Christina Aguilera at Home in Beverly Hills

Christina Aguilera-Jordan Bratman at home 09

Christina Aguilera’s Mediterranean-style home in Beverly Hills is featured in the pages of InStyle magazine this month. I was excited to see how she redecorated the former Osbourne mansion. She had reportedly disliked their style and was determined to erase all traces of the former owners. Based on the game room alone, I’d say she succeeded:

Christina Aguilera's game room

The Grammy winner shares this 11,000-square-foot home her husband, music producer Jordan Bratman, and their 21-month-old son, Max.

Christina Aguilera's bedroom

According to InStyle:

Gothic, burlesque, Hollywood Regency and chinoiserie elements are juxtaposed with modern flourishes like graffiti artwork, Japanese anime and kaleidoscopic rugs. “I wanted every space to have its own personality,” said Aguilera.

Christina Aguilera's bathroom

Christina has not one but two spacious closets:

“Everything on my shoe wall is grouped by designer—Louboutin, McQueen, YSL—all in their own little family,” says Aguilera. “And there’s room for boots up top.” The hyper-organized singer also has zones for her jeans, jackets, coats, skirts, sweaters and jewelry in the ultra-glam room, complete with a chandelier and leopard-print rug.

Christina Aguilera's pink closet

You may recall that I did a post about her son Max’s nursery when it made an appearance in People magazine last year (see photos of the nursery here):


The house famously belonged to The Osbournes when they filmed their MTV reality series there:


This is how it looked when the Osbournes had it on the market in 2007 for$11.5 million (via The Real Estalker):

The Osbournes house-1The Osbournes house-2

The Osbournes house-4

The Osbournes house-3As you can see by the way the game room used to look (above), it has been completely transformed since Christina moved in. Do you like it better the way it looked then or now?

More photos of how it looked when the Osbournes lived there in here. Check out InStyle magazine to read the article and see the rest of the photos. (Photo credit: Doug Friedman. Thanks to Stephanie at A Fine House for the links!)

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  1. says

    I saw this article the other day, but didn’t realize it had previously been the Osbourne’s home. I like it better now…I think.
    .-= Deidra´s last blog ..Sister Party! =-.

  2. says

    I group everything in my closet be designer too — WalMart, Sears, Cotton Ginny… 😉

    I think I actually prefer the pre-Christina decorating.

    But let’s talk about a much more important makeover — your blog!! I really like your new look — it’s fresh and sunny, just like you said it would be :-) Very nice :-)

    .-= DesignTies´s last blog ..Let’s make it a giveaway!! =-.

  3. says

    WOW!! I’m usually so open minded. I not feelin it, before or after.

    PS all bloggers might want to check out my post today regarding a new disclosure law that effects all bloggers.

    PPS Love!!! the new look

  4. says

    I hate to say it but the Osborne’s had more class. The Christina makeover makes my eyes hurt. Its like a child with to much money and no direction did it. Oh wait that’s …exactly what it is.
    .-= Derek´s last blog ..Curb appeal revisited =-.

  5. says

    Wow, I can’t belive she made all those Hollywood Regency elements look SO tacky! I really dislike the look. It could have been successfull, but is almost gross looking in my opinion… Didn’t really like the Osbourne’s style either…

    So my answer is neither… Interesting post though!! 😀
    .-= Dagny @ Beautiful Living´s last blog ..This is Stella / Dette er Stella =-.

  6. Lisa says

    This goes to show that money doesn’t equal taste. Not the first time I’ve thought that about her. And while we’re at it, fame doesn’t equal talent. But I don’t hate her!

  7. greenie says

    Sorry, but the do-over looks like someone threw up all over the place. I can’t stand it. The only room that appeals to me is the nursery.
    As for re-dos, love your new masthead. It’s a great design worthy of your most excellent blog! :-)

  8. says

    Well, it just goes to say that having money doesn’t mean one has taste. I don’t care for either style but I prefer or lean more towards the former owners taste.

    Teacup Lane (Sandy)
    .-= Sandy´s last blog ..My Birthday Chandelier! =-.

  9. says

    Honestly, they’re both a little over the top and neither of them are my taste at all. Oh I like what the person who commented above me said. Amen to that! But it was still a fun post to read and browse through. I think celebrity home posts are my favorite type hands down!
    .-= christy´s last blog ..Yes, she really is this cute all the time. =-.

