Lisa’s Lovely Beach House on Sea Island

A reader named Lisa wrote me about her beach house renovation on Sea Island in Georgia, saying, “I love New England and Virginia architecture. When we spotted this home on the island in 1999, my husband and I were smitten! As an artist and a frustrated architect I always felt the house had so much potential.”

When I saw the photos of how it looks since they completed their renovation, I asked if I could share them with you. I’m a sucker for a traditional, shingle-style house, and I like that hers looks more like a home than a showplace.

Here’s how the exterior looked when they bought it, before it got a facelift:

Their architect was William T. Baker & Associates. He has written a couple of books, and Lisa’s home will be featured in a new one coming out next year. Can’t wait to see it!

Even though it’s a big house, she says she wanted each room to feel cozy and inviting. That made this two-story great room a bit of a challenge, but all of the woodwork and warm colors keep it from seeming too grand.

She had slipcovers made to update this furniture recently, and here’s how it looks with the new fabric:

“A lot of the homes on Sea Island were inspired by Addison Mizner, who designed the original hotel on the island The Cloister in 1928, so a shingle style home is not very common down here,” Lisa explains.

The original fireplace in the family room was two stories high, “A tall, skinny stretch of tabby (a local finish, which is a mix of cement, shells, and sand). They only had the square opening for the fireplace–no mantel or anything,” Lisa says. Now it’s much more traditional and down to earth.

The artwork over the mantel is something that Lisa painted as a gift for her husband Derek when they were dating.

Lisa says that she loves the traditional houses in old movies, and you can see that old-movie influence in rooms like the kitchen.

The kitchen has a Viking stove and an Aga. She says the Aga “really is the heart of a home.” The Viking is there for her guests who prefer to cook on something more familiar.

The painting over the Viking stove was done by Lisa herself of their marsh view. She says it’s just propped there so she can remove it when cooking something too messy.

This is the Keeping Room by the kitchen:

Looks like a comfortable, sunny spot to hang out in!

Lisa’s studio:

Her son’s room:

Her daughter’s room:

“I like to do most of my own decorating but have a decorator (Gerry Burge of Allenbrooke Carpets and Interiors) who has the most fabulous stash of fabrics and a magical way of putting them together,” Lisa says. “She is wonderful and lets me do my own thing–just gently nudges me if she thinks I am heading in the wrong direction.”

I really love her master bedroom. That’s her beautiful Kuvasz pup Marley lying on his bed next to hers.

I can imagine these rooms as the sets for a classic old movie starring someone like Katharine Hepburn or Barbara Stanwyck.

The wallpaper is from Pierre Frey and has timeless look to it.

Lisa says she owes a lot of the credit for how the renovation turned out to her builder Frank Serafini and his talented artist wife Renee who works with him. (Look for Renee in the September issue of Romantic Homes!)

The master bath is just as pretty:

All the bedrooms have balconies with scenic views.

Instead of the beach, the balconies look out over the marsh, which Lisa says is beautiful and constantly changing–both seasonally and throughout the day.

“The light can be breathtaking. Since it is a tidal marsh, it can go from all lush green grasses with only a few tidal pools to 85% water in a matter of hours,” Lisa says and has the photos to prove it. Here’s a sunset view–gorgeous!

“My ‘look’ is not really ‘in,'” Lisa says, “but I don’t really want it to be! I just want our home to have a certain feeling and to be a reflection of our family. I am not trying and have never wanted to try to impress anyone. I just like to create an atmosphere…a warmth. I want my family and friends to feel that they can plop down anywhere and feel at home.”

Here’s how the back of the house used to look, before the renovation:

And here it is now:

I love Lisa’s approach to creating a home. Many thanks for giving us the tour!

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  1. says

    Oh my gosh! I love it! Sea Island is my happy place and I LOVE to peak inside the beautiful home there. I love her style. It is so inviting! Thanks for sharing!

  2. says

    Lisa is a very lucky person! What a gorgeous home! That kitchen is amazing… everything feels incredibly welcoming.

    I’m in love! :-)


    Luciane at

  3. says

    WOW! Where to begin? I love that it doesn’t feel like a new house. And even though its a large house that they’ve no doubt invested a lot of money into, it feels very comfortable, homey, and loved. I know of Baker’s work, and he really gave this house what it needed.

