A New House with Turn-of-the-Century Style in Ocean City

A New House with Turn-of-the-Century Style in Ocean City | hookedonhouses.net Whenever I see a builder incorporating old-house details into new construction, I want to cheer. This one in Ocean City, for example, was inspired by the classic turn-of-the-century vacation homes on the Jersey Shore. It was built by Buck Custom Homes and is on the market for $2.799 million.

New House with Turn of the Century Style in Ocean City | hookedonhouses.net

The house is close to the beach, which is always a plus in my book. According to the listing: “The three story, 5000+ square foot home blends modern convenience and traditional style into the perfect beach house, truly a fine setting to create family memories.”

New House with Turn of the Century Style in Ocean City | hookedonhouses.net

The dining room looks black in these photos, but the designer tells me it’s actually a dark brown:

New House with Turn of the Century Style in Ocean City | hookedonhouses.netThe woodwork is beautiful.

New House with Turn of the Century Style in Ocean City | hookedonhouses.net

The glass doorknobs remind me of the ones we had in our old house when I was growing up:

There are 6 bedrooms and 6.5 baths. I love little round turret rooms like this one:

New House with Turn of the Century Style in Ocean City | hookedonhouses.netLooking into the kitchen:

Christine Droney of Show & Sell Home Staging decorated the house, and she’s the one who told me about it (thanks, Christine!).

The Spring green paint throughout much of the house is by Sherwin Williams, called “Sprout.”

The house has 4 porches in all, and 3 are on the back of the house:

The back door leads to a mudroom:

Like it? For more photos and information, check the listing and Buck Custom Homes.

A New House with Turn-of-the-Century Style in Ocean City | hookedonhouses.net

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  1. Missy says

    Sigh…..I could just move into that kitchen and live there. Although, I would have to change that white ceiling fan over the kitchen table. What’s up with that?

  2. says

    Isn’t it great to see new houses with so much character!
    Thanks so much for your website. Some of my favorite online time is spent here!

  3. says

    That’s our favorite family vacation spot :) Now, I just have to scrape up some cash to buy the house and we are all set!

  4. Melinda says

    What a beautiful new home! While I love my very old home, I seriously covet the size of the kitchen in this one.

    And WOW that master bath! Yes, please!

  5. Christina from Dallas says

    It’s perfect except, for the black paint on the walls. Just can’t take that. Otherwise its gorgeous!

  6. sharron says

    LOVE it!!! It is not often that I see a house that has been built with me in mind…lol!
    It would be move in ready for me if i won lottery tomorrow!! Thanks for sharing!

  7. says

    It looks like they used top quality materials, which makes all the difference. Very well done. We had those glass doorknobs in the house I grew up in too. It was built in the ’20s or ’30s.

    Our spring ahead was a disaster. My husband is a trauma nurse and had to be at work at 07:00 this morning. He accidentally set his clock an hour back and we were routed out of bed at 7:10 by the phone, as his work called to ask him where he was. On top of that, in all the rush he managed to lose his work ID.

  8. Sue says

    Oh, if only! What a lovely, airy shore house. That kitchen, with all of those windows! Excuse me while I run out to buy lottery tickets…

  9. says

    My sister had a wonderful round turret room in a Victorian room she renovated. I loved that room!

    Art by Karena

  10. says

    The house is gorgeous! Looks like they put a lot of thought into giving it that period look (without all the accompanying old house problems!!)
    I love the spring green paint in the kitchen, LOVE all the varied windows, LOVE, LOVE the turret room…. but not so sure about the black wall paint. Intriguing!

  11. Laura says

    That’s just beautiful. I grew up going to Ocean City in the summers to visit my grandmother. It was great. I can picture a big family living there.

  12. Jane says

    Ooooh! Love it! I especially love the tiles on the wall in the mudroom and the ceiling in there too. Too bad they didn’t plan ahead and recess the medicine cabinets in the bathroom!

    And Julia, you read my mind, I was just thinking “what colour is that green?” and there you had it!

    Beautiful house!

  13. Miss Picky says

    Beautiful! The woodwork and the windows do in fact “make” that house!

    I will tell you that the leather chairs look like they are from Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams (possibly via Restoration Hardware). I have that same chair but not in leather.

    So I have 1/100th of that gorgeous house! :)

  14. Maggy says

    Beautifully done; great attention to detail — gorgeous woodwork, door trims and flooring; I love the herringbone pattern in the foyer. (What a great use of that space; nice sitting area on the 2nd floor landing.) The appointments are spot on, right down to the glass doorknobs. Well-designed kitchen, but not over-done. Love the porches, esp the ones in the rear.

