“Cougar Town:” The Houses of the Cul-de-Sac Crew

The Sets on the TV Sitcom Cougar Town

When the Courteney Cox sitcom premiered in 2009, I refused to watch at first because of the terrible title. I assumed it was about older women hooking up with younger guys, which didn’t really appeal to me. When I finally caught an episode, I was surprised by how much I liked the show. And the sets are great, too.

Courteney Cox plays Jules Cobb, a single mom to a teenager named Travis. She works as a real estate broker, so score another point for the show–we get to go along with Jules when she shows houses!

Jules' kitchen 2

Jules lives in Florida, surrounded by friends dubbed “The Cul-de-Sac Crew.” Those are her best buds shown above–Laurie (Busy Phillips) and Ellie (Christa Miller). Laurie works with her in real estate, and Ellie is her next-door neighbor.

Even her ex-husband Bobby (Brian Van Holt) is part of the group. He lives in his boat (called “Jealous Much?”) in a parking lot and seems perfectly happy there. (Or at least he did, until Jules decided to surprise him by getting the boat back in the marina…and it sunk.)

Bobby's boat


entry hall 2

Ellie’s husband Andy walks into Jules’s house with baby Stan in his arms. No one ever knocks in this neighborhood.

entry hall 1

The episode when they got so comfy in their Snugglies that they didn’t want to take them off cracked me up:


Here’s some of the source info I found in a comment left on a post about the show on The Little Big House blog:

  • Living room lamps are from Pottery Barn.
  • Entry way lamp is Crate & Barrel’s Jolie Lamp ($189).
  • Blue bird barstool fabric is Aviary Robin at Calico Corners.
  • Wicker chairs at the kitchen table are at Crate & Barrel ($269 each).
  • Living room side table (driftwood base with round glass top) is Driftwood End Table from Crate & Barrel ($399).
  • TV stand in the living room is the Monterey Console from Crate & Barrel ($1299).

Jules' living room 2

I also found this comment written by set decorator Archie D’Amico in response to some reader questions:

“The coffee table is custom made from an iron worker to match the one in the pilot episode. The painting is a rental from Omega Cinema Props. Cabot McMullen is the production designer, Gary Warsaw art director, Doritt Oberman and Derrick Hinman buyers for the early episodes and I’m the set decorator, Archie D’Amico.”

D’Amico worked on “Ugly Betty,” too, another show where the sets stole the show.

Jules' living room 4

We don’t see these shelves very often, so I was excited to finally get a photo of them when the camera turned that way:

fam rm bookshelves

Entertainment Weekly featured the set design last year in a nice two-paged spread. For some reason they took the photos off their website, so here are scans of the pages as they appeared in the magazine (which happens to me my favorite, can’t-live-without-it publication):

Cougar Town living room-EW

Production Designer Cabot McMullen wanted a neutral base for the walls in her living room, so he went with Benjamin Moore’s ”Bleecker Beige” in eggshell.

Cougar Town kitchen-EW

Co-creator Kevin Biegel felt it was important to have some floral decor like the fabric on the chairs. He says, “In Florida there are flower prints on everything.”

Jules' kitchen-empty

The EAT sign on her kitchen wall is a fan favorite, created with “Flares and Fountains” fabric letters from Anthropologie. I think they’re about $14 each, but I’ve heard these letters are frequently on back order.

EAT sign - Travis and Jules in kitchen

Looking at the breakfast table and EAT sign from the dining room around the corner:

looking frm dining rm to kitchen

In this shot you can see the hat rack in the front hall:

Jules' kitchen3

The glass pantry door has frosted glass in the center:

Jules' kitchen-stove

Jules' kitchen 1

Jules' kitchen 4

For the first few months of Season One, I was always trying to figure out what room that was off the entry, but we only got a few little glimpses of it, like this:

Jules' kitchen-glimpse into front room

Then Ellie walked by it once and I tried to get a clear shot of it, but the camera moved so fast, it was blurry. You can see it looks like a living room with a fireplace, though:

glimpse of dining rm-liv rm

On the Thanksgiving episode, we finally got to see the entire room, which was now transformed into a beautiful dining room:

dining rm 1

I love the buffet behind Jules:

dining rm 2

fireplace in dining rm

Her bedroom is probably my least favorite set. I mean, it’s okay, but I don’t get excited about it:

Jules' bedroom 1

After Travis goes to college in Season 2, they turn his bedroom into a “Jam Room,” which was pretty hilarious:

Travis's room-jam room

Jules remodeled her master bath and hosted a “Bath Warming Party” for her friends:

Jules's new bathroom 1

She even has a special new toilet that barks orders at you in Japanese:

Jules's new bathroom 2

Things start to be a problem when Jules refuses to leave her beautiful new bathroom (but who can blame her?):

Jules's new bathroom 3

Her friends eventually stage an intervention and carry her out of there.