  4. Neesha says

    OMG! I love this house! It has an old time charm and feel to it. Also it reminds me of that house from Something’s Gotta Give.

    • Barbara Parsons says

      I agree. Some of it reminded me of Something’s Gotta Give especially
      the kitchen and the doors going outside. It’s a beautiful home.

  5. Stacey says

    Have admired this house on our trips to Sea Island. What a treat to get a narrative from the homeowner and to peek at the before and afters!

  6. says

    GASP!!! That house is breathtaking!!! Amazing decoration and really has a New England feel as well as Georgia! Thank you so much for posting! I’m going to bookmark this as “dream house”!!!

  7. says

    This house is g.o.r.g.e.o.u.s. I can’t get over the bedrooms and that beautiful (sigh) kitchen. I love everything about it. Well done Lisa!

  8. says


    What a beautiful home! So comfortable and welcoming. I love that it has a New England feel. It’s so pretty and love the two story family room.
    Thank you for sharing.

  9. Deb! says

    Dayum…Lisa is one LUCKY woman, as are her kids and husband.

    Give credit where credit is due…they have deep pockets!

    • Elisha says

      Yes, I agree, deep, DEEP pockets to draw from I’m sure. These elements, while having a simple look, are…very costly.

  10. says

    I just road my bike by this masterpiece of a house yesterday as I am vacationing at The Cloister on Sea Island. I remember just gasping as it’s beauty and now here I see it today. It is even more lovelier inside and the back is gorgeous! Thank you for sharing this amazing home.

  11. says

    oh my word. I need to be friends. Her house is so amazing. And yet seems so cozy. I don’t think this design would work on just any old street in any old town but it so beautifully works here.

  12. Elisha says

    This is so beautiful. The cedar shakes, white trim, light, open spaces AND near the water???…’s everything I dream about having. Currently I’m contemplating taking on an enormous renovation in the city where we live and turning it into something just like this. Very scary, but it could be amazing. Nowhere near water (UNFORTUNATELY), but a 1929 shake center colonial with original details. Like you Julia, I’m an artist and a frustrated architect too 😉

  13. Maribeth says

    My husband and I honeymooned at the Cloister 12 years ago, so it was a lovely surprise to read about Lisa’s beautiful home! Thank you, Julia, for always starting my day off right! Here I sit at my computer sipping my lukewarm cup of coffee (which has already been reheated twice), while my three children work next to me assembling their craft projects. My how life changes in 12 years! Thanks for the stroll down memory lane and for your fabulous blog. I just love it and tell everyone I know about it!

  14. Leah Williamson says

    I am most fortunate to know Lisa and her family personally. How she “feels” about her home is so evident in the reflection of the decor and even in the renovation of the structure at Sea Island. Their home truly says “home” like few I have known.
    There is an immediate and inviting warmth and comfort in each and every room. Lisa has created such a wonderful, nurturing environment not only to cocoon her family but also to share with friends and guests. She has immense talents! I see my sweet friend, Lisa, and her heart in her home – most people don’t know how to create a way to reflect their soul in such a manner and then be brave enough to share with the rest of us. We are very lucky to enjoy it so very much!! And Lisa makes it seem so seemless!!!!! She’s incredible!

  15. Dawn says

    It’s gorgeous and perfect! I’m packing my bags and ready to move in! :)

  16. Cheryl F says

    Wow, where to begin?! That kitchen, her studio, the screened porch, I love it all. My daughter has the same (or very very similar) quilt on her bed that we bought on a trip through Tennessee a couple of years ago.
    I would say Lisa successfully achieved her goal. The house is grand but still feels comfortable and welcoming.

  17. Cindy says

    I can’t put into words how much I LOVE THIS! I could be easily persuaded to move in. Or at the very least adopt some of her stlye!

  18. J. Elizabeth says

    Of all the gorgeous homes you’ve showcased, this is probably my favorite–at least of the bigger ones. It just embraces you. She’s done such a good job making a giant space feel warm, cozy, and welcoming. Julia, this is my absolute favorite website–you do an amazing job. Thanks so much.

  19. Dean says

    I swear the first picture looks like a still from the movie “9 to 5.” It looks like the house where Lily, Dolly and Jane hold their boss hostage.

  20. Jenn says

    I’m in love with this home! Thank you for sharing. I’ve lingered over this post longer than any other on your site. Fab-u-lous home! ~sigh~ I truly have “house envy” looking at this one!

