Beautiful Christmas Ideas from Your Favorite Bloggers

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday! We did. Now I can start to think about Christmas, one of my favorite times of the year. I picked up the new Christmas Ideas magazine that BHG puts out and couldn’t believe how many of my blog pals were featured inside. So fun to see their houses in print!

This pretty green and white mantel, for instance, belongs to Lauren Liess of Pure Style Home. Love those monogrammed green stockings. Some other rooms I recognized from the blogosphere were from…

The Lettered Cottage:

Peeking Thru the Sunflowers:

Danielle Thompson:

The Old Painted Cottage:

Centsational Girl:

The whole issue is gorgeous. I’m constantly amazed by the amount of creativity in Blogland, and I love to see my talented friends getting the attention they deserve! Congrats to all of them.

I guess I should admit I was contacted by BHG and informed that my home was being considered for the issue back when they were planning it. I laughed and told them my holiday decor was not magazine worthy. Apparently they believed me because I didn’t hear from them again. Ha.

Grab a copy before they’re all gone to see the rest of the beautiful photos. With so many popular bloggers being featured, they’re sure to go fast!

Have you started decorating for Christmas yet? Do you wait until the day after Thanksgiving like I do?

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  1. Ruth says

    I wait for after Thanksgiving to decorate for Christmas. It just feels wrong to me to do it before! Like I’m robbing Thanksgiving of its due honor or something.

    • says

      I agree, Ruth; one holiday at a time. Our Canadian Thanksgiving is celebrated in October but I still don’t decorate for Christmas until at least the beginning of December. This year will be very special for us as we will receive a most precious gift, our first grandchild, just in time for Christmas.

  2. says

    Hi Julia,

    A Belated Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! I will do a bit of Christmas Decor at a time. I am so excited to get started on my Twelve Days of Holiday Giveaway Event. It will be so fun!

    Love and Hugs

    Art by Karena

  3. Rene Hordines says

    Your holiday decor is gorgeous! It absolutely is magazine worthy! I love your use of the snowflakes, the white tree, and the mercury glass. Beautiful!

  4. says

    These homes are so perfectly decorated!! I’m particularly loving the small tabletop trees this year. I think I pretty much go with what I had last year, except for a few items and ornaments that I made… and will be making.

  5. says

    Must pick this up and don’t be silly – your home is magazine worthy! I have already started to decorate the mantel and outside but lots more to do.

  6. says

    How lovely to read this today Julia, thank you! It was an honor to be featured, but quite frankly I can think of so many holiday homes I’ve read about all these years in blogland that would look perfect inside the pages too, including yours! Cheers to a happy Christmas season my friend!

  7. Amy W, says

    Thanks for posting such “Ho-Ho-Ho Inspriation”!!!
    Can’t wait to get started!!

  8. Kim says

    What beautiful ideas. I love your decorations Julia. I would love for my house to be decorated like your’s.

    I wish I had the money to be able to afford nice Christmas and Halloween decorations. Maybe I can collect some, someday.

  9. kelly in georgia says

    As much as I love love Christmas, your post this week on Thanksgiving was absolutely BEAUTIFUL – and so true to life!
    As far as decorating for Christmas goes, I decorated the bedrooms on Monday-Wednesday and have started back on the rest of the house today. I was happy to see all the bloggers you featured above. Not only did Layla and Kevin from the Lettered Cottage do their house last Christmas for a magazine, but they were here last Christmas doing a photoshoot of my house that’s in the Dec. issue of Cottages and Bungalows. (They had a lot of “Christmas” to do last year! ) You can read about it here: if you haven’t already seen it.

  10. says

    I too feel strange about Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving, I feel like an ungrateful traitor. I usually start immediately after Thanksgiving but this year we’re going to hold off a bit. Right now I’m still out of town for Thanksgiving and either way, I just moved into my brand spanking new home a few weeks ago. I think I can try to wait until the 1st to play my Mariah Carey’s Christmas album and start getting a little jolly. Still have a little unpacking to do before I can start.

  11. E. George says

    Hi Julia hope all your celebrations went beautifully. If these guys were silly enough not to call you back they are the Losers. I must confess I have been looking over the Pottery Barn christmas decor and found they were very nice and not expensive until the postage came into the equation. At the moment they have lots of specials and for you guys postage is free (you guys know that already) but just incase you were too busy. I am going into Christmas decor action from Monday morning after I have my coffee and watch Martha Stewart. Happy shopping and decorating. Till next time Regards Esther from Sydney.

  12. says

    I decorated some of the inside of our house last week, just to get a head start. But we got our real tree and did the outside decorations the day after Thanksgiving. 😉 I kept the Fall stuff up outside for Thanksgiving.

  13. says

    Your home would have been a wonderful addition as well – I loved your tours last year! I’m excited to see what you do this year. I’m changing mine all up and can’t wait to link up again! Are you going to do a home tour party this Christmas? Have fun decorating – its all I’ve been doing the past 2 days!

  14. Rick says

    Thanksgiving is over before one Christmas thing comes out. My wife keeps telling me it would be easier to put the porch garland up mid-November but I would rather freeze fingers than to rush Christmas.
    I put up “Snowman” tree in basement family room and put out decorations in diningroom and some in livingroom,sunroom and upstairs familyroom. 2 more trees to put up. We will cut one for the livingroom and ordered an artificial one for family room. Wifes alergies have forced the artificial trees in all rooms except living room, off by itself enough to not bother her nose :). 50 trips up and down the stairs ? more to go.


    ps found a great rhinestone bracelet the “girls could wear on their collars. Will Maizie have bells or bling for the season?