Dreaming of a Blue Christmas?

Do you like the look of a blue and white Christmas? It wasn’t that long ago that anything but classic red and green for Christmas seemed like sacrilege. Now it’s much more acceptable to try less traditional colors. Country Living magazine featured this home decked out in blue, white, and silver for the holidays.

I think these blue rooms are pretty, but my house is decked out in red, white, and silver for the holidays. What about yours?

{Source: Country Living, via Design Editor}

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  1. says

    I just hate blue in most applications. Save a dark, sexy navy. All the lighter blues just leave me cold, at any time of the year in almost all home decorating options.

  2. says

    Every year for Christmas growing up my dad would buy us each an ornament. With a name like “Robin” you can imagine mine were heavily bird-themed, featuring lots of robin eggs. When I flew the nest — and had two dozen ornaments to start my own decorating — the preponderance of blues inspired me to decorate my first few trees with a blue/white/silver theme (nowhere near as elegant as the photos you posted). Through the years I added and subtracted and things got more colorful, but my tree the past few years has leaned back toward blues, with lots of gold and orange to contrast (and coordinate with my orange living room. I would love to reinvent it all with the color palette in these photos though… gorgeous!

  3. says

    I’d vote, but all three answers apply to me! LOL I love the blue and white, and I’d love to try it, but I also love the traditional red and green. Seriously. I have Christmas decorating ADD. LOL

  4. says

    Hee. Love Sandra’s answer!

    But must say…blue doesn’t do it for me for christmas…feels a bit cold and, well, blue. That being said…We tend to use a fushia for our red and a lime green for our green at Christmas.

    Not so classic ourselves!So really shouldn’t judge!

  5. says

    I really like it in photos but I wouldn’t feel festive enough with it in my own home. besides, red is my favorite color so i LOVE decorating this time of year and would never replace my beloved read with blue! :)

  6. says

    I wouldn’t go changing all of my decor, too expensive and I like the memories of my things. But if I had space I’d definitely do an icy blue tree!

  7. says

    Am I drunk or is that christmas tree in the first photo just gawdawful? I just don’t think I could do a blue christmas…not this year anyway. 😉

    (hugs) to Julie! I miss you girl!

  8. says

    That decorating color scheme is perfect for my master bedroom.

    If there wasn’t a toddler bed, a folding cot, and 6 trash bags of stuffed animals in there I might attempt it and share the pics, haha!

  9. says

    I loved those pictures–but maybe the really cool house played a big part. 😉 I also wish I had that lady’s hair.

    I’ve been going through all my “traditional” decorations, wishing they were less so. I’m a little tired of the red and green. I bet your red, white and silver house looks awesome–I like red a lot.

    I saw a house in Better Homes and Gardens this month where the lady changes here themes every year and this year’s colors are turquoise and orange–it looked so fabulous and refreshing. And she managed to do it without spending thousands of dollars, too.

  10. says

    I love the blue, white, silver Christmas!!

    When I was a kid, my dad and I would go out and buy the Christmas tree – and many years we had a white flocked tree!!! We would decorate with pinks and blues…or lots of other colors. And then, we would put up flood lights, usually in white or blue.

    While I love the blue Christmas look…I really have gotten into the PINK Christmas!!! By next Christmas…all my decorations will be PINK!!


  11. says

    I think the blue and white decorations look beautiful.
    I’m decking my halls all in white and silver this holiday season.


  12. says

    My Christmas tree has been blue and silver for 10 years. I love it but I’m thinking of trying something new.

  13. says

    hello there. Our tree is purple, pink and a touch of gold. My wee lads love pink so that was a given. I have several colourways for our tree. One traditional and two not. We only use one each Christmas so they always seem fresh. Cheers and merry Christmas to all – le

  14. Kathy :) says

    Nope not for me unless it was a beach house.

    I just love the splash of red for XMas. I also like the lime green color but I don’t go for trendy…. I have so many decorations that I just love and they all have a memory. So I can’t see me changing up anytime soon, just little additions here and there.

    Glad you’re back Julia :)

    ps I thought Lily/Jake might like to check out elfyourself@jibjab.com cute little site :) You can make your own XMas card !!!

  15. says

    I’m totally traditional – green/red and big fat multi colored lights! However…if I had a beach house, I think these soft blues would be very pretty!!

  16. Kellye says

    Since I’m Jewish, I don’t have Christmas. What makes it amusing to me is that those colors are Hanukkah colors. So to me they look like what some interfaith marriage children call “Hannukah bushes.” Hehehe…

  17. says

    I don’t care for this particular decor, but I adore a blue and silver Christmas scheme. I get so tired of green and white. Blue and silver are chic. I like a deep blue and silver.

  18. TraceyB says

    I love the blue! Didn’t think i would considering I’ve never been a fan of blue decor, but this seems like a soothing change from the traditional red and green.

  19. says

    I love the blue, white, silver Christmas. It looks very chic and elegant. I grew up with “non traditional” Christmas decor. My maternal grandparents were very “modern” and ecclectic. There were pink flocked Christmas trees and blue flocked Christmas trees and green and red flocked trees too. Each year was a surprise. They would flock their own (real) tree using their Electrolux canister vaccum and BOXES of SnoFlock (no light dustings for their trees) and go to town. I still LOVE a flocked tree. To me they are the epitome of elegance. Thanks for triggering my memory :-)

  20. says

    I’m liking it. Since the shore house living room is pale blue, I’m thinking of giving it a whirl. I bought a bag filled with vintage Christmas balls over the summer (for mere pennies!) and picked out the blue and silver ones to fill an apothecary jar with this past weekend. And that’s about all the decorating I did. :-)

    p.s. I read the article in Country Living that the pics you have are from…and…the home owner is Jewish! Hysterical.

  21. says

    I lean towards traditional but I think this is beautiful. I could do this in the living room and more traditional in the family room maybe.

  22. says

    I LOVED this the minute I opened my copy of CL. We do the traditional reds and greens, which I DO like, becasue it it what the kids seem to want. Grace is a confirmed, “It ain’t Christmas without red and green” sorta gal. : )
    But I adore blue and white…add in some silver and sparkles and oooh. It just looks so clean, fresh and pretty.

  23. Kerri says

    I HATED the BHG turquoise/orange Christmas, so I was prepared to dislike this as well – but NO, it’s georgeous. I do have to quibble that the blue seems mainly to come from permanent features of the beautiful home. I am so dying to paint the inside of my bookshelves a contrasting color like that!

  24. says

    I guess you figured out my vote, Julia! I like the blue. I never knew I was a blue person until this year. I’ve totally embraced the idea of blue and cream and just a touch of green, in our dining room. The trees in our other rooms tend to lean slightly toward tradition.

    Wonderful post!

  25. says

    I love it! I just redid all the main decorations to go with the new tropical hue that we recently redecorated with! It was so much fun to add the blue & silver to dress up the old decorations!

  26. says

    Love it!! I use a lot of those colours in my holiday scheme, but restrict them primarily to our living room. Of course with blue kitchen cabinets, it’s in there as well, but I pair red with it and it works. I think the photos are perfection, but if you have kids it’s only fair to add some traditional colours for them. Kids love colour, so I have coloured lights in our family room, which is their domain.

    If I was a single gal though, I’d have my house decorated just like the magazine…!

  27. says

    It’s the day after Christmas and with the life and activity of the day ( I did enjoy it) I’m ‘resting’ and ‘relaxing’ now…and totally enjoying going through these pictures and getting ideas for next year. Since blue and yellow are just about my two fav colors, I’m especially enjoying this one.