  21. Grand D says

    Gorgeous – I would love to see the before pictures. This house was done beautifully.

  22. says

    Extraordinary home, no doubt. I love the clock above her range (among other things). Lovely and well done!

  23. Sharon Kelly says

    As usual you have presented us ‘freelance interior designers’ with such inspirational photos. I love this home. It’s location, decor, ambience are all outstanding.

  24. Lisa says

    What a beautiful home!

    My cousin got married on Sea Island and we were rented a house and stayed for the weekend. We rode bikes around and marveled at the beautiful homes there. It is a treat to get to “peek” inside this one – thanks for sharing.

  25. Lindab says

    It is normally a house I wouldn’t like. I prefer small cozy rooms and don’t like wallpaper. Would I move into this house? In a heartbeat and wouldn’t change one thing. I doubt I could get her out and I am sure I couldn’t afford it.

  26. Bob says

    How lovely. Bill Baker transformed this cottage on the island in the best possible way!
    I admire the homeowners for creating such a low key, comfortable interior. This is not your typical old Sea Island cottage in the Minzer style, but how lovely it is.
    Three cheers for all involved in the renovation.

    And the Aga cooker is really green, for it can heat much of the house in the fall and winter when an escape to the beach beckons. I like this very much. Viking stoves and ovens are so over rated, so how nice to be able to also have the Aga, which most people don’t understand anyway.

  27. Mia says

    This is one of most beautiful, warm, welcoming homes I have EVER seen! Love, love, love it….

  28. Wendy says

    Love that house! My favorite room is the master bedroom (I’m a sucker for green…and somehow that combination of dark green and white reminded me of Scarlett O’Hara getting ready for the ball at 12 Oaks) with that cozy yet open feel from all the windows. I marveled at what she did with the front elevation. And I want that Aga! Gorgeous!

  29. Cindy says

    Love it! Love it! Love it! I can barely type this out because I’m swooning so much! 😉

    I especially enjoy the warm, enveloping feeling both inside and out. The interiors seemed more ‘real’ without giving anything away in the beauty department. Lisa found a great balance between real life and great design and that’s not always easy to do.

    A big thank you to both of you, Lisa and Julia, for sharing this home with us!


  30. Renee' Crawford says

    This house is beautiful and yet cozy. Frank Serafini is an excellent builder and he and his wife Renee are “good people” Frank buys from Lang Building Supply where I work and he always knows what he wants and buys only quality products.

  31. says

    First of all, I’d never even heard of Sea Island until my friend told me yesterday that she vacationed there as a child. And here it pops up today!

    Absolutely gorgeous home! The outside of it reminds of the house from “Housesitter”.

  32. mercedes says

    Great house, amazing places, thanks for share, I enjoy a lot!!!

  33. says

    Oh my… this house is marvelous!!! I seriously want to print off all of these pictures and file them away under “dream home.”


  34. Kim says

    This home isn’t just lovely, it’s gorgeous! I love everything they’ve done to the place and would move in right away if I could.

  35. says

    This house is absolutely gorgeous! I love the balconies off the bedrooms and all the windows. The moulding and floors are perfect. (Just a tiny bit envious…)

  36. says

    What a beautiful house! The master bedroom is so gorgeous and cozy with a beautiful matching master bath. What an amazing job Lisa did on renovating this house.

  37. Michelle says

    This is my favorite home of all the homes Julia has ever showcased. I like it even better than the “Somethings Gotta Give” movie home.

  38. Maria says


    I love shingle style and this is pretty much the home of my dreams. Thank you so much for sharing. The warmth really shows through and is beyond lovely. Just stunning. Oh and to have the Aga too? Beyond my wildest dreams of kitchen happiness.

    (It does remind me of the Somethings Gotta Give house too.)

  39. laney says

    …oh my…marsh views…an aga…and tabby fireplace surrounds…perfect…

  40. April says

    Love it! However, the owner went a little nuts with the symmetry just everywhere. Too much! Break it up a little! PS- I still would sell a kidney for this house! Good Luck with it!

  41. Jackie says

    That house reminds me SO much of the house from Something’s Gotta Give! Especially the living room. One of my faves!!