Jules's new bathroom 4

There are a couple of other characters who live on her cul-de-sac.

Cougar Town cul-de-sac

There’s Grayson, whose house screams, “A man lives here!” with the brown plaid wallpaper (reportedly from Graham and Brown).

Grayson's house-front door

Grayson's house

And Ellie, Jules’s acerbic best friend who lives with her husband Andy and their (rarely seen) son Stan:

Ellie's kitchen on Cougar Town 2

Everything is pale green and pink in their place, maybe to show that Ellie rules the roost? It doesn’t look like a man lives here, really.

Ellie's kitchen Cougar Town-pink counters

It was an interesting choice to have Ellie’s house looking so soft and feminine, when there’s nothing soft about her personality. I would imagine her living in a more modern space with lots of sharp edges.

Ellie's kitchen-empty

Ellie is played by the hilarious Christa Miller. She used to be on Scrubs, another sitcom by writer-producer Bill Lawrence. Did you know that they’re married in real life and have three children together? In an interview she said Ellie is an exaggerated version of her, and things from her real life sometimes get written into the scripts.

Ellie's Kitchen on Cougar Town | hookedonhouses.net

Ellie’s husband Andy is played by Ian Gomez, who is married to Nia Vardalos in real life. Ian and Nia starred in My Big Fat Greek Wedding together in 2002, which was based on their real-life courtship and wedding. Nia played herself. John Corbett played Ian. And the real Ian played Ian’s best-friend Mike (hope you followed all that!).

Ellie's kitchen 3

Apparently I wasn’t the only viewer put off by the title of the show. They considered changing it to something for Season 2 that better described what it was about. Bill Lawrence joked about going with “Friends and Neighbors” as a nod to Cox’s former hit show. But in the end, they left it.

Ellie's kitchen on Cougar Town

As a running joke, the writers began mocking the name of the show each week with a tiny headline above the title card: “It’s okay to watch a show called . . . Cougar Town.” And “Titles are hard.”

Ellie's house-bedroom

Any other fans of Cougar Town out there? What’s your favorite house in the cul-de-sac?

Cougar Town-saying hello to Travis's new gfriend

This month we’ve been taking a closer look at the sets from some of our favorite TV shows, including NewhartModern Family and Mad About You. If there are any others you’d like to see, let me know! :-)

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  1. says

    Good Morning!!!

    I hope you’re up for a wonderful, healthy and peaceful day!

    “Cougar Town” was one of my favorite shows, but this season started not as funny as the 1st one. To be honest, lately I watch to see that GORGEOUS kitchen! Isn’t her house beautiful, young, colorful but serene at the same time?
    I simply love posts like this one, Julia. Good job!!!


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  2. says

    LOVE this show, it’s one of my favorites! I think I like Ellie’s home the best. Jules’ is nice but very Pottery Barn/model home-ish. I would take any of them, even the boat, if I could live the same charmed life as these characters. 😉

  3. says

    Those EAT letters in the kitchen would be so easy to make on your own for much less than 14.00 each. Craft stores have large cardboard style letters for around 2.00 each and it would be so easy to just decoupage fabrics onto them to match your kitchen.

  4. says

    I haven’t watched this show, but now really want to…maybe I can catch up on some episodes online. The sets look fantastic! As always, thanks for sharing Julia!

  5. says

    Thanks Julia!
    I hated the title too, and have never watched the show as a protest or something! ; )
    But maybe I’ll take a look….just for the sets of course!
    I like your little tidbits of Hollywood info!
    take good care!


  6. Claire says

    I was just like you when this first came out, I had no interest in it based on the title and the fact that Courteney was my least favorite “Friend.” But then I caught the Thanksgiving episode and now it’s my favorite show!

