to get some of it for my house.

  15. Janice Mahon says

    I just love this couple. Jen is a pedriatic ER physician with so much love for her little patients. Beautiful home, I wish them the best of luck of being parents.

  16. HollyM says

    That is a lovely home! I’m very envious of the window seat.

  17. Michele says

    Love that show. And the new house is stunning. She had an interior designer with her from start to finish – so jealous. She does have great taste on her own, though!

  18. Natasha says

    I haven’t watched this show, but I did watch “Little People, Big World”. That show followed a family which included 3 little people. They complained on multiple episodes about not being allowed to build low counters because it was against code. They had to build steep staircases that were dangerous to them because of laws that were designed to keep regular height people safe. I guess the laws are different in every state.

  19. Cindy says

    I love, love, love it! I haven’t watched the show much, but I absolutely love their house!

    Have I mentioned I love it? LOL

  20. Jenna says

    That living room was stolen from my dreams! If I had a room like that, I would become a shut-in and never leave! haha. At first I was iffy about the exterior colour but now I love how different and soft-looking it is.

  21. Kim says

    Thank you for sharing this home with us Julia. I am so happy to see it featured on your blog today. This house is so beautifully done. You can tell they took very detail into account. If I ever were to have a house on the beach, I would want one like this one.

  22. Jennah says

    What a lovely home. I adore the colour scheme and their kitchen is fantastic! I wish Jen and Bill much love and happiness in their new home and I hope the pitter patter of tiny feet are soon heard on those beautiful floors. Thanks for sharing, Julia!

  23. Jodi from New Jersey says

    What a beautiful home! I love the dining chairs and the whole color scheme . Nice post.

  24. Hillary says

    I am so excited you shared this house!!! I remember when they were designing it on the show (seemed like forever ago) so I am excited to see it finally built.

    I *love* the blue and white throughout the house!!!!

  25. Alicia Sullivan says

    Nothing like a huge front porch! Love the house!

  26. Mary says

    A beautiful home and I enjoy their show. I love the details they’ve added for example, the ceilings in the living room.

  27. Mrs. D. says

    A nice place indeed but a little too spacious for this couple. The ceilings are just too high no matter how tall a person is. Wasted space.

  28. Colleen says

    The orange rug in their livingroom is exactly what I want for my guest bedroom. Does anyone have any idea where I could get one?

    Their home is lovely…so peaceful and calm.

  29. Nathan says

    Being 6’2″, of course the height of the counters and such wouldn’t do, lol, but I absolutely LOVE everything about this house! The colours and finishes chosen. The counters and floors. Everything.

  30. says

    It’s gorgeous. Totally stunning. I’ve never watched the show but I think I might just start.

  31. Reza says

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    Is there any plan for this house?
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