  42. says

    A Designer’s Reflections on a Wonderful Project

    It was and is a privilege and pleasure to work on this project with Lisa. Seldom does a designer have such a fantastic setting, both naturally and architecturally, in which to work. And, even more seldom does a designer have such a wonderful, warm-hearted and special person as a client. To make it even better, Lisa’s vision for her home fits my own personal taste very well, even though that is not required to enjoy doing a project. If you love design, as I do, then you enjoy all kinds of approaches to it, and seek only to ensure that you help the client achieve their goals, within the parameters of the highest and best skills, training, experience, and vision that you have to offer. I have loved being allowed to assist in making her vision become tangible reality.
    I have, on occasion, been asked to describe my design signature, and my first reaction is that I hope I don’t have one. I consider my profession’s highest calling to serve the client through reflection and refinement and defining of their desired result, then helping to find where the path lies to that goal. The ego of the designer should be mature and secure enough to know that the most important goal is the client’s pleasure and happiness, not glorification of the designer’s work. But you also have to be secure enough to be honest and direct with the feedback and advice you are asked to give.
    I confess, however, that I do have one desired theme that I seek to achieve with a client, and it seems to happen whether I do it consciously or not. That recurrent theme is to make a house truly a home: a place that fosters love and family bonds and communication and relaxation and comfort–for its residents and its guests, and is a welcome refuge when “the world is too much with us”. I believe that, when we live in a place that feeds our souls in this way, we are kinder, gentler, more giving and forgiving creatures both within that environment and outside of it, in the world at large. And I also believe that “what the world needs now is love, sweet love”, perhaps more than at any other time I have known. It’s a perfect job for an idealistic old hippie like me.
    Lisa naturally knew that she wanted her home to embody all of that, so all I needed to do was take some of the elements that she wanted to use and put them together in ways that would please her. She is a dream client, with wonderful instincts and taste, and the soul of an artist. She sees her home as a three dimensional canvas, and knows when the picture is right for what she seeks to achieve. And she enjoys the process of finding the elements, so her designer needs to respect that, and nurture it, and realize that she is a fully capable leader who knows where she is going. Sounds like most of the viewers like where Lisa was going, too, and approve of the destination she created. That is great, and makes me proud to have been a part of the process, but humble enough to not need to have been driving the train.

    Thanks so much, Julia, for giving this wonderful home a place to be seen and loved by others. I know it warms Lisa’s heart and makes her proud to see the approving reactions, as it did mine.
    ~Gerry Burge
    Allenbrooke Interiors

  43. jan says

    That is my house, just like she built it for me. I would not change a single thing, no color, no lamp, nothing.

  44. says

    What a charming and gracious home. I adored the ‘keeping room’ and love what Lisa and her architects have done with the exterior elevations.

    ~ I will be adding these pictures to my inspiration boards~

  45. Nathan says

    I definitely LOVE this house!!! I don’t usually like this style and I definitely don’t usually like shingles but how could someone not appreciate this magnificent home? It’s such a small detail but I am so happy the white “things” (not sure what they’re called) on the arch window above the front door were changed.
    I am disappointed about the fireplace though. In rooms with that kind of height, I like them to be a focal point and bring the eye to the ceiling. – It still looks beautiful though, don’t get me wrong.
    The back of the house is such an amazing difference. It was nice before but is outstanding now.

    And am I the only one who had to Google what an Aga was only to find out I knew? Haha.

    To sum it up, amazing house Lisa!!

  46. Mandy says

    I love that house! I would redo some wall paper, but overall, it is definitely close to being my dream house. I love all of the details, the windows, and especially the kitchen. Love it!

  47. says

    I love the tabby around the fireplace and think it’s great that she kept that original part of the house while still updating the overall look. I’m also a big fan of the wallpaper in her studio. The whole house is just beautiful and really does look welcoming and warm. I wouldn’t turn down an invitation!

  48. Sarah says

    This house got my preggo tears going! It is just so beautiful, and my idea of a dream home. I want to vacation there.

  49. HollyM says

    I’m ready to move in! Not a huge fan of the wallpaper, but the overall look is very warm and cozy.

  50. Mia says

    I already commented on this wonderful, wonderful home…I love it! I did get to wondering about — and would REALLY love to see her studio — where she paints…I wonder if she has a small outbuilding? Again, I could move in without changing ONE single solitary thing! I too, am crazy in love with that decorating era, and I really really have house envy! Thank you for posting this one — it’s my all-time favorite, hands down!