    I’d take Jules’ house in an instant. You should have added some shots of the pool, too! That would definitely sway some votes! I’m not nuts about her bedroom either, it’s a little disappointing.

    I was inspired by her EAT in the kitchen, but in my house we always say “Yum Yum” when we love something, so I picked up the letters at Michaels and grabbed a random design stencil and painted them with colors from my dining room. I’ve even had a few people comment that they remind them of Cougar Town!

    Thanks for the great post!

  7. says

    I have never watched the show (possibly because of the name) I may give it a chance though (even if I don’t like it, the sets are great).

  8. says

    I LLLLove Jules Kitchen! I made a post on Cugar Town House… love the interiors! :-) I was really waiting for this! I also love so much Elena House from “Vampire Diaries” but I can’t find a picture of it!!… I know you will :-)
    Big kiss

    • hookedonhouses says

      A reader sent me some photos of Elena’s house, so I’ll forward them on to you, Etta. I’ll get a post written about “Vampire Diaries” one of these days! -Julia :-)

  9. Cheryl says

    The title for the show is possibly their worst decision, the set design is possibly their best. I love this show and I really like how they’ve found their groove now and the show has evolved from cougars to a group of friends. I could move into Jules’ house at any moment – her kitchen and family room photos are in my inspiration file.
    I adore the painting hanging to the left of the staircase. Claire mentioned above that she created Yum Yum letters for her own kitchen – I did the same and they turned out fantastic (but just one Yum)
    I noticed that in the pilot episode Ellie’s house was darker and more masculine. I’m pretty sure there was a room painted a very dark green. I love the colour combo in her home now.
    Thanks for the post Julia!

  10. Sarabelle says

    Thanks for this post! I love C-Town and the fantasy world of wine and perfectly groomed houses and hunks (ladies included!) that I can visit for a few minutes each week. I’m in love with Jules’ kitchen. It’s airy and bright and big enough for the whole “crew” to gather around for their vino and banter. Oh…If only I lived on a Cul-de-Sac….:-)

  11. Douglas says

    In a nod to sitcom houses I recommend you take a look at the sets from the HBO hit “Weeds” (another title that could be offsetting), this show has some beautiful homes and some great redo’s as well as house twists. Check it out.

  12. says

    I admit, I’ve judged a book by it’s cover…or a show by it’s name. I’ve never watched Couger Town…the title made it un-appealing to me. But, now I want to watch it!
    The kitchen really is beautiful, and I agree, the bedroom did not appeal to me.
    You would have a hard time watching TV with me too…I’d be talking over you, with trivia…we’d have the battle of the TV/movie/ trivia! Somehow,I have feeling you’d win!

  13. says

    I LOVE Cougar Town!! Definitely one of my favorite shows and I can’t wait for it to come back on!!! Jules’ house is definitely my favorite! It’s so inviting!

  14. says

    It’s funny you mentioned the hoopla over the title, because that’s the reason I didn’t tune it. I love Courteney Cox, and it actually sounds pretty funny. I just thought the whole thing was about her being a cougar. It really does sound hilarious—especially the jam room!

  15. says

    I’ve never seen the show but the sets really are pretty. I love the house. Though, it really doesn’t look like a Florida house at all. They even chose the wrong floral prints. The closest they come is her best friend’s house.

    Still, that’s a minor quibble. And I do love her kitchen. Wow!

  16. says

    Love Cougar Town! One of my faves, and can’t wait for it to come back. The sets are gorgeous, and the writing is hilarious. BFF and I have our own “Big Karl”s(ginormous wine glasses) for when we get together. And of course “Friend Test” is now in our vocab. When I snagged a vintage fur jacket, I made her pet it through “Friend Test” even though she’s a no leather, doesn’t kill anything, even bugs, kindof girl. She’s tortured me through “Friend Test,” too. Thanks for sharing all the stills.

  17. says

    I love this show! Thank you for posting this! I also thought Ellie’s house looks too so soft and feminine for her “cold as ice character”, I love her though!

    In one of the episodes Laurie buys a house, remember? I can’t wait for them to show more of that! Can you imagine what Laurie’s style would be? HA!

    Btw, I blurt off trivia too when I watch a TV shows/movies. I think I’m being helpful 😉

  18. Kelly in Memphis says

    I like Ellie’s house best. Thanks for showing it!

