Before & After: Bathroom Mirror Makeovers

Mirror Mates makeovers-before (1)Have you got a flat, lifeless, plate-glass type of mirror like this in your bathroom? Have you ever wondered what it would look like with a nicer framed mirror over your sink instead? I know I have! I have a few of those suckers in my own house. Check out these bathroom mirror makeovers, starting with this one:

Mirror Mates makeovers-after (2)

It instantly upgrades everything, doesn’t it? True, they changed a few other details in the room to make it look more decorated, but the primary, and most noticeable, change is the mirror.

Here’s another example of a bathroom before:

Mirror Mates makeovers-before (4)

And after, with a frame:

Mirror Mates makeovers-after (1)

Does anyone have one of these mile-long mirrors in their master bath? I do! Mine is “seamless,” though, and I have no idea how to remove it–and get it downstairs and out the door and to the curb without killing myself (what a way to go–flattened by a mirror!). We removed the smaller ones from our other bathrooms and even they were a challenge. (They weigh more than you’d think.)

First, the bathroom before:

Mirror Mates makeovers-before (3)

And after, with floating frames over each sink:

Mirror Mates makeovers-after (4)

Here’s one more naked mirror, before:

Mirror Mates makeovers-before (2)

And after:

Mirror Mates makeovers-after (3)

If these makeovers don’t convince you to ditch your plain-Jane bathroom mirrors, I don’t know what would. Now I’m even more eager than ever to get rid of mine.

These makeovers were created with a new product called Mirror Mates, which allows you to choose the frame you want for your mirror and easily install it. From what I can tell by watching the How-To video on their website, it looks as easy as sticking them on with adhesive that comes with the frames.

Mirror Mates founder

The company was started by Lisa Huntting, who was tired of removing the old mirrors and wanted an easier way to give her bathrooms an updated look. Visit their website for more info!


I finally framed that giant mirror in my bathroom–but we did it the hard way, creating our own frames with wood trim. Want to see how it turned out?

My plate glass bathroom mirror before frame

Before & After: My Master Bathroom Makeover

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  1. says

    I can’t wait to see what you did in your daughter’s bathroom! I loved this post! As you know, my husband framed out the mirrors in our master bath almost immediately after we moved in. What a difference it makes. I don’t like the look of a piece of glass/mirror glued to the wall- at all. I’m still considering the shutters for my other bathroom. :o)

  2. says

    What great before and after photos and an even better link! You’ve made it even easier for those who want to do a mirror make-over. I love your site!!


  3. says

    Great transformations. I really dislike the freefloating mirror look…reminds me of the cheap rental apartments in my past, lol.

    If you want to remove the mirror, its not too difficult. First remove any visible clips holding up the mirror. Then take some picture hanging wire and run it in a “see-saw” motion down the back. This will cut through any adhesive. Voila, mirror comes off.

  4. says

    Can’t wait to see Lily’s bathroom redo. Our upstairs bath is in serious need of some revamping. We also have the “Hollywood” lighting, which has officially gotten on my nerves this week. I’ll be tuned in first thing tomorrow. :)

  5. JLB says

    I love using a “normal” mirror over the bathroom sink. It instead of the long “hotel” one. Replacing it was the first thing I did when we moved into this house.
    There are a few tips to removing it though. It all depends on if it was glued to the wall or put up using brackets.

  6. JLB says

    wanderluster is on the right track with the picture wire removal technique. It really works.

  7. Amy says

    Very cool! It isn’t something I’ve thought of but once I saw it I thought “oh, yeah, how did I ever live without it”. Great post, thanks!

  8. says

    Thanks, Wanderluster! Clearly, I should’ve consulted with you before taking our other two mirrors down. I’m so glad to know this trick now! -Julia :-)

  9. Kathy :) says

    This is such a great idea… it….we have just the mirror too……we wanted to do something in this bathroom and this will be great.

    Is anyone else having trouble getting on to the site or is it just me :( right ??/

    Kathy :)

  10. Sharla says

    I’ve tried the mirrormates link here and every link that came up after googling it and no site will come up. Am I missing something or is it down?


  11. says

    I’m puzzled as to why so many people seem to be having trouble logging onto the website. Here’s the address for their homepage: Try that (I think I linked to their photo gallery in the post).

    I just tried the links again and they’re still working for me. Made my husband try it on his computer and it popped right up for him, too. Maybe the site is coming and going? So try again in a few minutes, I guess. Sorry I can’t be of more help than that, you guys! -Julia

  12. says

    great post Julia! I may have to send my readers here to check it out – it’s right up our alley. (I saw this product somewhere briefly but had forgotten what it was called…where to find it…etc…I’m lucky I remember my middle name sometimes)

  13. Jeri says

    How do you remove a frame from a bathroom mirror and reframe? I don’t know what kind of glue was used.

    • linda says

      Did you ever get an answer to this question as I have the same problem. Please advise if you have information

  14. Karen says

    I used mirror mates in my son’s bathroom and it turned out great. I had removed my daughter’s bathroom mirror and then had to prep and paint behind it. We then had to lug the old mirror and call for a special trash pickup for it. I felt bad knowing it was going into a landfill. I then had to purchase a framed mirror. When the time came to my son’s bathroom I thought that I would try mirror mates. The cost was about the same as the framed mirror for my daughter’s bathroom. It went up very easily with the help of another person and it looks great. The best part is that it is not going into a landfill. I am getting ready to order another one for my very large mirror in my master bath.

  15. says

    I would like to use mirror mates in my master bathroom, but I have a problem. My husband’s vanity has just one mirror so it will fit great there, but my side has a regular vanity mirror, but then is side by side to another mirror that dips down lower for my make up area. So my question is, how do I put mirror mates around that? I’ve been trying to figure out a solution and I’m not impressed with the one sample of before and afters where you put the frames in the center of the mirrors. What can we do to make this work?

  16. Sasr24 says

    A BIG thank you to wanderluster! I was stuck on how to get the plate glass mirror off the wall and the picture hanging wire worked like magic!