  51. melissa says

    Thank you, thank you for sharing! Another day of knowing why I have your site as my top favorites. Now, I need to go clean up my crazy dining room…the post inspired me to get my house back in shape after a fun-filled summer. : )

  52. says

    Stunning! For having such large spaces, the house still feels very inviting and home-y!

  53. Renee Serafini says

    We built a home together and along the way built a friendship…………….
    I was so excited to hear that Lisa was sharing her home with everyone here. I always wished that more people would get a chance to see it. The ideas are endless.
    As I’m reading the posts, everyone can’t say enough about how amazing the house is (and it really is) but….I can’t say enough about how amazing Lisa is.
    I think in looking at the pictures of Lisa’s home you get a pretty good feel for the kind of person she is. She is the most kind-hearted, warm and friendly person you’ve ever met. She loves her family and would rather be at home spending time with them than anywhere else. She’s incredibly talented and very humble, which is a wonderful combination if you ask me. Getting to know her through the building process, I knew that when she was done, this huge house would feel like a giant hug! It couldn’t not, she’s put so much of her heart into it.
    My husband and I were blessed to have been given the opportunity to build this house with her. It was the highlight of our building career.
    Lisa was involved in every single part of this renovation. Which really made all of our jobs easier….not to mention, enjoyable.
    We’ve always tried hard to create a good work enviroment on every job we do. If our employees enjoy what they’re doing and feel good about it, the customer get’s a better product. She put it over the top and made this project an absolute joy. We were all anxious to get to work in the morning, in fact….I’m not sure I remember anyone being late that year. Ha Ha….. She took the time to get to know everyone that came through that door and worked closely with them. Having overseen construction projects before, she could truly appreciate each person’s job and that created such a positive working enviroment for all of us.
    Lisa’s vast knowledge of the actual building process and her collaboration daily with my husband and subcontractors on every detail made this project move along flawlessly. She knew every single piece of material that went into this home, and even more, she knew it’s purpose.
    We often joke about just how much she knew, to give you an example, she literally would come in and if a wall was supposed to be 6′ and it was 6′ 1/4″….she would know it! Of course, that didn’t happen very often :)
    All this and often she would sneak into the kitchen and make us all cinnamon rolls in her Aga……..and always had coffee going for the crew.
    So now I’ve filled you in a little on what’s behind all of the beautiful decorating you see in the pictures.
    When you walk into this home, there isn’t a spot that isn’t cozy….unless it’s in the garage. Everywhere to go, you want to flop down and put your feet up and just stay a while…..ok, never want to leave. Alot of homes this size, lose that. This home is filled with family photos, heirlooms, Lisa’s beautiful paintings and things that really mean something to all of them. She has managed to make this huge house seem like a cozy little cottage. It’s amazing. Maybe it’s because this house wasn’t decorated “for show” it was decorated for comfort and to be a haven for family and friends, and in doing that it ended up being beautiful. I’m certain that, to Lisa, how it looked wasn’t nearly as important as how it felt. In striving for one, she accomplished both.
    A few things that I learned in watching Lisa decorate this home…..first, the importance of paint colors, and not just the walls. I used to think that white is just….well, white. Not the case, the shade of white can change the whole feel of a room.
    I remember her having me get 5 or 6 different shades of white to try for her trim color throughout the house. It was the artist in her, but I thought she was crazy. Sure enough, as we tried these whites with a wall color, each white made the wall color look different and gave a different feel! I will never look at white the same way again. Colors dictate the feel of a room.
    The other thing, is not to be afraid of mixing of fabric. At any given time, she has about 20 fabric swatches with her, it’s really funny. She has an amazing ability to mix colors, patterns and textures and she’s not nervous about it at all. I thought surely it would be breaking some “decorating law” to use up to 6 fabrics in one room. I think that each of her rooms has no less than 6 different fabrics that she’s put together and it looks amazing. I can barely put together a shirt and pants. Ugh!
    She’s an artist, architect, builder, decorator and homemaker all in one…..oh did I mention a really good cook?
    Bill Baker, the amazing architect that Lisa collaborated with on her home, has a book coming out soon and it features Lisa’s home. It will show almost the entire house, I think the photos Lisa has shared here only account for about half of the house. I’m so excited to see it.
    What makes this house even more wonderful is the family in it. They really LIVE in this home and enjoy there time together there.
    Renee Serafini

    • Lisa Smith says

      Sweet friend,
      I just “treated myself” to sitting down and re-reading these kind and amazing comments. As you know, I was afraid to see what people might say at the time! I just had to thank you again for your incredibly lovely comment and to tell you how much your sweet words meant to me. It was an fabulous experience for me as well!
      You are just a dear love.