  10. Marla in Columbus says

    Go figure that Ozzie Ozbourne was more subdued!

  11. says

    UGH – Why am I not surprised that Christina’s home is so tacky?! The Osbournes decor was more classic, but still too overdone for me. Waaaay too much stuff going on.
    .-= Sara´s last blog ..‘DIY or die’ patio =-.

  12. Erica says

    Back when “The Osbournes” was on TV, the house looked really liveable; however now that I see pictures of it, it’s kind of awful. I have to say, I don’t like Christina Aguilera’s version much better. There is way too much going on … I feel like living with all of that clutter would make me crazy!

  13. Kellye says

    Wow…the only two things I like are her closet (I’d die to have that one!) and the Lulu Guinness rug by the tub. Everything else is ultra gaudy…

  14. Vicki says

    Ewe yuk! And the poor baby must have nightmares with that “moon” in his room! Who would have thought the Osbornes would have better taste?

  15. says

    Ouch. I don’t much care for either version. But the world would be a tad boring if we all had identical houses…. this one certainly makes you stop and think!

  16. Kim says

    I haven’t liked any of the celebrity homes I have seen, except for Michael J. Fox. You think with all of the money celebrities have, they would have a grand and beautiful home.

  17. says

    I loved the Osbourne house before. I was totally in love with their kitchen. I would watch the show just to see glimpses of their house.
    .-= Susie´s last blog .. =-.

  18. Alicia says

    Yuck! This must be the most hideous “design” I’ve ever seen! That giant moon in the baby’s room is terrifying.

  19. devil says

    Both are hideous. If I MUST choose, I choose the Osbourne’s version. However, I prefer secret option #3…living in a tent on the front lawn.

    Can’t sleep…giant moon will eat me. That poor kid.

    • Kate says

      hahaha I agree hideous in the extreme Ive never seen such horrible homes.

  20. says

    Putting the creep-o blue face rug in the bathroom aside, I’m crazy about this place! I love the stepping floor design in the master bedroom with the pretty wood stepping up to that crazy polar-bear-looking carpet.
    .-= Trisha´s last blog ..Ruffles for Christmas =-.

  21. says

    I don’t really care for either, but if I had to choose one, I’d have to say I’d go with the Osbourne’s!
    This made me think…does being a celebrity automatically make one a notable decorator? Just because you have money and an 11,ooo sq ft house, I guess that means that whatever horrible “design” you and your “decorator” come up with is worth of a magazine article. Yuck.
    .-= Holly´s last blog ..Thrifty Gifty #7—Monogrammed Vases =-.

  22. Nita Hiltner says

    Christina’s house is God-awful! Much more money than taste, obviously!

  23. E. George says

    Hi Julia I had to reach for my sunglasses the house decor by Christina hurt my eyes… What ever happened to the simple and humble life I think everyone at the end of the day is all they want a simple life this house is too complicated for me ….
    Regards Esther…


  24. Khiori says

    Another vote for the Osbournes! The photos above don’t look that great but i remember liking thehouse in the TV show. Agree with the other poster who particularly mentioned the kitchen. Maybe the Osbournes style is more classy because they are British???

  25. says

    The Magic Kingdom?! Lucky duck!!

    I loved the Osbourne’s house and I loved that show. The kitchen was my favorite :)

    Christina is a product of having too much money and absolutely no taste…. ugh.

    Have fun!

    .-= rue´s last blog ..Like the card says…. =-.

  26. says

    Oh my goodness – I just noticed your new header – LOVE IT!!!! I hope you have a wonderful holiday!~

    ~angela @ peonypatch
    .-= Angela´s last blog ..Anniversary =-.

  27. says

    Taste sure varies doesn’t it? To each his own, I prefer the Osborns decorating, but it’s even a bit over the top for me too.
    I also remember the kitchen when it was the Osbornes..loved it!
    .-= pat´s last blog ..WHAT DAY IS IT? =-.

  28. says

    I think I’m going to have to side with Ozzy on this one. The moon in Max’s nursery would scare the begeezes out of my kids. Hope you’re having fun at Disney!!! :)
    .-= Amanda @ Serenity Now´s last blog ..Santa, Baby =-.