  19. Adriane says

    I absolutely LOVE Ellie’s house! I’m so glad you could show some of it – I’ve been waiting for it! 😛

  20. Cindy says

    Wow! I’ve never watched the show – the name is a complete and total turn off for me. Maybe I’ll check it out, too.

    I think they owe you an exclusive set tour and cast/crew meet and greet, by the way. Your post may single-handedly increase their viewer numbers big time! 😉


  21. Melinda says

    I love this show. I’ve been watching since the beginning. I love the fact that they don’t knock at the door and come up to the kitchen window to peek in to say something clever. They are so in each other’s business all the time. Nothing is sacred. I could see Jules going next door in the middle of the night and getting in bed with Andy and Ellie and no one lifting an eyebrow. LOVE THAT !! I would love to have friendships like this, but that is easy to say and harder to do. I totally agree though that the sets and the cul-de-sac are also characters here. So much of the show takes place either on the street or in Jules’ living room and kitchen. And don’t forget the wine. The show is nothing without a least FIVE bottles of wine. Jules craddles her glass like a tiny baby. :) GOOD ONE Julia !!

  22. says

    Love Cougar town! Jules house (especially the kitchen) is my favorite! I don’t like her bedroom, but maybe they can write an episode around that and remodel it like they did with the bathroom.

  23. Mary says

    Thanks for showing this. I love the show so much! I think I remember Ellie’s bedroom as being my favorite, but it’s hard to remember… it’s been forever since they have had it on! I do agree that Ellie’s house doesn’t fit her personality.

  24. says

    I LOVE Cougar Town! I think it’s hilarious, it’s the the perfect show to watch after Modern Family, it just keeps the laughs going. The title is so not indicative of the show (the only “cougar” is Barb!), I love how they write things above the title, I try to read it every week. I’m so ready for April 18th! I’ve watched it from the premiere and I too fell in love with the characters and the sets! I love Jules’ house. I love her kitchen with its black counter tops (like Ina!) and my mom and I love that she has a faucet over her stove, genius. I adored the episode where we got to see Jules’ oasis of a bathroom, I would never leave that room, it’s like a spa! I agree that Jules’ bedroom is kind of boring in comparison to the rest of the house, but I love that wicker chair. I noticed you liked her buffet in the dining room (of course you did, if your tired of your turquoise one I’d be happy to take it off of your hands…) I had been dying to see that dining room too! I also really love Ellie’s house. I love the feminine mix of prints and florals, of course Andy wouldn’t have a say in the decor haha. Great colors throughout the house, it looks very Floridian to me (or what I imagine homes in FL look like). It’s an interesting mix, her home isn’t a reflection of her personality. I loved the Halloween ep where her and Laurie went as each other! Thank you for this incredible, and now bookmarked, post Julia! :)

  25. says

    I love Cougar Town! The first episode or two were more in line with the name and I didn’t like it…all about older women on the hunt for younger men but then it quickly changed. I try to ignore the title because the show is great. My favorite is Bobby. I love that he’s so happy living in his boat. I loved it when he showed up at his son’s college. No one on that show has any boundaries.

  26. Lauren says

    I’m glad you mentioned this isn’t a show about “cougars!” I totally thought this show was about older ladies out on the prowl, so to speak. I’ll have to check it out!

  27. says

    I love all these houses! I used to live in Florida near a cul-de-sac. Theses houses are very typical for Florida.

  28. Kim says

    Great post! I haven’t seen the show and I don’t plan to. I love the sets. My favorite house is Ellie’s. I love everything about it and I love how the house doesn’t have that tropical type style to it. I like Jules house, but I don’t like the master bath and bedroom. Too contemporary for me. The rest of the house is nice, though.

  29. says

    The dent in the refrigerator drives me INSANE. 😉 Also – it has fingerprints often… are they making it look realistic or not cleaning it for the shoots? Just curious. Love your blog btw.

  30. Cristina Figueira says

    Thank you, Thank you Thank you!
    I love Jules house, since episode 1! I’ve been waiting for this post ;o)
    Thank you Julia! You’re amazing… as always. Great Job!

  31. Erin says

    Great sets! thanks for sharing! I’m like that too with trivia!! and it also drives my boyfriend nuts! but I always win at pop culture trivia pursuit!!