  54. says

    Oh, my goodness me! Having a house on Sea Island is a Southerner’s dream come true–congratulations to Lisa for living a dream! Her home is absolutely beautiful. Just stunning. Thank you for sharing it with us!

  55. says

    AMAZING! I love the great room. It does seem very cozy and comfortable despite the grand two story height. I would never feel the need to go on vacation in a beautiful, warm and inviting home like this. I’m trying not to drool as I type this!

  56. MaryJane says

    OMG, what can I say. What a beautiful, warm, inviting, awesome home!

  57. Amber D. says

    I have never seen a more beautiful home! The colors, the furniture. I am in awe.

  58. Julie in Holland says

    “My ‘look’ is not really ‘in,’” Lisa says, “but I don’t really want it to be! I just want our home to have a certain feeling and to be a reflection of our family. I am not trying and have never wanted to try to impress anyone. I just like to create an atmosphere…a warmth. I want my family and friends to feel that they can plop down anywhere and feel at home.”……………………………………….

    Totally agree Lisa. I think its amazing… well done!

  59. Deb says

    I love this house! But, I can see Greer Garson/Mrs. Miniver! Or Claudette Colbert… Oh, I DO love this house!!!
    Thanks so much for this site!

  60. says

    I love how she stated that her style really isn’t “in” but it is what she loves. We should all have that much conviction. I did especially love the windows, the arches, and the great railing on the deck. Then of course there are those views. I would never leave. What a beautiful home.
    Pam @ BeColorful

  61. Kresendo Smith says

    OMG, I can honestly say I am jealous (smile). I want this home I want to come home to it daily. Wow this is awesome thanks for showing it.

  62. Laura says

    Thanks for the few moments of “dreaming”……beautiful home!!
    I loved the effect of comfort and coziness along with the homeowners’ obvious love of symmetry. In my mind there is nothing better than using this combination :)

  63. Michi says

    Out of all the beautiful properties I’ve seen and dreamed of here, this is my absolute favorite!!! It’s perfect- the location, the exterior, the rooms, the decorating! Wow…the decorating! It’s so warm and cozy, yet incredibly beautiful, stylish and modern to me. I’d love to live in this house! Thank you for featuring it. I greatly enjoy your site!

  64. Lisa Smith says

    Just returned for Thanksgiving after four months away. It was fun to re read your lovely post while actually in the house. I can’t thank you, and all the kind people who wrote these sweet and most gracious comments, enough! It really is a special place …. about to be much more so as we wait for a precious children to come home for the holiday!!!! I wish you and your dear family a blessed Thanksgiving , Julia. You are a special gift to all of us! Thank you.

    • Mia says

      Dear Lisa – Any chance we can see photos of your Christmas decorating in the house? I would LOVE that!

      • Lisa Smith says

        Hi Mia,
        Thank you so much for your sweet comments! I actually LOVE to decorate for Christmas, and this year I went wild! It is so much fun. I designed our main home to feel like the inns in Holiday Inn and White Christmas, so it really lends itself to holiday decorating! I have decorated both houses in the past, but only did our main one this year. (MUCH easier and better when the time comes to take it all down…the saddest time of the year!)

        • Mia says

          Hi, Lisa! Thanks so much for replying…I really love the inns in those movies, too.

          Are you going to put pictures up anywhere where all your fans can see them?

          Happy New Year!

    • Lisa Smith says

      Hi Vikki,
      I know that the architect’s most recent book is coming out soon. This is one of the homes that he is featuring in it. I am not sure weather he will include floor plans. As you can tell it is a VERY symmetrical house, each wing is ALMOST a mirror image of each other. If you go to his web site you will be able to see more of his beautiful work and eventually when that new book is coming out. It will be “Volume II ” of a series. Volume I came out last year and it is gorgeous. All his books are worth having in your library! Another nice thing about working with Bill is that if you are another “frustrated architect” as I am, he is very gracious about letting you be very involved in the design.
      Good luck with your project!