  29. says

    I much prefer the Osbournes decor it looked a lot more calming but then again he and Sharon are my Generation :)

  30. says

    Oh my. Hands down…I LOVED The Osbourne’s house. I used to watch their show just to SEE their rooms and all the marvelous goodies in it. This version? Leaves me cold…now the nursery is beautiful but that giant moon would give ME nightmares!
    The shoes…wow. I have 22 pairs and my husband thinks THAT is excessive!
    ” )
    I giggle when I saw the first photo of CA feeding her son…don;t we all dress like that to feed our families??
    But, about the decor, to each his own and we should live with exactly the style we feel happiest in! And isn;t it fun to peek into these homes?? : )

    Thank you lovely lady!

    .-= Susie Q´s last blog ..Oh, What Magic Christmas Brings… =-.

  31. Melanie says

    I love Christina’s house- it’s fabulous fun fantasy!
    I also liked the Osborne’s house before too.
    Both families put their own style on the place and that’s what matters. Regardless of decorating “rules”, you should live in a unique place you love.

  32. Ryan says

    LOL I wouldn’t want to live in either version, but I do like it when people really make a house their own rather than just hiring someone to do a generic decorating job. Both Sharon & Christina succeeded I think.

  33. s-girl says

    i luvs like the marilyn monroe lookin rug with the gold trim. christina must loves the color pink. wow, chex out her bathroom.

  34. Helen says

    I prefer Sharon O’s warm and tasteful decorating. By the way, where did the Osbourns move to?

  35. says


  36. says

    I liked it in the Osbournes had it. Loved their show.

    This decor? eh, not so much.

    I just love the photo of her feeding her son in 5″ high heels. I know it’s just for the photo shoot, but REALLY!!
    .-= Handy Man, Crafty Woman´s last blog ..Tortilla Pie Recipe =-.

  37. Marm says

    Living in that house would give me nightmares. In fact just seeing the photos might give me nightmares.

  38. Debbie says

    Touche’ Marm, a hideous nightmare!

    That bedroom has personality alright, bad personality. Egad, what mindset is one in when the combination of all of those wrongs seems right to them?!

    I never missed an episode of “The Osbourne’s” and can’t believe that is the same house. Sharon and Ozzy’s elegance all the way.

  39. says

    Oy! I don’t like to offend, really I don’t. So let’s just say that the Osbourne home is closer to my preference. Give me white woodwork and a clean palette any day. Isn’t it interesting how many comments this post has brought out? :) Hope you’re having a fantastic Labor Day weekend!
    .-= Sheila´s last blog ..Google as a verb — and a puppy =-.

  40. mike h. says

    one wonders if they have a apartment in the city closer to town and only go there on the weekends ,and for parties.i liked the osbournes bathroom style big counter stand out tub in middle and the fantasy crib in the middle of the room “uh oh piglet in the bed” feel the bed room french empire or colonial drappery color scheme those stairs are the utmost stripper gaudy fantasy.did like the ceiling in the game/rec room and some of the rooms seemed a little ensconced closed in and need to be more open windows- airy

  41. says

    well, I loved the Osbourne’s game room (except Christina’s pink pool table is pretty special) but I like the rug in Christina’s bathroom. Other than that, I don’t like either. I agree with Jessica who said it “looked like a goth clown threw up” haha!

  42. says

    Surprisingly for some, I liked the Osbournes’ interior better than Christina’s. That moon inside her son’s room is just plain ugly.

  43. ada says

    I think that the moon in her son’s room looks kind of scary and the mural looks kind of cheep the reason why I say this is because my husband is an artist and does very beautiful murals I’m so use to seeing his work that when I hear that someone payed that much money for something like that I actually feel bad for them because they can get so much more for that much money no offence to the artist because everyone has their own taste but with all that money I can garantee that she could’ve gotten so much more . but I love her closet

  44. says

    Appreciating the time and energy you put into your blog and in depth information you offer. It’s great to come across a blog every once in a while that isn’t the same outdated rehashed information. Excellent read! I’ve saved your site and I’m including your RSS feeds to my Google account.

  45. Amanda Tavares says

    I like it better Christina style! It has the odd fun and funky quality that some people just can’t pull off.

  46. Deborah J says

    The only thing I really loved about either style is that beautiful fireplace in the bathroom.