  32. says

    I have been waiting for someone to write about the sets on this show! I do love the show and the joke about the title. Also, I have to talk trivia during shows and movies too. I think you and I would have a great time together!

  33. Becky H says

    Love the show. The episode where Jules giant wine glass gets broken cracked me up. Tom always wanting to be part of the group is also pretty funny. Thanks for telling us when it’s coming back on. I was a little concerned. Love my mindless entertainment before bed!

  34. Colleen says

    Jules has my favorite TV house! It’s the inspiration for my slowly evolving kitchen makeover in my new house. I just want to mention that the walls are painted Bleeker Beige from Ben Moore…just in case anyone is wondering. It’s a tad too dark for my house but it’s a lovely neutral.

    Thanks for the great post and all the wonderful screenshots. It’s nice to be able to really study the sets.

  35. Tsumicat says

    Ok, you convinced me. I will have to check it out on Netflix

  36. says

    I needed cheering up today and I checked your blog and it did cheer me up. Thanks! I love Cougar Town! I think it’s the funniest show on TV right now. I love the houses too! Maybe I missed it but are these actual real houses? Or a set?

    I like Jules’ house but I am in love with Ellie’s. I just perk up when a scene is filmed in her house. I love green and pink, so girly!

  37. E. George says

    Hi Julia I’ve only just started to watch this show just getting used to it but Modern Family I’m not so sure about.Anyway I love Ellie’s home love the colour green. Till next time Regards Esther from Sydney… PS glad to have you back and looking forward to Mad About You….

  38. says

    I was out of town and totally missed your blog crisis. So glad for you that everything turned out okay. :)

    Love Cougar Town. Love the sets.

  39. says

    i had never watched the show til lately either , for the same reason as you! but now i love it!!!! i love Jules’s house the best and i don’t think Ellie’s house looks like her at all- it’s like she moved into a furnished place and never changed anything!
    can;t wait for modern family :)

  40. Nita says

    Well, I wish I would have known from the beginning this show was like this and not like what I thought it was, another sex-filled TV show that I couldn’t bear to watch, although I never miss Two and a Half Men. :) I will have to start watching!

    This cul-de-sac idea was gleened from when Knots Landing was on in the 1980s. They actually bought or leased about 5-6 houses to start with for the TV drama. I adored the show, mainly for the houses, which they redecorated all the time. I think Joan Van Ark’s house was redone about 3-4 times and Karen’s at least three. Then there was Donna Mill’s house too. I just loved it. Every Thursday night at 10 p.m. was just me and the show. I encouraged my hubby to go ahead and go to bed because I didn’t want him talking and messing up my show. This show looks cute.

  41. Nita says

    Someone here mentioned she would love to live on a cul-de-sac. Well, the asians think they are unlucky because there is only one way in and out and think of them as an ending. Supposedly, bad things happen on cul-de-sacs, like divorces. Twenty years ago, I lived on the cul-de-sac below my now house, and my husband then and I divorced in that house. However, our next door neighbors, she from Germany and he from Japan (we used to call that house World War II) are still there and still together! But the other unlucky thing that happened at that house was that a hay truck backed into our three car garage, knocking the center divider between the two-door and the one-door garages doors!

  42. says

    Thanks so much for putting this post together with all of the great images. Jules home is one of my all-time favorite television sets. If I lived in a warm climate I would sooo copy come of the ideas.

  43. Jodi from New Jersey says

    Looks like a fun show. I’ll watch now for the beautiful sets, then see how I like the show. Hope I can concentrate. Thanks, Jodi

  44. Bethany Peterson says

    I LOVE Cougartown. And yes, I too was afraid to watch it at first because of the horrible title. But I think it’s hilarious!

    Thanks for this post, I love Jules’ house. Especially the patterned chairs.

    I read an Entertainment Weekly article that talked about how now it’s just a joke to see how long they can keep the show on the air with such a horrible title. They also considered “The Family Juls” as a name change option.

  45. says

    I’ve never watched this show but I love the interiors and also blogged about it before. it’s so much fun to see the photos you have for this show! I just love that huge bathroom! I wish!