    The landscaping is a little too “new house” and predictable, but that’s an easy fix. Otherwise, it’s a showstopper. Great post, Julia!

  15. says

    Oy. Love all the lovely woodwork and transoms and light. The subtle wall colors add character, too — adore the buttery bedroom color. What’s not to love about a well-done shingle house? Nothing, I’d say. Nothing at all. Happy Sunday!

  16. Bob says

    really nice, i like this so much i clicked on this listing & I was surprised that the taxes were under 8 grand. perhaps i should move from atlanta(the city) where the taxes would gave been over 20 grand! thanks for showing us this house!!!

  17. kasey says

    I do love the kitchen, even the green paint which is usually not my thing (tho i saw a lovely green paint on a design show, wish I knew what it was)–but the kitchen actually seems crowded especially when viewed in the pic that looks through to the dining room. I think its all the white wood, which is lovely, but then there’s all the legs/spindles of white wood chairs and the table as well. I think if the island was one ‘place setting’ shorter or if the kitchen table had been different it wouldn’t seem that way to me.

    Love the little turret sitting area, especially the chairs. And the little stair top sitting area under the window trio just screams for a comfy chaise lounge a small table & lamp–hmmm unless its really a landing/transition area. Not a huge fan of the black paint but it does pop with the white paneling. The mudroom is neat. *Love* the master bath.

    Fires always look so cozy, and that is actually the only room that ‘feels’ cozy when I look at it (other than the turret sitting area). It’s hard to create cozy in large rooms. My parents owned, & renovated a Reconstruction era Victorian & it gave my mother fits trying to get that cozy feeling in the sitting areas. Getting rid of the gravity furnace helped. :)

    You’re right — its the details that make this a fabulous house.

    • Christina from Dallas says

      I know what you mean about the chairs with the spindles. Sometimes it can make a room look too busy. I have some now in my kitchen and I have been wondering why they didn’t seem right. Now I know it’s because it’s just too much going on and they needed to be simpler.

      • kasey says

        Ah, that’s the other descriptive word I couldn’t find — “busy.” That exactly describes what i was thinking about that end of the kitchen. My thought was that some plain but pretty fabric slipcovers on the back of the chairs might help that impression in the kitchen above. Or even a simple pattern of white & the green from the walls might look nice.

        Glad to be of help. :-) Sometimes its hard to figure out in your own space just what it is that is niggling as not quite right.

  18. says

    I live about 45 minutes north of Ocean City on the shore and I all I can say is what a stunning home for such a quaint and wonderful town. Location and style? Bingo!

  19. Kim says

    I am in awe, with this house. I love it when a designer and builder spend a lot of time perfecting every detail. I can definitely see that with this house. It kind of has that Hampton’s feel to it. If I had the money, I would snatch this house right up.

    I was just thinking, why can’t HGTV put a lot of thought into their dream homes like the Buck Custom homes did with this house? They would be better.

    Thank you for sharing this with us Julia!

  20. says

    Love it! It is all fabulous, except for the black walls…how very un-beachy! The trim (especially on the ceiling above the big window) is gorgeous.

  21. Brandy says

    Other than the location, I love it! So gorgeous. I actually love the black and have seen black and white done “beachy” with pops of sunny yellow or lime green–even pink! Anyone want to loan me 2.7 mil to purchase? I’d let you all come visit anytime you wanted!

  22. Samantha says

    Is it just me, or does anyone else find it odd that there aren’t any crown moldings in the house? It seems the woodwork on the door ways are a bit high maybe thats why. Just strange to me…

    • says

      I was just getting ready to post the same question – LOL! All those amazing mouldings – but no crown? I wonder why. There must be a good reason…

  23. Nathan says

    I love it so much! This is almost the perfect home! I’d like it a bit smaller though – I know, not something most people say.

  24. Christine says

    The walls are actually a lovely chocolate brown…….

    • Rachel says

      Can I ask, are the kitchen countertops the same stain as the floor? It’s hard to tell. My house is mostly white like this (though not nearly so big, mine is a formerly UGLY, nondescript split foyer), and has almost identical door and window frames…and I just bought the most lovely green paint today to pop against all the white, though it was Benjamin Moore’s Mountain Lane, and though I was iffy about it, seeing your use of a similar green against similar woodwork has me super excited to get painting. Sorry, I digress…the reason I ask about the countertops is that they’re the last piece of the puzzle for me and I have been killing myself trying to decide what to use. My floors are a dark mahogany throughout, and while I thought staining the countertops the same color would seem too matchy matchy, it looks so beautiful the way you’ve done it!