  46. says

    Thanks for this update, especially telling me when it will be back on. When they started advertising for Mr. Sunshine I got all panicked and was like, “Nooo! Where is Cougar Town going?” Thanks for clearing up the funny headings they use above the title…my husband laughs at me as I am always gitty when the show starts with anticipation about what the heading will say. Their sense of humor totally cracks me up, I love the stupid games the group plays “Penny In a Can!”, and the “special” relationship of Ellie and Andy (who hates their baby’s name?)….LOL!

    I read somewhere a list of TV shows and they awards some would get and what shows should get them. Cougar Town was voted most underrated show.

  47. kristina says

    Thank you for such a thorough post! Like you, I like this show but was hesitant in the beginning because of the title. I love trivia too and sometimes worry that I talk too much during a tv show – I think we’d have a good time watching tv shows and movies together!

  48. Sarah @ Thrifty decor chick says

    Julia, I love this show! When I saw this post I was so hoping you would put Ellie’s house in — I am perplexed by that one as well. I do think has to be an on purpose thing — it’s SO different than her. :) OK, my stepdaughter has me hooked on the show Pretty Little Liars, (I know!!), but the houses are half the reason I watch. LOVE the decor in all of them! I think you’d dig them too.

  49. T. says

    I was completely put off by the title of this TV show, but after your post, I got the first season from Netflix. I watched the pilot episode last night, and noticed that the EAT letters were different than what you show here. Instead of being colorful, they were brushed nickel. It is now my mission to catch when they change over to the flowery ones!

    • hookedonhouses says

      That’s a good point–most sets are changed after the pilot episodes. Sometimes they film in real houses and then build similar sets if the show is picked up so they don’t spend the money up front to build them. Interesting that the EAT was in brushed nickel in the pilot–I hadn’t noticed that!

  50. says

    We should watch TV together… Or maybe we would end up getting on each others’ nerves… Cause I’m pretty much like you. “Oh! Where do I know this actress from?” (And I don’t stop until I found the answer). Also, nobody can stand that I can watch the same scene over and over again just to have a better idea of what the set look like. And I get so excited when I recognize something I have at home!!!

  51. says

    Amazing post ! -so much research you did! – thanks for the mention -had a lot of fun seeing all the photos and reading the background!


  52. says

    Ellie’s bedroom furniture is the Harlow collection by RevcoIntl.com the set decorators added an upholstered panel to it. The dining chairs are by ballard designs, called constance side chairs (they come in other colors).
    Jules nightstands are also revco, from the alex collection. The calico corners private label fabric on her barstools is actually by designer thomas paul, his fabric is carried by duralee (where cc gets it) and is made into a cool collection of rugs by chandra rugs. Hope that helps.
    I am not a big lover of sitcoms, but do enjoy set design. :)

  53. Jealouscopycat says

    I would really love to see Jules’ backyard / pool area! From the glimpses I get, it looks amazing!

    • hookedonhouses says

      I forgot to get any photos of the backyard and pool–sorry about that!

  54. Donnica says

    Thank you so much for this! I have been DVRing this show for ever and always find myself pausing to get a closer look at the decor! Your blog is the best!

    • hookedonhouses says

      You’re right! I hate when they do that. Thanks for letting me know, Tabitha.

  55. Maz says

    i love couger town this program it is the best viewing i have seen for a long long while.. it is so funny you can watch it over and over again and it doesnt get boring…
    just wondering does anyone know what the pull out arm thing is above the cooker in jules house? we keep trying to figure it out but just cant.. help please?

  56. Jo says

    Hi there, just wondering if anyone knows what the paint colours are in Ellie’s living room? I really want to paint that lime green with the darker green in the dish cupboard but not sure what colours they are!

  57. Carissa says

    I LOVE this show! I have been watching since the first episode and I agree it really doesn’t go with the title name other than the first two episodes.

    I was beyond excited to FINALLY see the front room on the last episode. I love the dining table. Do you know where that is from? It seems most of the furniture is from Crate & Barrel for this set, so maybe it’s from there too? I was thinking that Ellie’s house didn’t make much sense either, it doesn’t match her personality at all. She should do a house makeover in the next season. 😉

    They just announced next season will be on TBS, and I’m really upset. I hope the show doesn’t change too much.

    Thanks for posting all the pictures!!

  58. Michelle says

    Did anyone else notice that in the newest season her lamps are different! She got new white lamps