  25. jodi from new jersey says

    You know I love that house! What a refreshing choice on the kitchen countertops. So much warmer than granite. Really pretty dream house :)

  26. says

    As a Jersey girl who’s lived in original house of that style all I can say is be still my heart. Wish I could move back!

  27. Cheryl Stoy says

    I’d just take up residence in the kitchen…but everything is so lovely~

  28. E. George says

    Hi Julia I’m speechless … OK OK I have to say something PERFECTION thank you for sharing this beauty. I love the colour Sprout we don’t get Sherwin Williams here maybe one day.Regards Esther from Sydney.

  29. says

    OMG – this house is gorgeous! I love how light and “airy” it is…just beautiful. *sigh*

  30. innerjuju says

    Designers who put those trays on the bed drive me insane. Exactly what would you do with that? Put it on the bed each morning like you do your pillows? There is a designer on HGTV’ “color” show that does that every time she does a bedroom. Makes my skin crawl.

  31. Anne C. says

    Gorgeous!!!! My fantasy house- I love everything about it!!

  32. says

    Oh wow. That’s gorgeous. Lots of ideas to incorporate into my future beach house! And, yes, I’m sooooooo sleepy this morning! I hate getting up when it’s still dark out and this morning was no exception. I hope we eventually do away with DST.

  33. says

    Beautiful home! I had trouble going to bed last night. Head saying “it’s 10:30, time to be in bed”, body saying “no it’s only 9:30!!….

  34. Katherine says

    Be still my heart. My fantasy house, as well. Landscaping would be easy to fix. So like all the Victorian “cottages” in Hyannis Port, and other parts of New England. I think it’s pretty much a Queen Anne in style – someone correct me if I’m wrong. My favourite of all your houses so far, hands down!

  35. says

    thank you all for the kind words. to answer a few questions: the dark color is french roast by sherwin williams. the wood top on the island is 2 1/2″ edge grain walnut with a watco butcher block oil finish. the stone counter tops are honed durango. the reason there is no crown molding in the house is to enhance the woodwork over the windows and doors. thanks again and sorry about the white fan

  36. says

    I’m picturing myself quite at home in this stunning house. What a beautiful world when you live in a beautiful place like this. :)


  37. says

    Wow, when I scrolled down and saw this house, my heart stopped and I thought “that’s it.” That’s my house. Or will be one day. It’s exactly what I had envisioned in my head, and while I’ve seen houses that are “close,” this one is perfect. Pinning for future reference.

  38. says

    oh man! this house is absolutely stunning! i love all the color choices – even the darker brown/black. there are plenty of white elements to keep that room from being too dark. the builders have done an amazing job on this one!

  39. Julie B. [Holland] says

    I agree with the others this is a warm , airy but peaceful home. If I had to say one thing I didnt like ( which is easily fixed) I dont like the red wall in the laundry room, other than that its really beauitful and could live in with no problem. lol Thanks Julia for sharing with us. This is one of your best posts! :)

  40. 2inz4me says

    GORGEOUS! Now I could get behind living in this place…even in Jersey (j/k). Every color, every moulding, every light fixture…..lovely! I want to get glass doorknobs for our upstairs rooms. Love them!

  41. lilkunta says

    What features of this house are turn of the century?
    This looks like a brand new house, I dont see antique features.
    Only old thing I see are the glass door knobs.

  42. says

    I’m a first-time commenter here, but this house just demands it. We are making plans to build our “dream home’ in the next 5 years and have spent quite literally hours dissecting this home and figuring out its plan so we can implement much of it into our future build. It is near perfection. That front is beautiful, as well as the entryway.
    Thanks for featuring such a great home that we wouldn’t have ever seen otherwise!

  43. Dawn Cunningham says

    Does anyone know the brand and color of the Green paint? I love it!!

  44. Andrea says

    YES! YES! YES! (Think Meg Ryan) This builder is amazing! Love these 2 featured houses! I, too, am so excited over new homes being built with old features. The renovation is wonderful, as well. I would take either of them in a heartbeat. Will definitely keep this builder in mind when I build my own dream home! :))

  45. Dave Tee says

    When this style of house was built at the turn of the 20th century, IT WAS A MODERN HOUSE.

    If you want an old house – get an old house.

  46. Kate says

    What a beautiful home! I hope it weathered Hurricane Sandy without too much damage!

  47. Menahil says

    The kitchen is amazing! I’d probably be living in the the kitchen if mine was like that!

  48. Nadine says

    I love that green color in the kitchen Anyone have know a paint color that looks like that?

  49. says

    You can have anything you want and desire… If you want and desire it bad enough to inspire yourself to get up and go and get it!